15 Things You Didn't Know About Uncharted

In a world filled with Halo, Call of Duty and Battlefield, it would stand to reason that there isn’t anything that could possibly be done differently in the world of gaming. From World War II environments to flying jetpacks, it seems that everything has been done when it comes to first-person shooter games, campaigns, and multiplayer mode. Yet, there are more gaming options than the simple shooter style games that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Understanding that there was a market for gamers beyond simply shooting, there was one video game franchise that seemed to arrive late to the party.

Released in 2007, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune offered a refreshing take to the video gaming experience. Unlike other shooter games, this was an action-adventure game that started off as a third-person shooter style of playing. Rather than playing as an anonymous cast of military characters, the Uncharted series follows the adventures of the character, Nathan “Nate” Drake. The gamer follows in his footsteps as a treasure hunter and the game offers a variety of exotic settings all around the world. Gamers can uncover mysteries around the globe and the game offers and action-packed gaming style that includes an adventure aspect unlike other shooter video games. With a series of follow-up games within the Uncharted series, gamers might be surprised at all the different aspects within the franchise. Check out our list of the 15 things you didn’t know about the Uncharted series and learn behind-the-scenes info, factoid tidbits and hidden treasures within the game.

15 Connection To Jak

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It’s pretty cool for gamers when a video game references another popular game. In fact, these little game references have become popular Easter egg hunts for gamers. Sometimes, games include apparel from other characters in different popular video game franchises and there have even been duplicate dialogue to connect different games together. However, there comes a point when references are more than just connecting two games. In the case of Uncharted 3, the connection seems to be more like imitation. Both Uncharted 3 and Jak 3 have similar environments in its gameplay. Both games feature a desert setting, which is a bit unique when it comes to shooter style games. Also, the covers for the games are strikingly similar. Both of the main characters are depicted on the cover in a similar stance and there is a desert setting in the background. Considering that both of these games are from the same Naughty Dog developer, there isn’t any moral dilemma in the way they both copy one another. However, it is a bit strange that they couldn’t think of more ways to keep the two games separate in regards to design and setting.

14 Not Every Sequence Made It In The Original Game

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DLC packs have become the go-to norm for video game franchises because it allows game developers a chance to expand on the game. This feature comes with a number of positives since it helps gamers to stay interested in the game, long after the game’s initial release. It also gives game developers a bit of time so that gamers remain interested in the franchise until the next installment in released. However, DLC packs are often thought of as a negative because it forces gamers to spend even more money on a game they’ve already bought. In the original game in the franchise, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, the game developers had created a number of different sequences. Perhaps it was because it was the first game in the series and they became a bit overzealous or perhaps the developers didn’t realize how soon they would be able to come out with the next game in the franchise. Whatever the case, the train sequence in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was actually a portion of the original game that was intended to be included in a DLC pack.

13 Featuring False Advertisement

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In the world of gaming, it’s important for developers to create a bit of buzz surrounding the release of a new video game in order to gets players interested. With so many franchise video games, it can be tricky for a new series to get tapped into a particular demographic of gamers. So, when the original Uncharted game was released, it makes sense that the game developers would unleash a thrilling trailer to create some hype around the new game. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was released in 2007 and the developers released the trailer of the game in 2006. In the trailer, there were some close-up shots of various fighting sequences during the gameplay. One hugely impressive portion of the trailer was when the main character, Nathan Drake, was seen using a melee weapon while combating two different components at once. However, this turned out to be major false advertising because it was a feature that could not be performed in the actual game.

12 Forgotten Easter Egg

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In the beginning of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, there is a huge brawling scene that occurs in the bar area by the pool table. Rather than following Victor “Sully” Sullivan, the gamer has the option of walking to another area of the map. If the gamer walks over to the other side of the bar, there is a newspaper that has a headline that can be clearly seen. The headline reads, “Scientists are still struggling to understand deadly fungus.” This is a direct reference to the game, The Last of Us, which is a survival game made by the same development company, Naughty Dog. The premise of the game revolves around a fungus infection that can control and manipulate the human host. The decision came through that the reference within the newspaper was going to be taken out prior to the release of the game because the developers weren’t planning on announcing the release of The Last of Us during the same timeframe. Yet, someone must have forgotten to remove this Easter egg because the newspaper and its headline were still in place when the game was released.

11 Real Man Behind The Nathan Drake Character

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The writer and director for the Uncharted series is actually a woman (which is a tad shocking in and of itself), Amy Hennig. The inspiration for the main character in the video game series, Nathan Drake, is more than just a realistic-looking character. In fact, the character is loosely based around and voiced by a man by the name of Nolan North. North is actually a huge figure in the gaming world since he’s lent his voice to a number of hugely popular games. From Halo, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and a variety of others, North has been captured in these video games. As a result, he has a voice that is instantly recognizable to gamers. It’s interesting that the Nathan Drake character has many striking similarities to Nolan North’s physique and facial characteristics as well. While North is definitely gaining up there in age, he doesn’t exactly look the same as his Nathan Drake video game character. Yet, that aspect can be overlooked since video game characters don’t age.

10 Connection To Die Hard

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Oftentimes, shooter style video games feature anonymous military characters that can be customized to suit the preferences of the gamers. Yet, the Uncharted series is based on one particular character by the name of Nathan “Nate” Drake. This character is far from being the blank canvas that gamers can use to get through the game. In fact, he has a lot of character in the way he acts and the comments that he makes. However, his character is quite similar to another pop culture figure. Many have compared the Nate Drake character to Die Hard’s, John McClane, played by Bruce Willis. Both of these characters seems to have the same style of sarcastic sense of humor and they don very similar ensembles. The outfit worn by Bruce Willis in Die Hard 4 looks very much like the ensemble worn by Nate Drake in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. In fact, if Drake was shaven bald, he would be a dead ringer for John McClane.

9 Inspired By Popular Films

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While it has been established that the main character in the Uncharted series has major comparisons to the lead character in the Die Hard series, there are other similarities to Hollywood films throughout the franchise as well. First of all, the premise of the video game franchise has some major undertones of popular Hollywood films like the National Treasure film series, as well as the Indiana Jones franchise. Because Uncharted deals with historical mysteries, the main character setting off on a world adventure is very much like either of these two film series. While Nathan Drake may not be wearing the iconic Indiana Jones' hat or has the look of Nicolas Cage, the comparisons between these films and the Uncharted series are definitely there. It’s not a new concept for Hollywood and the video game world to be intertwined but typically, the roles are reversed. Just like when the Lara Croft character gained huge popularity in the gaming world and then all of a sudden Angelina Jolie was chosen to portray her in the film adaptation, it’s interesting to see the roles reversed in the Uncharted series.

8 Inspiration For Tom Cruise Film

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Hollywood often finds inspiration for their best films through outside influences. While there are times when every aspect of a film comes from the imagination of its writers, set designers and actors, oftentimes the best aspects of a film come from someplace else. Whether it’s based on true events or from a best-selling novel, sometimes Hollywood needs more than just the imagination of filmmakers to make their films stand out. In the case of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, the director actually used an element from the Uncharted series to create something truly stellar for the latest film in the Mission Impossible series. Director Christopher McQuarrie revealed on Twitter that he was inspired by Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception for the Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation film sequence that involved the airplane stunt. This sequence was used in the game and became a huge selling point in the Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation film.

7 David O. Russell Connection In Film Adaptation

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When there was talk about the Uncharted series being developed to become a Hollywood film, there was a huge amount of intrigue over who would be signed on for this big budget endeavor. News began to circulate that David O. Russell attached himself to the project, which became a huge fascination for gaming fans. This famed director and producer has been known for achieving cinematic masterpieces, regardless of his reputation of being a bit of a hothead and difficult to work with in regards to actors. He’s achieved a huge amount of success through films like Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. However, there were a few videos that went viral during the behind-the-scenes altercations between him and Lily Tomlin during the filming of I Heart Huckabees. Regardless, his controversial reputation didn’t seem to deter gaming fans from becoming excited once they heard he was signed on for the Uncharted film adaptation. Sadly, the famed director revealed that he decided to drop out of the project in 2011 “due to creative differences.” Perhaps this will turn out to be a good thing but with so many changes during the development process of a film, only time will tell whether or not he will be open to participating in the project in the future.

6 Major Uproar Over Casting Choice

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When it was released that Hollywood was in the works to develop a film adaptation based on the Uncharted video game series, gamers were weighing in on who their top choice would be to star as the main character, Nathan Drake. It’s a pretty common thing for fans to get involved in casting choices and filmmakers often take their opinions to heart when it comes to choosing their main actors. After all, the film will be mostly catering to the actual die-hard fans of the video game series. When it was rumored that Mark Wahlberg was to be cast as the main character, some gamers were quite pleased while others were in an absolute uproar. Wahlberg was said to be attached to the film when David O. Russell was slated to be involved. Yet, things seemed to have changed in recent years. Wahlberg gave an interview with We Got This Covered and said that he is definitely not attached to starring in the film. Fans of the gaming series are probably feeling a bit relieved since many have championed Nathan Fillion to play the role in his place. Only time will tell who the lucky actor will be to bring this gaming character to the big screen.

5 Initials Connection

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Oftentimes, game developers like to include themselves in their games. This can be seen in a number of Treyarch games because there are various maps that include trophies with the Treyarch logo. These are thought of as little Easter eggs that can be fun to look for when players walk around various maps. In the Uncharted series, it should be noted that the main character, Nathan Drake, has the same initials as the game developers, Naughty Dog. Before you fluff this off as just a small coincidence of the game, there are some other features in the game that prove that this is more than just a happenstance. On the back of Drake’s gun holster, there is an embroidered logo that can be plainly seen by gamers. The logo reads the letters, NDI. This is the initials for the development company, Naughty Dog Incorporated. While this isn’t exactly an Easter egg, this is just a fun factoid that can be interesting to gamers interested in how Nathan Drake came to get his name.

4 Elena Fisher Character Based On Emily Rose

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When game developers began thinking of the actual storyline for the main character, Nathan Drake, in the Uncharted video game series, there was a decision to add extra characters to help to enhance the gaming experience. After all, players can tire of only following the storyline of one character. So, Victor “Sully” Sullivan and Elena Fisher were added to the video games. Just as Nathan Drake is based on a real person, Elena Fisher is based on the real-life actress, Emily Rose. Rose performs the motion capture and voice of the video game character. Everything from her true height to her physique and facial features are captured in the video game. The character has changed a bit throughout the Uncharted series since her hair color can be seen to be different from one game to the next. However, the main fans of the game series don’t seem to mind these changes. While the cartoon-like character looks good enough, seeing Emily Rose in person definitely proves that the game developers didn’t do her justice in the looks department. Rose is a stunning actress that has lent her voice to other popular games as well.

3 Nathan Drake Didn’t Have The Best Childhood

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Unlike other video games, the Uncharted series does more than just have the gamer start off by killing as many combatants as possible. The Uncharted series has a major storyline that sets it apart from other similar adventure action video games. However, the storyline regarding Nathan Drake’s character is actually pretty depressing. This is common with superheroes since almost every single one of the superheroes in comic books have had a truly disturbing childhood. From Batman’s parents being killed in an alley to Superman being orphaned to an alien planet, it’s common for action heroes to come from a troubled past. In Nathan Drake’s case, his mother, Cassandra Morgan, committed suicide around when he was 5-years-old. His father ended up giving him up to a foster home by relinquishing custody to the state. Drake also made his first kill when he was just 15-years-old. He let an agent fall to his death from a rooftop.

2 Connection To The Mummy

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In Uncharted 3, Nathan Drake is featured in a desert scenario that seems to alter the way he is dressed. The game developers actually had inspiration for his desert ensemble, which came straight from Hollywood. The inspiration came from the exact ensemble from the 1999 film, The Mummy. Brendan Fraser portrayed the lead character, Richard “Rick” O’Connell, and his ensemble was a mix between archaeologist and adventure enthusiast. The bandana scarf is a tad darker in The Mummy version and Brendan Fraser’s character didn’t have the need for the extra belt of ammunition but besides that, it’s almost an exact copy. Obviously, the Nathan Drake character looks much better since Brendan Fraser never quite reached the peak of Hollywood heartthrob in the eyes of viewers. Regardless, the game developers made a pretty good choice in what to emulate for the desert ensemble for the Nathan Drake character. It definitely suits his character in the desert setting and the bandana probably comes in handy when dealing with all that gusting sand.

1 Descendants More Than Meets The Eye

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One of the most popular aspects of the Uncharted series is the fact that there are so many different elements of gaming themes all wrapped up into one franchise. One of the greatest add-on features in the game revolves around the Descendants that first made their appearance in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. These are mutant zombie-like characters that live in the Pacific island holding El Dorado. They were an inbred descendant of Spanish colonists who were supposedly infected by the virus held within the El Dorado sarcophagus. The creatures have amazing agility and are actually pretty terrifying in terms of characteristics of a typical zombie. In real-life, people would surely prefer the slow-moving dimwitted ones seen in The Walking Dead. In Drake’s Scare ‘o’ Meter, he refers to the Descendants as “Slippery Naked Guy” and it’s halfway between Demon Sasquatch and Sully’s mustache. This may not seem that scary but one look at the Descendants jumping around in their attack mode during gameplay and players will quickly see exactly how truly frightening they really are.

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