15 Things You Didn't Know About O.J Simpson (2017 Edition)

O.J. Simpson was (and is) a household name for many reasons. Some remember him as one of the best football players in NFL history, while others remember his acting talents. But everyone remembers O.J. from the trial of the century, where he was accused of murdering Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman. “The Juice” (his beloved nickname) was found not guilty of those murders as most everyone that hasn’t been living under a rock knows at this point. Most people also know that O.J. was later convicted in 2008 of robbery and sentenced to spend 33 years in a Nevada state prison.

But what has O.J. been up to over the last several years? The world was reminded of the trial of the century in last year’s smash hit mini-series The People vs. O.J. Simpson on FX. Simpson has just recently secured parole as early as October 1, 2017 and the world is once again watching “The Juice” to see what will come next. Whether you love him, hate him, think he did it or know he did it, the world is once again talking about Orenthal J. Simpson. Here is an updated look at the things you don’t know about O.J. Simpson...2017 style!


15 No Access To Movie

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Keeping order and maintaining security in the prison is the primary concern for the Nevada Department of Corrections. As part of that mission, controlling access to television programming and any outside influence that could cause a disruption is absolutely necessary. Because O.J. is such a high profile inmate and his 1995 murder trial is still a huge talking point for him, no one in the prison was permitted to watch the FX show The People vs. O.J. Simpson, including O.J. himself. While he is certainly aware of the existence of the miniseries (more on that later) he has not been allowed access to the series, even though there is cable in the prison and the FX network is available. He’ll get to binge watch it when he is released in October.

14 What Happened To The White Ford Bronco

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The two hour car chase involving longtime O.J. friend Al Cowlings has become a huge part of pop culture! With 95 million people watching nothing but a white Ford Bronco driving through Southern California, the image of this vehicle is forever burned in the minds of most of us that remember that day. Immediately after the incident, offers to buy the car came from different places. Cowlings was the actual owner of the Bronco and eventually sold it to a sports agent for $75,000. Between 1994 and 2012 it pretty much sat without use until the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas worked out an arrangement to display the vehicle. Since then, it has gone to a few different locations to be shown off for those interested in this piece of history.

13 Big Pension Money

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While O.J. has pretty much spent his entire fortune on his legal defense and trying to maintain something of a high end lifestyle, many would think that he’ll be something of a pauper upon leaving prison. Part of the reason for this is also the giant civil judgment obtained by the Brown and Goldman families against Simpson. But while he has been in prison and certainly afterward, O.J. has collected his NFL pension and other pensions for his work as an actor. He could in fact be getting as much as $25,000 per month in pension money! This is money that he has collected over the years that he has been in prison as well. That’s not too shabby indeed and should ensure that O.J. will be living much better than most people in the world.

12 Protected From Civil Suit Judgment


Even though there is a $33.5 million civil judgment in a wrongful death lawsuit against O.J. Simpson hanging out there, almost none of it has actually been collected. His $25,000 in pension money is actually protected against the judgment and none of it can be garnished to pay down the amount owed in the suit. Certainly other forms of income could be subject to garnishment, but based upon his plans and intentions after leaving prison, it seems that the lawsuit may very well be uncollectible by the two families, at least for the foreseeable future anyway. Simpson also plans to go back to Florida to live near his family. It also helps that they have very relaxed laws concerning the ownership of property and liens from civil court judgments.

11 Umpiring and Coaching In Prison

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While serving his prison sentence, over the last nine years, O.J. has been able to do a lot of work with sports. He is still revered as one of the greatest football players that have ever lived and so his expertise as an athlete has been greatly respected! O.J. has coached athletic teams while in prison and he also does a lot of umpiring for the baseball games in the prison. It’s almost like a real life The Longest Yard. He is known to be a great umpire because no one dares to argue with calls “The Juice” makes, because he’s well... ”The Juice!” He probably will not be asked to do much little league umpiring or coaching after he gets out, but that is something he has surely expected.

10 O.J. Has Been Privileged In Prison

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Sources that have worked in the prison say that O.J. Simpson has been anything but mistreated while in the Nevada state prison. If anything, he has received some extra special treatment. Many of the guards idolize him because of his celebrity status and have developed something of a friendship. It is even said that O.J. has his own flat screen television in his cell! There’s no doubt that over the last nearly nine years, The Juice would have much rather been out of prison, but he’s been a model inmate, with no disciplinary issues since his arrival. O.J. eats well and has even gained a considerable amount of weight in his time behind bars. One source even compared him to “The Godfather” of the prison. Not sure about that, but I’m sure he’s not complaining.

9 Protective Custody Since Parole Hearing

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Keeping O.J. safe until his release is the absolute most important thing the prison has to do at this point. Unfortunately, with a lot of guys in prison for life, they have nothing to do but resent anyone that is getting out. For this reason, security tends to be a problem when word gets out that someone is leaving. Simpson has been removed from the general population and placed in a nearly secluded wing and given his own cell. The cell is the same size as his old one and he can come and go freely around the area without having to worry about interactions with other people. It’s not exactly like solitary confinement and with the ability to see light at the end of the tunnel, I’m sure O.J. is more than happy to comply with whatever procedures they want to put in place.


8 Bruce Fromong Is Both a Victim And Friend

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Bruce Fromong was the person O.J. and his “colleagues” attempted to rob for the sports memorabilia back in 2008. This man had been a long time friend of The Juice, making the whole situation even more shocking and sad! The interesting part of the whole situation is that in O.J.’s most recent parole hearing, Fromong came out to the parole board in support of O.J.’s release! He has stated that Simpson has been and still is a close friend to him despite this situation. There are not a whole lot of people that would choose to forgive and forget after something so serious as armed robbery. There may not be too many details on Fromong himself, but in the friendship department, he has set quite an example!

7 2012 Bank Foreclosure

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O.J. has stated that upon his release, he would like to move back to South Florida, where he once bought a home, to be close to his children who act as his support system. (It’s also helpful that Florida’s laws concerning property liens in civil lawsuits are more relaxed.) Nevada could grant this permission to Simpson with a list of requirements, since he is after all, on parole. There is only one little problem...the bank foreclosed on his Miami home in 2012. It is currently on the market for $1.3 million. He’s allegedly had offers from friends to live with them, or in rental properties. He has money saved from his pension while in prison, so he could possibly purchase another property. It’s unclear, but he certainly does not have a move-in ready place to call home yet.

6 Written Monthly Reports For Parole

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Parole can look different for everyone. When we think of parole, we usually think of the stone faced civil servant sitting behind a metal desk on some kind of power trip. The perception is that parolees sheepishly visit their parole officer every day and have to suck up to them just to get by. (I’ve obviously watched too many movies.) In O.J.’s case, he will certainly have a parole officer he’ll visit at the beginning and perhaps in person once in a great while. The bulk of his check-ins will come through written reports which O.J. will send in to his parole officer. That is certainly a far cry from what most people think about parole. It will definitely be more convenient if he is approved to live in Florida.

5 Computer Class in Prison


O.J. Simpson just celebrated his 70th birthday on July 9th. There are plenty of tech savvy 70 year olds out there for sure, but admittedly, computers and technology was not ever The Juice’s strongest suit. But he realizes that in the last 9 years, technology has taken a flying leap forward in a lot of ways! So in an effort to keep up with the times, it has been reported that O.J. took and completed a computer class during his time in prison. Instead of spending all his time umpiring and coaching, he decided to exercise his brain a bit and get up on the times with regard to technology. That’s very admirable Juice, and you should have no problems using a smartphone, tablet and laptop when you are out on your own.

4 Had a Super Bowl Bash in His Cell

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When O.J. got his flat screen television in his cell, he obviously remembered the old saying “you catch more bees with honey.” To gain a little extra favor with other inmates, The Juice held something of a Super Bowl party in his cell to watch the big game. This seems to be a little unorthodox, but then again, O.J. isn’t exactly a typical inmate. His gesture obviously worked, because O.J. has not had any trouble getting along in prison. He’s looked up to by many of the inmates and according to Simpson himself, prison administrators have even brought him in to help work with some of the young men having difficulty. Maybe all of that is great, but surely gathering around with The Juice and watching the Super Bowl is pretty awesome no matter what!

3 “Mr. Simpson”

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O.J. Simpson is 70 years old, but just about everyone young and old knows who he is! O.J. is legendary for the 1995 murder trial and then the 2008 trial where he was found guilty and sent to prison. With his level of celebrity, he automatically gets some extra perks in prison. It is said that O.J. cuts in line for meals (which no one seems to care) and people buy him things left and right. In addition to this, perhaps the most telling fact about how Simpson is viewed in prison is that every guard calls him “Mr. Simpson” instead of “Inmate.” In fact, a now retired guard wrote a book about his time as a correctional officer for O.J. Simpson, recalling that the two actually developed a very close friendship!

2 Obsessed With Fantasy Football in Prison

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O.J. will probably love the advances in online daily fantasy sports when he is released! While in prison, O.J. has become quite the fantasy sports player. Fantasy sports have been around well before he went to prison, but they have exploded in popularity since he’s been serving time. He is said to be a real beast when it comes to the activity and can’t get enough! He asks all his friends to send him as many fantasy sports printouts as possible. He’ll get hundreds of pages a year to go through and he does very well. Who knows...O.J. may be able to make his fortune back when he gets out of prison just in playing fantasy contests. Of course, most of that money would likely go to pay off the civil judgment, so it may just stay a hobby for The Juice.

1 No Royalties For O.J. From FX Movie

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You would think that the wildly popular FX miniseries The People vs. O.J. Simpson would have to pay Simpson some type of royalty. As it turns out, Simpson will not make a dime off of the series. One could argue that there is some financial benefit to the renewed interest in his name and his story, but you can’t immediately deposit that into the bank! O.J. hasn’t seen the series and it’s not clear if he would even want to watch once he’s released. But it is clear that Simpson isn’t happy about it at all! He doesn’t like that he has no control over any of it, which is understandable when you are stuck in prison with no access to see what the world is talking about!

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