15 Things You Didn't Know About Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is one of the hottest, albeit most mysterious ladies in Hollywood. Wife to superstar Justin Timberlake, she has managed to maintain a relatively low profile despite her notoriety and fame

Jessica Biel is one of the hottest, albeit most mysterious ladies in Hollywood. Wife to superstar Justin Timberlake, she has managed to maintain a relatively low profile despite her notoriety and fame. Her down-to-Earth attitude and non-diva personality have accrued her a huge fan-base, composed of men and women from all walks of life.

Her acting debut commenced in 1996, where she played Mary Camden on the WB's 7th Heaven. A super popular family drama, the show would air for 11 seasons, spanning over 10 years on air. When the hit show concluded in 2006, Jessica graduated to more mature roles in feature films. In the first decade of the millennium, she was cast in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Blade: Trinity, Elizabethtown and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. Despite starring in some not so great flicks, Jessica rose to super-fame.

Jessica and Justin began dating in 2007. Managing to escape the scrutiny of the press (for the most part) this duo has been going strong for over a decade. Married in 2012, the pair welcomed their first son, Silas in April, 2015.

Jessica's mysteriousness has been piquing our curiosity for years. Surely, this beautiful starlet has at least a few skeletons hidden in her closet, right? It's only normal to wonder about the things that stars' keep concealed. I'm about to shed some light on this discreet dame's dirty little secrets. Let's take a look at the 15 Things You Didn't Know About Jessica Biel.

15 She Posed Topless For Gear Magazine

Before her 7th Heaven days wrapped up, Jessica graced the cover of Gear magazine, topless. The magazine's March 2000 issue was young Jessica's first experience with baring (almost) all, and she later stated that it was her biggest regret. According to her reports, she was young and naïve and felt pressured to follow the instructions of a pushy photographer. The photo shoot was scrutinized by Jessica's costar, and alleged child molester, Stephen Collins. According to his (then) statements, Jessica was 17 years old when the photos were taken, not 18. Thus, the distribution of her photos in the magazine constituted as child p----------y. The good people on the set of 7th Heaven were not at all impressed, and filed a lawsuit against the magazine. Years later, the fiasco is all but forgotten and Jessica has not appeared in any racy photos since.

14 She Dated Chris Evans For Over 4 Years

These days, the name Chris Evans is synonymous with Captain America, but before his big break as a Marvel superhero, he was Jessica's boyfriend. The pair met on set while filming the 2004 thriller, Cellular. Evans' has notoriously spoken out about how he is "picky" with women; his dating history includes a long list of super hot stars, including Sandra Bullock, Kate Bosworth, Gisele Bündchen and Christina Ricci. Although Chris and Jessica dated for over 4 years, their relationship remained quite private and they managed to stay out of the public's eye. Jessica must have a great team of people working to help keep her life so private. Unfortunately for Chris, he seems to have played the role of "the one before the one". Shortly after the pair broke up in 2006, Jessica began her romance with JT.

13 Jessica and Justin Almost Called It Quits

In 2011, Justin and Jessica announced that they had split. The couple, notorious for maintaining a high level of privacy surrounding their relationship, didn't elaborate on the reason for the split. Some sources speculated that Justin had an affair with actress Olivia Munn, after the latter had interviewed JT about his role in the film The Social Network. Although the rumours remain unconfirmed to this day, the couple's split in the close aftermath seemed to link the two events. Justin was very somber whenever Jessica or their breakup came up in interviews, and seemed to be extremely heartbroken by the ordeal. Lucky for him, the pair reconciled three months later and went on to build a super foundation for their future together. Justin proposed to Jessica late in 2011.

12 There are Two Justins In Her Life

Justin Timberlake is not the only good-looking Justin in Jessica's life. Her little brother, Justin Biel, was first on the scene. Justin is 3 years younger than Jessica, and has quite an impressive entrepreneurial success story. He attended business school and graduated with a Bachelor's in Business Administration, with a major in International Business. He worked as a production assistant on the set of popular ABC show Scrubs, and has collaborated with his family's non-profit organization, Make The Difference Network. He worked briefly at Justin Timberlake's company, Tequila 901, and has since started his own company, BAREMADE, an eco-friendly design line that creates handbags, backpacks and wallets.

11 She Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

It's no secret that Jessica is in really good shape. She stays fit with regular workouts and follows a mainly Paleo diet. Hiking and yoga are a big part of her exercise routine; these activities helped her get into mountain-climbing shape before she scaled Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010. As part of a charity fundraising event for Summit for Summit, Biel and some buddies braved the mountain and made it to the top in about 6 days. The grueling 19,340-foot climb was organized by the charity to raise awareness surrounding the global water crisis. Braving snow, ice and subzero temperatures, Jessica proved that she is more than just a pretty face. This babe is also a world-class humanitarian with a huge heart. Could we love her any more?

10 Her Wedding Dress Was Pink

Despite having the "girl next door" image down pat, Jessica harbours a girly side, which was elegantly presented at her wedding to Justin Timberlake in 2012. Clearly, Jessica does not back down from taking risks in fashion, and to her credit, she pulled this one off beautifully. Designed by Giambattista Valli, Jessica's pink Italian couture dress was a perfect combination of fairytale romance and modern design. The pair wed in an intimate ceremony in Puglia, Italy, surrounded by close friends and family. Justin sang to his beautiful bride as she walked down the aisle, probably something a little more romantic than The Lonely Island's classic hit, Dick in a Box. Not every lady can pull off a super poofy, pink dress on her wedding day. Jessica effortlessly proved to us that her fashion sense is just as good as her taste in men.

9 She Loves To Sing

Actress, humanitarian, mother, wife and...singer? Apparently so. One of Jessica's biggest passions is singing, and she has even recorded several songs professionally. In 2008, Jessica starred in the film Easy Virtue alongside Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas. Her lead role in the film also included the performance and recording of two songs for the original motion picture soundtrack. You can hear her on the tracks "Mad About A Boy" and "When The Going Gets Tough". She has a background in musical theatre and is a professionally trained vocalist. Who knew? Jessica has recently stated that she would like to pursue a new career as a singer, and dreams of doing a duet with hubby Justin Timberlake. Jessica just might appear as a backing vocalist on one of Justin's future songs, so keep your ears open!

8 She Was Born In Minnesota

Despite having lived in multiple American states during her childhood, Jessica is a native Minnesotan lady. She was born in 1982, in the town of Ely, a lakeside community that had less than 2000 inhabitants when she was born. The beauty has a variety of ethnic backgrounds: Hungarian Jewish, French, Swedish, Danish and Swiss German are all part of her family tree. It has also been reported that her mother has Choctaw Native American ancestry, although this has never been officially confirmed. Her family moved around quite a lot and spent time in Texas, Connecticut, Illinois and finally settled in Boulder, Colorado, where Jessica attended high school and set down some roots. She definitely has been living a nomadic lifestyle for much of her life. Despite being a big star, she and hubs are opting to raise their son, Silas, in the quiet mountain-state of Montana.

7 She Is A Writer

On top of the many talents we've already uncovered about Jessica, there seems to be more. Jessica has always been passionate about writing and has considered pursuing a career in writing in the future. When she was young, she enjoyed writing short stories and still writes poetry in her free time as a hobby. She wrote one 15-minute short film in 2010, Sodales. The reviews were very positive, and fueled Jessica's inspiration to write more feature length films. This girl is not afraid to set big goals for herself! On top of the writing gigs, she has been part of the production team on four films, with one more scheduled for release this year. Clearly, she is getting more and more comfortable on the other side of the camera.

6 She Played JTT's Love Interest

Remember the days when Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the hottest actor in the world? In the 90's, tween girls drooled over his sandy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes (not speaking from experience, obviously). His role in Home Improvement spanned over 8 years, and secured him the spot of 90's poster boy for close to an entire decade. In 1998, Jessica had the pleasure of costarring with the hunk in the holiday flick, I'll Be Home For Christmas. She played Allie, the love interest of rich, spoiled-boy Jake, played by none other than JTT. The plot involves two guys fighting over Allie's attention, during the holidays. Yes, it's a super cheesy Christmas movie, but it's actually kind of fun, too. Jessica was still in her 7th Heaven, baby face phase here, and we find her just adorable in this role.

5 She Dated Adam LaVorgna Briefly

I bet you were just thinking, "hey, I wonder if JTT and Jessica Biel hooked up while filming I'll Be Home For Christmas?" Right? Well, if you weren't, I know I was. After doing a little digging, I found out that Jessica actually did find love on set, but not with JTT. Her costar, Adam LaVorgna, who competed for her affection in the film, came out victorious.  LaVorgna was himself a bit of a teen heartthrob back in the late 90's. He appeared as Robbie Palmer in a few seasons of 7th Heaven, where he got to live with the Camden family and sweep Mary off her feet. His fame was pretty short-lived, however. He has appeared in several films in the past decade, but most of the roles were supporting, at best. His three years dating Jessica came to an end in 2001.

4 She Attended Tufts University

Although she didn't finish a degree, Jessica attended Tufts University on the outskirts of Boston for three semesters. In lieu of finishing up her studies, she headed to Hollywood to really kick off her acting career. Boston is still close to her heart, however. She has been spotted on numerous occasions at restaurants and coffee shops in the neighbourhood. She's also the first in line when Justin Timberlake plays concerts in Boston, often making an appearance at the show and taking advantage of the city at the same time. Some other famed Tufts alumni? Rainn Wilson, William Hurt, Hank Azaria and Peter Gallagher. Although Jessica can't say she graduated from Tufts, she is still a proud former student who is often seen parading around in Tufts University sweaters.

3 Her Family Is The Most Important Thing To Her

Jessica might have fame and fortune, but her biggest source of happiness and pride comes from her family. A real down-to-Earth lady, Jessica knows how to balance a high profile life with the pleasures of home and stability. She has often said that her relationship with Justin is the most precious, important thing to her. When they became parents in 2015, their love grew even deeper, both for each other and for their new baby boy, Silas. The secret to their success in love? Constantly remaining in a state of gratitude, showing appreciation for each other and making time to do activities together. Jessica and Justin can often be spotted doing things together. Biking, running and hiking keep them in shape, and also keep them close and bonded despite having busy individual schedules.

2 Her Bestie is Beverley Mitchell

Jessica and Beverley go way back to the 7th Heaven days, when they costarred as sisters  Mary and Lucy Camden. In real life, the pair are as close as sisters. They grew up practically side by side on the set of the show, and remained close when it ended. The two have had some parallels in their adult lives: both getting married in Italy and starting their families around the same time. They were both bridesmaids at each others' weddings. Beverley is married to her longtime boyfriend, Michael Cameron, an accountant who isn't part of the Hollywood scene. As of 2007, Beverley has been focusing on her country music career. She released an album and has only taken small roles in films since 7th Heaven came to an end.

1 She Was Esquire Magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive

In the 2005 edition of Esquire, Jessica was named the "Sexiest Woman Alive". At the time of publication, Jessica was just starting to emerge on the scene as a regular starlet in major motion pictures. Having already a steady fanclub of millennials who watched 7th Heaven as tweens, Jessica was an easy pic for the magazines popular publication. Her air of mystery, great looks and amazing talent are all factors in her appeal. She is able to personify beauty, sexiness and approachability all in one. Jessica is definitely a Jill of all Trades who has managed to gracefully maintain a high profile career and successful family and love life. Her record has remained pretty clean for all these years, with only minimal tidbits of scandal. Way to go Jessica!


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15 Things You Didn't Know About Jessica Biel