15 Things You Didn't Know About Marvel's Venom

In 2017, we now have literally hundreds of different television channels to choose from. All of which come with a variety of different shows to watch. Also, 2017 marks a time in which we can watch as many movies and live sporting events as we want, thanks to the internet. However, in the decades leading up to the internet and modern-day television, people, especially children and teenagers, had to find other ways to entertain themselves, which is why comic books were so popular from the late 1930's up until the 80's. Comic books provide young people with characters who exemplify what it means to be a selfless hero, who will do anything to stop a bad guy from causing other people harm. Over the decades, some of those superheroes have become icons—Batman, Superman, the X-Men, and Spider-Man.

When it comes to Marvel's Spider-Man, many comic book fans gravitated towards him because he was a young man who had to deal with the pressures of school, dating, and work while going out and fighting crime. You would think that a person who gained the abilities of a spider would be fairly week. But in reality, Spider-Man is fairly strong and is capable of taking down some powerful foes. And just like every other superhero, his Rogues Gallery features some very popular villains. One of those villains is Venom, an alien symbiote parasite who bonds with different hosts, and prior to becoming a villain, this symbiote used Spider-Man as its host. After being rejected by our hero, a new host was chosen. Thus, Venom was born. Thanks to the 1994 animated series, the character's name and popularity exploded, to the point that Marvel has turned him into both an anti-hero and a full-blown hero at times. The purpose of this article is to identify 15 things that people probably did not know about Venom, everyone's favorite symbiote.

15 Venom Has Produced Quite A Few Kids


Venom is indeed an alien parasite. And just like the parasites that live here on Earth, he too has a biological need to reproduce, which he has, except he is capable of reproducing without needing any mind of mate. Most people know about Carnage, the red symbiote who used Cletus Kasady as his host. He was the first child that Venom produced, and in truth, their relationship turned out to be far from a loving one. What many fans of the character do not know, however, is the fact that Venom is actually the father of a total of 6 symbiote children, with 5 of those children coming by force while Venom and his host, Eddie Brock, were being held against their will by an organization called the Life Foundation, who wanted their own unit of symbiote soldiers. Those 5 children are named Lasher, Scream, Agony, Riot, and Phage, and just like Carnage, none of them received any sort of parenting from their father.

14 Hank Azaria Truly Brought Him To Life


In 1994, Marvel debuted a show called Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which to this day is considered by many to be the best television adaptation of the iconic superhero, as it featured several characters from the comics who were never shown on TV before. One of those characters was Venom, who quickly became one of the most popular characters on the show. That popularity led Venom to become beloved within the Marvel and comic book communities. Since the show marked Venom's speaking debut, the studio wanted to make the casting absolutely perfect, as the role required a voice actor who was capable of having to produce specialized speech patterns. In the end, the studio went with Hank Azaria, who is best known for providing the voice of several characters on The Simpsons  like Moe, Apu, and Chief Wiggum. The decision turned out to be the perfect move, as Azaria killed it in the role.

13 The Venom Suit Is Fueled By Hatred


When it comes to superheroes and villains, they all have to receive their powers from somewhere. In Venom's case, the symbiote was born with its powers just like every other member of its race. When Spider-Man decided to reject the symbiote, it developed a hatred for the hero, because apparently, alien parasites happen to be incredibly clingy. And when it chose to bond itself with Eddie Brock, it did so because it sensed that the human had a hatred for Spider-Man as well. With the symbiote and its host sharing the same powerful emotion, the Venom suit was able to harness that hatred and become more powerful. Spider-Man came to realize this when he was able to defeat Venom quite easily when the symbiote was bonded to someone who did not hate him as much as Brock did. This only means that the suit is in fact fueled by hatred towards Spider-Man.

12 He Was Not Supposed To Be In Spider-Man 3

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The Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy which starred Tobey Maguire as our web-slinging hero, started off on the right path, as the first two movies were actually pretty good. However, the series ended on a sour note, thanks the third film. Spider-Man 3 actually saw our hero have to take on three different villains, including a new Green Goblin, Sandman, and Venom, who was making his highly anticipated live-action debut. The entire movie suffered from a bad script and rather terrible acting. The makers even managed to ruin Venom by turning the character into a scrawny light-weight who barely kept his iconic mask on, and who bonded with an apparent drug addict. Interestingly enough, Raimi had initially planned on having the Vulture serve as the movie's main villain, but producer Avi Arad forced the director to go with Venom instead, which would have worked better if Raimi actually liked the character, because according to Raimi himself, he has always hated Venom due to the fact that he could never connect with the character's lack of humanity.

11 But He Was Going To Be The Villain Of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 

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In February of 2015, Marvel fans rejoiced and celebrated when news broke that Sony, Marvel, and Disney announced a new deal which would finally see Spider-Man become a part of Marvel's cinematic universe. Apparently, this was something that fans have been hoping for for nearly a decade. Prior to reaching the deal, Sony was still coming off the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which did not perform that well and was heavily criticized by fans and critics alike. It was because of those two factors that Sony decided to just cancel the series, which included a sequel as well as several spin-off films. The plan for the sequel was to introduce Venom and there is evidence in the previous two films that allude to this, as his first host, Eddie Brock, is mentioned to have been working at the Daily Bugle, while the symbiote itself could be seen in a chamber located beneath Oscorp. Plus, Sony planned on releasing a Venom solo movie, which increases the likelihood that he would have appeared in the sequel.

10 He Is Not The Strongest Symbiote


Considering his origins, his popularity with the fans, all of his encounters with Spider-Man, and the fact that he is the father to several other symbiotes, people just assume that Venom is the strongest of his kind, but that is actually not the case. At the beginning of this list, it was stated that Venom is the father of half a dozen symbiotes. But as it turns out, he also happens to be a grandfather, as Carnage went ahead and spawned a child of his own back in 2004. The name of this symbiote is Toxin, and just like his dad and grandpa, he cannot be detected by Spider-Man's spider sense, and he possesses the ability to morph parts of his body into weapons like axes, which goes along well with his super-strength and speed. Toxin may have all of Venom and Carnage's abilities, but all of those abilities are in fact more powerful than any other symbiote's. He also has a higher amount of resistance when it comes to fire and sonic noise, making him the strongest of his kind.

9 Venom & Carnage Actually Fought Over The Internet


Thanks to the massive success of Spider-Man: The Animated series, Spider-Man and his Rogues Gallery reached new heights of popularity. Also, thanks to that show that Venom and Carnage became as popular as they now are today. The symbiotes became so popular, in fact, that Marvel tried to put them in as many comic storylines as possible to sell more comic books, which resulted in several storylines like the 1995 "Carange Unleashed" mini-series. This mini-series stands out because Venom serves as the protagonist, who, out of jealousy, attempts to stop a video game publisher from making a game based on Carnage's killing sprees. Carnage though, wants the game to be released, which results in the two getting into a fight. But this is no ordinary fight, as the two at one point send their tendrils into a large modem which somehow allows them to enter the internet itself, where they continue to fight as organic lifeforms.

8 Topher Grace's Venom Was Based On Drug Addicts & Jungle Cats

Spider-Man 3 was brutal. It left a bitter taste in the mouths of fans who loved the previous two films. But if you ask them what the worst part of the movie was, they will almost always answer that it was Venom. Coming into the movie, comic book fans and those who watched the 1994 animated series, were excited to finally see Venom come to life. However, what they saw instead was a cringe-worthy interpretation of the character who was being played by Topher Grace, who everyone agrees was horribly miscast in the Eddie Brock/Venom role. Eddie was initially afraid of being taken over by the symbiote. But in the movie, he acts like a drug addict who craves the symbiote's very touch, which makes sense as Grace said that he based the character off of a drug addict and alcoholic. And when he removed Venom's mask, which he did ALL THE TIME to the chagrin of fans, Brock's face always resembled that of someone who was high on something. Despite the fact that he lacked the muscle and awesome voice, Venom did look fine in the VERY brief time he spent in the complete suit. His movements and animation were as good as the studio based all on the character's movements on jungle cats to give him more of a monster feel.

7 Venom Caused Spider-Man To Fake His Own Death


Spider-Man is one of the most popular and iconic superheroes in the world. A big reason for that is that the wall-crawler is actually a teenager, which allows many kids and adolescents to relate to him. As a superhero, Spider-Man is known for not giving up no matter who the enemy is or how perilous the situation is. But when it comes to Venom, who wants nothing more than to destroy him for rejecting him, Spider-Man had to fake his own death to keep him away. In Amazing Spider-Man #347, the two engaged in one of their more earlier battles which took place on an island. During that fight, Venom threw a car at Spider-Man which goes on to explode. Following the explosion, Venom finds Spider-Man's suit in the wreckage, and within the suit, he finds a skeleton which led him to believe that he had finally killed the hero. In reality though, Peter Parker had found the skeleton in a shallow grave prior to the fight and swapped places with it while he swam away from the island towards a nearby boat. Believing him to be dead, Venom and his host decided to stay and live on the island while Spider-Man returned home to continue being a hero.

6 Venom Loves To Eat Chocolate


Every single living organism in existence needs to consume other organic beings in order to survive. Parasites are no different; except in their case, they usually consume whatever host they latch themselves on to. As a parasite, the Venom symbiote does indeed feed on its host, but not in a way that actually causes the host to die over time, as this parasite feeds off of adrenaline and phenethylamine, which are both chemicals produced in the brain. Adrenaline, as we all know, is produced whenever you are doing something very exciting, like fighting, which is something that symbiotes love to do, while phenethylamine is a neurotransmitter that produces dopamine in the brain which sends signals to the body's nerve cells. As it turns out, chocolate also contains phenethylamine, which explains why it helps to improve people's moods and why Venom has developed a love for it over the years.

5 He Was Beaten By A Lighter


The world of comic books is filled with incredibly powerful individuals. Some of which can even be considered as gods, which is why these individuals, whether they are classified as heroes or villains, are incredibly difficult to defeat. When it comes to someone like Venom, he may be incredibly strong and fast, but his body also happens to be extremely durable, which it has to be, seeing as symbiotes can survive on other planets and moons which possess very harsh environments or no atmosphere whatsoever. In truth, even the Avengers would have a very hard time defeating Venom if he were not incredibly weak to both sonic noises and fire, and if it were not for an old man with a lighter, he would have finally killed Spider-Man. That is right, during one of their fights, Venom actually had Spider-Man beaten and even before he could deliver the finishing blow, an old man came up and tossed a lighter to the hero, and the measly little flame produced by the lighter was enough to send the deadly symbiote fleeing in fear.

4 Venom Somehow Helped To Create A Stupidly Strong Red Hulk


With Venom later becoming an anti-hero, he ended up partnering with legitimate heroes from time to time in order to take down some villains. It was during one of those team-ups that he helped to create an incredibly powerful Red Hulk. The group in question consisted of Venom, X-23, Red Hulk, and Ghost Rider, who joined forces to defeat the villain called Blackheart in a storyline which is known as "Circle of Four." In the storyline, Blackheart traps the group in hell, and while there, they come up with a way to defeat him by empowering Red Hulk, their strongest member. In order to do so, both Ghost Rider and Venom combined their strength with that of Red Hulk's, using Ghost Rider's ability to merge with people's spirits. This new Red Hulk proceeded to beat Blackheart with great ease, but the entire power combination did not make much sense, as Venom's symbiote needed to combine with Ghost Rider for everything to work, and with Venom being so weak against fire, how would he combine with a being whose body constantly generates fire.

3 Venom Is A Part Of The Guardians Of The Galaxy


Thanks to Marvel portraying Venom as more of an anti-hero, there was an entire generation of fans and readers who did not know that the character is supposed to be a straight-up villain, which is why they had to make some changes to him. Recently, Marvel decided to just go ahead and turn Venom into a hero despite the fact that the Symbiote was still very much an evil entity, and they did so by making Spider-Man's former high school bully, Flash Thompson, its new host. Instead of succumbing to the suit's will, Flash was able to keep the symbiote's villainous intentions at bay and decided to use the powers of the suit to carry out important government missions. In order to truly make this new Venom a hero, Marvel decided to have him join the Guardians of the Galaxy, so that he could help them keep the entire galaxy safe while also serving as a liaison between the Guardians and the Avengers.

2 Originally, Venom Was Going To Be Female


Since he first appeared in 1984, comic book fans mainly associate venom as a buff male character, primarily because his first and most well-known host was a very muscular human known as Eddie Brock. Venom may be a male, but in reality, the character was meant to be completely different, as writer David Michelinie initially planned to make the deadly symbiote a female with a very different backstory. According to Michelinie, the idea was for a pregnant woman to be walking down the street with her husband, and while walking, a taxi hits and kills her husband as a result of the driver being distracted by Spider-Man, who at the time is fighting a villain. The accident was then supposed to make her go into labor, which causes her to lose the baby right there on the sidewalk, leading her to lose her mind, and gaining an immense hatred for Spider-Man. This woman was supposed to find the extraterrestrial symbiote and become Venom, but Michelinie was urged by his editor to change the character's backstory, as he did not believe that a woman could be a true threat to Spider-Man physically.

1 The Character Was Actually Created By A Fan


When Venom was created in the early 1980's, no one at Marvel probably thought that the character would eventually go on to become as popular as he did, but what many people do not know is that Venom was not actually created by Marvel. As it turns out, Venom was originally created by a man named Randy Shueller, who lived in the state of Illinois and was a huge fan of Marvel Comics. And when he pitched the character to Marvel, the publisher liked it so much that they purchased it for $220. Shueller may be credited with originally creating the character, but he did not actually create "Venom" as the character in his drawing was actually just a Spider-Man who possessed a black costume that was made up of unstable molecules that enhanced his powers. Although he never actually gave the suit its iconic backstory and name, Shueller is nevertheless the reason why Venom and all other symbiotes exist. And for that, he deserves quite a bit of praise.

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