15 Things You Don't Know About UFC's Ring Girls

Twenty years ago, when Ultimate Fighting Championships was still mostly one-night toughman tourneys billed to see if barroom brawlers could beat people trained in martial arts, there were hot women who carried around ring cards between rounds, but that was just more of a nod to boxing than anything else. This was a rogue sport and throwing a girl in a bikini was probably as much to attract a WWE fan who likes the skin of the Attitude Era than anything else.

A lot has changed and the UFC Ring Girls are now an important part of the presentation of the show, a combination of entertainment and athletic contest. The Ring Girls started getting more air time, especially on UFC’s non-event shows and even began getting spots in video games. No longer were they just props, but actually a part of the presentation and it certainly made the overall product better. When fans got to learn more about these ladies, they found some very interesting women from all over the world. We’ve seen quite a few ring girls come and go, but we’ll always have our favorites. We thought it was a good time to stop, remember our hottest favorites and share 15 Things You Didn’t Know About UFC’s Ring Girls

15 Edith Labelle Likes to Party...Maybe Too Much

For those fans who have got the MMA bug in the last decade, they may not remember Edith Labelle which is a shame because she was one of the sexiest UFC ring girls in history, in our opinion. She was sent packing after UFC 100 under dubious circumstances. Reports were that UFC fired her when she was too sick and hungover from partying the night before to do her job. She’s always claimed that she got food poisoning. We have to admit reading a few interviews which she tries to defend herself really make her sound even more guilty, but hey, we all make mistakes. We should all get a sick day now and then. Since she left the gig in the octagon behind, she’s gone on to be a low-budget film and web actress and has posted a series of instructional MMA videos.

14 Jamilette Gaxiola is Miss Cuba and Miss Mexico

Some of the women on this list are amazingly complex people: artists, scholars, humanitarians and entrepreneurs. Others are models who hold signs at UFC fights and we’d urge you not to put your money on them to do much more with their careers. She’s a beautiful person and she seems nice enough, but Jamilette Gaxiola is one of these ladies. Our best advice to her would be to try and marry well. She’s represented both Mexico and Cuba in various international beauty pageants, even winning a few, and appeared on a reality show a few years back called The Shores back when the Pop channel was known as the TV Guide Network. She is enrolled in community college in Las Vegas, loves practicing kickboxing, doesn’t like when guys approach her at the gym and claims she likes regular guys who think Netflix and chilling is a great first date. Somehow we think if we suggested that, there wouldn’t actually be a first date.

13 Carly Baker Has Suffered Through Tragedy

Carly Baker is probably the most popular UFC ring girl to come out of the UK and she’s known even to non-MMA fans as the girl in a series of ads for mobile carrier Coral where she says the catchphrase “Get your mobile out.” What people don’t realize about her is that she’s experienced a lot of tragedy in her life, most notably when her boyfriend Tom Maynard was killed a few years ago. He looked like he was just getting a career in cricket lined up when he was involved in an automobile accident on his way to see his girlfriend near where the Wimbledon tennis tournament is played. When toxicology was done on Maynard’s body, he was found to be four times over the legal limit for alcohol and he also had cocaine and ecstasy in his system. Baker has said she misses him in interviews, but declines to talk about Maynard at length, or the drugs found in his body when asked.

12 Natasha Wicks And Her Family Are Nudists

So Natasha Wicks was a popular ring girl, but she got fired the same day as Logan Stanton, which you can read about elsewhere. She then decided to dedicate her life to getting on the 2016 Summer Olympic team in Rio in track and field, until her MMA boyfriend Kyle Kingsbury got her pregnant, so that put the gold medal dreams on hold. So, she and Kyle ended up having the kind in 2015 and they named the kid Sol, which means sun and the two posted plenty of clothingless photos of them running around their yard naked, so we thought “Hey, we didn’t know they were nudists, that’s perfect for this list.” Then we saw the photo above.

11 Arianny Celeste Had The Best Selling Playboy Issue of Any Ring Girl

What Ronda Rousey is to MMA female cage fighters, Arianny Celeste is to MMA female cage fighter ring girls. OK, maybe that’s overstating it, but there is no bigger icon in the sport than Celeste, so we might as well get this hottie out of the way right off the top. Her UFC profile links to a fan page, not an official site, that features a tribute to women with her body type, like Brooklyn Decker and Bar Refaeli. It also mentions probably the most important thing about Celeste. She will go down in history as the most popular MMA ring girl to have a Playboy magazine cover and nude pictorial. Co-worker Rachelle Leah and a couple others also had one, but it didn’t sell nearly the number of copies of Celeste’s. Now that the magazine doesn’t feature topless photos, future ring card girls will have to go elsewhere if they want to share their gifts with the world. Or at least the gifts they purchased at the plastic surgeon’s office.

10 Jhenny Andrade Wrote a Magazine Column

While Andrade has become known to UFC fans over the last several years worldwide, she’s been known to her fans in Brazil for nearly 15 years now, first gaining fans as a model, commercial spokesperson and TV presenter at the age of 15. One of the most interesting things about her is that once she became semi-famous, she took a job writing for the popular Brazilian magazine VIP, similar to Maxim or FHM in North America. She wrote a column called “The Perfect Girlfriend” where she learned to do things like play soccer or barbecue - the kind of stuff that scores points with men - and then write about the experience. Her first UFC fight was in 2012 at UFC 163 held in Rio between Jose Aldo and Chan Sung Jung. We don’t remember exactly what happened, but we feel like we won since that was the night we were introduced to Jhenny Andrade.

9 Red Dela Cruz Worked Her Way Up Like a Real Fighter

Fighters have to work their way up through the ranks to get to the UFC, much like a boxer doesn’t start in the WBC or a professional wrestler doesn’t start in the WWE. Most UFC ring girls, however, were models who happened to be in the right place in the right time or just knew the right people to get hooked up with the sport. Not Red Dela Cruz. Much like the fighters, this Filipina beauty worked her way up, starting as a ring girl in her town’s organization and working her way up to the Philippines’ top ring girl, developing a following on social media. While Octagon Girl Searches had taken place elsewhere, when the UFC finally held one in Asia, Cruz knew she had to jump at her chance and after making a couple of cuts, when the votes were tallied, fans voted her the first winner of the Asian Octagon Girl Search. She probably worked her way up and earned her spot more than any other girl on the roster.

8 Brittney Palmer Is An Amazing Artist

We’re not going to comment on the overall brains or talent of most of the women on this list. We don’t know them and it’s not fair to cast the wide net that say it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to walk around with a sign that has a number on it for 90 seconds. But here’s the thing, you can be a UFC ring girl and still be a rocket scientist. Or, you can be a brilliant artist, like Brittney Palmer. She’s recently released a book of her work called I Remember Faces, a collection of prints of famous people originally done in bright acrylics on canvas. She has a website dedicated to her artwork which will make you forget for a minute she walks around almost naked for her night job carrying a giant number 3.

7 Chrissy Blair Owns Her Own Company

If you’re looking through Chrissy Blair’s Instagram or Twitter feeds - perhaps checking up on the health of her pet cat, Hamilton - and notice she seems to always be talking about eating, it’s because she’s the co-founder of a company that produces the very unique healthy protein snack bars, Kalumi BeautyFood Bars. The main selling point is that the snack is the first marine collagen protein bar. Apparently this is designed to help make your skin look better and unlike most products that use collagen, their’s comes from fish, not cows. It also has a lot of protein, vitamin A and vitamin C according to the company’s website. We’ve not had any, but looking at Chrissy, we’d say if the product works for her, it must have some kind of magic inside. The snacks can be purchased in some health food stores and online.

6 Luciana Andrade Has a Law Degree

If we were going to take all of the women who have served as UFC girls over the years and had to pick one as probably the smartest, we’d put our money on Luciana Andrade, who not only looks great strutting around a cage, she also has a degree in law. That’s right, she worked in law for nine years according to her bio on the UFC website before dedicating herself full-time to her modeling and UFC career. Despite being raised in Brazil, her English is near-perfect. She regularly takes to Facebook Live and records messages to fans, answering questions and giving opinions about life as a ring girl, providing interesting perspectives some of the, shall we say, not as well-spoken girls, may not be able to offer.

5 Chandella Powell Doesn’t Need Your Attention Anymore

Ring girls have been around for more than a decade now, so we can see how the career trajectory pans out. It’s either motherhood, they think something better is about to come along, nothing better ever comes along and their contract runs out or something sketchy about their past is discovered/they do something stupid and get fired. For Chandella Powell, it was a little bit of everything. She had a kid several years ago and that certainly put an end to her ring girl days, but once the revelation that she did adult entertainment came out, her days as a UFC girl were certainly numbered. Interviews had her talking about big projects back in 2014 when she briefly resurfaced, but since then, she’s been mostly missing in action, although it’s believed she’s living in the Bahamas with her family. She’s one of those rare hot ladies who doesn’t have a public Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

4 Amber Nichole Miller Is Taking The High Road With Jenna Jameson

Amber Nichole Miller could easily be considered the first ring girl, having made her debut back at UFC 40, back when a lot of the current ring girls were entering kindergarten, but for our money, the most interesting thing about her is that she’s now in a blood feud with former movie queen Jenna Jameson over Tito Ortiz. The latest squabble, publicly aired over Twitter by Jenna in late 2016, was over a purse that Jenna claimed Amber stole from her. Miller, sort of takes the high road in the feud, opting to passively aggressively say things like “It must be physically exhausting to have such resentment and jealousy.” Great stuff ladies. Who would think a ring card girl past her prime and an adult star way past her prime fighting over a fighter who recently proved he’s not quite past his prime were so much fun. You should have a reality show. Thanks for keeping us entertained.

3 Vanessa Hanson Likes Her Jokes Dirty

Vanessa Hanson loves dirty, crass jokes. She loves hearing them and she loves telling them. She’s told this one more than once and we’ll clean it up a bit, but in honor of the Top 15 Unauthorized Photos at Disney Theme Parks List, here is one of Hanson’s favorites: Mickey Mouse goes to a judge to get a divorce and pleads his case. The judge listens very carefully and weighs the evidence. After considering both sides, he comes back and says, “I’m sorry. I can’t grant the divorce. We’re going to get your wife some mental health. We can’t allow a divorce just because she’s crazy.” Mickey Mouse says, “I didn’t say she was crazy. I said she was f’n Goofy!” A woman who finds that funny and looks like Vanessa Hanson is the perfect woman in our opinion.

2 Camila Oliveira

Camila Oliveira hasn’t worn pants since August 2016. Or maybe she has, but we can’t find any proof. It was the last time she posted a photo to her Instagram or Twitter that wasn’t in either her UFC ring outfit, a bikini, sundress or some other skimpy outfit. We are certainly not complaining. We actually wish more hot ladies would take her lead and travel with what must be someone whose job is to take as many photos as possible of Camila’s butt as they can. In fact, when this person moves on to other employment, we’d like to know where we can send our application. The first time this Brazilian worked for UFC at their 162 event, the patriotic girl started crying because her fellow countryman Anderson Silva lost his title. We’re guessing she wasn’t wearing pants at the time.

1 Logan Stanton Went On to Model For Guess Jeans

We think Logan Stanton was the hottest woman in the history of the UFC ring girls and the day she and Natasha Wicks were fired will go down as the darkest in the history of the organization. So why were the two fired? It still depends on who you talk to, even years later. One theory states that the alpha female, Arianny Celeste, couldn’t get along with either and that’s who the UFC saw as their draw, so they catered to her whims. Another theory was that Stanton made a passing comment in an interview she thought a fighter faked an injury, which is pretty bad form to accuse somebody of doing. Finally, there is the thought she just wasn’t the blonde-haired, fake-breasted stereotype that UFC was looking for. She supported that third theory in several interviews. Don’t feel too bad for her. She went back to modeling and became the face of Guess Jeans for a while.

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