15 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In The Sims

The Sims has a long, colorful history with many different stories intertwined between the games. These games can fill hours of time if a player chooses to explore the various hidden stories and abilities. In other words, if you're looking for fresh ideas on how to play The Sims or would like to know more about gameplay then you're in the right place. There are a variety of storylines as well as minuscule details that can be altered by each player to create an entirely new chain of events to follow. A few of the tips found below will be cheats that can help players unlock extra content within the game.

While all of these cheats are compatible with PC and Mac, some of them will also work on Playstation and Xbox as well. In order to enter cheats for consoles, you need to hold down the shoulder buttons simultaneously, during gameplay. For Playstation, you need to hold down L1, L2, R1, & R2, while for Xbox you need to hold down LT & RT or LT,LB, RT, & RB. Keep in mind that any cheats you use will have the possibility of corrupting your game or even losing your save file. To avoid this, always back-up your save file or don't risk using cheats for the safety of your game. If you'd like to avoid spoilers, beware that there will be a few stories and content revealed below. There is no 'right' way to play The Sims, and with a plethora of possibilities right at your fingertips these points could be a game-changer.

15 You Can Influence The Gender Of Your Sims' Children

So, if The Sims hasn't given you enough of a god-complex, then this should do the trick. Not only do you have the ability to force your Sims into becoming pregnant, but you can also decide the gender of your Sims' offspring. This is achieved through the pregnant Sim's diet, which makes a lot of sense when viewing it in a real-life situation - well, sort of anyway... While general nutrition is very important during a real pregnancy, in The Sims 4, you can actually influence the gender of your Sim's baby by feeding them certain foods. If your desire is for your Sim to have a girl, then you should feed the pregnant Sim a lot of watermelon. However, if it's your dream for the Sim to have a boy, then focus on feeding the Sim predominantly apples. If a male Sim becomes abducted by aliens and then returns pregnant, we're not sure that this trick will work on him... Nor is it definitive whether or not this technique would be successful if your female Sim Woohoo'ed with a male alien. Otherwise, this is a gold mine for manipulating your gene pool just the way you'd like.

14 Mysterious Mr. Gnome Has A Peculiar Life Of His Own

While it's not completely obvious what has caused the sudden trend of garden gnomes being welcomed into the yards of many people in real life. The Sims 3 creators hadn't missed a beat, including these creatures in their own games - but in a much more interesting way of course. The Mysterious Mr. Gnome has the ability to have a baby if the player chooses to place another Mysterious Mr. Gnome nearby. Once a baby gnome is born it experiences life just like a regular Sim. Players will witness the gnome experience childhood, a teenage rebellious phase, adulthood, elder, and even death. You'll notice a gnome's death by the surprising tombstone that will be left behind at the end of a gnome's life. While it's extremely rare to catch a gnome moving, players will definitely witness the change of positions of the gnomes. Sometimes, even getting themselves into a bit of mischief.

13 You May Welcome A Dark Presence To Live In Your Home

Most of the die-hard Sims fans will already know that it's possible to befriend the Grim Reaper if you have a lot of encounters with death. However, there's even a way to play as the Grim Reaper - if you're not above cheats, that is. In regular gameplay, if you kill many Sims, the Grim Reaper will befriend your Sim, even helping with chores around your home. But if this is simply not enough for you, then you're in the right place. To preface this; it's always a safe bet to back-up your save file before performing a cheat because there's the possibility of it corrupting the game. You begin the process of adding the Grim Reaper to your home by, first, killing off a Sim. Once the Sim has died and the Reaper has been summoned, allow him to take the dead Sim's soul and then type CTRL + SHIFT + C and then type "testingcheats true", lastly type SHIFT while simultaneously left-clicking on the Reaper and then choose the selection "Add To Family". At that point, you can use the Grim Reaper to do anything a normal Sim would do. Although, if you attempt to change his outfit, you'll notice he can't truly let go of the Reaper look.

12 If You Want To See Any Gifts, Then Santa Has Expectations

The jolly old man that brings fuzzy memories to many of our Western minds is often known as Santa Claus. Although, the character in the Sims franchise doesn't exactly fit the bill in this sense. Whereas we're all used to receiving gifts regardless of the setting of our living room, The Sims' Santa is quite a bit more picky about the types of houses he leaves his gifts at. Only under very particular circumstances will Santa even drop by, and if you still haven't met his needs then he'll leave your Sims with nothing but coal. You will need to install a fireplace, put out cookies, and have a Christmas tree. Lastly, all of the Sims in your household must be asleep before midnight. If you follow each of these directions carefully then Santa will leave gifts that may appeal more to the player than the individual Sims. Leave one thing amiss and Santa may not even show up to your Sims' home at all!

11 The Sims 4 Cheats Have Gotten Pretty Heady

As with any normal life, things get boring sometimes and we just need that perfect goof to spice things up. Welcome to the "set as head" cheat (although, it seems more like a glitch). To activate this cheat, you simply type "testingcheats on" and then hit SHIFT while left clicking on an object. From there, you can select to "set as head" for the Sim you're using. Some objects will become enlarged when they are set as your Sim's head, while others will shrink in size. Other Sims can use the object that is set as the Sim's head. For instance, a Sim can sit on a couch that is being used as another Sim's head. As you might have already figured out, this can be pretty hilarious. However, if the old "set as head" trick loses its fun, you can always press SHIFT while left-clicking on the object and then select "destroy object". It's all fun and games until your Sim's wife can't take him seriously anymore.

10 The Grim Reaper Has A Convenient Weakness

Our old friend, The Grim Reaper, has a few weaknesses of his own that just might buy him off of his next soul. One useful tool in particular is the death flower. These first surfaced in The Sims 3, which dead Sims could offer to the Reaper in return for one more shot at life. The Sims 4 also included these dark sentiments, however, a second Sim would have to offer the death flower to the Reaper on behalf of the dead Sim. There are several different ways you may obtain the death flower, although, most of these techniques involve randomly receiving a seed while fishing, exploring, competing, or even rummaging through trash cans. A more definitive way to acquire these rare plants is by grafting a pomegranate with an orchid. Keep a death flower in each of your Sims' inventory to be sure that they're ready in the case of a Sim accidentally dying.

9 Your Sim's Secret Locations Just Became A Perfect Getaway

Many of you are probably aware of The Sims 4 hidden locations, Sylvan Glade and ___. Each is open to your Sims after a series of events; Sylvan Glade can be accessed after your Sim becomes a level 10 gardener and interacts with the strange-looking tree several times. These not-so-secret locations are beautiful and have been the buzz in The Sims 4 gaming world. What few know is the fact that you can actually build in these hidden locations, even on Planet Sixam - which actually has one of the largest areas to build! In order to use this cheat, you simply visit the location that you'd like to build on and type in the cheat "bb.enablefreebuild". Some of the hidden areas have relatively small build sites (10x15), however, you can explore each of the different secret locations before breaking ground on the first one.

8  Misery Loves Company, And He's Just The Clown For The Job

Sunny the Tragic Clown first appeared in The Sims expansion pack, The Sims: Livin' Large. In The Sims 4, your Sim can purchase a painting of him, which he will come out of into the Sim's home. Once Sunny has planted himself in your Sim's home, he's difficult to get rid of and will make your Sim depressed no matter what he does. You can only get rid of Sunny if you hire clown-catchers or set the painting on fire (after which Sunny will also burn to death). But little is known about this Sim whom has existed throughout the many games. As it turns out, Sunny is based off of the real-life clown known as Pierrot. It was once a common theme for the Pierrot to be married and in love with a clown known as Columbine, however, she always breaks his heart and leaves him for Harlequin. It's because of Sunny's broken heart that he continues to be depressed and only brings down those that are around him. Based on the fact that he is a ghost in Sims 3, and the concept of him exiting the painting, it's believed that Sunny is actually dead and haunts other Sims.

7 The Sims Has Its Own Experiences With Voodoo

Sometimes our Sims can get out of hand; you don't always love the hobbies they seem to have taken up, or one of their traits can be a bit unfavorable. You don't necessarily want to kill them, but you want to get back at them for doing wrong to another Sim. What we have here is a recipe to get even with that ruthless Sim: a voodoo doll. In The Sims 4 you can practice mischief through conversation until finally attaining level 3. At this point, you should receive a notification that you can now purchase voodoo dolls on the computer. You may purchase as many voodoo dolls as you like, although you can only use one per Sim. To bind a Sim to the doll, simply invite them over, then stand in front of the Sim while clicking on your inventory. Once you've selected the voodoo doll you may hit "Bind to..." and choose the image of the Sim before you. The game will notify you that the Sim is now bound to the doll, at which point you'll be able to summon the Sim, or poke, tickle, frolic, and soak. If you decide you'd like to let the poor soul off the hook, you can even choose to unbind the Sim from the doll.

6 Abduction By Way Of Extraterrestrials Is Now On-Demand

Numerous gamers have racked their brains trying to figure out how to influence the random event of having an alien abduction occur in The Sims 4. For some, it has happened multiple times to their Sims, other players have a more challenging time trying to figure out how to make things happen. While in the previous Sims games, alien abductions almost always had to do with using a telescope, however, times have changed and it's a bit more complex to get a UFO sighting to occur. There are a few things that can heighten these chances though; for one thing, it's a good idea to become involved in the science field as they have a much higher rate of being abducted. Collect as many space rocks and other materials you can find, then install a wormhole generator on your spaceship or satellite at your home. If you use the satellite to contact alien life, then this could also trigger an abduction. If a male Sim is abducted, there's a chance that he will return pregnant, however, this isn't the case for female Sims.

5 Introducing One Of The Most Epic House Builds Ever

This Sim hack takes a lot more creativity than simple instructions. Unbeknownst to many of the less-original players, it's possible to build your own underwater home. The construction is actually pretty simple, involving swimming pools and a touch of design flare. To create an underwater home, a player needs to create the walls of their home after placing a basement square. Creating odd and original walls within the square, the player should leave plenty of space outside of it to place swimming pools. Obviously, this serves the purpose of creating the underwater effect. After shaping the edges of the pool to line up with the house, the player is free to decorate as they please, however, the original idea can be seen above. A Sims YouTuber came up with a unique underwater home design of his own, and it turned out marvellous.

4 Don't Let Maxis Keep You Away From Planet Sixam

One of the hidden locations is Planet Sixam. This is undeniably one of the most breathtaking locations in The Sims 4. Although, it takes quite a bit of steps in order to visit this secret retreat. The Sim must first build a spaceship by purchasing the 'steampunk flyamajig' from the store. Your Sim will need to assemble it on a plot of land in his or her yard. In order to visit Planet Sixam your Sim will need to be at level 9 in their science career. Once your Sim has attained the right level in his or her science career and has built a spaceship, it's time to install the wormhole generator upgrade onto the ship. Once this is complete, then have your Sim select to travel through the wormhole arriving at, none other than, Planet Sixam. Note that players can either add the wormhole generator upgrade to their own Sim's spaceship or the Sim can install the upgrade on the spaceship at the science facility where they work. Either way, this is a mysterious destination worth the effort.

3 Money Can't Buy Your Sim's Happiness, But It's Free

We've all had our fair share of get-rich-quick schemes. Don't put it past your charming Sims not to put ideas of their own into action. One of the ways you can acquire a lot of Simoleons in a short amount of time is via the money tree. This tree was originally only able to be bought with aspiration points, but in The Sims 3, it was made available by random chances at finding a seed. In most cases you aren't going to find the beloved seed, and if you're playing The Sims 4, then the money tree isn't even included in this version of the game. However, not all hope is lost because there's a cheat that can offer another path to wealth for your Sims. Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C then typing "motherlode" will add 50,000 Simoleons to the household money. If you're playing on Mac, then the CTRL is replaced with CMND. It's not evident whether or not this cheat would work on a console, but it can't hurt to try.

2 This Lady Was Caught In A Bad Romance (And A Fire)

Little is known about Lord and Lady Shallot until Sims players decided to dig a bit deeper. In truth, the mystical spirits have an interesting history that also happens to be quite tragic. This bad romance story can be found in The Sims 4: Get Together expansion pack. Lord Shallot was a short-tempered artist and he often would burn his paintings while in a fit of rage. The two only married out of Lord Shallot's need of money. It's believed that Lord Shallot actually caused his own death as well as his wife's because he painted many pictures one day in 1898 and then set a fire to burn them. Maybe he was going to burn his new paintings but died before he was able to finish because the picture of his wife still remains intact. As it turns out, this tragic love story is loosely based off of the poem, 'Lady of Shalott'. Lady of Shalott was a prisoner in a castle and was forbidden to look at Sir Lancelot or she'd be cursed. Ironically, in the original poem the Lady of Shalott died from extreme cold. Players may still find Lady Shallot haunting the grounds of the mansion. At night, she can even be found at Windenburg's bars.

1 Sometimes It Feels Good To Just Let It All Out

Sometimes all of the pent-up stress in a Sim’s life gets to be too much. Creating mischief becomes all too desirable. What if you could live out your own rascally desires by way of your unsuspecting Sim? That’s now entirely possible. In The Sims 4 if you are able to attain level 4 by practicing mischief in conversations, you will eventually be given the opportunity to get naked and streak. Once the friendship gauge is at the halfway point with another Sim, your Sim will have the ability to select “Dare to streak,” and become the ultimate troublemaker. Of course, your Sim will have more opportunities to be the perfect disobedient. Although, none are quite as thrilling as streaking in front of other Sims.

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