15 Things You Didn't Know About The Goonies

There are a couple of famous films from the 80-90s that are simply sacrilegious to have missed. The Goonies is one of those movies.

Every 80-90s kid knows the cult classic movie The Goonies. Hell, damn near anyone can recall the tiny details that made their favorite childhood movie an international sensation. If you don't know what "the truffle shuffle" is then our hearts go out to you and please, go rent the flippin' movie already will ya? For many of us, The Goonies was a rite of passage. It was a time we spent with friends acting out our favorite parts of the film. There are a couple of famous films from the 80-90s that are simply sacrilegious to have missed. The Goonies is one of those movies.

The Goonies cast sparked our imaginations with hidden treasure, broke our hearts at the thought of moving away from our best friends, and inspired a crush on an older girl (or younger boy) for the first time. Many of us could also relate to the very idea of being a Goonie. It didn't matter where you were from for those of us who didn't fit in; we could see a bit of ourselves in the characters, falling asleep at night chanting "Goonies never die." Laying in bed hoping like hell tomorrow would be a better day.

The cult classic film was produced by Richard Donner and Harvey Bernhard. Steven Spielberg provided the engrossing storyline, and Chris Columbus was the writer who put pen to paper bringing The Goonies to life. In 1985 the movie was released after months of filming each scene in sequence. A practice that isn't done in today's movies. For as loved as The Goonies film is we thought it was time to dig a little deeper and learn more about its hidden treasures. Treasures that would inspire us into writing a list for all of you Goonies out there. "Hey You Guys!"

15 One Eyed Willie's Skeleton Is A Real Human Skeleton


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that real human skeletons aren't used on set while filming movies for obvious reasons. That would be an overly creepy endeavor that no producer, or actor for that matter would want to have in their film, right? Remains of a real human skeleton would just be too real for most of any of us walking around on the same planet. Or at least you would think? Not so for The Goonies, though. During the shooting of The Goonies, the skeleton known as none other than One-Eyed Willie is, in fact, a real human skeleton! Shocking, I know! Clearly, we thought this great photo from would be a fitting way to begin our Goonies list today at number 15.

14 The Pirate Ship Was Destroyed


There have been a plethora of amazing ships in cinematic history. The list goes on and on when discussing which ship, from what movie, you remember the most. Fans of The Goonies film will probably only name one ship, though. There's only one pirate ship that graced the big screen for their favorite childhood movie. It's one of the most amazing boats ever to see the big screen and was built with some spare parts if you can believe that? The pirate ship that sparked the imagination of Goonies fans was One Eyed Willies pirate ship. Now, for the bad news. This is going to hurt! The pirate ship was scrapped after filming, and only a small scale model of it remains.

13 Sloth's Face Took Hours To Put On Every Day


Sloth's character in The Goonies, beyond his twitchy ears, rather large head, and crazy lazy eye, is loved by fans. Despite his scary, monster-like appearance he's one of the many bright spots in the film. Sloth sure was the correct name for The Goonies character who would accompany the kids on their treasure hunt to save their neighborhood. Sloth would end up becoming the hero at the end. If you can't remember that, then you should probably watch it again! Anyhow, what you probably don't know is that the face of sloth had one crazy mechanical eye. Sloth's face took hours to put on the actor each day. That's a long time in a chair just to look that ugly.

12 The Goonies House Is Closed To The Public


Remember the amazing house in The Goonies? The fantastic home with the great view? This home in the photo is now that house! I know, I know, that's hard to stomach, isn't it? The nostalgic home doesn't just look like a shell of what it once did; it's now closed to any, and all visitors. Leave it up to the riff raff (disrespectful people) to screw it up for all of us. The famous house was once open to visitors who visited the seaside town of Astoria, Oregon but due to the delinquent acts of some visitors, it's closed. That's so freaking sad don't you think? Sorry, all you Goonies fans you'll have to scratch visiting The Goonies home off your bucket list.

11 Corey Haim And Corey Feldman Both Auditioned To Play "Mouth"


Ah, now for a little tidbit of information you may not know about the character named "Mouth." He was the favorite character for many of us out there who fell in love with the classic film. Mouth was exactly as his given nickname describes, mouthy. Most laughed along with everyone else when watching his comedic on-screen antics. I still laugh just as hard today when Corey Feldman plays the part of Mouth in The Goonies. Mouth's role was hilarious and would eventually go down in movie history. What's interesting about the character, though, is that two famous Corey's auditioned for the role. Both Corey Feldman and the late Corey Haim wanted the role of Mouth, but Feldman eventually got the part.

10 The Actor That Played Sloth Was A Pro Football Player


The unforgettable character known as Sloth was a pretty large man in the movie thinking back on it now. You might recall the scene where Sloth was tied to the wall in the basement of the Fratelli's oceanside retreat comes to mind. In the scene, Sloth freaks out at the chance to eat a Baby Ruth, a line that many of us repeated throughout our childhood (in Sloth's voice) when at the local corner store. The actor that the producers of The Goonies found to take on the "large" role of Sloth in the film was an athlete. Not just any athlete, but a professional football player. John Matuszak was an NFL football player turned actor, and played most of his ball for the Oakland Raiders

9 The Goonies' Map Had Real Blood On It


Not much excites a kid, especially a Goonies kid, more than a treasure map. A cool treasure map, real if only within the confines of a child-like mind. These maps often became an adventure for the day. The Goonies' treasure map is a great example of what some of us remember as the pinnacle of maps. Found in the attic of the famous seaside home, Chunk breaks the framed map, revealing it to the rest of the Goonies. It's an epic moment in the movie and is symbolic of the adventure that the kids are soon to pursue. What happens to be cool about this particular map is that the blotches of blood you see are real. Production designer J. Michael Riva decided he needed to add a special touch by using his own.

8 Sean Astin Is Joining Netflix's Stranger Things


Have you seen the creepy, thriller that everyone's talking about called Stranger Things? It's written and produced by The Duffer Brothers and stars Winona Ryder, among many other good actors and actresses. Well, we came across perhaps the coolest fact about the cast of The Goonies when we read that Sean Astin would be joining the cast of Stranger Things for its second season. We can't wait to see the actor in his new role on what is the creepiest show on TV at the moment. Sean Astin has always been a crowd favorite, and we're rooting for him here at TheRichest.

7 Jeff Cohen (Chunk) Is Still In The Business


The Goonies character "Chunk" is arguably the most memorable character to come from the epic movie. The lovable, fat kid who introduced the world to the "truffle shuffle" became world famous. The only problem was that after playing the role, Jeff Cohen found it exceedingly difficult to find additional work in Hollywood as a child actor. You'd think that the splash Chunk made in the movie would have been enough to land himself any role he wanted. The success of The Goonies movie soon wore thin, though. All's well that ends well, because the actor formally known as Chunk now makes his money in Hollywood as an American attorney. Who would have thought, Chunk now an attorney! Wow, that's wild!

6 That Really Is A "Mouth" Full Of Jewels


It's no secret that Corey Feldman as Mouth in The Goonies movie is fantastic. The several scenes where the kids are all on One Eyed Willie's pirate ship as some of the best, most creative scenes in the film. The look on all of their faces is unforgettable once they finally reach the pirate ship. They've come to find One Eyed Willie's treasure, and their plan was to take as much of it as their pockets could hold. Or, well, their mouths. The classically hilarious scene where Mrs. Fratelli confronts Mouth and tells him to give up all the gold and jewels he's hidden is real. Corey Feldman managed to stick all of those jewels in his mouth so they could film the scene.

5 Goonies Day Is A Real Holiday


We're betting you didn't know there was a nationally recognized Goonies day? That's pretty awesome isn't it? Here's the scoop straight from the horse's mouth.

"Celebrate beloved film, The Goonies, in the town it was filmed – Astoria, Oregon! As a part of the Goonies 25th Anniversary Celebration in 2010, Mayor Willis Van Dusen declared June 7 to be officially recognized as Goonies Day. This date is special to Astorians because it is the anniversary of the day the film was released into theaters in 1985."

4 There's "The Goonies" Video Games


For all of you, gamers out there that love The Goonies there happens to be video games believe it or not? We knew you'd want to know that's why we placed this fun Goonies factoid at the number 5 slot today. The first Goonies video game was developed by the game-maker Konami for the Nintendo Classic back in 1986. You might think "that's a long time ago" and that's because it is, dude. You're not wrong my friend, but that doesn't mean old games can't be fun, right? With all of the hype surrounding the re-release of the legendary Nintendo Classic system some of you true Goonies fans out there may want to begin your search finding one.

3 The Goonies Movie Has Increased Tourism


We know we've provided some really cool, interesting, Goonies related facts here today. Thanks, we try. We also hope there have been several on the list today that have made you say "Really, I didn't know that!" That's half the fun of writing these listicles, they're full of "Ah, ha!" moments providing us with a little information we would have otherwise never known. Kind of like this cool fact about the city of Astoria, Oregon, Goonies Day, and the overwhelming amount of tourists that frequent the city every year. Tourism has exploded over the past several years all over town and the city makes an estimated 3-4 million dollars a year from the influx of visitors.

2 This Kiss Was Super Awkward For One Of These Two


There were two kissing scenes in The Goonies. How old you were at the time will determine which scene resonated with you. The scene that resonated with me the most (I'm biased here) is the scene between Sean Astin (Mickey) and Kerri Green (Andy). Remember when the two were at the wishing well? What self-respecting teenage boy didn't get butterflies when they saw a younger Mickey kiss an older Andy by accident. It was one of the most memorable scenes in the movie. Not surprising for fans Sean Astin was excited at the opportunity to get to kiss an older Kerri Green, but she felt differently. Kerri was horrified at having to kiss the younger boy on screen. Too bad for her! Way to go Sean Astin!

1 The "Octopus" Scene Was Cut


Unofficial, deleted scenes from our favorite movies are fun to find online. That's what makes number 2 so cool. We had no idea that a movie as famous as The Goonies had one very large scene that never made it off the cutting room floor. It all happened when the kids get to One-Eyed Willie's pirate ship for the first time. Just after they shoot out from that sick water slide into the cavern that holds the infamous ship. The scene that didn't make the final cut was one with an encounter with an octopus. The scene was eventually deemed not good enough to make the final film and was hastily deleted. We sure wish we could have seen it anyway.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About The Goonies