15 Things You Missed In The Background Of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a long-running AMC series that has managed to remain popular throughout its run on the network. The show differs from many in that it contains more than 10 or 12 episodes per seaso

The Walking Dead is a long-running AMC series that has managed to remain popular throughout its run on the network. The show differs from many in that it contains more than 10 or 12 episodes per season, and even has its own "after" talk show. Even the biggest fans of the series probably have their moments in which they completely miss certain things hidden throughout the many episodes of the show. The episodes are long, and even though the show is full of action and brutal battles, it isn't always quick paced. It can be easy to get distracted while watching and completely miss some pretty big hints and moments of foreshadowing.

Especially in scenes that are quickly paced, there's a chance that you'll miss even more. Once you start looking at the background of the series and doing more research outside than just the time that it's airing on TV, it's likely you'll begin to learn much more about the world of TWD and the characters that are in it. Once you really look into each and every detail, there's a good chance you'll start to pick up on a lot of the small nods and hints that the creators like to sneak in throughout all of the episodes.

But, you're in luck. If you don't always pay close attention, there are people like us who will make lists for you. Here are 15 things you probably missed in the background of The Walking Dead. Let us know if we've missed any hidden secrets or details!

15 We Had An Idea What Negan Is Capable Of


During a different scene of the raid on the Saviors, we get a glimpse of something that seemed rather confusing at the time. That appears to be the smashed in heads of numerous unidentified victims. If you've seen up to the current point in the series, you know that Negan takes a polaroid of his victims after he's finished bashing their brains in. At the time we saw this image, it was confusing and startling. Now we understand who exactly is responsible for this damage. You probably forgot about this and overlooked it at the time, as it didn't have any significance to us. But seeing it now is an extra reminder of just how horrible Negan really is. Bashing someone's brain in is just about as evil as you can get, but taking a picture and decorating your place with it is extra sickening.

14 Some Famous Heads Make Appearances


It's not uncommon for various movies and tv shows to use the same props or sets if they're filmed in the same studio. However, there is one prop that somehow managed to make its way from Jaws all the way to the Governor's head tank on TWD. But no, it is not the same prop used in the famous shark-based horror film from decades earlier. The creative minds of TWD decided to make a replica of Ben Gardner’s severed head from the popular movie and place it in the Governor's interesting aquarium. The head is the second one from the right in the very top left of the photograph above. It is very clean looking compared to the rest of the heads, probably so you can easily tell what they were trying to do. Even if you've seen Jaws multiple times, it's an easy thing to miss!

13 Lucille On The Ground Next To Walkers In Season 2


If you're all caught up in the series to the current point the characters are at, there's no mistaking a barbed wire covered bat on the ground better known as Negan's favorite weapon, Lucille. But, unless you read the comics, you probably had no idea who Lucille was until this season. That makes sense, then, that you wouldn't recognize her laying on the ground next to a bunch of dead people with their heads smashed. However, if you know anything about Negan, it's that he wouldn't just let his little Lucille lay out in the open like that. So it makes us wonder, is this just a weapon many have used? Or maybe there were plenty of different versions of Lucille and Negan just has the latest and best one. Either way, there's no doubt a barbed wire covered bat laying next to smashed heads has some sort of relation to Negan.

12 Are The Saviors 420 Friendly?


During the raid from the group on the Saviors at the factory, we got a little glimpse into the world of these people who we would soon become very familiar with. During one quick scene, we see someone run through the doors into what appears to be a room full of marijuana plants. It happens so quickly it's difficult to tell if those are plants or if they are simply some sort of another herb that has a similar appearance to marijuana. In dark times like these, it makes sense that people would want to turn to something they can escape with and not have to worry about the legality of their vice. At the same time, this practice is no longer illegal, so why aren't they just growing it outside? Perhaps it's just an extra precaution to protect their herb from outside forces. Who wouldn't love to see the group all light up together at some point in the series?

11 A Lot Of References To George Romero


Before The Walking Dead took over the zombie world, there was a well-known director who started it all, George Romero. He is responsible for such creations as Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead. Of course, you can't create something based on zombies and not give a little credit to the mastermind who helped popularize the horror creatures. The creative minds behind TWD know this and took it upon themselves to recreate some of the most memorable zombies from Romero's movies and place them into the world of TWD. Of course, no zombie media is supposed to exist in the world of TWD, so none of the characters in the show would recognize these recreations. It's fun for fans of both to try and spot out the similar zombies. If you haven't seen any Romero movies, it's a good idea to check them out in TWD's off-season so you can spot what other Easter Egg zombies might be hidden in the show.

10 There Were Warning Signs About Terminus


Terminus was definitely one of our favorite parts of the series so far. They really managed to do something new and interesting inside the world of TWD that we would never have expected. Unless, of course, you read the comics. It seems like the idea of cannibalism was out of nowhere. We could get a few hints that Terminus was probably not the utopia they had hoped for. But there were definitely some signs we missed. One of them was the painting that Michonne and Carl found while rummaging for supplies. It has an eerie resemblance to the cult leader of Terminus, on the left. The cross over her mouth may symbolize her dirty little secret in regards to what exactly she enjoys putting in her mouth. Do you think it was just a coincidence or did the creators make a painting to look just like her?

9 A Breaking Bad Crossover?


AMC has managed to create two of the greatest television series in the past decade. We first fell in love with the hit series Breaking Bad and the gruesome messages that came along with it. There have been many fan speculations since that Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead characters might have existed in the same world. One of our first clues was the appearance of Walter White's blue crystal meth in one of Merle's bags full of various drugs. The blue meth was a fictional idea created specifically for the Breaking Bad series. It's got to either be just a nod towards the series, a sign of appreciation, or a clue that these two worlds just might collide after all. At one point, Daryl even describes Merle as having a drug dealer who was a tiny white guy that always said, "B*tch." Sound familiar?

8 The Parrot On The Governor's Shoulder


Back when the governor was still around, we got a slightly humorous glimpse at this image of him laying on a pillow with a parrot on it that lines up perfectly with his shoulder. He's also wearing an eye patch and has an extremely disheveled appearance, turning him from the governor to the pirate captain. Did this parrot have any dramatic significance, or do you think it was just a humorous coincidence? Seeing how the creators of this series are very passionate, dedicated, and detailed when creating the scene and sets of the show, it's likely they planned this on purpose. Coincidences don't happen like this often, especially when scenes take a while to set up, shoot, and edit. What do you think the importance of this scenario was? Was it a sign of foreshadowing or just a little comedy to add to the dark situation?

7 The Bible Verses Mean Something


Sometimes, The Walking Dead tends to get a little religious. Whether you believe in it or not, knowing various verses might come in handy, like when they were listed inside the church next to Sasha above. If you don't have your bible verses memorized, we've got you covered. They are:

What do you think? Is it important to understanding the story to know these?

6 Small Roles Are Bigger Than You Think


We first met the small character of Sam in season four when Rick kills a walker outside of a room Sam and his girlfriend were cramped up inside of. He is not a memorable character, and with TWD's habit of introducing characters and killing them within moments, it's not strange if you completely forgot who he was. We saw his girlfriend get killed and after that, it was a mystery. That is, until we see him again, bound and gagged, about to get murdered in Terminus! This was an extremely small detail that you probably didn't notice, but it's definitely an interesting one! Sam is murdered in front of Rick, who has a startled reaction. It's normal for Rick to be shocked after seeing someone killed so violently, but it did seem as though he knew who was murdered, confusing many fans at the time who didn't remember Sam from a few episodes back. It always pays off to pay close attention, even to the little characters!

5 The Leaders Of Terminus Treat The Group Like They Treated The Pigs


When we go back to the prison before the group went to Alexandria and Terminus, we got to see a more agricultural side to Rick. They finally found some animals to raise and use for food. In one scene, we hear Carl ask Rick if he can name the pigs. Rick warns Carl that these animals are food and that naming them only makes you grow attached to them and harder to kill and eat. Fast forward to Alexandria, where after it is revealed that they are a group of cannibals, the leaders only refer to the group by the weapons they use and not their actual names. It's the same trick that Rick told Carl to use since they would eventually become their meals. The leaders knew the group's names, as they were able to have a formal introduction.

4 Glenn's Death Was Foreshadowed


A lot of the deaths in the series are foreshadowed at one point or another. For some, it's obvious that they might die. Many characters don't get backstory episodes until they're about to die, and others seem obviously introduced just to kill. But Glenn was different. He was a major character throughout the entire series, so his death completely blindsided us unless you read the comics. But going back through and watching the series now, his death may have been foreshadowed more than once. He uses and has a bat used on him as a weapon several times throughout the series, eventually leading to his head getting smashed in by the very tool he's using in the photo above. Bats are probably a common weapon used in the series as they don't require ammunition. But the point in which Glenn dies was written in the comics when most of Glenn's bat scenes were filmed, so it's likely the creators did this on purpose.

3 Robert Kirkman's Other Comic Makes A Cameo


This long-running AMC series all started with one simple comic book before it became such a hugely popular show. The comic book writer, Robert Kirkman, isn't just a writer for this one, long, specific series. He does have several other comic book series that are popular, they just don't quite get the buzz TWD does. Inside the series, we notice this as Carl and Enid begin getting into comic books as their form of entertainment. It makes sense; there aren't any electronics around that they can enjoy, and a lot of the available books are probably turn-offs to them. Comic books are full of action and allow for a simple escape for the kids who still need to seek out small joys in life. Oftentimes, however, you'll see them reading the other comic books that Robert is noted for writing. Perhaps it's a way to get more attention to his other series, or maybe it's just easier since they probably have access to the rights of the series.

2 Daryl Loves Smoking Fake Cigarettes


Cigarettes seemed to have become a rarity throughout the series but definitely something many characters are interested in, in their time of need. Even if you don't smoke, it's probably pretty appealing to light up knowing you're more likely to die of a walker bite or gunpoint than any form of cancer throughout your life in a zombie infested world. But one thing that you might not have noticed about the cigarettes is the brand, "Morley." This is not a real brand of cigarettes and is instead used throughout a few works of fiction, most notably, the X-Files. Vince Gilligan is not only responsible for Breaking Bad, but he's also written a few episodes of that sci-fi series as well. It's always a good idea to use a fake brand of cigarettes as well so as to discourage any fans from buying a certain brand of the tobacco products seen in the series.

1 Abraham Gave The Best Goodbye He Could Have


We had some of the most tragic deaths occur right at the beginning of the latest season of TWD. The show doesn't do love stories that often, but when they do, they're usually done right. We spent all of the previous seasons watching Abraham go from one beauty to the next, unsure of what the future held for him and Sasha. One of the cute things they shared together was throwing up a peace sign at each other. Abraham's death was so quick and tragic that you likely missed the moment that he threw up one last peace sign at Sasha before Negan took a bat to his head. Even re-watching the scene it's pretty hard to catch, but the little sign is definitely still there. It's probably the best possible way that Abraham could have said goodbye, and we wouldn't have wanted to watch him go any other way, even if we did have to rewind several times to actually catch him throwing up the sign.


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15 Things You Missed In The Background Of The Walking Dead