15 Things We Learned From The Avengers Infinity War Trailer

It's a trailer that's been viewed close to one hundred million times since it came out just days ago. The Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War movie that is set to be released in May of 2018 has everyone buzzing, and emotions range from preemptive sadness to giddiness over some of Hollywood's biggest films all coming together for a battle that will be epic, exciting, sad, and potentially the beginning of the end of the Marvel Universe as we know it.

Before this trailer dropped, there were a few things fans caught wind of as the film was being produced and small non-public footage was revealed. For the most part, much of what was out there was speculation. This trailer gives fans a much more inside look at ideas and plotlines, and after a decade of Marvel films, fans can expect the introduction of new characters, the potential exit of old ones, and take-your-breath-away moments that should leave fans speechless.

Now, what does the trailer tell us? Some characters look different while others are back to their normal selves. Some folk we thought were on opposing sides look to be back together, and new destinations seem to play a pivotal role in the major scenes. We know that Thanos is farther along in his quest than most realized, and we know that his mission includes destroying a whole lot of real estate. Huge battles and showdowns between some of this film's major stars take center stage, and we learned that Black Panther (coming out in February) is going to be huge in setting up this film.

Really, you have to watch the trailer three or four times to catch all the hints that were dropped. We've done exactly that and tried to find 15 things that this trailer is telling us.


15 Three Teams

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Before Infinity War hits theaters, we're left guessing the status of some of our favorite characters. Missing members of Captain America's squad, are back and while two sides of Avengers were at clear odds with each other when we last saw them, it appears that there has been some serious bonding as folks like Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, War Machine, and others are working together. How did this happen?

We don't know, but what we do think is that the film is going to start with three split groups of Avengers all in different locations. First is Iron Man's group in New York. He's joined by Doctor Strange, Wong, and Bruce Banner who we assume will be joined by Spider-Man seeing as the scenes of each character are in the same city. Second is the group in Wakanda which consists of Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow, The Winter Soldier, the Hulk, War Machine, and Okoye (plus possible others). Finally, there is a group in space which consists of Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy (did you notice Groot looks like he's a teenager?)

Our assumption is that many of these characters will meet up partway through the film.

14 Nick Fury Is Prepping Fans

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While he may not be in the movie, how do you not love the reference to Nick Fury's previous speech in Avengers? The way he starts the trailer and delivers the voiceover that leads to other Avenger characters joining in sets an immediate tone that the entire process of bringing the Avengers together is about getting underway the beginning of the end of the Marvel Universe as we know it. Perhaps he's foreshadowing casualties as a group of extraordinary heroes fight for those who couldn't possibly fight unwinnable battles.

The lone piano notes alone underscoring his monologue brought immediate emotion to the next two minutes. You can immediately sense the ominous future that awaits the Avengers and you get the idea that bad things are coming. Our prediction is that the Marvel Universe, which to this point has often been often void of major character losses, may change in a dramatic way.

13 Hulk Likely Gets Us Started

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For those that saw Thor: Ragnarok, they saw a portrayal of Bruce Banner who was concerned that turning into his other half, the big green Hulk persona, might mean the end of Bruce Banner himself. Apparently, there isn't much to be concerned about. Throughout the trailer, we see teases of both Banner and the Hulk, so we know he's able to change.

Perhaps more importantly, this trailer is where we learn that Banner might be the linking force between a number of the characters as he crashes through Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. He is found by Wong and Doctor Strange, and if you know the comic books, this is a scene straight out of the miniseries as Silver Surfer crashed through the roof and warned Strange Thanos was coming. We see Hulk/Banner working with both sides and in multiple scenes. He appears to play a large role in the film.

12 Human Vision

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Tony Stark looks extremely troubled in a part of this trailer and many believe it's because someone important dies. While killing The Vision might not actually be a death (in the traditional sense of a human dying), it would explain Stark's sadness. We know from another scene in the trailer that The Vision gets his Infinity Stone yanked from his head and that could be a part of his transition to a more human form.

In this trailer, we see Scarlet Witch and Vision in what looks to be a romantic embrace. He doesn't exactly look like the Vision fans have come to know, and we believe the scene is taking place somewhere in Europe where the two might have run off to. Vision is powered by the Mind Stone so it will be interesting to see how this affects his character in the film.

11 Thanos Leaves The Throne

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The question to ask yourself is, do you like Thanos in his full gear and crown or would you rather see him muck it up with the Avengers on the ground? Well, if you answered that question with mucking it up, you're in luck. In the new trailer, it appears that Thanos comes to Earth to collect the Infinity Stones, and the trailer makes it look like we're going to get a lot of Thanos being destructive as he transfers from Universe to Universe, using what we assume is the Tesseract to move around.

His appearance in the trailer has been met with mixed reaction. He's not wearing his full gear and he's a different shade of purple than fans are used to. Still, when he speaks the words "In time, you will know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, but to fail all the same," you know he's going to be awesome.

10 He's Got Two Stones

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Another point of surprise for some fans was the clip that showed Thanos has two Infinity Stones in his possession. Some think he should have more based upon the fact that he's been going after them for years, and others are shocked at how quickly he got them and what that means for the rest of the film, especially if this scene is earlier in the movie.

When he shows up in the trailer, we see that Thanos has the purple Power Stone and the blue Space Stone, aka the Tesseract. We believe, based on another scene in the trailer, that it doesn't take Thanos long to retrieve the yellow Mind Stone that he takes from Vision's forehead. Because we also know he pretty much wipes out New York, does he get the Time Stone as well?

These Infinity Stones are the key to Thanos' brutal power and where fans will begin to see the exit of some of Marvel's most iconic characters.

9 Some Crazy Spidey Sense

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In other films where Spider-Man makes his appearance, there was never a reference to his Spidey sense as the director decided it had been covered in other films. In this trailer, we clearly see that Peter Parker does have that gift as the hairs on his arm stand on end while riding what we assume is a New York City bus. He turns to see some large portal-looking device in the sky and immediately knows that he needs to spring into action.

We're assuming this portal or gateway is something that brings Thanos and his many troops to Earth. We also assume this is going to be somewhere in the early stages of the movie as Thanos destroys the city and likely collects another infinity stone, leading to his rise to power. We later see Spider-Man try to stop Thanos, and he doesn't look terribly successful in his endeavor.


8 Has Loki Turned Again?

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Even though we saw Loki and Thor on the same side recently, it looks like that buddy-buddy relationship doesn't last. Loki appears to have stolen the Tesseract and is presenting the stone to Thanos (we assume it's Thanos). If we're all wrong and he's trying to use it against him, that could mean big trouble for Loki. Considering Loki's history, it's safer to assume that he's living up to his promise from the first Avenger's film and presenting it as offered, thus turning his back on the Avenger's. Either way, we know Thanos gets the stone because we see it later in the trailer on his hand.

Also interesting here is how Loki appears to be climbing over a number of dead bodies to give Thanos the stone. Are these Asgardians? What does that mean for the planet?

7 Spider-Man's New Digs

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At the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, we got to see Spider-Man's new outfit. It was presented to him by Tony Stark as a thank you for a job well done, but Parker never used it in that film. As fans got to see in this trailer, Spider-Man has occasion to break out the new digs. After using his Spidey-Sense to realize New York is in trouble, we can see Spider-Man try to do something about that large gateway portal that appears over Manhattan.

Most of this footage was seen in a previously released Comic-Con trailer but we learn that Thanos is potentially still way too much for Spider-Man to handle as the still somewhat unofficial Avenger is choked to the ground by a much bigger and much more powerful bad guy. We don't see Spider-Man in any other trailer scenes so there's no telling if he's part of the movie when it moves to Wakanda.

6 Unmasked And Bearded Captain America

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The last time we saw Captain America, he was opposing major characters like Iron Man and pretty much giving up his role as the Cap. But, he appears to be back, and this time, he has a much different look. He first appears as a shadowy figure dodging a weapon (which we believe comes from Proxima Midnight), then he walks out from the shadows to show that he's no longer got the mask and is sporting a full beard.

This could be Captain American's reintroduction to the idea of being part of the group. And later, when we hear Black Panther give the instruction to "evacuate the city, engage all defenses and…get this man a shield," we believe this signals his official return as an Avenger.

Captain America is in a ton of fight scenes in this trailer and his change, plus his affinity for battle, might lead to a surprise. Black Widow is no longer sporting darker hair. Cap doesn't wear the stars and stripes anymore. How the film addresses his transformation will be interesting.

5 The Hulkbuster Suit Is Back

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When we last saw this particular Iron Man outfit, it was built so that Stark had a fighting chance against the Hulk. This time, it looks as though the Hulkbuster outfit is back to fight as part of the group that wages battle in Wakanda. This is a place where we know a good chunk of the action of the film will take place, so it makes sense that this costume would be needed.

What exactly is he fighting and is it actually Iron Man in the suit? Since the only other shots we see of Tony Stark appear to be from New York, is he operating the suit by remote? That is a little trick he likes to play every now and again. Either way, it's pretty awesome knowing we could get a few different versions of Iron Man in this film.

4 Wakanda And Black Panther Play A Huge Role

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Keeping in mind that Black Panther comes out in February of 2018, fans who see that movie will likely get an important background story to the setting known as Wakanda. They also get an origin story and in-depth look at Black Panther and some of his sidekicks. We know from the trailer that Black Panther, Wakanda and his people play a huge part in this movie.

Fighting alongside The Winter Soldier, Captain America, Black Widow, and others, Black Panther leads a Wakandan army into battle. These are likely to be the most intense scenes in terms of pure action, and if there are deaths in the film, it could be here that we lose some of our favorite cast members. Bottom line is, don't miss Black Panther in February when it is released.

3 New York Is Destroyed And A Lot Of People Die

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We discussed Tony Stark being in New York and Spider-Man trying to do something about that portal hanging over the city. But in the few scenes we see of both characters, it doesn't look like New York has fared terribly well after Thanos shows up. Is he responsible for the damage and chaos that appears to be a theme in scenes where the city is shown? That seems to make the most sense.

We know for sure that something happens outside Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum as Strange, Banner, Wong, and Stark look at something that's caught their attention. We also know Peter Parker experiences a severe form of his spider-sense and that's usually not a good sign or indication of something positive. We believe whatever happens in New York happens early in the film, and it's very, very bad. We already know from the scene with Loki that many people die. Is that a trend that continues in New York?

2 Guardians Meet Thor And He Looks Unhappy

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If fans wanted to know what happened to Thor after Ragnarok, it appears that he was picked up floating around in space by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Meeting them for the first time, the trailer shows Thor delivering the line, 'Who the hell are you guys?'

It looks as though Thor is not in a great mood which suggests something has happened to his Asgardian spaceship (that ship encountered Thanos' ship in the post-scene credits) which had the Hulk, Thor, Loki, Valkyrie, and others aboard. We didn't know their fate until Thor was seen here. It potentially matches Loki seemingly giving the Tesseract to Thanos and how the Hulk winds up on Earth.

We also see other moments where Thor is working hard to save a spaceship which we assume means that most of his time, if not all, will be spent in space. If this trailer does nothing else, at least it begins to put the pieces of that Ragnarok ending together.

1 Thanos' Henchmen Are Here

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In the new trailer, it looks like we're being introduced to two of Thano's right-hand cronies. On two occasions, we see our heroes have to take on forces unfamiliar to the Marvel films. The Vision looks to be getting his Infinity Stone ripped out of his head by a staff-wielding figure we assume is Corvus Glaive. In the second instance, Captain America is dodging a spear we believe to be thrown by Proxima Midnight.

Both characters are part of Marvel’s comic books group known as the Black Order. This is a group assembled by Thanos, and it shows us that the collector of the Infinity Stones isn’t working alone. Does the appearance of these two villains also mean Ebony Maw and Supergiant might make an appearance?


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