15 Things You Didn't Know About Guardians' Star-Lord

Forget everything you know about Star-Lord and get ready to learn about an entirely different Marvel superhero. When Guardians of the Galaxy came out in 2014, many Star-Lord fans were a little shocked

Forget everything you know about Star-Lord and get ready to learn about an entirely different Marvel superhero. When Guardians of the Galaxy came out in 2014, many Star-Lord fans were a little shocked at how much the directors had changed the storyline, and with good reason. But in their defence, Star-Lord's timeline is a little whack and hard to follow, as there are many different renditions pertaining to it.

Now, just because the storyline was very different than the majority of the comics, this did not make it a bad movie. In fact, many people who went out and watched this film were very happy with how it turned out, and even enjoyed the playful twist that actor Chris Pratt gave to the Marvel character. Some could even say that they were a match made in heaven, however, when it comes to sticking to the basics— they just weren't respected.

Giving a new-age twist to a movie is always a risk, but I think that we could all agree that with Guardians of the Galaxy, this new-age twist actually panned out. In the end, this movie had phenomenal actors, a hilarious script and perfectly executed action scenes— so what's not to like? Let's just hope that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 will have the same charisma as its predecessor.

When making a movie about a comic book, it's normal to have to tweak some details in your favour, especially when some scenes would be impossible to film or just way too expensive to execute. All in all, this movie was a great success, it just left some fans wondering why there were so many changes concerning Star-Lord's character. So if you watched the movie and couldn't help but notice some discrepancies, get ready to learn some facts that the Hollywood banger didn't get a chance to elaborate on during their short time on screen.

15  15. He Was Once Engaged To Shadowcat

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In the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, it is somewhat emphasized that Peter Quill is a ladies' man, and although this may be true, they never really explain what caused him to transform into one. Long before Gamora came around to romance the space-human, there was another woman in his life that had her claws around his heart. Peter Quill and Kitty Pryde met when the X-Men and the Guardians teamed up to fight against the Shi'ar army, and once their fight had been won, Quill gave Pryde a holographic phone so that they could keep contact with each other.

Although their relationship took time to assimilate, Quill truly fell in love with Pryde, eventually proposing to her. Pryde encouraged Quill to become the new King of the Spartax Empire, taking her place by his side and renouncing her X-Men position. However, as the months passed, King Quill became too busy to pay regular attention to his fiancé, causing her to take over his Star-Lord identity from sheer boredom, which ultimately caused the couple to have a falling out.

14 He Used To Have Cybernetic Implants

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At one point in time, Peter Quill found himself in a rough situation that ended with him receiving cybernetic implants. When Quill went to Sparta to visit his father for his 100th coronation jubilee, the pair teamed up and headed into space. However, Quill's father soon ditched his son to abdicate a favour to an old friend, leaving him alone in the perils of outer space. Some time later, Quill's ship was subdued by a black hole, forcing him to separate from it and causing him to black out. When he woke up sometime later, he was surprised to find out that he had been rescued and given cybernetic implants to survive.

Afterwards, Quill ended up battling against his foe the Fallen One, and thanks to his cybernetic implants he defeated him with ease. However, to do so Quill had to sacrifice 350,000 lives to obtain the much-needed energy. After the battle had been won, Quill was so devastated by his actions that he abandoned his Star-Lord identity, and turned himself in to the Klyn interstellar prison.

13 His Origin Has Been Remade Quite A Few Times

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Many superheroes have complex origins, but when it comes to Peter Quill's some could say his are a little exaggerated. In fact, his origins have been taken apart and put back together so many times that they are almost impossible to follow. Although some people might think that Quill's character is relatively new, Star-Lord was actually created in 1976 and his origins have since then been remade many times.

Originally, Peter Quill was born under an unusual planetary alignment, causing him to have a special connection with outer space. Unlike the movie's depiction, Peter's mother was actually killed by aliens when he was a young boy, causing him to live out the rest of his childhood in an orphanage and eventually growing up to work alongside NASA. However, this is only one of his timelines, and his origins have since then been tweaked and toyed with to meet with the storylines of various other comic books.

12 His Mom's Husband Tried To Murder Him When He Was A Baby

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When J'son of Spartax crash-landed his spaceship on Earth, he was greeted by a young Meredith Quill. She rescued him, gave him a place to sleep, helped soothe his injuries, assisted him in fixing his spaceship and eventually fell in love with him. Although the two of them were very much in love, J'son had to leave Meredith behind as there was a war raging on his home planet. He vowed to return to Earth to be reunited with Meredith and their unborn child, and to take them back to Spartoi once the war was won. Before leaving, he erased Meredith's memory to save her from the pain of being apart. Shortly after, Meredith married her high-school sweetheart Jake, truly believing that her unborn child was actually his.

However, when Peter was born, Jake immediately knew that this child was not his, as they looked nothing alike, and so he took him outside to kill him. Out of nowhere, before Jake could kill the child, he was struck by a sudden heart attack and died.

11 He Has Daddy Issues

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Chances are, if your father wasn't around for your childhood or pretty much any part of your life, you're going to have some daddy issues. But when it comes down to Peter Quill and J'son of Spartax, their relationship is a lot more complicated than that. Depending on what origin you read, there will be some variations about J'son's time on Earth, and although most of them point to J'son believing that Meredith had died before giving birth to their son, Peter seems to think that his father could have tried a little harder to figure out the truth.

When the pair are reunited, J'son is shocked to find out that his son wants nothing to do with his heritage and wants to continue being a 'space pirate'. This often causes the father and son duo to not see eye-to-eye, and when accompanied with resentment, it's no wonder that Quill has some major daddy issues to deal with.

10 His Great-Uncle Is Behind His Mother's Murder

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True to his promise, when the Spartoi war had seized to be, J'son of Spartax sent his uncle Gareth to retrieve his lover and child. Sadly, Gareth had a plan of his own and this plan included him being the next king of Spartoi. So instead of going to Earth to retrieve his great-nephew and Meredith, he hired an alien to eliminate the Quills from the face of the Earth. When Peter was only eleven years old, he witnessed an alien spaceship landing near his home while on his way back from school, and watched in fear as the unknown entities murdered his mother.

The aliens soon left after the massacre, unaware that Peter, their main target, was hiding close by. When Gareth 'returned' to Spartoi, he informed his nephew that his wife and child had both perished during child birth, and in his moment of grief J'son believed him.

9 He Used To Be A Singer In Battleworld

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In the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, it is quite apparent that Peter Quill has a profound love for music. And although his tape recorder is something that was mostly dug up to give the film a fun spin and underlying meaning, it wasn't completely random. In yet another one of Quill's origins, Star-Lord was actually a lounge singer in Battleworld, where he sang various Disney songs to keep the crowd enthused.

In Marvel's Secret Wars, Quill was one of the few characters who survived an unruly attack, finding refuge on a cosmic life raft and ending up on a warped-reality planet called Battleworld. In order to hide his identity from his enemies, Quill takes up residence in an alternate version of Manhattan, becoming a popular singer at a club called The Quiet Room, and switching his name to 'Swingin' Stevie Rogers'.

8 He Has Social Issues

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When Peter Quill was young and not yet motherless, his mother Meredith had a best friend named Lisa Chang, with whom he was very close. As he got older he expressed a profound love for space— a love that eventually led him to wanting to become an astronaut. Years later, when Quill was a grown man, his mother's former best friend Lisa, now a NASA commander, gave him a job as a mechanic in the NASA Ops Launch Facility. Quill began training to become an astronaut in secret, however, his social issues and sarcastic tone started to catch up to him and eventually he was getting into altercations with the staff.

His social issues, anger management and overall attitude eventually reached Lisa's ears, and she had no choice but to fire him. Feeling as though he had received sufficient training and fearing that this would be his last chance to get to space, Quill stole a Kree ship, and escaped the Earth's hemisphere before the authorities could catch up to him.

7 He Was Once King Of Spartax

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In truth, Peter Quill never really wanted to become the king of Spartax— a decision he had made clear to his own father. However, soon after he got engaged to Kitty Pryde, Quill received news that he had been elected as the new King of Spartax after his father's overthrow. He was reluctant to take up the position at first, but after being encouraged by Pryde, he decided to take up his lawful position and rule the empire of Spartoi.

Despite being the choice of the people, Quill soon found out that he knew nothing about politics and ruling a planet. He began to feel overwhelmed by his duties, which eventually lead Pryde and Rocket to abandon his side and leave Spartax in hopes of new adventures. King Quill's rule did not last long, however, and soon a female accuser who sought revenge for the 350,000 lives lost at Quill's hands came to Spartax and wreaked havoc upon its people. After a couple of mishaps, the people of Spartax voted Quill out of his position and he fled the planet in a hurry.

6 He Wasn't In The Original Guardians Of The Galaxy

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The Guardians of the Galaxy were originally a group of alien superheroes who have nothing to do with today's characters. In fact, the original Guardians were created in 1969, which is 7 years before Star-Lord's comic books were even invented. So contrary to what many people believe, the Guardians of the Galaxy was not a group founded by Peter Quill, but instead continued by him. In actuality, the modern version of the Guardians which features Quill, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket was only invented in a 2008 relaunch.

So who are the original Guardians and why did they get tossed aside? Well for starters the group did not receive as much heat as others, which led them to getting put on a shelf to collect dust. As for the Guardians Major Vance Astro, Martinex T'Naga, Charlie-27, Starhawk, and Yondu Udonta, they were retired by Marvel— except for Yondu of course, who was remade into a different character altogether.

5 His Ship Used To Be A Star

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In the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, we were introduced to Peter Quill's spacecraft under the name of 'The Milano'. However, this name was actually picked by director James Gunn, who named the ship after actress Alyssa Milano, his childhood crush. Yet in the comics, Quill's ship was actually named 'Ship' (very original) and was very much alive. Given to him by the Master of the Sun, Ship was previously a sentient star named Aurora, that had exploded one day and had her essence transformed into a spacecraft.

Since Ship was a sentient being, Quill was able to communicate with her telepathically, which definitely had its advantages. Whenever Quill was in trouble and needed a lift, all he had to do was summon Ship and she would come to his rescue. Equipped with a few other unique abilities, Ship was basically the greatest spacecraft that Quill could have asked for. In fact, they loved each other so much that they had an intellectual relationship. Sadly, Ship met her end during a battle against The Fallen One, and Quill was forced to search for another aircraft.

4 He Has Superhuman Abilities

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Peter Quill may have been born on Earth, but he most definitely isn't your average human. Since he was very young, he was always fascinated by the sky and extremely devoted to one day being able to travel through space. Although he had never met his father, or known about his own Spartoi heritage, Quill was always a bit different than the other children in his hometown. Since he was unknowingly born with alien genetics, Quill had the ability of enhanced human strength, agility, flexibility, extreme awareness and excellent coordination— making him the perfect pilot.

Also, because of his genetic makeup, Quill is able to withstand gunshots and can even function properly with minimal rest. Quill's full capacity has never really been measured, but the Spartois have many different powers that he could profit from. One being that Spartois age about three times slower than humans do, allowing Quill's good looks the chance to last longer than humanly possible.

3 How He Got The Name Star-Lord

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In the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, it was insinuated that Peter Quill's mother, Meredith, had given him the name Star-Lord when he was just a young boy. However, this tidbit was yet another original depiction given to the movie by director James Gunn, and is not the true origin of Quill's superhero name. As Quill's origins are very hard to follow and somewhat sporadic, there are many different possibilities to how he received his name. The major one being that he was given the name Star-Lord at the same time as he was given his spacecraft Ship, and by the same person too: The Master of the Sun.

There are many different renditions over how Quill came to be Star-Lord, and not many people can tell you with complete confidence, just what that story is. They can, however, tell you that Star-Lord is not the pet name that Quill's mother used to call him when she was alive.

2 He Was Driven By Revenge For Most Of His Life

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A constant in many of Star-Lord's origin stories is his need for revenge, and this need is what pushed him into wanting to become an astronaut to the point where he would steal a ship just to reach outer space. You see, when Quill was just a young boy he witnessed his mother being murdered by aliens, and was then left to be raised in an orphanage where everyone thought he was crazy for believing in aliens. What kept him going, however, was the thought of one day growing up and finding the aliens who murdered his mother, and killing them as they did her.

When Quill first began his adventures in space, he was often conflicted by his need for revenge and his need for doing the right thing. So much in fact, that The Master of the Sun felt his need for vengeance and procured him with the Ariguan ship and crew that had killed his mother, just so he could get revenge out of his system and get on with better things.

1 His Sidearm Can Conjure The Four Elements

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If you're a fan of the movie, you might not be aware of what Star-Lord's powers really are, and this is because they were never really explained throughout the film. Nonetheless, Star-Lord actually has some very special equipment on him, and some could even say that his gear and weaponry is powerful beyond understanding. In fact, Star-Lord's gun is much more than just a pistol, it is an element gun that can shoot out any of the four elements. A mystery that remains to be answered, however, is how the alien pistol came to be in Quill's possession in the first place.

It is rumoured that Quill's father, J'son, actually left the pistol on Earth for his son to find when he would reach a certain age. But this contradicts many of the storylines and seems a little like reaching, especially since J'son reportedly erased Meredith's memory to begin with. The pistol is said to have special DNA encoding, which makes it impossible to use if you are not a descendant of J'son's royal bloodline.


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