15 Things You Didn't Know About The Rebel Alliance

The Rebel Alliance was a movement formed by the likes of Bail Organa and Mon Mothma, in response to the reign of Palpatine's evil Galactic Empire.

Are you a fan of Star Wars? If you are, then you belong to one of the biggest fan movements in the world, since Star Wars is one of the most popular movie franchises going. Star Wars movies have been around since 1977, and they have captivated audiences the world over.

Anyone who is familiar with Star Wars knows something about the Rebel Alliance, a movement formed by the likes of Bail Organa and Mon Mothma, in response to the reign of Palpatine's evil Galactic Empire. The Rebel Alliance, as the name suggests, was the merger of several organized movements that were not pleased by the amount of power the then Chancellor Palpatine had amassed in order to become the Emperor of the new Empire. This was far from the earliest system of democratic governance that reigned in the Galaxy for close to a Millennium.

The Rebel Alliance was a thorn in the flesh of the Empire, especially in instances where they would foil plans such as the development of the Death Star, which was the Empire's Ultimate weapon. Despite suffering a number of defeats at the hands of Darth Vader, the Alliance did manage to cripple and beat the Empire, when it launched its second Death Star attack. Although many key players lost their lives in the fight for freedom, it would be safe to say that the Rebel Alliance finally achieved its objective, and it later formed the New Republic.

However, there is so much that people do not know about the Rebel Alliance, information that might surprise some and disappoint others. Here are 15 things you probably did not know about the Rebel alliance, which one is the most shocking?

15 Reasons The Rebel Alliance Was Called The Rebel Scum

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Anyone who paid close attention to the words that the Imperialists used to describe the Rebel Alliance might be familiar with the term "Rebel Scum"; a term that is indicative of how much the Imperialists despised the Alliance. Han Solo was probably the first recipient of this insult, a name that he and his group of rebels received when an Imperial officer captured them after an unsuccessful ground assault. Some of the reasons for the Imperialists to have such low regard for the Alliance were the fact that the rebels were scattered and disconnected, a good number of them were smugglers, most of them were Imperial cast-offs, and some were guns for hire. In addition, the Rebels were nowhere close to the military might of the Imperials, and that most of the missions they set out to undertake had very little chance of success. The Rebels were not short of insults either since they referred to the Stormtroopers as "Bucket Heads" or the "Emperor's Snowmen".

14 The Rebel Alliance Was Politically Disorganized

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It is common to find people disagreeing on almost anything, regardless of whether they come from the same community or whether they share blood. Now imagine the difficulty of uniting rebels from different parts of the galaxy, races that have nothing in common except their shared resentment for the Empire. Bringing soldiers together to fight on the same side is the easy part, but the hard part is dealing with the politicians who brought the soldiers, the people who made the Rebel Alliance one of the most disorganized bands of rebels ever created. The level of disagreements between the parties involved in the alliance would at times get too much that thoughts of dissolution were too frequent. Just hours before the Battle of Scarif, Senators including Senator Vasp Vaspar, Senator Tynnra Pamlo, and Senator Nower Jebel, were calling for a dissolution, which if it would have happened, the rebellion would not have launched such a successful attack and got a hold of the Death Star plans.

13 The Symbol Of The Rebel Alliance Was Originally The House Of Marek Emblem

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Many people are familiar with the symbol of the Rebel Alliance, but few are familiar with its origin. The symbol, which is also called the "Starbird", was originally the emblem for the Marek Family, a symbol that was adopted owing to the sacrifice that Galen Marek made in favor of the Rebel Alliance. This was also the symbol that the Second Galactic Republic, the Alliance's successor states, and the Alliance of Free Planets adopted as an official symbol.

In order to comprehend the extent of the sacrifice that Galen Marek made, it is important to understand what he gave up. After beating Darth Vader and having the opportunity to kill him and take his place, Galen rejected the darkness and chose to fight for the lives of his allies who were fighting the Emperor. Glen surrendered his life so that the Alliance leaders might have enough time to escape Death Star and in doing so inspired many nonconformists to fight fiercely against the Galactic Empire.

12 Mon Mothma Drafted The Declaration Of The Rebellion

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If any government in the world today were to afflict its people for whatever reason, even before interference from the international community, the citizens would rebel. This is exactly what happened in Star Wars that led to the formation of the Rebel Alliance. For a resistance to be formal in Star Wars, the leaders of the rebellion had to draft the Declaration of Rebellion, a document that showed the legitimacy of the rebellion and to show its formality. This declaration was a sign to the Empire that there was an official rebellion and a call to other rebels across the galaxy to join the cause. The Rebel Alliance accused the Empire of increasing taxes without cause, suspending the Senate, unlawful occupations, racism, and genocide. Mon Mothma drafting and delivering the Declaration of the Rebellion was a way of convincing everyone that the Rebel Alliance was not a terrorist movement, but a movement geared towards democratic freedom.

11 Mon Mothma Is The Last Remaining Original Founder Of The Rebel Alliance

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Mon Mothma is the Chancellor of the New Republics, a very powerful human who rose to her position after the fall of the Empire. She opposed Palpatine, the former Supreme Chancellor during the last days of the Republic, and became one of the founders and leaders of the Rebel Alliance. Together with other senators including Bail Organa and Padmé Amidala, the three former senators formed the Rebel Alliance, working in secret to bring down the Empire. However, the many failures to bring down the Empire over the years were due to a number of reasons, one of which was the Empire's military might in terms of personnel and equipment, which dwarfed that of the Rebels. Although these other founders of the Rebel Alliance played significant roles in making it what it eventually became, Bail Organa died in Episode IV: A New Hope and Padmé Amidala died in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

10 The Rebel Alliance Did Not Have A Real Home

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Since the Rebel Alliance did not have the military strength to battle the Imperial Army head on, owing to the limitations it faced, the Alliance had to employ hit and run tactics, approaches that favored the rebels. The Imperial Army had the responsibility of protecting the capital, and they could not chase the Rebels too far, because leaving would have serious implications on the capital of the sector. One way to make it hard for the Imperial Army to find the rebels was for them to employ a mobile approach, where Admiral Ackbar's flagship came in. If the rebels had a known base of operations, the Imperial Army would have simply sent a squadron to its location and obliterated it. The Alliance's evacuation of planet Hoth meant that their mobile approach enabled them to be retreat easily, relocate, hide anywhere in the sector, and move within the galaxy at will.

9 Operation Skyhook Was Successful Owing To A "Lucky Shot" By Luke Skywalker

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Although some of the attacks by the Rebel Alliance were not hugely successful, "Operation Skyhook" stands out to be one of the most successful ever. Under the command of Princess Leia, the main idea behind this plan was for the Rebel Alliance to obtain the plans of the Death Star and eventually obliterate the Imperial Battlestation. The implication of the execution of this plan was the total annihilation of planet Alderaan, an Alliance-allied planet. Using a Death Star's super laser would wipe out a whole population and bestow a victory upon the Rebels that they planned so long and hard for. After the execution of a complicated plan, Luke Skywalker fired into the Death Star and successfully destroyed it, with help from the Force, of course. Many people know that Luke's shot was nothing but luck since in the end, he wiped out Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and a few hundred thousand Imperial personnel.

8 Emperor Palpatine Was Secretly Pushing For The Formation Of The Rebel Alliance

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Whistleblowers such as Wikileaks and other underground websites and movements have brought out crimes that people in power perform behind the backs of citizens, crimes that governments try to hide with everything they can. The release of such information shows us that there is so much evil that happens behind the scenes, terrible deeds that we could not expect from the people we love and respect. Being in the real world and such things are happening, it would not be outrageous to think that all along Emperor Palpatine needed the Rebel Alliance for him to establish the need for the Empire he had set up as well as the power he had amassed for himself. Since the Clone Wars were over and Palpatine was not ready to let go of the amount of power he had tasted, or even the power he would gain with the formation of the Empire, then the Empire needed a cause. With the Rebel Alliance fighting against the Empire, this gave Palpatine legitimacy in performing his duties as Emperor, duties of protecting his people.

7 Leia Followed In The Steps Of Bail Organa, Her Adopted Father

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Bail Organa is famous for being one of the founders and leaders of the Resistance, but it seems like he knowingly or unknowingly groomed Leia to follow in his footsteps, because in A New Hope, the Resistance was under Leia's capable leadership. The Rebellion, in A New Hope, was fighting a proxy war, while trying to locate Luke Skywalker, Leia's older twin brother, whose whereabouts were unknown for a few years. Leia reunited with Han Solo, her estranged husband, with whom their marriage fell, upon their son's fall into the dark side, becoming the First Order commander. Leia's bright intellect and forceful personality led to her accomplishing so much in her youth and becoming a strong Rebel Alliance proponent. Bail Organa died in the obliteration of the Alderaan, a death that made the Rebel Alliance, the successor states, the Galactic federation of Free Alliances, and The New Republic to respect him deeply for his heroic act of martyrdom.

6 Kanan Was Not The Real Leader Of The Ghost Crew

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When you hear the name "Ghost Crew", chances are that you will think that the name refers to a team of ghosts, which is not the case in Star Wars. The Ghost Crew, or the Spectres, was a team of Rebels who were part of the larger Rebel Alliance, fighting against the Galactic Empire. This team was made up of six members, Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, C1-10P, Garazeb Orrelios, Sabine Wren, and Ezra Bridger. We all know that Kanan Jarrus is the leader of the Ghost Crew, but in actual sense, the pilot, Hera Syndulla was the one in charge. Everyone on the team had their part to play, making it one of the best arms of the resistance. This set up was deliberate, because the Imperial Empire put all its efforts to bring down Kanan, and did not even know of Hera's existence until a lot of damage was done.

5 Bail Organa Pushed For The Formation Of The Rebel Alliance

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The clone wars brought with them many changes, changes that posed a threat to the democracy that the galaxy had experienced for at least a millennium. Chancellor Palpatine bestowed powers upon himself to transform the democracy into an authoritarian empire, and in so doing declared himself to be the Galactic Emperor. This move by the Chancellor angered many senators, and as is the nature of numerous beings under any form of oppression, Bail Organa took steps to reverse the damage that the Chancellor was causing. With the help of other nonconforming members of the Imperial Senate, Organa began to take steps towards the formation of an Alliance that would restore democracy in the Galaxy, an Alliance that came to be known as The Rebel Alliance. Despite his continued service in the Imperial Senate, Organa rebelled against the Empire in secret, together with Senator Garm Bel Iblis and Senator Mon Mothma.

4 The Rebels Were Not Terrorists, Or Were They?

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With terror organizations such as ISIL, Al Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, and Boko Haram, the world is familiar with the fear that they strike in the people who do not share their extremist views and the mass murders they commit. No one in their right mind would desire to be a terrorist, but these groups seem to have members joining them every other day. The interesting thing is that terrorists do not consider themselves terrorists, from their perspective; they consider themselves freedom fighters. Therefore, depending on which side you are rooting for, it is possible to label the Rebel Alliance as freedom fighters or terrorists. The Imperial Rule undeniably brought some form of stability to the galaxy, especially after the war with the Separatists, a stability that was welcome by some citizens in the Galaxy. The citizens who do not fully understand what the Rebels are fighting for are welcome to refer to them as terrorists, because even their tactics resemble those of terrorists everywhere.

3 The Rebel Alliance Had Clandestine Intelligence Forces

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One of the most powerful tools an army can have in its arsenal is intelligence, because fighting a war without information about the enemy's plans and tactics is too difficult. The Rebel Alliance could not match up to the military might of the Galactic Empire, so it had to depend on reliable intelligence from its secret informants working from inside the Empire. These loyal agents came to be known as "Fulcrum", and their information contributed greatly to the Rebel Alliance's activities. The term Fulcrum was a codename that a number of rebellion operatives used in order to keep their identities a secret. One of the most prominent Fulcrums was Ahsoka Tano, who worked beside Senator Organa. Tano provided valuable intelligence to the Rebels, especially the faction based on Lothal, led by Hera Syndulla. Tano's role as the Fulcrum led her to work together with Luke Skywalker and the Imperial Inquisitors the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister

2 The Rebel Alliance Was Broken

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Although skilled soldiers and great battle tactics are vital for the success of any type of warfare, one side's financial muscle will usually lead to its eventual victory. A rebellion, such as the one the Rebel Alliance was waging, demands unlimited provisions of army supplies, weapons, and battleships, all of which were in limited supplies compared to what the Empire had. The Rebel Alliance was reduced to having to steal ships and weapons from the empire, simply because it had no money or manufacturing capabilities to come up with their own. Therefore, the rebels, and more specifically the Ghost crew, had to invest in missions where they would steal basic weaponry, starships, and proton bombs from the Imperial Army, and use them to fight the Army. In other instances, the Alliance had to make do with outdated ships and weaponry, models that were inferior compared to what the Imperial Army was using, but these were better than nothing

1 The Strength Of The Rebel Alliance Was In Its Diversity

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Too often, military forces are obsessed in recruiting only the best soldiers from the population, forgetting that diversity is also a sign of strength. The Imperial Army had a strict recruiting policy, one of which must have been that the fighters be human beings since the alien species therein were too few. Although the Stormtroopers were a formidable force and they proved their supremacy on many occasions, they were not the best fighters that the galaxy had to offer. On the other hand, the Rebel Alliance embraced diversity, whether this was out of desperation or as a tactic, and this made the Alliance to have an upper hand in some areas or warfare. The Mon Calamari had a special ability for sensing traps, an ability that was a great asset for the Rebel forces, which were made up of Bothans, Iakaru, Sullustans, Lasat, Sabat, and Humans, among others. The Empire's decision to slaughter other species as opposed to recruiting them was a huge failure on their part.


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