15 Things We Learned From The New Game Of Thrones S7 Trailer

Game of Thrones fans rejoice! We recently saw a new trailer drop for the upcoming season seven premiere that will air later on in the summer of 2017. Westeros is in for some big changes thanks to the events that occurred near the end of the sixth season. Readers, this is your one and only warning, from here on out, we’re entering spoiler territory for the first six seasons. If you have yet to catch up on the latest episodes, do that and then come back to check out this article! Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s review.

Arguably one of the biggest shakeups to the Game of Thrones universe came in the tenth episode of the sixth season. Cersei Lannister had been subjected to an upheaval of power at the hands of the High Sparrow who has taken over King’s Landing in a religious movement. To take that power back and exact her revenge, Cersei allows a huge gathering to take place in the Sept of Baelor and then explodes the entire building with wildfire, killing an incredible number of innocent people as well as some of her enemies. The destruction and murder of these people includes Queen Margaery Tyrell. This death takes a toll on the young king, Tommen Lannister, who jumps out of a window of a high tower, officially giving King’s Landing a dual meaning. With season seven just around the corner, we are taking an in-depth look at the trailer to see if we can piece together the exciting things to come in this new season.

15 Cersei's Room-Sized Map

Most of the battle strategists in Game of Thrones are accustomed to using table sized maps with large chess pieces in order to plan their next attack and have an idea of the other armies that surround them. We have seen this on screen time and time again, from the way Rob Stark planned his marches across Westeros to the Lannister gatherings where they quietly plotted a takeover of the seven kingdoms. For Cersei however, this was not enough, and bigger must always mean better, right? Well, judging by the room sized map Cersei walks over, fans can expect to see quite a bit of this room as she plans to annihilate anyone who dares cross her. Thematically, this image delivers a deeper meaning as well, I mean just look at it! Cersei is seeing herself as someone who is larger than the kingdom she wants to rule over, but we all know that the bigger they are, the harder they fall, even in Game of Thrones.

14 Daenerys Comes Home

From her first introduction in the series premiere, Daenerys has been slowly working her way to a position of power so that she can return home to King’s Landing and take her family’s rightful place on the throne back from the Lannisters. She has survived the trials and tribulations of becoming a Dothraki Queen and freed slaves from oppression only to see it start to unravel before her own eyes. Thanks to the help of Tyrion Lannister, the black sheep of the royal family, she has begun to make great strides toward returning her family’s name to glory. From the end of the first season of the show where we see her dragon’s hatch to the end of season six where she begins to make her way across the Narrow Sea, viewers have seen everything build up to this boiling point that will be explored throughout the seventh season and beyond.

13 This CREEPY Hand

Game of Thrones is a show that is not afraid of going to gory or supernatural extremes when it comes to threats and dangers on the show that lurk around every corner waiting to attack our unsuspecting protagonists. We’ve seen reanimated corpses at the hands of the White Walkers slay hundreds of men, skeletons assault Bran Stark and his company as he tried to make it to the Three-Eyed Raven, and stone men have attack Tyrion and Jorah Mormont. It isn’t out of the question that some reanimated body could be reaching out as it comes back to life for some malicious purpose. But I have another theory. The skin in the image seems to be rotted or falling off and morphing into something terrifying. If we look back, the character who could be in this shot might be none other than Jorah Mormont himself who contracted Greyscale.

12 Look At That Army!

To imagine what would be going through the mind of anyone standing opposed to this oncoming onslaught of Dothraki and dragons would be a fool’s errand. This scene looks like something that was ripped right out of a Lord of the Rings film thanks to its incredible scope and scale that would make Peter Jackson jealous. Finally seeing the dragon make its way across the landscape to fulfill the vision that Bran had back in season four at the Weirwood tree is going to be so incredibly satisfying and surreal that I don’t know how they will be able to top it. The battle that will surely follow this shot is something that might even give the Battle of the Bastards from season six a run for its money. One thing is for certain though, Daenerys is out for blood and anyone who dares to stand in her way will be met with a swift death.

11 Sansa's Struggle

Thanks to the help of Theon and her own strength and determination, Sansa Stark (played by the wonderful Sophie Turner) was able to finally escape the grip of the tortuous Ramsay Bolton and take back her home of Winterfell. This of course happened after the deadly Battle of the Bastards where Sansa helped turn the tide of battle by calling on her ally Littlefinger who still yearns for her love and will undoubtedly use his aid and saving of Winterfell as leverage against Sansa. Littlefinger is a tricky character who has always worked in the background quietly adjusting things in the world to be in his favor. Truth be told, I don’t think he seeks the Iron Throne but instead seeks the validation as being someone who helps the eventual ruler reach the title of king or queen so that he may live vivaciously without the responsibility of a ruler.

10 Melisandre's Next Move

The Red Woman Melisandre has been a source of controversy among Game of Thrones fans. As we try to figure out her motives and plans, viewers have gained more insight into just what exactly Melisandre is. In the first episode of season six, a huge plot twist revealed that Melisandre was actually a very old witch. In a quiet scene where she disrobes and removes her ruby necklace, we get to see her haggardly true form. From this moment on, our understanding of the character has changed. What is her next move in the series and just how old is she? I personally want to see a flashback to her youth or be given some sort of explanation into why she is the way she is. In the trailer we see her standing on a high ledge watching what is presumably Daenerys approach from below. Will an alliance be forged between the two for control of the Iron Throne? Only time will tell.

9 Arya Heads North

Season seven is shaping up to be a season all about returning to one’s roots and Arya Stark is a perfect example of this. Ever since her separation from Ned Stark at the tail end of season one, Arya has been working her way through Westeros on her own, becoming a capable young woman who is able to take on even the most skilled of fighters. Her companion sword Needle rests at her side as we saw her abandon herself to the faceless and become a girl with no name. After finally freeing herself, it seems that Arya is working her way back to the North on horseback in the new trailer. Hopefully she will fare better this time around than her unfortunate arrival at the Red Wedding years ago. With the Hound proving to still be alive, I’m interested to see if these two characters cross paths yet again.

8 Winter Has Come

This scene in the trailer reminded me of the distinctive opening to the show in the first episode of the first season. In that scene, we see scouts out beyond the Wall ambushed by blue-eyed monsters who we later learn are none other than the White Walkers. Flash forward to the season seven trailer and we see a circular formation of soldiers lining up to protect themselves from some unseen entity. With the heavy snowstorm and dense fog, it seems likely that there are probably some White Walkers closing in. From what little knowledge we have about the White Walkers, I hope we finally get some more insight into just where these terrifying monsters originated and what is next in store for them. We know their weakness is Dragonglass from the sword that Sam uses to obliterate one of the White Walkers but I’m interested to see how they fare against actual dragons when they finally clash with Daenerys.

7 What's Next for Jaime?

Jaime Lannister, played by the talented Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, is one of the most transformative characters from the Game of Thrones universe. In the beginning of the show and the series of books, Jaime is nothing more than a pompous playboy who expertly represents everything that the Lannister name stands for. He acts coy and exploits those beneath his station to elevate his own status. Since his incestuous early days on the show, Jaime has matured and grown into a leader who sees the fallacies of power and his own family name. The real turning point for him in the series was the conversation he had with Brienne of Tarth in the bathhouse. In that scene, we learn the true motivations behind what earned him the title of “Kingslayer” and see that he really is a broken man trying to mend his past. For the upcoming season, we can definitely expect tensions between him and Cersei to reach a breaking point and possibly even a betrayal that could result in her death.

6 An Unmovable Mountain

The Mountain is one of my favorite characters in the Game of Thrones series for a number of reasons. His sheer size and strength make him an unstoppable force. From the time he chopped off a horse’s head for losing a joust to the fight between him and the Viper, the Mountain has proven to be one of the best warriors in the world. All around the world, fans were disgusted at the end of the fight between the Mountain and Oberyn Martell that left us all heartbroken. Since then, the Mountain “died” and was revived as a silent protector standing guard at Cersei’s side and answering to her every beck and call. From smashing someone’s head against a wall like a crushed watermelon to his intimidating stare behind his metallic helm, we’re all curious as to what’s next for the Mountain. I think his fate should be served to him by his brother, Sandor Clegane in one final battle, but that’s just me!

5 The King of the North

Jon Snow has been a fan favorite character as the black sheep of the Stark family. He has struggled for season after season to make a name for himself and survive and he is finally coming into his own as a natural born leader and sorta rightful heir to the Iron Throne. With that in mind, expect to see a clash between him and his newly revealed relative Daenerys over who will rule. As far as my money goes, I think Jon and Daenerys should form a cooperative leadership but with all things in the Game of Thrones world, no one is ever able to split things fairly and equally. With everyone making their way back to Winterfell, I am very intrigued by what a Stark family reunion might possibly look like. Everyone coming together for such an occasion would be an incredibly emotional moment for both the characters and viewers.

4 Where Are The Dothraki Going?

One thing that the Dothraki are universally known for are their expert equestrian skills. When they operate on horseback, their skills with a bow or sword seem to increase exponentially and make them comparable to the Hun armies of ancient Asian history. From viewer’s first exposure to the race of warriors in season one with the introduction of Khal Drogo and his army, the Dothraki have proven to be quite the force to be reckoned with. When Daenerys became their unburned leader, she helped mobilize and motivate these warriors and convince them to serve her for awhile. In this scene, we see Dothraki soldiers ride across a green landscape before leaping off their horse onto their target. If you pause the trailer at just the right moment (around the one minute and ten second mark), you can see a dome shaped helmet reminiscent of the Lannister headgear which raises questions about just when and where in the upcoming season this scene will take place.

3 This Odd Throne

Around the forty-five second mark of the trailer, we get a brief glimpse at Daenerys sitting on a throne made out of crude stone inside of an unidentified building. Now I don’t know about you, but this isn’t quite the iron throne I had imagined for our rightful heir to Westeros. When going into full-on speculation mode, this might be the interior of the high tower we see Daenerys enter earlier in the trailer which can mean a few things. First off, this might be one of the first stops Daenerys makes once she finally hits land after travelling across the Narrow Sea and this would make sense for her to find a new base of operations as she prepares to take her forces to King’s Landing in an attempt to overthrow the Lannisters and take her place at the Iron Throne. Expect to see this location early on in season seven.

2 A Clash of Queens: Who Will Win?

In what will be arguably one of the most interesting relationships to come out of this new season will be the battle of wits and strength between Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister. Both of these women are strong, level-headed individuals who know what they want and how to go about getting it, but what will happen when the armies of the two factions come head to head? Well, judging from the trailer, it looks like quite a bit of violence will brew and finally overflow into the streets of King’s Landing. When the forces of Daenerys’ Unsullied warriors match up with the Kingsguard, it’s going to be hard to tell just who will come out on top. I imagine we just might get to see Grey Worm take on the Mountain in a battle that will leave one of the warriors dead. As much as I love Grey Worm, my money will be on the Mountain for this fight. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end as badly as the fight between the Mountain and Oberyn.

1 A Date

Sure, HBO announced the release date for this long awaited season seven premiere back in March of 2017, but seeing it again in the trailer reminds us all of just how close we are getting to the beginning of the end. This seven episode season is already set to be shorter than the others but there’s a silver lining to such a decision. The writers and creators of the show are seeking to deliver a season that will hit one episode after the next with quality television that they don’t feel needs to be padded or fluffed with extra story elements to stretch it out to a ten episode season. As fans, we should respect and appreciate that because it means we’ll practically be getting the purest form of Game of Thrones entertainment available. What are you most excited about for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones? Sound off in the comments and be sure to share this with all of your GoT friends to get them in on the action!

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