15 Things You Didn't Know About The Blue Power Ranger

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was first released in 1993 and was unlike any other children’s show on TV, mostly due to the fact that it consisted of cut scenes from other Japanese zentai and kaiju seri

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was first released in 1993 and was unlike any other children’s show on TV, mostly due to the fact that it consisted of cut scenes from other Japanese zentai and kaiju series. The original Power Rangers series received a huge amount of criticism due to the excessive violence on the show, as well as an inconsistent storyline that desperately tried to have viewers following along without truly understanding what was going on. Regardless of the strange Japanese cut out scenes spliced into the series, the show gave birth to a myriad of action figures and toys based on its characters. The popularity of the series allowed it to evolve into almost 20 different themed series and two different feature films. The most recent news regarding the Power Rangers involves the claim that Lionsgate studio announced that it will be producing the next film slated to be released in 2017. The previous claims stated that the film was going to be released in July 2016 but had to be pushed back for next year.

With Lionsgate being the same studio that released such blockbuster films as The Hunger Games and the Twilight film series, there has been added excitement over what the new Power Rangers film will be like on the big screen. With intrigue over the new upcoming film, fans might want to get to know some more about the characters. One of the more prominent members of the Power Rangers squad was the Blue Power Ranger. Check out our list of the 15 things you didn’t know about the Blue Power Ranger and see how well you think you know the character before watching the film.

15 Revamped Character For The Film

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In the original Power Rangers storyline, the Billy Cranston character didn’t exactly remain on as the full time Blue Ranger. He wasn’t exactly the muscle in the group and often played the role of the intelligent member that saved the world through using his brain, rather than his fists. However, some time-traveling incidents and aging stints caused the Blue Ranger to be replaced by Tanya Sloan. Billy Cranston remained in the storyline but more on the sidelines as the member that helped with the weapons and gadgets, rather than out in the fighting situations. In Super Megaforce, Billy returned but the storyline wasn’t exactly explained to the fullest. Regardless, the character of Billy Cranston was the only Power Ranger that remained throughout the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger series. The new Power Rangers film that is slated to be released in 2017 is slated to include the Blue Ranger and has already cast the actor that will portray him. RJ Cyler, known for only a small amount of roles on the big screen, will portray the Blue Ranger. Only time will tell whether or not he will portray the same intellectual characteristics from the series but choosing another African American actor to portray the Blue Ranger is predicted to be an interesting choice.

14 Distinction Between Male And Female Blue Rangers

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With so many different variations and spinoffs in the Power Rangers series, there has been a wide array of different Blue Rangers. The Blue Rangers have varied in their ability, intellect, specialty and even gender. With each new Blue Ranger, there have been variations on the uniform as well. In fact, some of the uniforms have been completely different from one another. Sometimes it can be difficult to even notice these things since people tend to only focus on the differences from one color ranger to the next, rather than a former ranger of the same color. One of the biggest differences in the Blue Rangers’ uniforms have been the shade of the Blue Ranger uniform for a female occupant. It’s generally only the female Blue Rangers that have a pale blue uniform. There was one exception to the rule but the pale blue has stayed pretty consistent throughout each new Blue Ranger role change. While you may not have noticed this before, this is something you’ll definitely start to notice.

13 Connection To Breaking Bad

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The original Blue Ranger from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series went by the name of Billy Cranston. When choosing the name for this Blue Ranger, showrunners decided to give him the same last name of another actor that had been used to voice some of the monsters in the series. Early on in his career, Bryan Cranston worked as a voice actor for the series. Bryan Cranston has a career filled with a number of hugely popular characters on television. From Malcolm In The Middle to Seinfeld, Cranston is known as a highly successful actor. Yet, he’s probably best known for his role as Walter White in the AMC television series, Breaking Bad. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mr. White would lend his voice to some of the monsters on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers since his character on Breaking Bad was a bit of a monster as well. Yet, it should be a little surprising that showrunners would choose the exact same last name of the actor to become one of the show’s heroes.

12 Homophobia On Set


The original Blue Ranger was played by the actor, David Yost. Since the first season of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series was originally released in 1993, there wasn’t a great amount tolerance around the set. Yost accused the cast and crew of expressing comments of a homophobic nature and blamed this for his early departure from the show. Reportedly, Yost quit the series right in the middle of filming an episode and supposedly left to go on his lunch break and never returned. The producers of the show have denied that there were ever any homophobic comments made against him or in his presence while filming but some questionable videos surfaced that seemed to give legitimacy to Yost’s claims. Instead, the producers claimed that Yost was let go from the series because he was asking for too much money in order to remain on the series. After so many years, the truth might be somewhere in the middle. Perhaps Yost truly was asking for more money in order to deal with the homophobia running rampant on set. Since Yost’s departure from the series, he has become an advocate for the LGBTQ community and even participated in the NOH8 Campaign.

11 The Choreography Was Made Up

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When the first cast of characters was chosen for the group of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the company that produced it was under the direction of Haim Saban. Saban had a large hand in picking the actors that would later be chosen for each individual role of the Power Rangers, including the Blue Ranger. Each of the rangers were tasked with coming up with their own moves for the fighting scenes. In a show that became as huge as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, you’d think that there would be a choreographer or team of personnel responsible for orchestrating the scenes. However, the characters were all either trained as gymnasts or martial artists and therefore, were able to perform these stunts on their own. David Yost, the original Blue Ranger, was a gymnast. It’s interesting to know that when audiences are watching a fighting scene during those early days, the characters would only get about a half an hour (or sometimes less) to come up with the moves that would run in the episode.

10 Way Older Than Meant To Appear

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It’s nothing new for a show to incorporate much older actors to portray their younger characters. Even hit shows like Saved By The Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210 famously used actors that were far older than the students they were meant to portray. In the original cast of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, all of the rangers were meant to be the age of high school students. Yet, only the Red Ranger was actually young enough to be able to be considered of high school age. The Blue Ranger, originally played by David Yost, was actually the oldest of all the rangers. Yost was 24-years-old when he was trying to portray a high school student. This is a bit fitting since he was supposed to be the brainy character in the group. This is similar to the brainy character in the original cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 since the role of Andrea Zuckerman was highly criticized since it was played by the much older Gabrielle Carteris.

9 Dancing Blue Ranger Videos Go Viral

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There’s no telling what the public will become fascinated with since there seems like no rhyme or reason as to what will cause a video to go viral. Academics can post highly intellectual videos discussing everything known to man about the creation of the universe and yet, they couldn’t compare to some of the simplest videos of a cat or dog making a funny face or someone getting kicked in the groin. One of the viral videos that swept the world involved the Blue Ranger dancing in full Power Rangers glory in a pair of cowboy boots. The videos showed a mystery man dressed as the Blue Ranger dancing in different parts of Atlanta. Each video showed him dancing to some of the hottest songs being played on the radio. One of the favorites included the hit single, “Married to the Game,” by Future. The videos became so popular that they were shared by celebrities like Snoop Dogg and even Ocho Cinco.

8 The Dancing Blue Ranger Is An Actor

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When the videos of the dancing Blue Ranger first hit the Internet, people were left wondering who this mystery person was. From the cartoon-like Blue Ranger uniform to the contradictory cowboy boots to the dance moves, the videos captured the attention of viewers to the point where people continued to crave for more. While there were copycat dancers, there was only one true Blue Ranger with the moves that could enthrall people online. After some mystery, the Blue Ranger finally revealed himself as an actor by the name of Jet Wavy. In an interview with Complex, he gave a little more insight into his background. He had been performing as a comedic actor for 12 years and has had experience working as a variety of characters. He used these different characters through a series of videos over the years, which is exactly how this Blue Ranger bit came to pass. Obviously, this is the one that took off.

7 Who’s Idea Was The Dancing Blue Ranger?

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The Blue Ranger costume didn’t actually belong to Jet Wavy. His friend, Dre, was using it to perform at a children’s birthday party and relayed that the suit, as well as his performance, didn’t exactly go as planned. Rather than the children being thrilled by seeing the Blue Ranger at the party, the kids found it rather comical since Dre was bursting out of the costume. Apparently, the suit wasn’t exactly a good fit. Dre wound up giving the suit to Jet Wavy and told him to use it in his comedic interpretations and performances that he had been known to do online. He wound up using the Blue Ranger costume the very next day and posted the video online. The first video found its way onto the Internet around March 2016 and as they say, the rest is history. If it weren’t for his friend’s ill-fitting suit, the world would never have known about the Dancing Blue Ranger.

6 Music Has A Huge Part To Play


If a video series of the Dancing Blue Ranger was ever going to go viral, it stands to reason that there should be a pretty great soundtrack involved. How could the Blue Ranger ever express his mad dance skills without some amazing lyrics and a dope beat to go with it? When choosing the background music for his Dancing Blue Ranger videos, Wavy decided to use some of the hit songs that are on the radio at the moment. Rather than choosing the songs based on what would best highlight his dance moves, Wavy made the expert decision to choose songs that would best resonate with the public. Not only did this help to generate a massive amount of views but it helped to get celebrity interest as well. One of the most popular of the Dancing Blue Ranger videos was set to the beat of “Married to the Game” by Future. When asked why he chose this song for his video, Wavy gave a statement to Complex saying, “It’s just such a dope song that I had to put it in a video.”

5 Dance Moves That Can Score Views

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In order for a dancing video to go viral, it must contain dance moves that are unlike anyone else (or at least something of a comical nature). This was made evident by Drake’s video for “Hotline Bling” because as soon as the video was released, the world got into an uproar over the way he danced in the video. In fact, it gave rise to a number of different Internet memes and spoof videos (including one featuring Trump dancing like Drake). The craziness of the dance moves provided by the Blue Ranger were equally commented on, with many people wondering where he even was able to think up how to dance in these videos. When interviewed by Complex, Wavy said, “I’m tapping into that MJ [Michael Jackson] aura, man. I kinda grew up on that old school music where people got up and danced. I guess it’s just me not having that fear of going out to dance and entertain.” While it’s not exactly professionally choreographed, using the enthusiasm of just having fun while dancing seems to be good enough to go viral.

4 Unexpected Cowboy Boot Addition

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The Blue Power Ranger has had a variety of different styled boots throughout the many series and films. From the geometric shaped blue and white version to the slick blue boots that looked more like rain galoshes than anything else, they definitely weren’t anything like the tan cowboy boots that can be seen on the Dancing Blue Ranger online. Yet, the intention of the Dancing Blue Ranger viral videos wasn’t necessarily for accuracy. In fact, the cowboy boots were actually a true comedy choice, rather than a happy coincidence. The boots aren’t even his, they belong to his stepmother and were chosen because Wavy thought that they would make the costume even more comical. However, the addition of the cowboy boots has become a great way to distinguish the Dancing Blue Ranger from any imposters. They make the entire costume even more unique and make him instantly recognizable when dancing in the streets of Atlanta.

3 Once Blue, Not Always Blue

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When considering the different colors for Power Rangers, viewers would assume that each colored Power Ranger would remain their individual color the entire time on the series. Just as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles each has their own particular color, it would seem awfully strange if the blue mask-wearing Leonardo all of a sudden started wearing a red mask instead. Yet, this is exactly what happened with the Blue Ranger, Schuyler “Sky” Tate. He started off as a Blue Ranger, as a former B-Squad S.P.D. Power Ranger. He was the son of a former S.P.D. Red Ranger and apparently, always wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. He got his chance when he later became a Red Ranger. This was the first time a Red Ranger was the direct descendant from another former Red Ranger. This is also the first time that a Blue Ranger went on to become a Red Ranger.

2 New Blue Ranger Isn’t First To Be African American

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With the latest news being released about the upcoming Power Rangers film hitting the big screen in 2017, audiences can expect to see some new and modern themes coming into play. While the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series was highly criticized for its cheap theatrics and low budget graphics, the upgraded 2017 version will undoubtedly showcase some high tech features to make it worthy of being seen by modern audiences. While the information regarding the newly cast African-American actor to play the Blue Ranger might have audiences thinking that filmmakers decided to diversify the rangers in order to cater towards modern audiences. Yet, there have been previous Blue Rangers that have been of African American descent. Noah Carver was the Blue Ranger in the Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce and was played by the African American actor, John Mark Loudermilk. With his last Power Rangers Super Megaforce film released only last year, it’s a little surprising that Lionsgate hasn’t chosen to use him for the next film.

1 Some Blue Rangers Were Hot


The general characteristic of the Blue Ranger was that they were known for their intellect. Many of the Blue Rangers were not really fighters and were often pretty mild-mannered. From Billy Cranston working in the background on all the Power Rangers gadgets to Noah Carver and his mild-mannered persona complete with his thick glasses, the Blue Ranger wasn’t usually the most exciting of all the Power Rangers. Yet, there was one definite exception to the rule that came in the form of Tori Hanson. She was the Blue Wind Ninja Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Storm. The blonde hair, blue eyes and pale blue suit made her an ultra cute addition to the group. She had superhuman powers and the ability to move on water in a way that made her far more than just another Blue Ranger. Audiences often got to see her surfing and tossing her wet hair around on the beach, so that was always a fun treat for the young boys watching their favorite Power Rangers group. While her career ended with her becoming an instructor at the Wind Ninja Academy, fans still remember that there was at least one Blue Ranger that wasn’t the big nerd like all the others.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About The Blue Power Ranger