15 Things You Didn't Know About X-Men's Colossus

Should Colossus get his own movie?!

Colossus is an all-time favorite member of the X-Men. He has appeared in numerous movies, graphic novels, television shows, cartoons, and even video games. He gets a lot of attention, and like Wolverine he finds himself in pretty much every product of the X-Men franchise. You probably know him as "that big metal guy," but there's actually a lot more to this superhero that meets the eye. For one, he hates violence. Unlike some of the more bloodthirsty X-Men, Colossus is very reluctant to use his powers to hurt people. He much prefers to sit at home and draw or paint pictures!

His family is also a huge source of interest. Both his brother and his sister are mutants, proving that the "x gene" runs in the family. He also is descended from a very famous Russian. Like all mutants, he struggles with his powers and his gifts seem like a curse numerous times throughout his life. But with great power comes great responsibility, and Colossus has always been one to put other people's well-being ahead of his own, and try to change the world for the better. These characteristics make Colossus one of the most beloved members of the X-Men.  Women especially are drawn to him, both in the real world and in the Marvel universe...

15 He Is Descended From Grigori Rasputin

Colossus' real name is Piotr Rasputin. For those of you who know your Russian history, you will immediately recognize a similarity between his name and that of Gregori Rasputin. That's because Colossus is actually a descendant of Gregori Rasputin. Gregori Rasputin is a legendary Russian figure who was alive during the reign of the last Tsars. Much of the information about him is shrouded in mystery, but what is known is that he was a trusted adviser to Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia. He was also suspected of having some kind magical power, and he was known as a spiritual healer. Rasputin may well have been a mutant. He was also notoriously hard to kill, and survived many assassination attempts. Even when he was finally killed, it took several bullets before he finally died. It is intimated that Colossus gets his extreme toughness from this mysterious and possibly mutated ancestor.

14 How He Got His Powers

Colossus has some of the most incredible powers in the Marvel universe. He is able to cover his body in an organic metal which is impervious to virtually all types of damage. Colossus has always had these powers, even as a baby. But he did not realize he had this power until his teen years. Before then, he had no idea he could cover himself in a layer of living metal, and thought that he was a regular human being. But one day, his sister, Illyana, was in danger. They were both on their farm in Siberia as children when a runaway tractor threatened to collide with Illyana. Sensing danger, the teenage Colossus stepped into the path of the tractor and his body instinctively transformed into metal, smashing the tractor aside like a toy. That was the first time he learned about his powers.

13 His Weakness

While Colossus is one of the strongest and toughest members of the X-Men, he does have his weaknesses. His metal skin is impenetrable by extreme heat, extreme cold, bullets, explosions, and pretty much everything else you can think of. Even Wolverine's adamantium claws are only able to scratch the surface of his skin and not fully penetrate. All this aside his metal skin does have a few important weaknesses. Although the metal is resistant to both extreme heat and extreme cold, a combination of the two is catastrophic for Colossus. This is because extreme heat followed by rapid cooling warps all varieties of metals, and his skin is no different. His skin is also vulnerable to vibranium, an anti-metal alloy. But he has learned to adapt to this threat, as whenever a vibranium bullet shoots his way, he reverts back to his human form, rendering the bullet useless.

12 His Sister Is Also A Mutant

The mutant gene definitely runs in the Rasputin bloodline. Colossus' sister Illyana, the same girl he rescued from a runaway tractor as a child, also blossomed into a very powerful mutant called Magik. She has the power to teleport, and she also becomes a sorceress. She gets these powers after she is kidnapped and transported to an alternate reality where she must confront demons and plan her escape back to the real world. She is capable of transporting herself across extremely long distances, even from one end of the galaxy to the other. She is also equipped with Eldritch armor which multiplies and gets stronger the more she uses her magic. She is also wields a soulsword, a blade constructed from the very essence of her soul. The sword is able to disrupt all forms of magic and psychic powers, as well as physical beings. Since Illyana is trained in black magic, it is often unclear whether she is good or evil.

11 His Brother Is A Mutant Too

Yet another member of Colossus' family gifted with the mutant gene is his older brother, Mikhail Rasputin. For many years, Colossus believed that Mikhail had died in a rocket accident while he was working as a cosmonaut for the Russian Soviets. But later, his elder sibling returned, clearly an immensely powerful mutant. His powers are not fully understood, but it is obvious that he is able to manipulate the very fabric of space and time, allowing him to teleport, create force fields, and alter matter down to the subatomic level. Unlike Colossus and Magik, Mikhail Rasputin is indisputably evil. He is classified as a super villain in the Marvel universe, and has waged war on the X-Men on more than one occasion. When Colossus finally met back up with his older brother, it was revealed that the entire "rocket explosion" was a set up by the Soviets, who had learned of Mikhail's powers and wanted to stage his death so they could exploit his mutant abilities in secret.

10 Magneto Once Saved His Life

Magneto is seen as a massive supervillain in the X-Men universe, but he does have moments where his angelic side shines through. One of these moments was when he saved Colossus' life. An evil mutant named Riptide, who was capable of creating hurricane force winds loaded with sharp projectiles, tried to get in Colossus' way during a fight. Colossus was able to kill Riptide, but not before Riptide had severely and mortally wounded Colossus. As Colossus lay dying, Magneto stepped in to help. The powerful mutant used his metal-controlling abilities to reorganize Colossus' cells, saving his life. However, Colossus was left paralyzed and unable to turn back into his human form. It didn't take him long to cure himself of his paralysis, but it took many years before he was able to return to his human form.

9 His Ex-Girlfriend Is Kitty Pryde

Colossus has been with a lot of different women during his career as a superhero, and many of them are mutants themselves. An example of such a woman is Kitty Pryde, who Colossus had a serious relationship with. Her mutant name is Shadowcat, and she is capable of phasing in and out of reality, which means she can pass through walls and other solid objects. While she is phasing, she is impervious to any damage. Kitty Pryde and Colossus first became romantically involved when she first joined the X-Men. This was a bit of a problem for Marvel staff because she was only 14, whereas he was 19! Eventually Colossus drifted away from Kitty and they became good friends instead.

8 His Powers Explained

At first glance, Colossus' powers seem quite obvious and self-explanatory. But there is actually more to his abilities than meets the eye. For one, it has some limits. Colossus can not cover one part of his body into metal, he can only cover his entire body or not at all. Second, his metal skin gives his extra abilities than just toughness. While in his metal form, he is gifted with supernatural strength, and is able to lift and throw extremely heavy objects. When he transforms into his metal form, he gets bigger, going from about 6 foot 6 to over 7 feet in height, with his weight doubling as well. While in his metal form, he requires no food, water, or even oxygen. This means he is theoretically capable of surviving in space.

7 He Once Became The Juggernaut

One of the craziest things ever to happen to Colossus was when he became Juggernaut. Now I know what you're thinking. How can Colossus become the Juggernaut? He's Colossus! Well if we've learned anything about the crazy Marvel universe, it's that anything is possible, given ample supply of parallel universe and vague magical influences. You see, the Juggernaut was originally given his powers by an otherworldly god called Cyttorak. The person who was originally the Juggernaut instead became another god called Kuurth. That left the role of Juggernaut up for grabs. As Colossus ventured into this alternate dimension ruled by Cyttorak, he was confronted by the god and forced to become the avatar of the Juggernaut in order to save the world. This gave him both sets of powers.

6 He Loves Art

Colossus is very much a kind-hearted soul. He does not like violence, and is reluctant to use it. He often has to be convinced by other X-Men to join the fight. He is usually portrayed as quiet and sensitive, quite unlike the other X-Men who are often charismatic, aggressive, and arrogant. He also loves art. Colossus is actually a very talented painter and enjoys drawing immensely. He would much rather be creating works of art than fighting in battles. At one time, Colossus forgot who he was, and became a renown artist. At this time, he adopted a different name, and fully thought he was human. It was only after he was brainwashed by an evil mutant who wished to control him that he remembered who he was and regained his powers.

5 He Has A Son

Like many X-Men, Colossus has had a child. He actually didn't know until many years later. He was on yet another foray into an alternate reality when he encountered a primitive tribe being chased by a T-Rex. He saved the tribe from annihilation, and everyone was very pleased with him. One of the female members of the tribe, Nereel was so pleased that she had intercourse with him as part of a tribal ceremony. The two parted ways, but Nereel was pregnant. Later, she gave birth to a son who she named Peter. It is not known whether or not Peter has any powers. He plays a very minor role in the Marvel universe and is seen as a background character.

4 He Once Survived A Nuclear Bomb

Colossus is incredibly tough. But tough enough to survive an atomic blast? It seems so. In one adventure, Colossus was in the area of a nuclear explosion and survived. Not only that, but he was relatively unharmed. How does this make sense? If Riptide was able to kill him with a hurricane wind full of sharp projectiles, then surely an explosion would kill him... Perhaps his skin has an inherent resistance to nuclear blasts... Or maybe it's just the fact that the writers at Marvel didn't think things through. This wouldn't be the first time a superhero's powers seemed inconsistent throughout different times and versions. Still, it's pretty awesome that he survived a nuclear blast!

3 In An Alternate Universe, He Was The Tsar Of Russia

At one point, the X-Men travel to a parallel universe of Earth. Upon arrival, they are surprised to find that Colossus is the reigning Tsar of Russia. In this universe, Russia's Tsars were never overthrown, and power was transferred from Tsar Nicholas II to Gregori Rasputin, meaning that Colossus eventually inherited the throne, given the fact that Gregori Rasputin is his ancestor. This led to much confusion and the X-men were worried that power had corrupted the man they thought they knew. This just goes to show that our upbringing has a massive influence on our personality, and we might have turned out very differently if we were born into royalty!

2 He Sacrificed Himself To Save The World

The great thing about Colossus is he's never afraid to sacrifice himself to save the world. That's why he is such a valuable member of the X-Men. Many times, this willingness to fling himself in the path of danger has caused him incredible pain and hardship. It was his desire to forfeit his life that drove Kitty Pryde away from him, because she didn't want to be with a man who would throw his life away so readily. At one point, there was a virus called the Legacy Virus being spread that was killing all of the mutants. The X-Men's top scientist, Beast, had the cure. But there was one problem. The cure would kill the first person it came into contact with. It was only after that person died that the cure would become airborne and save the lives of all the mutants dying of the Legacy Virus. Colossus volunteered, and he died to cure everyone affected by the disease. He was later resurrected.

1 Women Love Him

Something that has always been true about Colossus is his sex appeal to women. This is true both within the Marvel universe and in the real world. ComicsAlliance placed Colossus in the 22nd spot in their list of "50 Sexiest Male Characters In Comics." The ladies love this guy. He has also been involved with tons of different female super-heroines within the Marvel world. These range from long time relationships like Kitty Pryde, to one night stands with random female characters like Nereel. He has also been with Domino, and many others. His bulging muscles, courage, and kind-hearted attitude are all factors that make this superhero drive the girls wild, and it looks like he will continue to do just that for years to come.

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15 Things You Didn't Know About X-Men's Colossus