15 Things You Didn't Know About TLC's Big & Little

If there's one thing that the modern world has taught us, especially when it comes to television, it's that there's pretty much nothing in this world that people don't want to see if there's a chance it's going to shock them. Seriously, people will degrade themselves by watching something they know is exploitative if they know that it will titillate or shock them. We try to stay away from this sort of stuff, but even we have to admit that some of them end up drawing us in way more than others.

The execs and creators at TLC are the pros of this style of television, essentially spending their time trying to create whatever they can to get people watching, not because they're offering anything of interest, but because they're shocking in some way. One of the shows TLC came up with most recently is Big & Little — a show that chronicles the struggles of little people who suffer from obesity. This time around, the show is focused on Ayanna Brown and Chuck Love. The argument is that the show allows these two people a chance to change their lives while acting as a form of inspiration to the rest of us, but we all know there's more to it than that.

If this show sounds like something you'd want to take a look at, we've compiled 15 things you didn't know about the show to pique your interest!

15 Crazy Numbers 

It probably goes without saying that Ayanna Brown and Chuck Love are much smaller than the average human being. While they're below 4-feet tall, they also weigh over 200 pounds. That is an insane amount of weight to be carrying around on such a small frame. This obviously comes with a lot of health problems, something that is painfully obvious to the participants on the show who have spent years attempting to shed the pounds from their smaller frames. We really do feel for these people.

14 More Than We Were Expecting

While you know that this show concerns little people, you may not know that the actual term for what these people suffer from is dwarfism. Believe it or not, this problem affects 1 in every 40,000 people in the US. We don't know about you, but that statistic was a real surprise to us. We're not sure why, but we actually thought it would be much less than this. Aside from being born with dwarfism, there are many other health problems that occur later on in life as well.

13 Wouldn't Everything Be Smaller?

Chuck Love describes his stomach on the show as being his own worst enemy, saying that it's the same size as a "normal" human being, meaning, even when they've had enough to eat for their size, they don't feel as full as they should. This affects their daily calorie intake, making it that much harder to be a healthy weight for their smaller size.

12 Good Call On The Personal Trainer

The show seems to deal exclusively with little people, both the obese and the fit. TLC was smart to get trainer Allison Warrell who knows exactly what Ayanna Brown and Chuck Love are going through since she was once obese as well. Not only does it give her clients hope knowing that she was able to lose the weight and live a healthy lifestyle through hard work and dedication, but she also understands the struggles a little person must deal with on the daily.

11 Putting Her New Body To The Test

We suppose that if you finally managed to get the body you wanted, you'd end up pushing it as far as it could go, which is exactly what Allison Warrell decided to do. Rather than just losing the weight and keeping it off, she must have found herself enjoying the exercise that got her there so much, she went on to become a professional bodybuilder. It's insane to think that there are so many body types all over the world, so many people changing the way they look as much as they physically can. That is some serious level of commitment!

10 Doesn't Seem Like Enough Time

While the show certainly won't last a year on TV, that is exactly how long Ayanna Brown and Chuck Love signed on for to become thin and healthy, which doesn't seem like a very long time if you ask us. It can hard to break bad habits and adopt new ones, and there is usually emotional issues involved with obesity that one needs to overcome as well. This leads us to believe that they probably didn't lose all of the weight they needed to by the time the show stopped filming.

9 Seems Like They've Got A Bit Of An Obsession

As we've already noted, TLC doesn't really seem like they're in the business of creating shows that are there to document the life of the outsider, but would rather have you tune in to the lives of some unique people. It's not that surprising then that this isn't the first show TLC has made about little people. We suppose that if people have chosen to be involved in these shows, then we shouldn't have any problem watching them. However, it does make us feel a little uncomfortable because it feels as though they're being exploited.

8 It's About More Than Weight

There are people out there who have never struggled with their weight and just don't understand what sort emotional, mental, and physical effect it can have on someone. Until you get rid of that excess weight, you can find yourself with severe mental health problems that are exacerbated by the weight gain, especially when it stops you from leaving the house and having a social life. It can get incredibly lonely. Beyond the health issues, the show gives an inside look on how weight affects every aspect of Ayanna Brown and Chuck Love's lives.

7 Nearly Half!

Seeing as it was never properly explained to us from a young age, nor were we taught early on that there's a difference between fat weight and muscle weight, we'd be lying if we said we understood the concept at all. It's not as simple as looking at the number on a scale. For example, Chuck Love is actually nearly 50 per cent body fat, meaning that almost half of the weight on his body is made entirely of fat. Honestly, we really feel for the guy because we know that it couldn't have been easy for him to find that out. Crazy how much your life can change within a second.

6 It Affects You In Ways You Don't Think About

Being overweight or obese can affect you in ways that you wouldn't otherwise think about unless you experience it yourself. Daily tasks can be a struggle, including putting on your own clothes. While some people would be too proud to ask for help, Ayanna Brown and Chuck Love have decided that enough is enough. It's time that the two of them got the help that they need and deserve.

5 Be Careful How Far You Push Yourself

It is possible to push your body too far, especially if it isn't used to being worked so hard. Chuck Love highlighted this perfectly when he went so hard into his exercises that he actually managed to tear a muscle. Not only was this obviously very painful, but it meant that he was forced to push back his end goal. This must have been both psychologically and physically devastating. The temptation to turn back to the comfort of food that brought him to this point in the first place must have been huge.

4 You May Have Heard Him And Not Known

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Chuck Love is actually an aspiring radio DJ, meaning you may have heard his voice at some point and didn't realize he was on TLC. He's part of the 93.3 WMMR team in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Chuck is quite the joker at the radio station and usually signs up to do some hilarious stuff like riding wheeled objects and jumping out of boxes. Keep reading for more!

3 He Has Done Some Funny Stuff

Okay, so we're not actually sure how we feel about this one if we're being totally honest, so we're just going to throw it out there and see what everybody else thinks for now. Chuck Love was actually used by a particular radio show to pull pranks on people. We haven't wanted to look them up so we can't tell you exactly what he was used for, but the very fact that the poor guy was used for his small stature gives us a bad taste in our mouths. If you ask us, little people should not be paraded around for the amusement of others, whether it's consensual or not.

2 This Doesn't Surprise Us

As you can probably guess, we're not a massive fan of this show and what vibe it's putting out into the world and we're not the only people who believe this. This show was controversial before it even started airing on television, with people got annoyed by the press release that outlined what the show was about. Maybe it's time we start looking inward and seeing how we would feel if were put on television to be gawked at and judged by strangers.

1 How Is That Possible?

One thing that many people don't think about when they look at someone who is obese is the immense strain that they're putting on their bones and joints. You must be able to physically feel the weight dragging you down, adding a sluggishness to your movements that wouldn't be there otherwise. This couldn't be truer for Ayanna Brown who is actually carrying around 100 pounds of fat. It's quite the struggle and we wish Ayanna and Chuck nothing but the best!

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