15 Things You Didn't Know About The Next Kate Upton: Antje Utgaard

Antje Utgaard is blonde, hot, and gorgeous and has been hailed as the "Next Kate Upton" by the likes of Playboy and The Chive. Maxim can't get enough of that pout and her cleavage. Antje even looks a little bit like our Kate, with long blond hair and a baby face. She's a dancer (as in the Rockettes), a model, a budding actress, and a party host. Yes!

Imagine this: You could hire her to host your next party. She comes from good Lutheran Swedish/Norwegian stock, but was born and raised in Wisconsin. And, she's one of the growing brigade of hotties who were made on Instagram. She's the ultimate "Insta-famous" babe. A few years back, she and her 32Fs up and left Wisconsin for the heady heights of Los Angeles. Yes. 32F! And... she's all natural. Or so she says. Here are 15 hot facts you need to know about the next Kate Upton, Antje Utgaard. Oh yeah! The pictures are to die for. If you haven't followed her on Instagram yet, well you need to do so now.

15 Her Birthday Suit Nearly Broke The Internet

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Part of Antje's genius is her ability to "market" her brand on social media. It's hot and funny that she goes for. When she turned 22 years old last August, she decided to have a little party. Well, it wasn't much of a party. It was just Antje, no clothes, and a birthday cake. Sounds like our kind of party, right? So, she smeared the icing all over her lady bits and boobs. Even better, she took pictures. Even better still, she posted them on Instagram and Snapchat! Says Antje, "I did a birthday shoot – I just had my birthday...in my birthday suit I covered myself completely with like cake and stuff like that." In perhaps one of the greatest understatements of all time, Utgaard told uInterview, "People loved it. It did really well." We bet it did. We can't wait to see what happens when she turns 23 this August.

14 Sports Illustrated Near X-Rated Spread


Imagine being a beautiful, busty Wisconsin lass who posts enticing pictures on social media while living smack in the middle of a repressed Lutheran town of around 500 people, called Star Prairie. Never mind the Internet trolls. The locals gave her a lot of grief. "I got a lot of hate," she told Viva Glam. She said that she had to get out because she got a lot of abuse. So, off she went. Goodbye, snow. Hello sunshine. Antje hits LA. The only problem though, is she doesn't know anybody. But our clever girl has already started building her social media presence. Just look at her. How could anybody NOT notice that face and body. So, you are Antje Utgaard and you wake up in Los Angeles and check your email. And one morning, there's one from Sports Illustrated! Would you like to be featured on our site as "The Lady of the Day"? The answer? Yes, yes and yes. Check it out on Google. Some of the shots are too "hot" for us to show you.

13 Skinny Dipping In The Playboy Mansion Pool


When Playboy comes knocking on a model's door, saying come on over to the Playboy Mansion to cavort, play a little tennis, dance around in your underwear, and skinny dip in the pool, most babes say yes. Antje certainly did. Playboy Productions hired noted cinematographer Boa Simon, to video luscious Antje "Alone at the Playboy Mansion." It's a treat. She's walking around the mansion's grounds in various states of dress and undress, demonstrating her pretty mean tennis serve, and dancing around in her undies and a white shirt. But, the bit you're gonna love is when she slowly unzips her black one-piece suit, and it falls to the floor. No, you don't see anything interesting. Then, she slips into the pool for a skinny dip. She's got a nice breast stroke, we think. The verdict from Playboy? She's the next Kate Upton. Whoa!

12 Maxim: She's A Gift From The Instagram Gods


OK. She's got Playboy and Sports Illustrated sitting up and taking notice. She's 'Lady of the Day' and skinny dipping in the mansion's pool. Playboy is calling her the next Kate Upton. The Chive is calling her the next Kate Upton. Some are saying, forget Kate Upton, she's the first Antje Utgaard. With 1.4 million followers and counting on Instagram, she is on the verge of something really big. Hit two million and the world is literally her oyster. Then, Maxim jumps on the Antje bandwagon and calls her "A Gift from the Instagram gods." She's even been dubbed Maxim's "Top Instagram goddess." She's already five years out of high school and at only 22 years old. Take that Star Prairie, Wisconsin. Take that, Internet trolls. But, where did it all start?

11 In The Beginning: Wanna Be In A Calendar, Babe?


When Antje got out of high school, she hit university. She's doing the co-ed thing and working a bit of social media, nothing big time. Then, somebody sees a picture she posted on Facebook and asks her if she is interested in doing a calendar. Seems like they were a girl or two short of twelve. So, she says yes, poses, and decides she loves, loves, loves it. Now, she's got the modeling bug big time. Fast-forward a year or so and her then-boyfriend, who was obviously one happy guy, sent a selfie of hers to Barstool Sports. If you don't know the site, it is a funny and satirical sports and guy's lifestyle site. Antje got the honor of being featured as their "Smokeshow of the Day." Think hot babe, not much in the way of clothing, and so on. That launched her on Instagram in a big way. California, here I come, shouts Antje. Adios, Star Prairie.

10 F*ck The Cardio. I Lift


What you see is part excellent Scandinavian genes and part butt-busting hard work. So, running? Maybe the treadmill? Forget it, Antje says. "F*ck the cardio. I lift." These days, our Antje lifts weights in a gym. Give her crossFit, and she's happy. Seems it makes her waist smaller, which makes her rack look even bigger. Hooray, is all we have to say. Oh, don't forget five healthy meals a day and the occasional skinny dip in Hef's pool. You know, to work on that breast stroke. But, later for the running or jogging thing, she says. And just look at the results. Whatever she's doing, it's working big time. Meanwhile, back home in good old Star Prairie, the uptights are still checking out her social media posts and shaking their heads. What did they think of her practically naked pool shot? Don't even ask. Does she miss her hometown? No. But she does miss the snow.

9 Screw Wisconsin, I'm Gonna Be A Star


Talented small-town girl goes to Hollywood and makes it big. That's the stuff of corny old movies. The odds? A million or two to one. But, when the girl is a high-kicking, singing, and dancing sensation with a beautiful face and a hot body, who is not afraid to show it off? Well, the odds just got shorter. Throw in a natural flare for social media and you've got a recipe for success. Antje's first shot to fame came when, fresh out of high school, she trained and toured with the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. But, dancers' burnout kicked in at about the same time as that offer to shoot her first calendar came in. And the rest, as they say, is history. She's already done one (very bad) movie. So, she's taking acting lessons, just in case. From mere model to awesome actress is, after all, the Kate Upton way. Does "AwesomeAntjay" care what Star Prairie thinks? Not one little bit.

8 Her Chest Is For Hire


Antje is a promotional model, which just means that companies hire her to plug their whatevers on her social media sites. So, cue the tight-cropped tee with the Pepsi logo on it. Trust us, it has some serious underboob action going on. Who knows what her going rate is. She certainly does not earn the millions and millions pulled down by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez. But, word is, she is getting there fast. A while back, there were reports that she also hired herself out as a "host" for parties. All clean and good fun, boys. Imagine Antje Utgaard rolling up for your 21st birthday. It'll be the hottest party in town. No girlfriends allowed at this one! But, be prepared for some serious aggro after. Whatever you do, resist the temptation to post that picture of the birthday kiss she gave you on Instagram.

7 Abuse And Then A Shotgun Blast

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Stuart and Kimberly Utgaard are Antje's parents. The Utgaards go way back in Star Prairie. They were once the kind of family people referred to as "prominent." But, the year before Antje graduated from high school, all was not well in the Utgaard house on West First Street. In 2011, a shotgun blast was heard from inside the house. The police were called, and Stuart Utgaard was busted for disorderly conduct and domestic abuse, among one or two other things. He was barred from having any personal contact with his wife and four daughters, other than by telephone. Yes, four daughters! They're all blonde and kinda hot. Antje, understandably, doesn't really like to talk about that day. Nobody was surprised when Stuart and Kimberly divorced. By the way, Antje's the one in the middle.

6 Losing It All And Losing It Big Time


Here's Antje sampling the millionaire's lifestyle at the Playboy Mansion. So, what was the problem with Stuart Utgaard? What happened in March of 2011 was probably the fallout from one of the most spectacular business fails ever seen. Utgaard's dad had been a successful businessman. Something that has to do with chickens and stuff like that. Well, it's not sexy, but it made him a lot of money. And in 1996, young Stuart started The Sportman's Warehouse. It was, of course, a sporting goods store. And he cleaned up, at least for a while. Over thirteen years, he expanded to seventy-two stores and was pulling in $700 million a year. Serious stuff. Then, that nasty boogieman called "recession" hit, and the bottom dropped out of his market. He was left with very little to nothing. A couple of years later came the meltdown.

5 She's A Chick With A Plan


When she climbed into her car to drive the 2,500-plus miles to California back in 2015, Antje had all of $2,000 in her pocket. Brave girl. She left a mom and three younger sisters behind. So, just what does she want? Well, she wants it all—acting in movies and TV, getting onto the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and yes, she also wants to find love and be happy. Speaking of finding love, what would it take for a guy to impress her via social media and make it to her Twitter DMs? She has revealed the secret to Maxim: Don't post pictures of yourself with hot babes on a yacht. That's showing off. Show your personality and smile. Now, it's a long way from Direct Messages on Twitter to true love. But, it's a beginning. By the way, Antje thinks her best feature is her smile. We're not so sure.

4 Forget Kate, She's The First Antje Utgaard

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First, model Charlotte McKinney was called the next Kate Upton. Now, Antje Utgaard has been passed the crown. Charlotte McKinney has run with the honor and has parts in some six films and TV shows this year. She's becoming established. Queen Kate herself has only three movie gigs in 2017. And Antje? Well, the jury's out. So far, she's only been in one film, Sable. But, many are saying that as her social media presence grows and her "brand" gets stronger, more and more TV shows and films will come her way. She's taking acting lessons, getting ready for her big break. She sees herself in sitcoms. Meanwhile, she's donning Pepsi t-shirts, hosting parties, and rolling up to the Playboy Mansion. All in all, not a bad life for a 22-year-old chick from a small town in Wisconsin.

3 In Bed With The Cable Guy

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Antje is something of a marketing wiz kid. She wants to do TV/movie comedy, so she is making her own short videos showcasing her assets and her comedy talent. And, we'll have to admit that she's pretty good. Of course, guys end up with their head in her cleavage. That's part of the fun and games. Take Mail Order Bride. She's the bride, of course, complete with a wacky costume and a funny accent. Her "husband-to-be," a really little guy called "Big Nik," buys her a big-a** TV and summons the cable guy. And, you guessed it, the bride ends up in the sack with the cable guy. Anyway, Big Nik catches them, and this hilarious fight/chase thing happens. She usually posts the clips to her Facebook page. So, check it out.

2 So, What Next?


Well, she's already made one movie. It was made in 2016, was called Sable, and was pretty bad. IMDb gave it a 3.2 (out of 10). Basically, it appears that a bunch of student filmmakers got together and made a film about a girl and an unstable boyfriend who (wait for it) kills somebody, throwing her plans of moving to Wyoming into disarray. Yes, we know, that's not much of a story. And it wasn't much of a film. So, what's next for Antje? It's still very much up in the air. She continues to do her promotional thing on Instagram and Snapchat and churn out funny videos like Mail Order Bride. What else does she get up to? Well, she is, of course, a Green Bay Packers fan, so she occasionally rolls up to their games. And she is a mean bartender, which comes in handy when she is hosting parties and the like.

1 Kate Versus Antje

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So, who is better and hotter, Kate Upton or Antje Utgaard? It's official! YouTube Channel Street Fighter Battle declares Antje the winner! She took two rounds out of three. Round one was the "hubbahubba" factor. Seems like Antje is still posting revealing cleavage shots to her social media, while Kate has, as of late, covered up and gone all respectable and glamorous. She is, after all, an "actress" now. Ha! So, Antje wins round one. Round two is on being the better girlfriend. Let's cut to the chase. Antje is still a wild child, leaving Kate to take round two. And round three? Chest size. Kate's Double Ds went down in flames to Antje's massive, massive F-cups. So, how would you vote?

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