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15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Simpsons’ Milhouse

15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Simpsons’ Milhouse

Anyone who has ever watched The Simpsons will recognize Bart’s best friend as a nerd with blue hair, wearing glasses and madly in love with Lisa Simpson. Even though the boy is not popular in Springfield, Milhouse had been the winner of a TV Guide Online poll asking viewers to vote for Bart’s best classmate. He is also a favorite among the writing staff of The Simpsons, as his look is inspired by one of them and some of the things he does are similar to the writers’ high school stories.

Following Bart’s orders since his first apparition on TV in 1989, the character does his best to be watched by those around them. As he said in We’re On the Road to D’oh-Where: “I don’t mind [getting in trouble]. Trouble’s a form of attention!” The boy has an average intelligence and a big heart, but poor social skills accentuated by his tendency to be very gullible. All he needs is to care a little less about things, as this nonchalance gave him the chance to become popular more than once.

After 27 years, Milhouse always finds a way to surprise his viewers. However, he still has few secrets to hide. Here are 15 secrets you probably didn’t know about him:

15. Milhouse’s First Appearance


Milhouse wasn’t seen for the first time in the TV series, but in a Butterfinger commercial with Bart Simpson. The creator Matt Groening said in the October 2000 TV guide that the character was simply created so Bart could have someone to talk to in the cafeteria. Milhouse’s first real appearance on the show was in December 1989 for Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, singing in a Christmas carol with his classmates. The Simpsons’s first official episode led the first apparition of many important characters as Seymour Skinner, Moe Szyslak, Mr. Burns, Patty and Selma, Ned Flanders, and many more.

14. The Unfortunate Name



As mentioned in TV Guide in 2000, Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten is named after President Richard Milhous Nixon. Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, explained: “I named him Milhouse because I thought that was the most unfortunate name I could think of for a kid.” The character was inspired by the writer Rob Cohen, as it is possible to hear in The Dana Gould Hour. He himself told Kickass Canadians: “I used to look that way. I used to run around when I was [working for The Simpsons] in shorts and t-shirt, and I have a big nose and glasses and I have lots of hair.”

13. His Ultimate (And Never Achieved) Dream



According to The Simpson’s official website, Milhouse’s ultimate dream is to collect all of the Bazooka Joe comics. The small comics were first included inside individually wrapped pieces of bubble gum from the brand Bazooka. Milhouse once had a huge collection as he said that he bought a leather jacket with 50,000 Bazooka Joe comics in The Otto Show. However, he won’t be able to achieve it soon as he is on the “Banned for life!” list at the comic book store, next to Bart, Sideshow Bob, Nelson and Matt Groening. The Comic Book Guy also wants to kill him in an alternate Springfield in the comic Milhouse the Man, Krusty in the Can, and the Great Springfield.

12. Milhouse Was Part of the Lego Movie



It is possible to see Milhouse as a Master builder meeting in The Lego Movie for a second, next to Superman, Dumbledore, Cleopatra and many more. He is part of the hope to save the world, which is probably not a good thing for the Lego people. Following the film, Milhouse holding a comic book was sold as a mini figure part of The Simpsons theme Legos. Even though it is possible to see him in the Lego Dimension video game and in The Simpsons episode of Brick Like Me, he can’t be seen in The Lego Movie Video Game as he has been blurred out of the video. Even the video game rejected him.

11. He Is Obsessed With Puppy Goo-Goo

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The strawberry-scented plush was first seen in Barting Over when Milhouse’s mom hands him a plus and he tells her “Oh, Puppy Goo Goo, fetch me a dream.” Even though he once try to trade her for a shirt, he kept her for years and sleeps with her in his bed at night. He still manages to lose her every day because she “runs away” as it is a task in The Simpsons Tapped Out. Milhouse “can’t deny that Puppy Goo Goo’s anemic social life is the greatest concern of [his] life” and sends her a Valentine’s card, too.

10. Milhouse Once Took Krusty to Court


Only those who got to level 42 in The Simpsons Tapped Out read about that story. Krusty decided that Blue-Hairs were banned from Krusty Burger because Milhouse annoyed him. The clown then decided to make Blue-Hair-Only bathrooms and eventually planned Blue-Hair deportation. Milhouse took him to court because of his discriminatory service policy and Krusty gave up when he realized that his own father was born with blue hair. At least, this made it so Milhouse got Itchy & Scratchy back on the air, as it was the only thing he wanted in exchange.

9. He Will Never Have a Decent Job

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In Grade School Confidential, Bart made a deal with Principal Skinner and Miss Krabappel after seeing them kissing each other. They presented him his enormous permanent record that will one day disqualify [him] from all but the hottest and noisiest jobs and offered to put Milhouse’s name on it, as long as Bart didn’t talk about what he saw. Even though everyone quickly ended up knowing about it, Principal Skinner never changed back the names on the reports. This means, without even being aware of it, Milhouse will never be able to have a decent job because he didn’t have a decent friend at that time.

8. Milhouse Used to See a Therapist



As he mentioned in Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming, Milhouse used to tell his feelings to a psychiatrist named Sally Wexler. Since he couldn’t talk to his imaginary friend because Bart made him go away forever, the kid needed someone else to help him. However, he stopped seeing her when she told Milhouse not to call her during her honeymoon. He is later psychoanalyzed at the Monroe Family Center in the Simpsons Tapped Out because he doesn’t like where the Radioactive Man franchise movie is going. The true reason why he sees a psychiatrist is also revealed in the mobile game, as he takes “super-power” pills to cure his anxiety.

7. Milhouse Might Be Bisexual

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According to some fan theories, Milhouse might be gay. However, he has a long-lasting crush on Lisa and even though he already had a girlfriend, it seems like he could be bisexual. As Mark Graham reported on Vulture, the creator of The Simpsons autographed a poster about gay marriage signing “Your fan, Matt Groening, Creator of Milhouse.” Why would he only write about Milhouse? Maybe because the character is a little gayer than the viewers might have thought. Milhouse said a boy was beautiful in Double, Double Boy in Trouble and Dr. Pryor even noted than Milhouse has “flamboyantly homosexual tendencies” in Lisa’s Sax when reading the wrong file.

6. The Infamous Hidden Power



Even though Milhouse seems to be weak, he is hiding a secret power: teleportation. In the video game The Simpsons Hit and Run, the boy meets Lisa at a parking and tells her that Bart is at Wall E Weasel’s. When Lisa immediately gets there by car, he is already at the location, waiting for her. The same thing happens again when he tells her that Bart is at the waterfall. As he doesn’t have any other means of transportation than his feet, it must mean that he either runs super fast or knows how to teleport himself. However, it seems like he uses this power only to fail to invite Lisa to the dance. He simply lets his creepiness become his greatest power, as he confirms in The Simpsons Tapped Out: This Valentine’s I’m going to win Lisa over by combining my two best moves: following and staring (for 16 hours straight).

5. He Has the Voice of a Woman

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Milhouse is not voiced by a man, but by an actress named Pamela Hayden, since 1989. As kids don’t have a deep voice, men usually can’t play their part. This is why, in cartoons, young male roles are often played by women. Bart Simpson doesn’t make an exception as he is voiced by Nancy Cartwright. Moreover, voice actors often play many characters to save time and money. Milhouse isn’t only the only character Pamela voices as she also plays Rod Flanders, Todd Flanders, Jimbo Jones, and many other minor characters. So, technically, Pamela is bullying herself when she voices a scene between Jimbo Jones and Milhouse.

4. Milhouse Still Wets His Bed



Milhouse’s mother once to her son to a reality show in a segment titled “My Son Still Wets the Bed!” after she pretended they were going to Red Lobster. It is not the first time he urinary problems are shown on the screen as he is also seen wearing a diaper and hiding his wet bedsheets in The Simpsons Tapped Out. This started when his grandmother Nana Sophie started beating him whenever he spoke English because she wanted him to learn Italian. At least, speaking this language gave him the chance to teach Lisa how to speak Italian. If he didn’t mention right after that he still pees in his bed, this skill could have been a good way to seduce his crush.

3. He Once Owned Bart’s Soul



When Bart declared that his soul didn’t exist, he sold his to Milhouse for $5. Milhouse owned the piece of paper with “Bart Simpson’s soul” written on it for a few hours until he sold it to the Comic Book Guy. What is more interesting is the secret behind the story of this episode: the writer Greg Daniels was inspired by his own experience, as explained in the DVD commentary. In high school, he bought the soul of a bully for $0.50 and then asked friends to convince him that the soul really exists. When the bully realized he made a bad decision, Daniels raised the price of the soul and made money with this idea. However, he concluded that the only person who would make money this way is the devil. 

2. Milhouse Maybe Kissed More People Than You Did

Via The Simpsons


Milhouse accidentally first kissed Homer after losing at spin the bottle. He then kissed (too much) his first girlfriend Samantha… he made out with 19-year-old Paris when he became cool… he “accidentally touched tongues” five times with his dog and Lisa kissed him on Holding Hands Peak, before he falls off the peak. “Everything’s coming up Milhouse!” Otherwise, in the episode Holiday’s of Future Passed, set in 2041, Milhouse finally marries Lisa and they have a daughter. However, this doesn’t mean Milhouse ever had sex, as only the best genes have been used to make the child: Lisa’s.

1. His Parents Are Cousins

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It is rare to be born with blue hair, so many fans think that Milhouse’s parents might be siblings. Bart even asked them this question in Little Orphan Millie. Matt Groening used to say in TV Guide that There’s been some speculation on the Internet that Milhouse’s parents are brother and sister. But I think some people just marry people that look like them. I mean, Brad Pitt looks just like Jennifer Aniston in a wig.Even Milhouse thought they were, as he said in MoneyBart. However, he later told Bart that “Marrying a cousin worked out great for my parents” in Let’s Go Fly a Coot. This theory is supported by Luann’s saying that she’s from Shelbyville, a town founded on the principle that cousins have the freedom to marry each other.

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