15Biggest Trading Card Game Tournament

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Yu-Gi-Oh has gone down in the Guinness Book of World Records believe it or not. During the 100th Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series event, it held the most players ever at a trading card event coming in at 4,364 contestants. Along with being the biggest tournament in trading card game history, many players

were bringing in their own strategies with decks they built through means of booster packs and trading with other Yu-Gi-Oh players. In the end of it all, someone by the name of Michael Balan ended up winning the "100th YCS Champion" title by defeating his opponent with a Dark World deck. His prizes included but were not limited to championship series Yu-Gi-Oh cards and a spot in the World Championship Qualifier. Even with the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Magic: The Gathering card game being as big as they are, it's impressive to hear that a Yu-Gi-Oh styled tournament became the biggest.

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