15 Things You Didn't Know About Mortal Kombat's Scorpion

Since the initial game release in 1992, Mortal Kombat has gone on to become one of the most successful and popular game franchises in the world. It is certainly the most beloved fighting game, with several generations growing up playing it on different systems. There are several Mortal Kombat characters that even non-fans are familiar with, Scorpion among them, arguably the most popular name along with Sub-Zero.

But what do we really know about Scorpion? Most are familiar with the basics: we know his "Get Over Here!" catchphrase and his unique black and yellow attire. We are also familiar with his mask and trademark moves, but the average person probably can't tell you much beyond that. Those who do like Scorpion are usually drawn to his unique look as well as his weapons of choice. Then you have folks who simply like him because he appears to be cool to them, which is more than fine. Scorpion has become an iconic figure and he's recognized by people who are barely familiar with Mortal Kombat; he is certainly deserving of his reputation.

From video games to hit movies and comic books, Mortal Kombat has been everywhere in the past few decades. Every now and then, just when you feel people may be slightly losing interest, there is a new release to remind us all of our favorite franchise. While it may not be currently enjoying the same popularity it once did, it remains very relevant especially among folks who grew up playing it. With today's list, we will go through 15 things that you didn't know about Mortal Kombat's Scorpion.


15 He's One Of The Six Originals

Love him or hate him, Scorpion holds a unique accolade that can't be replicated as he is one of the originals from the franchise. When Mortal Kombat was tested in 1991, there were only 6 characters: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Liu Kang, Johnny Cage and Kano. When the game received positive reviews from everyone, a seventh character was added, Sonya. In the next couple additions, there were numerous characters added to the game as the franchise's popularity skyrocketed.

These characters have all retained their popularity over the years and continue to be the most relevant, especially Sub-Zero and Scorpion who are often the most associated names with Mortal Kombat. As you can see from the original screening pictured above, not much has changed in terms of appearance as you can still easily recognize the characters due to their distinctive features, especially Scorpion who always stood out for his colors.

14 He's Voiced By The Co-Creator Of Mortal Kombat


If the name Ed Boon doesn't ring a bell, you probably aren't a Mortal Kombat fanatic. He's one of the co-creators of the franchise along with John Tobias and is also behind the iconic voice of Scorpion. "Get Over Here!" is one of the most famous catchphrases from any video game, and it's hard to picture anyone else voicing Scorpion.

Boon earned an award for his efforts, entering Guinness World Records for the "Longest Serving Video Game Voice Actor." When people think of Mortal Kombat, Scorpion's voice is certainly one of the first things that come to mind. With every new release, fans always question him whether he will be back to provide his voice once again as he kept the streak alive to this day. Thankfully, we still have the same voice that we have come to known for many years and we wouldn't want it any other way.

13 His Famous Catchphrase Wasn't In The Original Game

Scorpion without his trademark catchphrase "Get Over Here!" simply isn't Scorpion. It is the most iconic line from Mortal Kombat and possibly any game ever. Even those who aren't fond of the franchise or barely have any knowledge will recognize it, which makes it even shocking that the phrase wasn't present during the Sega Genesis release of the very first Mortal Kombat.

Most of us played the arcade version and got to hear it, but those who played the game on Sega didn't have the same experience. It is unknown why it was cut from that version with many speculating that it could have been a lack of memory issue.

Looking back, the developers probably regret that decision especially when you consider that they had included his second phrase "Come Here!" which is nowhere near as catchy, popular or threatening.

12 He's The Creator's Favorite Character


Scorpion also happens to be the co-creator of the franchise Ed Boon's favorite character. He is always promoting Scorpion on his Twitter account with the latest releases, and admiring all things related to him that fans tweet to him from costumes to memorabilia and cards.

While creating Mortal Kombat, the first special movie they crafted was Scorpion's spear which holds a special place in Boon's heart, claiming that they could never top it. He has also listed it as his favorite special move even despite all the sophisticated ones that followed afterward.

Boon, like so many of Scorpion admirers, also believes that the character is simply too likable due to his unique set of moves. Being one of the original characters, it's no wonder why Boon loves Scorpion.

11 Scorpion's Toasty Is The Fatality With The Most Appearances

If you love Scorpion, there is a good chance that his Toasty Fatality is one of the reasons behind your admiration for the legendary figure. One of the most popular moves in all of Mortal Kombat, it's Scorpion's most efficient offense to completely destroy his opponent.

If you are unfamiliar with the name, it's the Fatality in which Scorpion exhales fire towards his opponent to render him hopeless before he turns into a skeleton. Of all Fatality moves, Toasty has made the most appearances featuring in nine video games to accompany Scorpion in every new release.

The "Toasty" expression began as an inside joke between the Mortal Kombat creators before it eventually made its way to the game. Considering Ed Boon's love for Scorpion, it's no surprise that he chose to use the name for the one character with a special place in his heart.

10 His Real Name Is Hanzo Hasashi


For Mortal Kombat fanatics, this may not be brand new information but there are plenty of people who claim to love the franchise although they are only familiar with the earlier editions. Before he became the Scorpion we all know today, he was previously known as Hanzo Hasashi who was a notable warrior in the Shirai Ryu ninja clan.

In recent years, we have come to know Scorpion more through the release of new video games that discuss his background and life story. You also have comic books which played their part in introducing us to the man behind the mask, who was a different person prior to his demise.

It is rumored that Scorpion's real name is based on Hattori Hanzo, who was a samurai general responsible for some major battle victories.

9 He Appeared In Every Mortal Kombat Game

Since the release of the first game, Scorpion has appeared in every edition of Mortal Kombat except for the third, which he was later added to. Initially, Scorpion was missing from Mortal Kombat 3 due to a tight deadline which didn't allow the game developers to include him as one of the playable characters.

It's no surprise that the game wasn't met with positive reviews as many of our favorite characters had been missing, which didn't go well with fans. Scorpion was added to the altered game known as Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, released later on of the same year of 1995.

Scorpion became a main presence in every single release of the iconic franchise. Along with Sub-Zero, he is one of the only two characters to have been featured in all Mortal Kombat video games.


8 He Believed Sub-Zero Killed His Entire Clan


Before the first tournament took place, Scorpion was already dead (as confusing as it may sound). His entire clan had been killed with Scorpion believing that it was done by Bi-Han, the original Sub-Zero.

While Scorpion sought revenge for a while by attempting to retaliate in the cruelest ways, he would later find out that he had been wrong this entire time. It wasn't Bi-Han behind the heinous crime. Scorpion had partnered with anyone willing to help him on his quest, which changed his reputation throughout the story.

As it turned out, Quan Chi had been posing as Bi-Han when the murders occurred with Scorpion's wife, son and entire clan being killed at his hands. For so long, Scorpion had been tricked by Quan Chi and even worked for him as he attempted to avenge himself until he found out the truth.

7 He's The Only Character To Kill An Opponent In The First Tournament

When the original Mortal Kombat came out, it changed video games due to its unique concept and the violent nature of it. While the first tournament featured plenty of action, there was only one character who killed an opponent.

Scorpion had the distinctive accomplishment as he believed to have avenged his clan when he killed the original Sub-Zero after having been tricked about past events. For a moment, it appeared that Scorpion might have sparred the life of Bi-Han but Quan Chi resurfaced to trick him once again by showing him the fate of his clan.

With the story unraveling over the years through the newest editions of Mortal Kombat as well as comic books, we learned more about Scorpion's intentions during the first tournament.

6 Scorpion Hails From Osaka, Japan


Those who are unfamiliar with Scorpion's background may be surprised to learn that he hails from Osaka, Japan and will probably feel that it's a random selection. It was initially revealed in Mortal Kombat 4 through one of the game guides, but as his story developed over the years, we have come to learn more about the ninja behind the mask.

There isn't much available information aside from the fact he was previously named Hanzo Hasashi and a member of the Shirai Ryu clan. While everyone recognizes that the clan is based in Japan, it's unknown whether all other members are also from Osaka as it hasn't been revealed.

It is highly likely since his father was also apart of the clan although he did leave at some point, indicating that the ninjas may be based in Osaka. Osaka is, of course, a real Japanese city and not a made up Mortal Kombat location.

5 Chris Casamassa Was Originally A Stunt Ninja 

With the franchise at its peak popularity, Mortal Kombat released a film in 1995 that became one of the highest grossing video game films with $122 million at the box office. It was produced with a budget of $18 million but those who have seen the film would estimate it at a much lower rate.

While the production quality may not have been so great, the film was a major success and still gets played on TV to this day. When it comes to quality, it wasn't exactly a hit with the critics but most fans did enjoy the film.

When casting was done for the film, Chris Casamassa had been hired for a minor role as a stunt ninja in the film before being offered the role of Scorpion. The creators had been extremely impressed with his performance, and it remains his most famous role to this day. He reprised his role as Scorpion a few years later on the 1998 TV series Mortal Kombat: Conquest.

4 His Spear Is Different In The Film


We are all familiar with Scorpion's spear which has been his weapon of choice since the early beginnings. It's legendary for so many reasons, most notably its association with his catchphrase "Get Over Here!" whenever he launches the spear towards his opponents.

However, the spear portrayed in the 1995 Mortal Kombat film is different than the ones we have seen in the video games. The spear takes on the form of an alive snake during the film, which was surprising considering that has never been the case throughout Scorpion's history as the spear has never had a life to it outside of that release.

While the spear has changed in appearance and the way it launches over the years — mainly due to the development of technology since the early years - it was still a one-time-only occurred in the film and it's probably better off staying that way.

3 Scorpion Took His Talents To The Basketball Court

Mortal Kombat is credited for being one of the most important games, as it arguably changed the entire platform. If there is one other game that was played by everyone from the slightly older generations, it is NBA Jam which was released in 1993 to achieve tremendous success. It remains one of the most popular games with a new edition being released every few years although they have failed to capture the magic of the first series.

A year after the release of the game, a second edition named NBA Jam: Tournament Edition was released with updated rosters. Not only did the game feature some rising basketball stars but it also some Mortal Kombat characters, including Scorpion. If you have ever wondered whether Scorpion can break ankles or posterize opponents, then you have your answer now. Scorpion has also featured in several other games, such as The Grid, and MLB Slugfest.

2 He Is Very, Very Caring


Even the biggest fans of the franchise, or Scorpion to be specific, may get confused by his story as there are so many layers to it, and the mixed timelines still aren't clear to all. While some believe that Scorpion was somewhat of a monster for his actions, he has shown over the years that he is in fact very caring.

He embarked on his journey to avenge his family after all and was working with the information that had been made available to him. He even considered sparring Bi-Han before Quan Chi interrupted to play mind games again. Scorpion was more than willing to trade it all to resurrect his clan but that fell through.

His softer side became more visible upon finding out the truth about Sub-Zero's involvement with the murder of his clan, vowing to protect him from any potential harm at some point.

1 Scorpion Gets Explicit (He Really Wants You To Get Over Here!)

In 2005, Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks was released and Scorpion took his iconic catchphrase a step further. If you thought that it couldn't get any greater, you clearly have never played that MK edition.

During the game, if you manage to avoid Scorpion's spear attack a number of times, an enraged Scorpion will greet you explicitly once he connects with the move. There are two possibilities that you have never heard before or after the game: "Get The F*** Over Here!" or "Get Over Here, B****!"

I guess this goes to show even ninjas are prone to cuss once they rage and Scorpion is no exception. For gamers whose introduction to Mortal Kombat was through this edition, we can probably guess that Scorpion instantly became their favorite once they heard his remixed catchphrase.


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