15The Duffer Brothers Wanted To Direct It

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The Duffer Brothers, creators of the critically-acclaimed Netflix original series Stranger Things, were some of the first competitors attempting to grab the roles as directors of the highly-anticipated remake, but had not yet established themselves well enough in the motion picture and television industry. This initially-disappointing loss proved to be what

some would argue as a blessing in disguise, as the brother went on to score creative rights and directing roles on Stranger Things, which went on to receive 6 Primetime Emmy Awards, as well as additional Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe Award nominations. The award-winning series played personal tribute to Stephen King’s Firestarter and even alluded to It in various dialogue throughout the series. Stranger Things’ The Duffer Brothers also cast Finn Wolfard as a lead in their series. Wolfard went on to play Richie in the theatrically-released remake.

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