13The Kids Were Genuinely Scared

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Director Andy Muschietti kept Bill Skarsgård separate from the child actors up until they had to shoot scenes together, so that Bill’s performance as Pennywise would have an impact on the younger actors’ performances. When they were first set to shoot scenes together, the production staff had to warn the

kids about how scary Skarsgård could be while he was in full costume and character. Despite thinking that they would be able to handle Skarsgård, the kids were genuinely terrified when Skarsgård performed as Pennywise for the first time. Bill Skarsgård was almost completely isolated from the rest of the cast/crew during the beginning of filming, with the exception of the costume and makeup team. Skarsgård admitted that while he thought this was a good idea, he felt very lonely during his alienation and was sad that he couldn’t bond with the rest of the cast.

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