15 Things You Didn't Know About Jason Momoa's Aquaman

Since humans learned to communicate with each other, our species has produced thousands upon thousands of unique stories, stories which have almost always dealt with a single individual or small group who either go on to defeat a massive threat, or overcome some impossible trial or situation. Some of these stories have become legendary, and these legends have gone on to inspire other individuals to create their own stories with their own heroic characters, and it is thanks to these creative and amazing authors that we now have so many great novels to read. A novel though, is not the only way to tell a story, as evidenced by how popular comic books continue to be after so many decades, and DC Comics is one of the largest comic book publishers in the world, and the company has produced some of the most iconic stories and heroes in the genre, and Aquaman is amongst those iconic heroes.

The Aquaman character first appeared in 1941, and for most of his existence, he has been known as a white man with blond hair, who wears a gold and green colored suit, and who has the ability to communicate with marine life. Thanks to the immense popularity of comic book characters like Aquaman, movie studios have taken it upon themselves to deliver as many live-action comic book adaptations as possible, and most of these movies have been good, but unfortunately for DC, most of those good movies belong to their main rival, Marvel. It is true that DC's cinematic universe has gotten off to a rocky start, but they are hoping to correct all of that with the release of Justice League, a movie which will feature Aquaman and the rest of DC's most iconic heroes. This version of Aquaman, who is also known as Arthur Curry, is being played by actor Jason Momoa, who is bringing a fresh new look and attitude to the character, and DC fans are hoping that he will make the Atlantean relevant again. With the movie set to release this November, it seems only fair to take a look at the character who will one day rule the seas, so here are 15 things you might not have known about Jason Momoa's Aquaman.

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15 The Inspiration Behind Part Of His Armor


Comic book fans were overjoyed when the first photo was released of all the Justice League members standing beside each other, and although Batman and Wonder Woman both had good suits, Aquaman's suit was by far the best of them all. In that picture though, if you look closely at Momoa's arm, you can see him wearing a bracer that appears to have a pattern which resembles that of shark teeth, and there is a good reason for that. Momoa actually has the same pattern tattooed on his left arm, a pattern which symbolizes the Hawaiian shark deity known as Ka-moho-ali’I, and in an interview he stated that many of his family members possess the same tattoo, because the shark actually serves as his family's animal guardian. After coming to understand the meaning behind the tattoo, director Zack Snyder decided to incorporate it into Aquaman's armor, as a nice nod to both Momoa and his family.

14 He Fights Sea Monsters


In the first official Justice League trailer, viewers watched as Bruce Wayne visits a village in search of a man who comes out of the ocean to bring the villagers fish, which leads us to believe that Momoa's Aquaman already lives in Atlantis. If this is the case, then his Aquaman has likely already battled some of the deep water foes that his comic book counterpart has fought in the past, foes which include actual giant sea monsters like krakens and leviathans. Sea Monsters are not the only beings this Aquaman has probably come into contact with though, as there are also beings known as the Trench who live beneath the ocean floor, and these beings are known for being large and vicious, and for having very sharp teeth and big eyes. The Trench will probably not make it to the big screen until the Aquaman solo movie, and if that is the case, then Momoa will probably defeat them in the same way his character did in the comics- by trapping them all in a sea cave.

13 His Father Taught Him To Fight


No matter who the hero is, they need to train if they want to properly hone their fighting skills, and if they have superpowers, then they need to train in order to learn how to use and control those abilities. Aquaman is no different, and Arthur Curry did not grow up in Atlantis with other enhanced individuals, so he needed someone to teach him how use his strength, which is where his father comes in. Tom Curry raised his son alone for many years while Arthur's mother was in Atlantis, and when his powers finally started to manifest, Tom decided to teach his son how to fight, hoping that Arthur would eventually achieve complete control over his powers both physically and mentally. Tom suffers a heart attack though, and passes away during this training period, leaving Arthur to have to fend for himself, but he continues to train on his own, and when the time comes, he uses the skills he learned from his father to save Atlantis and the rest of world. Seeing how important this training was for Arthur, we will likely be getting a flashback scene in the Aquaman movie showing the hero squaring off against his old man.

12 Momoa Sees A Connection With The Character


No matter who the actor or actress is, they will only take roles if they truly feel as though they can relate to a character, or if they simply find a character to be very interesting and compelling, and in Jason Momoa's case, he found a connection between himself and Aquaman. Momoa loves his own Polynesian culture, which is why he was quite thrilled when he learned that he got the superhero role, because in his view, the Aquaman character is a representation of his own culture. In an interview, Momoa made the connection by saying: "a lot of things are very black and white. Aquaman is especially cool because being a Kanaka Maoli—being Hawaiian—our Gods are Kanaloa and Maui, and the Earth is 71 percent water, so I get to represent that." He has also said that he is proud of the fact that he will be able to represent the Hawaiian people as a brown-skinned superhero.

11 He Will Be Advised By William DaFoe


Like Marvel, DC is trying to bring in as many good and well known actors as possible in order to increase the credibility of the superhero movie genre as a whole, and so far, DC has done an okay job with its casting - Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor aside. The Aquaman movie, is set to release in 2018, and with it we are getting Academy Award nominated actor William DaFoe, who is no stranger to the superhero genre as he played Norman Osborn/Green Goblin in the original live-action Spider-Man trilogy. In Aquaman, DaFoe will be playing Nuidis Vulko, a character who was first introduced in the comics in 1967, and who serves as both an Atlantean politician and royal scholar; but in regards to Aquaman himself, he functions as the hero's mentor and adviser. It is quite possible that DaFoe's character will be very important in the solo movie, because if things play out like they did in the comics, Vulko will be a big reason why Momoa's character will save Atlantis from the evil Ocean Master.

10 He Will Have Multiple Costumes In Justice League


Every single movie that has ever been made, relies heavily on the wardrobe department, especially when the movie itself demands that certain characters need to wear specific costumes in order for the movie to properly bring those characters to life; and in superhero movies, it is important to fans that the costumes/suits look good. This list started off by talking about the ornate golden armor worn by Momoa's Aquaman in the first released image of the Justice League together as a team, but as it turns out, this will be just one of several costumes we will see him wearing in Justice League. The lead costume designer for the movie has stated that Momoa's main costume will be the aforementioned armor, with its scale and fish designs, along with a belt that features the hero's logo; but concept art for the movie has also shown that the character will also be wearing ordinary clothing, as well as a more traditional green and gold costume that features a different looking logo on his pants.

9 He Does Not Want To Be A Hero


To be a superhero, a person not only needs to be selfless, but they also have to believe in carrying out justice in the right way, and above all else, they have to be completely willing to help and protect the innocent. Being a hero can actually be a thankless job sometimes, which is why not all heroes get into that line of work willingly, and based on what we have seen from the trailer, Momoa's Aquaman is a perfect example of a reluctant hero. If the trailer was not enough, James Wan, who is directing the Aquaman movie, has said that Momoa's Aquaman does not fight crime because he desires to help people, instead he is more like an outsider who gets sucked into having to help people because of others. Wan has even said, "I look at him, and he’s kind of like the Wolverine in some respect. He’s the outsider who gets pulled into this world and he kind of doesn’t want to belong and he was doing his own thing. And he prided freedom above everything else."

8 He Will Likely Fight Black Manta In The Solo Movie


Marvel and DC might be different companies, but both have a variety of different superheroes who each have their own gallery of villains, and in Aquaman's case, he has several undersea adversaries, with his main nemesis being the villain known as Black Manta. In the comics, Manta is a brilliant tactician with enhanced strength and endurance, but he also possesses a high tech battle suit which allows him to breath underwater, and to fire blasts from his helmet, and it also comes equipped with a variety of implanted weapons. We will apparently not have to wait long to see this guy on the big screen, because according to The Wrap, Black Manta will serve as the main villain in the Aquaman solo movie, where he will be played by actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. This could work out really well if they give this Black Manta a backstory similar to the character who debuted in the original comics, because in the original story, Manta vows to get revenge on Aquaman no matter what, after the hero mistakenly kills his father.

7 He Is Just As Strong As Superman


DC is home to many powerful individuals, and some of these beings, whether they be heroes or villains, are often considered to be gods based on how powerful they happen to be, and Superman has often been considered to be a god. This idea of Superman being a god has been heavily influenced by all of the live-action movies which have showcased the Kryptonian hero, and DC's current cinematic universe continues this trend by making it very clear that Superman is virtually invulnerable, and has the ability to level an entire city on his own if he wanted to. Aquaman though, has never been considered to be that powerful, in fact he has been laughed at a lot over the years by being considered as a hero whose only significant power is talking to fish. In reality though, Aquaman is strong in his own right, as he also possesses invulnerability, as well as strength that is equal to that of Superman and Wonder Woman, which means that Momoa's character can actually hold his own as a "god" himself.

6 He Might Be Protecting A Mother Box In Atlantis


Based on the events that took place in Dawn of Justice, it is a pretty safe bet that DC's cinematic universe is gearing up to have Darkseid serve as the Justice League's main threat, but before we get to see the team fight Darkseid, we will have to first see them battle his uncle Steppenwolf. It is believed that the plot for November's Justice League might focus on Steppenwolf coming to Earth to search for a Mother Box, which is a sentient supercomputer that possesses various powers, including the ability to manipulate both gravity and molecules, and the ability to create force fields and shock blasts; plus it can also communicate telepathically. Based on the trailer, it is fair to say that Momoa's Aquaman initially wants nothing to do with the Justice League, but if a prevalent fan theory is correct, he joins the superhero team in order to stop Steppenwolf from destroying his home, because it is believed that Atlantis secretly possesses and protects one of these Mother Boxes.

5 His Mother Is Queen Of Atlantis


No matter who the hero or villain is, it is always interesting to learn what a character's backstory is, because it helps to develop the character and to give them more depth, and in comic books, a character's backstory always includes their origin; and in Aquaman's case, he has several origin stories. For Momoa's Aquaman, his origin story likely revolves around his father, a lighthouse keeper named Tom Curry, who rescues a woman he finds out on the beach in the middle of a storm, and upon saving her, the two fall in love. This woman though, is none other than Atlanna, an Atlantean princess who loved to surface to visit the world as much as possible, and during her stay with Tom, the two conceived a child - a child who she had to leave behind when it came time for her to return to Atlantis to prepare for her ascension to the throne. This child turns out to be Arthur Curry/ Aquaman, and seeing as Momoa's solo Aquaman movie has signed actress Nicole Kidman to play the role of Atlanna, it looks like his character will be getting this origin story.

4 He Has A Step Brother


In the previous entry, it was explained that Aquaman's mother decided to leave him on the surface world instead of bringing him with her to Atlantis, which left Tom to raise him alone, but Tom did not live the rest of his life alone, as he met another woman, with whom he had another son named Orm Marius. Yes, Momoa's Aquaman has a half-brother, but like many cases, these two did not get along with one another, in fact Orm constantly got into legal trouble and had to rely on his older brother to bail him out. Orm ends up leaving for a couple of years, and when he returns, it turns out that he is now the villain known as Ocean Master, and although he does not possess any of Aquaman's powers, he is still considered to be one of his greatest enemies, as he is constantly trying to steal the throne from his brother. Orm will be appearing in the Aquaman movie, and he will be played by actor Patrick Wilson, and seeing as he was cast as Ocean Master, it is a pretty safe bet that Momoa's character is going to fight his brother.

3 His Wife Originally Tried To Kill Him


Based on pictures from the set, Justice League will feature more characters from the DC universe than just the superhero team and Steppenwolf, and one of those pictures showed actress Amber Heard in costume depicting the character known as Mera. For those who do not know, Mera is Aquaman's love interest in the comics, but she is more than just a pretty face, as she is a fierce warrior in her own right who possesses enhanced strength, some telepathy, impressive combat skills, and the ability to change water density and create any structure with it. In the comics, Mera is actually the princess of a place called Xebel, which is actually a colony of former Atlanteans who were banished to live under the Bermuda Triangle, and she is originally sent out to find and assassinate Aquaman because of his connection to Atlantis' throne; but things do not go as planned, as she instead falls in love with and marries Aquaman, which allows her to later become queen of Atlantis. It will be interesting to see if they make any reference to this assassination attempt in either of the upcoming movies, because it would indeed make their on-screen relationship a lot more interesting.

2 His Trident Can Hurt Superman


A couple of entries ago, it was mentioned how Superman is considered to be something like a god within the DC universe, but in that same entry, it was also mentioned that Aquaman is actually just as physically strong as the Man of Steel. Superman is indeed invulnerable, to the point that his skin cannot even be punctured unless there is some kryptonite being used, but as it turns out, in this movie universe, Aquaman is not only as strong as Superman, but he can even cut him without having to use any kryptonite. For those who are not aware, Aquaman does indeed wield a trident as his weapon of choice, and during a radio interview, Justice League director Zack Snyder made it quite clear that the trident used by Momoa's character is capable of making Superman bleed, which makes it a very powerful weapon. The trident itself is believed to have originally belonged to the god Poseidon, making it more of a magical weapon, and as it turns out, Superman has always had a weakness to magic, which would explain how such a weapon could hurt him.

1 The Flash Convinces Him To Be A Hero


Earlier it was mentioned that Momoa's Aquaman is going to be a reluctant hero who does not really want to get involved with the other members of the Justice League, and in the comic books, he did not really want to be a superhero either, until someone convinced him that he should be. You would think that since Aquaman was raised and trained by his father, that it would have been him who influenced his decision to walk down the hero path, but it was actually Barry Allen, otherwise known as the Flash. In the comics, Aquaman crosses paths with Flash during one of his visits to the surface, and the two quickly become friends, and upon learning that Arthur is from Atlantis, and that he has impressive strength and abilities, Flash suggests that he use his gifts to help save people. These two heroes are founding members of the Justice League, and since they will both be in the upcoming movie that depicts Aquaman as a reluctant individual, then it would be a perfect homage to the comics if the movie's Flash is able to befriend and convince Momoa's Aquaman to join the team.

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