15 Things You Didn't Know About Power Rangers

We currently live in a time where there are literally hundreds of different television shows at our disposal, spread across multiple channels and platforms, and many of these programs are fortunate en

We currently live in a time where there are literally hundreds of different television shows at our disposal, spread across multiple channels and platforms, and many of these programs are fortunate enough to have great writing, directing and actors associated with them. It was not always like this though, as the 1990s were filled with shows all aimed towards more older demographics that were mostly carbon copies of each other. But where that era truly did shine was with the shows aimed at kids. The 90s brought with it memorable and iconic shows like Digimon, Pokemon, Gargoyles, Beast Wars and the Spider-Man animated series, but there were also live-action shows like Ninja TurtlesAre You Afraid of the Dark, Saved By The Bell, and the best live-action series of all, the Power Rangers.

As a whole, Power Rangers is a superhero franchise which focuses around a group of youths who must save the world after obtaining the ability to morph into rangers, and these rangers always come equipped with color-coded suits, specialized weapons, and giant mechs known as Zords. The first incarnation of the show was called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and debuted in the summer of 1993, and has been airing ever since, to the point that the series is now entering its 24th season, and now has a third feature length film releasing this March. There are those who may say otherwise, but the Power Rangers franchise is indeed a global phenomenon, and this list will showcase 15 things you may not have known about the series.

15 There Was A Female Red Ranger

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14 The Original Was Japanese

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13 A Ranger Was Named After Bryan Cranston

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12 The Yellow Ranger Was Originally Male

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11 Lord Zedd May Be Jewish

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10 The Green Ranger Was Not Supposed To Last

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9 Jason David Frank Holds All Records

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In the previous entry, we talked about the original Green Ranger and how he is still one of the most popular characters in the entire franchise, and this entry will focus specifically on the man who brought the character to life. Jason David Frank is his name, and he is literally a legend when it comes to the Power Rangers franchise, as his Tommy Oliver character is indeed considered to be the greatest Ranger of all time, and it is because he did such a good job with the character, that he holds more than one show related record.

8 There Was Almost A Bully Spin-off


7 Zordon’s Lair Is Real

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6 The Original Cast Did Their Own Stunts

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5 David Yost Was Harassed On Set For Being Gay

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4 Some Rangers Bared It All


As we all know, television shows, are filled with actresses who tend to be both fairly young and very attractive women, and the Power Rangers franchise is no different as all of the female Rangers have been played by beautiful ladies, some of whom have gone on to later appear nude in other roles. One actress to bare it all after being a Power Ranger was Cerina Vincent, who played the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and she did Ranger fans a great service when she played the naked exchange student in Not Another Teen Movie.

3 The Series Was Banned In Multiple Countries

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2 Odd Choices For The New Movie

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1 The Original Movie Was Nearly A Disaster

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There may be a Power Rangers movie coming out in a few months, but it will actually be the third time that the franchise ventures out onto the big screen, as the first movie titled Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie came out in 1995. Based on the title, you can ascertain that the movie revolved around the show’s original series, which it did, as it included most of the same actors from the show, and it went on to be fairly successful at the box office as it made over 66 million with a 15 million dollar budget. The movie itself featured new weapons, new suits and an alternate timeline, and it actually turned out to be good, but it could have turned out to be a complete and utter disaster because of production issues. As it turns out, the movie, unlike the show, was filled with completely original footage, which was a real change for the producers and directors involved; but what could have really screwed everything up was the fact that producer Suzanne Todd performed heavy rewrites to the script on set while filming was taking place, which is considered to be a big red flag in the movie making business.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About Power Rangers