15 Things We Totally Missed In American Horror Story

Alright all you AHS fans out there, you can't tell us you caught all of these!

Although American Horror Story is an anthology series, meaning there is a different storyline in each season, there are several threads, themes, and hidden Easter eggs that tie all the seasons together. These include locations, characters, and clever references scattered throughout the stories and timelines. But the thing is, unless you are watching each episode closely (and not playing on your phone at the same time) you might easily miss these connections, as some of them are not that obvious. But every season of AHS connects to a previous season somehow, you just need to look deeper.

Here are 15 American Horror Story Easter eggs, connections, and theories you might have overlooked:

15 Are All The Seasons Leading Up To One Huge Connection?

14 Did You Understand The Rabbit Reference In Asylum?

Back in 1927, before we had corner stores with cheap pregnancy tests, the Aschheim-Zondek test was developed as a way to determine pregnancy. It was also referred to as the rabbit test, for those who had difficulty pronouncing “Aschheim-Zondek”. This test involved injecting a woman’s urine into a mouse or a rabbit and then observing the creature's reproductive organs during its autopsy. Because all the animals had to die to get the results, the misconception was born that the animal died when injected with a pregnant woman’s urine, which led to the phrase “the rabbit died” as a euphemism for a positive pregnancy test. Now you know!

13 Are These Name Connections Intentional Or Just A Coincidence?

What about the name Jack Colquitt? It pops up twice in the world of AHS, and that can’t be a coincidence. Detective Colquitt visits Dr. Harmon in Murder House about a missing patient and then (decades before in the timeline) we see another Detective Jack Colquitt investigating a missing police officer in Freak Show. Should we expect him to reappear again?

12 All The Music For Freak Show Was Carefully Chosen For One Reason

Freak Show was at the center of such an attack, mainly due to the music used in the season. The storyline was set in the 1950’s, but the music used throughout the show came from a much later period. When the haters noticed this they jumped in to protest. This is called anachronism, when you attribute something to a period it does not actually belong to. Ryan Murphy later explained that this was intentional, he used the music of artists like David Bowie, Lana Del Rey, and Nirvana because they were all considered (either by themselves or by others) to be freaks or outsiders, just like the characters from the Freak Show.

11 Billie Dean Howard Mentioned The Lost Colony Of Roanoke In Season One

10 The Red Sox Easter Egg

In Murder House, Tate Langdon was a high school shooter who died in a gunfight with members of the SWAT team. Of the 15 students who were shot and killed by Tate Langdon, several of them shared surnames with the members of the 1986 Boston Red Sox team, including Boggs, Stapleton, Gedman, Stanley, and Greenwell. There were also two students named Jason Mueller and Michael Rivera, a nod to the players Mueller and Rivera from the historic matchup between the Red Sox and the New York Yankees in the 2004 American League Championship Series. As you’ve probably guessed by now, executive producer Brad Falchuk is a huge Boston Red Sox fan.

9 Did You Catch The Countess’ Link To Murder House?

8 Mommy Issues

7 Was Edward Mordrake Real?

But was Edward Mordrake a real person? Today we know that deformities like this can occur, but the truth is Mordrake was first mentioned by a fiction writer who also described a man born with the body of a spider and a woman who had a fishtail. So he really might just be nothing more than an urban legend.

6 The Dark History Of The Dominique Song

5 Running Rules Of American Horror Story

4 Special Guests At The Hotel Cortez

3 The Geraldo Rivera Reference

2 Location Connections

1 Sarah Paulson: Cross-Over Queen

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15 Things We Totally Missed In American Horror Story