15 Things You Didn’t Know About Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle has been the name at the tip of everyone’s tongues for more than a month by now. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the year, her engagement to Prince Harry was an occasion that amused the entire world. Countless different aspects make their union unique—from her background and her skin color to the fact that it seems like she might really be the one person able to tame the party beast that Prince Harry has always been. At least, that is what we hope since Meghan is the kind of woman who truly deserves to have everything she always wanted.

If you are a fan of Suits, you know perfectly well how talented this young woman is. But if you are one of the many people whom we believe have not heard of Meghan before she started dating the British prince, you should probably start learning a little bit about her before the wedding, at least so you can show off in front of your relatives. Either way, whether you are a die-hard Suits fan or someone who has just heard about the actress, we have separated 15 things you didn’t know about Meghan Markle. So, sit back and relax because we will show you just how amazing this young woman is.

15 Social Media Juggernaut

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Marrying into the royal family sure has to have given Meghan Markle a boom when it comes to social media. Nevertheless, it is no easy feat for someone to get more than 2.8 million followers on Instagram. The future Duchess is also someone who keeps her many, many fans entertained with several posts. She is as prolific as they come on Instagram. If you have any doubt about that, just check out her more than 2065 posts on that social media.

Meghan is also famous on other platforms. For example, she has more than 465,000 followers on Twitter, which is another surprisingly high number even for a person who is about to join the British Royal family. Her official Facebook page also has quite the following, with more than 770,000 people accounted for.

14 Connections Are Key

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People never give too much thought about how a television and movie star like Meghan could possibly get to know a member of the royal family. The usual guess would be that they met at a high-society party attended only by the richest and the most famous people around. But the truth is quite different. The union between Meghan and Harry has a lot to deal with connections.

It turns out that they didn’t meet at a party or by chance. They were actually introduced by a couple of mutual friends. The actress is good friends with a designer named Misha Nonoo. Misha, in turn, is married to a guy who is friends with Harry from school. One thing led to another, and the couple thought it was a good idea to introduce Meghan and Harry.

13 Before Acting

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All actors and actresses have interesting stories from the time before they became acquainted with the big and small screens. Sure, a lot of them have been around movies and TV since they were kids, as many have worked as child actors. Meghan is part of that first group. She wasn’t always an actress by trade. And when we think about it, her previous profession is something that would make a lot of Harry’s ancestors happy.

After all, back in the day, penmanship was one of the most sought-after qualities in a member of a royal family. Yes, before she was an actress, Meghan Markle was actually a calligrapher. It is almost like she is a puzzle piece that fits in perfectly with the big picture. Now that she is going to be part of the royal family, just imagine how much fun she will have looking for letters around the palace.

12 Her Race

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By far one of the most interesting aspects of this upcoming royal wedding is Meghan’s race. If you ask us, this is something that has been a long time coming. After all, we are in 2017, and racial factors are something that shouldn’t even be news when it comes to things like a royal wedding. However, the fact that Meghan is half African-American is still something that made a lot of headlines around the world.

If someone is interested in her heritage, Meghan is the daughter of an African-American woman and a Dutch-Irish man. Luckily for the whole world, she is someone who embraces the cause of diversity with quite a lot of passion. And hopefully, in her new position, she will also be able to break a lot of stigmas.

11 Humanitarian Work

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When we tell you that Meghan Markle is an impressive woman, we are not just talking about her acting career and the fact that she’s going to be the next person to join the royal family. She is actually someone who deserves a lot of respect for the work she does in all kinds of areas of philanthropy and charity. We could seriously fill out an entire list just talking about the things she does for other folks so that they can live better lives.

To boil it all into something briefer, one of the best things we could talk about is the fact that she was a counselor for an international charity named One Young World. Not just that, Meghan was even a speaker at a 2014 summit where she talked about gender equality and modern-day slavery.

10 Google Famous

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Google is a fantastic tool. It is arguably the most celebrated professor that has ever lived. The reason behind that is that Google can actually take you to some of the greatest professors who ever lived with one click. But the search engine is not just there so you can find out about space travel, scientific developments, news, and things like that. Google is also a great way to learn about people. It is also a great way to stalk people.

Now, why does all of this matter to us? Well, it turns out that as soon as it is announced that you are dating someone from the British Royal family, you become worldwide news and you gain a few million stalkers. With that in mind, it is not all that surprising that Meghan Markle was the most Googled actress of 2016.

9 Name Inception

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It is not that odd for actresses and actors to work under different names than the ones in their birth certificates. Sometimes, people just don’t like the names their parents have given them, but sometimes there are folks who have other reasons for using a different name in their artistic endeavors. We say that because Meghan is not actually Meghan Markle’s first name.

Mind-blowing, right? Her real name is actually Rachel Meghan Markle. If you are someone just getting acquainted with her, this might not be that awe-inducing to you, but if you are a Suits fan, your mind just literally blew. How funny is it that Rachel’s real name is actually Rachel? In case you are still floating in the background here, the most famous character Meghan ever played is named Rachel.

8 Deal Or No Deal

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We already know that Meghan Markle worked as a calligrapher for a while before getting her start as an actress. Nevertheless, even after people start in the acting world, they might have to grind through some lower-tier jobs before getting their big break. That is just part of the business, unfortunately—or fortunately, depending on your view of this particular issue. After all, there would be no game shows like Deal or No Deal if there were no beautiful ladies to hold the suitcases.

Yes, we are not kidding. Before she became a famous actress, Meghan worked as a suitcase girl in the American version of the Deal or No Deal game show. If anything, this just really makes the point we are trying to prove that anyone’s dreams can come true. A former suitcase girl is going to be a “princess.”

7 The Age Factor

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Another peculiarity about the marriage of Harry and Meghan is that the actress is actually older than her soon-to-be husband. Meghan is three years older than Harry. While Harry doesn’t seem to have any problem with his fiancée being older than him, there are people in the movie and television industry who cared deeply about how Meghan portrays her age.

She is extremely comfortable with being as old as she is, which is not old at all when we think about it. But she also brought to light some disturbing factors. Apparently, there were times in which producers pressured her to say that she was younger than her actual age. This is something that occurred even before she had any relationship with Harry. Perhaps this is just yet another Hollywood thing they should be ashamed of.

6 Second Marriage

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There are so many peculiarities about this royal wedding that we don’t think we will be able to fit them all on this list. Another one that seems significant enough that we pretty much had to find a spot for here is the fact that this won’t be Meghan Markle’s first marriage. The Suits actress was actually married to a Hollywood producer named Trevor Engelson.

The two of them met in 2004 at the beginning of their careers, and the love soon bloomed. They dated for a while and eventually married in 2011. The honeymoon period did not last long as they got divorced in 2013. The silver lining here is that their divorce seems to have been quite amicable, as the marriage was dissolved in a no-fault divorce, the reasoning they have pertained to irreconcilable differences.

5 Harry Had A Crush

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Earlier on this list, we talked about how a couple of mutual friends of Harry and Meghan were the ones responsible for introducing the soon-to-be-wed couple. Nevertheless, it seems like Harry had his eye on the actress long before they first met in person. According to a Royal expert, it looks like Prince Harry actually had a crush on Meghan two years before even meeting the actress.

The expert went even further in saying that at some point during a night out, the prince was asked who his ideal woman would be. His response was instantaneous, “Meghan Markle from Suits.”

Whether you like the guy or not, you have to respect that this man did whatever he could and finally will get to marry his ideal woman. The whole episode is in a new documentary by Royal expert Katie Nicholl.

4 Heritage Again

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Her mother is African-American, her father is Dutch-Irish. Any guesses as to which famous people from the old days Meghan Markle is related to? Well, the truth might surprise you. According to a search that was made on Myheritage.com, the actress is related to none other than William Shakespeare. Yeah, how awesome is it to be someone in the entertainment industry who can say they are related to Shakespeare? Not just that, Shakespeare is not the only famous person to whom Meghan is related according to that search.

The Californian actress seems to have some strong ties to the old country, as she apparently also has family ties to Winston Churchill. To be more precise, Meghan is Shakespeare’s fifth cousin 13 times removed. She is also Churchill’s sixth cousin five times removed.

3 She Ran A Lifestyle Website

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As we surprisingly found out during this article, Meghan Markle is an exquisite calligrapher. Her handwriting must be something out of this world, but that doesn’t mean that all the writing she did happened with pen and paper. Much on the contrary, the soon-to-be Duchess used to run a lifestyle website where she talked about anything from travel, to fashion, and even food. And it seems like the website was quite successful in bringing together a tight-knit community that Meghan loved to interact with.

After having to bring that endeavor to an end, she did not do so without leaving her fans and friends from the community a loving goodbye message. It really makes us wonder how awesome it would have been to interact with Meghan in her platform.

2 Women’s Rights

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Meghan Markle is someone who thrives on doing humanitarian work. She is excellent at it, and she loves doing good for other people. However, few of her humanitarian endeavors must have been as challenging or even as rewarding as the time when she made a trip to India in order to bring awareness to the many troubles women face in that country. Her central message was “all women deserve the right to human dignity.”

This is a message that might seem obvious to people in most nations on the Western Hemisphere, but if you have been following the news and the atrocities that have happened to women in India recently, you can imagine how important someone like Meghan going there and spreading this message could be. It is not like the British government and India have the best of relationships, but hopefully, she’s someone who can mend the bridge at least on this front.

1 Her Career

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We could not finish this article without dedicating at least one entry to the fantastic career Meghan Markle has had since she got her start in 2002. The bulk of her career happened on television. Her first big gig was when she played the role of Jill for one episode of General Hospital. After that, her career slowly started picking up steam, and she landed short gigs with several different TV shows like CSI, 90210, Knight Rider, Fringe, and many others until she found her place playing Rachel Zane in the legal drama Suits.

Meghan’s performance as Rachel helped her life in many ways. For example, it seems like Prince Harry had a crush on Rachel Zane. But it also earned her legions of fans who loved her and her character. Unfortunately, after marrying Prince Harry, Meghan is going to be saying goodbye to the series, and we are certain it will never be the same.

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