15 Things You Didn't Know About Genie Bouchard

Love her or loathe her, Eugenie has definitely made a name for herself at the tender age of 22.

Genie Bouchard has been Canada's tennis sweetheart since her first WTA tournament in 2011. The 22 year old blonde beauty has showed her competitive skills over the years, consistently reaching semifinals and finals at the French and Australian opens. Her career high came in 2014 when she became the first Canadian player to make the finals of a Grand Slam in singles at Wimbledon. The same year she won her first WTA title at Nurnberg.  Genie suffered a serious concussion after taking a nasty fall at the 2015 U.S. Open. The incident resulted in a lawsuit and a decrease in her world ranking due to time off.  She went from 6th to 48th in a matter of months, and spent most of 2016 trying to recover from the massive drop. 2017 started with a bang as she reached her first semifinals in almost a year at the Sydney International.

Tennis aside, Genie has gathered quite the fan following, and not just for her ball whacking skills. The young star is adored for her looks, her sassiness and her somewhat rebellious, IDGAF attitude in interviews. She has been dubbed "brattish", but she must have done some things right; Eugenie was considered the most marketable sports figure during her heyday in 2014. She has contracts with Coca-Cola, Rogers, Nike and Aviva Canada.

Love her or loathe her, Eugenie has definitely made a name for herself at the tender age of 22. 2017 will either bring a career comeback, or more disappointments in the public eye. Athletes that have scandalous side stories are often the most celebrated and adored. Let's dig a little deeper into the skeletons in Genie's closet with 15 Things Genie Bouchard Doesn't Want You To Know.

15 She's A Belieber

Eugenie Bouchard and Justin Bieber have a couple of things in common. Both born in Canada in 1994, these tween stars rose to fame. When Genie was asked who her celebrity crush was (by a reporter at 2014's Australian Open), she giggled, blushed and said "Justin Bieber". The crowd was dismayed and erupted into a sea of "boos". We can't forget that she IS a 22-year-old, and to that demographic, the Biebs is the only guy that matters. Actually, I even went through a little Justin Bieber phase last summer with the release of his new album and hotter look, but I digress. Genie had the honour of meeting her man crush (that's right, I called him a MAN) during a charity event in 2015. The two faced off and played tennis together (how adorbs) then set off to take a series of awkward-eyebrow photos in which they both look super uncomfortable touching one another. I like it!

14 Her Groupies Don't Mess Around

The millennial generation knows how to do fan clubs. When it comes to supporting a favorite sports star or boy band, no one does it like the 90's babies. It's no surprise, then, that Genie has acquired a loyal group of fans who call themselves the "Genie Army". They have their own website that sells Genie Army merchandise, an Instagram following of over 13,000 people and fairly active Facebook and Twitter pages. Talk about devotion! The fan club follows Genie around to various tournaments to show their support, often throwing teddy bears down into the courts to show her their love. These guys are serious about their favorite star. They want nothing more than to see her rise to the top. Look out for these fanatics in 2017 as they will definitely be popping up at all of the tennis events worldwide.

13 She Has A Very Pretty Twin Sister

Eugenie is not the only blonde bombshell in her family. Her twin sister, Beatrice, is older than her by a mere 6 minutes. Although the girls have an uncanny resemblance, they are actually fraternal twins. The girls both started tennis lessons at the tender age of 5, but Beatrice didn't have the passion for the game as her sister. At age 7, she called it quits and left her younger sis to the courts. While her sister travels the world competing in tennis tournaments, Beatrice recently finished up her studies back home in Montreal. She had a brief stint on TSN as a sports commentator, and seems to be pursuing a career in Communications. Her Instagram page indicates that she spends a lot of her free time sun-tanning in various bikinis, eating, drinking a lot and attending raves and outdoor festivals.

12 She Was Named After Royalty

Eugenie is certainly not a very common or modern name. Believe it or not, Eugenie, along with her 3 siblings, are named after British and Monacan royalty. Eugenie is named after Princess Eugenie of York, while her twin sister Beatrice is named after Princess Beatrice of York (princess sisters, get it?!). Her younger sister Charlotte is named after Charlotte Casiraghi, the daughter of Caroline, Princess of Hanover. Finally, the youngest Bouchard royal, William is named for Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Their mother Julie, has had an obsession with royalty for many years, which was well-reflected when she named her own babies. Their names are definitely classic and old-fashioned, and it does make for a cute, family backstory! Good thing Genie doesn't wear weird royal hats to her matches!

11 She's Got A Few Tennis Idols

Eugenie grew up in the early 2000's when tennis was making a huge comeback in the sports industry. Rising stars such as Sharapova and Federer gave the sport more fire and credibility than it had seen in decades past. Russian professional player Maria Sharapova became the #1 player in 2005, when she was just 18 years old. With 5 Grand Slam wins, Sharapova made millions in tournament prize money before she was ultimately suspended in 2016 for doping. Swiss superstar Roger Federer, on the other hand, has a pretty clean record. He has publicly spoken out about his support for the zero-tolerance for doping rule. With 89 career titles, Federer is in a league of his own as far as skill is concerned. At age 35, his 20-year professional career has consistently impressed fans worldwide. These two tennis superstars were Eugenie's role models growing up.

10 She's  A Woman of Her Word

This is really a sweet and adorable story. During the Super Bowl, Genie took to Twitter to show her confidence in Atlanta. A fan replied to her tweet with a proposal that if the Patriots won, they would go on a date. Genie agreed. Well the Super Bowl took a turn, and little Miss Bouchard lost her Internet bet. A woman of her word, she followed through with taking her fan out on a date. The two met in Brooklyn, where they had courtside seats to the Nets and Bucks basketball game. Genie broadcast snippets of her date, and a few photos, on social media. The pair seemed to be having a great time together, and "Twitter John" couldn't believe his luck. The 20-year-old marketing student is enjoying his 15-minutes of fame; his story has gone viral and he's still in disbelief that his dream date came true. Adorbs!

9 She's Modelling for SI Swimsuit

The latest issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition will feature a spread of the hottest tennis starlets frolicking around in their swimwear. Eugenie Bouchard joins Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki as part of a pro athlete featurette focusing on tennis babes. The news hit Twitter on Wednesday, February 15th, when Genie let her fans know that she would be in the magazine. This came just hours before her famous Twitter date kicked off in Brooklyn the same day. A preview of her shoot has taken the Internet by storm. The young beauty is portrayed in bright bikinis, smiling her pearly whites against a perfectly blue sky. This edition is sure to fly off the shelves, especially now that it has been confirmed that Kate Upton is the cover girl.

8 Her Internet Presence Has Been Criticized By "Haters"

Genie is definitely a millennial child, so who can blame her for her super active presence on social media? Isn't it just what kids these days do? Unfortunately for Genie, she has acquired some "haters" who think she has crossed the line out of the professional zone. The starlet has been criticized for being too involved in her social media accounts, perhaps showing a bratty or entitled attitude that hasn't always been well-received. She's used to the criticism, however. After her fall from grace in late 2014, Eugenie was subjected to mass critiquing from the media, fans and sports commentators. She seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulders, though. Not giving in to the hate, Genie has talked about how it's just par for the course, and tries to focus on her supporters instead.

7 She Was Rumoured To Be Dating Hockey Player Alex Galchenyuk

In October 2013, rumours started to circulate that Eugenie was dating Montreal Canadiens hockey star Alex Galchenyuk. It is known that Eugenie is a big fan of her hometown hockey team, and she was spotted on several occasions getting cozy with the Milwaukee-born hockey star. Despite the speculations, Galchenyuk has been linked to another female partner, girlfriend Chanel Leszczynski. She made headlines in January 2016, after an altercation at a Montreal high rise resulted in the police being called in for intervention. She was arrested for domestic violence (yikes!) and Galchenyuk was scolded by the Canadiens head coach for his questionable behaviour. She doesn't seem to be in the picture anymore, but no one knows for sure if Genie and Alex ever were, or are, a thing.

6 She's BFF With Sheldon

Genie and Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons are majorly into each other. Genie, who has been a fan of the hit TV show for years, has had the support of Parsons, who is a huge tennis fan. Genie's manager originally contacted Parsons when he found out that he loved tennis. The result? Parsons and his partner have since been seen attending multiple tournaments to show their support for the golden girl. He's even sat in the player's box, on occasion. The two have become really good friends and have supported each others' professional successes. According to Genie, Jim emails her after all of her matches to give her encouragement and praise. How cool is that? The two are really each other's #1 fans.

5 She Lives in Miami Beach

Despite calling Montreal, Canada home, Genie has lived in Florida since she was 12 years old. The move was made to facilitate training with her then-trainer Nick Saviano. After 3 years in Miami with her mother, she returned home to Montreal to finish school. These days, the star spends most of her time in Miami. The Floridian climate is certainly more suitable for outdoor training, and her constant travelling abroad is favoured from Miami. The frigid cold of Montreal blocks a good 6 months out of the year for training, so she tends to go back mainly to visit her family and friends. This sun-loving gal spends a lot of her down-time relaxing on the beach, working out and loves a good night out on the town.

4 She is Highly Endorsed

Even if her tennis ranking has dropped significantly in the last 2 years, Eugenie is still doing quite well for herself. This year, as she focuses on making a professional comeback, she is also at the top of her marketing game. The girl has multiple endorsements, including Coca-Cola, Rogers Communications, Nike, Babolat sports equipment and Aviva Canada. Her many photoshoots keep her busy, but she still has time for additional marketing events! Last year she took part in the NBA All-Star Weekend Celebrity Game, in which celebrities and sports stars compete in basketball matches to raise money for charity. Canadian tennis star, and world #4, Milos Raonic played alongside her for Team Canada.

3 She Is Obsessed With Selfies

This should come as little surprise: Genie is absolutely obsessed with taking selfies and posting them to her various social media accounts. A visit to her Twitter or Instagram page proves that the girl is always looking for a fun, shocking or silly shot. Browsing through her photos, it is clear that Genie is living the dream. From tennis tournaments to tropical beaches, boating adventures to strolls in NYC, the young lady is really living it up. Rising to fame at such a young age has provided her with opportunities that not all 20-somethings get a stab at! One of her most famed photos is this one, set in Rome. She snapped a selfie just as the Pope was being escorted by his crew. Awesome.

2 She Has A Sense of Humour

Being in the spotlight from a young age can come with certain challenges. Media scrutiny, criticism and a struggle to be the best are all issues that a young sports star faces. Lucky for Genie, she seems to have a good attitude. Yes, there have been times when her reaction to the media and "haters" was a little defensive and childish, but she IS 22 years old, let's not forget. Generally speaking, Genie has been able to maintain a super positive attitude and great sense of humour. Proving that she doesn't take herself too seriously, she is consistently doing silly things to share with the world. Last Halloween, her and a friend dressed up as Kim Kardashian's famous "nude Instagram photos", complete with censor bars. Love it or hate it, she definitely did get creative with her costume.

1 She Went to a Private All-Girls School

Before Genie was dressing up in fashionable tennis gear, she had quite a bit of experience with uniforms. Her schooling was done at an all-girls private school called The Study in the upscale Montreal borough of Westmount. The elite school has a yearly tuition that runs upwards of $20,000. Her parents' investment in her education paid off. Although she didn't become a doctor (that was on her list of professions before becoming a tennis star!) she does have a hefty net worth of over $6 million USD. This will likely rise over the years as she continues to cash in on her endorsements and hopefully walks away with some more prize money and world titles. Despite a little fall, Genie seems to be setting her sights on a bright and successful future.


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