14Lily Rabe Is A Dancer

Via: tvgcdn.com

It will only take one episode of American Horror Story for you to realize that Lily Rabe is quite the talented actress. Seriously, this lady portrays emotion like no one else. Still, little did we know that acting is not her only forte. Rabe is actually talented in many other

fields, and one of them is dancing.

Before she decided to become an actress, Rabe studied dance for almost 10 years. Funny enough, it was her dancing career that opened up the opportunity to start acting. She was working as a ballet teacher and was asked to perform a monologue. She loved doing it, and the audience was ecstatic. That was enough for Rabe to pause her dancing career and start to study acting. Needless to say, this new venture of hers was extremely successful. She made her screen debut in 2001 and has never looked back. Still, we wouldn’t complain if we got to see her dance in a musical or something like that.

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