15 Things We Know About The Upcoming Fifty Shades Darker Movie

Okay, okay, so I know the vast majority of people question the rest of the population who are excited to see this film. However, have you seen the trailer? It looks good. You know it does. I remember my first encounter with the population of women who go nuts about Mr. Christian Grey, and for a very long time, I refused to read the books. I held on for a long time, too. However, I had this one friend who wouldn’t let it go and bothered me to read them until I caved. I ended up at my local Target to buy the trilogy on sale.

Now, I enjoyed the escape for the most part when reading this series, but did find a lot that annoyed me with the entire world of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. My main qualm with the series was if Christian weren’t rich and ridiculously good looking, no one would’ve been all about him. Money talks, even in the fictional world. So although I am no die-hard fan, I will give credit where it is due. I read through all of them pretty quickly and had to know what happened next. Whether or not you love something you’ve read, it has evoked an emotion within you. Truthfully, I believe that’s all most authors are looking for—connection with a reader, good or bad.

But, back to the movie that sparked worldwide interest. Based on the trailer, it looks to have more action than its predecessor. We know there will be one more film to come (slated for a 2018 release), and even though I have read the books, I do not remember all of the details. What I do remember is the masquerade party because fancy parties are fabulous, the crazy girl, because Leila had issues going on, and I believe his brother causes issues of some sort. What I don’t remember entirely, is the creepy guy where Anastasia works.

Do you plan on seeing Fifty Shades Darker?

15 Rumors Of Jamie Dornan Not Returning Circulated

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Supposedly, Jamie Dornan was rumored not to be reprising his role as Christian Grey. However, his official rep denied those rumors stating Jamie is entirely devoted to the series. Even with his commitment, there does need to be an end in sight. He has ruled out returning for a fourth film should there be a need for it.

On a side note, the show he stars in on Netflix, The Fall? It is pretty amazing. He is a much darker character (note: serial killer) but he gets to portray his role with his real accent (because accents are sexy), and, it has Gillian Anderson in it. Who doesn’t love her as well?

14 Eric Johnson Gets To Play The Creeper Boss

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Eric Johnson (Criminal Minds, Smallville) will be playing the creepy boss you see corner Anastasia in his office. At one point he asks her if she wants to be kept or have respect. Umm, what I want is for you to get out of my face. That’s something I would say, but for purposes of keeping Anastasia more of a submissive, we see her running out of the building and into Christian’s arms. Unluckily for Jack Hyde (Johnson), Grey buys the paper where she works. As I’ve said prior, bits and pieces come back to me fragmented, and I don’t know how I couldn’t remember how creepy he was. But then again, it almost feels like all of the men in Ms. Steele’s life have some sort of a creep factor. Coincidence?

13 Hollywood Stars Can Never Catch a Break

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First, there was the massive outrage (well, according to my Facebook feed) at Charlie Hunnam being cast as Christian Grey. He wasn’t good looking enough or tall enough or what was pictured in the minds of millions. Then, there was a state of acceptance. Given that Hunnam is a versatile actor (we see you, Jax), a collective came around to the idea. Then, Hunnam dropped the bomb that he would not be accepting the role. Enter Jamie Dornan. I hadn’t known much about Dornan then, but rinse and repeat the sentiments of the public. The most recent backlash came in the form of Jamie Dornan being clean shaven for his role as Christian Grey in the first Fifty Shades of Grey. Apparently, he wasn’t “sexy” enough. The producers hopped on board with this opinion and agreed to let Dornan keep stubble for the next two films. To his benefit, Dornan has stated he doesn’t feel comfortable without a beard, so basically, it’s a win/win.

12 The Movie Was Filmed in Foreign Locations

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Filming began in Paris and Vancouver under the working title “Further Adventures of Max and Banks 2 & 3.” I would venture a guess that swarms of people may have either crowded around to get a glimpse of Johnson and Dornan as Ana and Christian, or some hardcore fans could have tried to get the rooms they were staying in while there. With all of the news you hear about celebrities and their safety, this is what I picture would go down. I feel like most celebrities would check in under a different name to keep the anonymity they are not often afforded.

Something else scary to happen while filming took place in Paris? The Paris attacks. You just never know when people are going to decide to be terrible human beings and strike. In fact, just yesterday several hours from where I live, there was a gunman who opened fired at an airport killing 5 and injuring 8. It’s all simply... awful.

11 Kim Basinger Is The “Mrs. Robinson”

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Kim Basinger will be playing the wildly unpopular “Mrs. Robinson” aka Elena Lincoln aka Christian’s ex-dominant. She is the woman who introduced Christian to BDSM. Not only is she his ex-lover, but she is also currently Christian’s business partner. As we can see from the trailer, she will be trying to cause problems. Everyone in Christian’s life knows what’s best for him it seems.

Let’s skip back to Basinger, though: this is the woman who played Elizabeth in 9 ½ Weeks (1986). So, it’s safe to say she has experience acting within this realm. Clearly, she was an excellent choice for this role. If you haven’t seen 9 ½ Weeks, give it a try. Mickey Rourke looked mighty fine in his day.

At one point, there was talk of Charlize Theron for this role. Honestly, Theron would’ve killed this part, too. She’s amazing.

10 Bella Heathcote Is Another Woman In Grey’s Life

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Bella Heathcote, who most recently appeared in The Neon Demon (2016), will be playing Christian’s ex-submissive, Leila Williams. If you think about it, Leila bears quite a resemblance to Anastasia. I only remember glimpses of her involvement (again, it’s been years since I’ve read the books), but I do recall her putting Anastasia in danger (which we can clearly see in the trailer). I haven’t seen much of Heathcote’s work, but she very well may be an up and coming star. Look at the actors in the Twilight franchise. The very first film, I had known who three of them were from previous works; now, everyone knows who they are whether or not you like them. Since Fifty Shades started out as a fanfiction of Twilight, the comparison only seemed fitting.

From what I’ve read, Heathcote’s one line is: “Do you think you’re the first woman to try and save him?” Is it when she has Anastasia at gunpoint? We don’t have too much longer to wait until we find out.

9 Dakota Johnson Wants Equal Rights

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I would imagine when Dakota Johnson signed on to make the Fifty Shades films, she had to know somehow she would be practically naked for a majority of the time. However, that doesn’t mean that she has to be the only one baring as much skin as she has (and will). In an interview, Johnson stated that, with how much skin she had to reveal for the film, she wanted Dornan to get naked. Fair is fair, am I right? I don’t think that happened, but again, time will tell upon the film’s release. Beyond being naked a good portion of the time for one’s job, I would imagine shyness goes out the window as well. I have seen Johnson’s interviews, and she does seem very modest. In an interview I watched on Ellen, she told a story about a taxi driver telling her that he and his wife loved the first movie. Ellen being Ellen asked if Johnson’s parent would, or have, seen it, and if they would be watching the second. A resounding “no” on her part was the answer.

8 Speaking Of Equal Rights…

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As rumors are often circulated in Hollywood, it was said that Jamie Dornan was offered a $1.5 million bonus to go full frontal. Not sure if it was like the Ben Affleck full frontal in Gone Girl (2014) offer, or something more scandalous. I would venture a guess that it wouldn’t have garnered an “R” rating if this were the case (as opposed to an "NC-17" rating). But, we won’t officially know until the release of the film, so perhaps he took the offer?

That is if there ever were an offer. Again, money talks, people, in all walks of life, make no mistake.

7 Jamie Dornan Was Afraid To Ask for Tips From A Pro

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Remember when we talked about Basinger in the steamy film 9 ½ Weeks? Well, since Dornan knew of Basinger’s experience within this genre, who better to ask, right? Not so much. Apparently Dornan was too scared to ask. In all fairness, I’m sure it would be a little awkward to ask about how to act out such racy scenes. But, I did read on IMDb that Basinger had a terrible experience while shooting 9 ½ Weeks. Apparently, director Adrian Lyne would do or say things to rile her and shake her up to get the reaction he was looking for in particular scenes. I believe Mickey Rourke even slapped her once to get her into the feel of what the character needed to be.

With all of that said, and whether or not Dornan knew, I could see how one would be nervous asking. Could you imagine inadvertently rehashing bad memories when all you wanted was some advice?

6 Fifty Shades Darker Has Already Set A Record

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I know some people would rather not watch trailers ahead of time; I get wanting to be surprised at what happens when you watch the film with no hints. I am personally not one of those people. Give me all of the spoilers. I anticipate teaser trailers and official trailers 1, 2, and 3 (with most movie releases) with any film I’m excited to see. Fifty Shades Darker was no exception. I was late to the trailer release party and didn’t give a second thought about the sequel, until the trailer. It looks to be better than the first.

It seems I wasn’t alone regarding trailer views. Fifty Shades Darker set a record with the most views in the first 24 hours, which means, it beat Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) with over 114 million views. That is unbelievable to me. I love Star Wars (RIP Carrie Fisher, you are dearly missed), and it’s mind boggling that a movie with such divided opinions has been this popular.

5 The Screenwriter Is A Familiar Face To The Author Of The Series

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Who else would you team up with if you became a millionaire based on something you wrote for fun (I'm guessing it was meant for fun since it was originally fanfiction)? Your husband? That is exactly what E. L. James did. I think a real dynamic in any relationship is communication and understanding. For me, creative minds work well together, so it’s pretty amazing to me that her husband, Niall Leonard, is a part of this project right alongside with her. I haven’t seen anything he’s written, but, he has been writing since 1987; basically, he's had plenty of practice. This practice may have come into play with Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed being filmed back to back, but he without a doubt has been a busy lad.

4 Marcia Gay Harden Has Her Take on the Sequel

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First off, who doesn’t love Marcia Gay Harden? I absolutely loved her performance in Mona Lisa Smile (2003). As we know, Harden plays Christian’s mother in the film adaptation. She revealed that this time around, Fifty Shades Darker is “more of a love story…with a lot of toys.” Between the shower scene and the elevator scene, we the audience are well aware of some kinky things about to go down.

Harden also revealed that very few people get to witness the sex scenes because it's a closed set. I’ve often wondered how that worked in Hollywood. I always imagined there to be a ton of cameras and crew around to get all of the angles, which could make the whole experience very awkward.

3 The Soundtrack Will Probably Be Amazing

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Since the only song officially released for Fifty Shades Darker thus far is the Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik collaboration, I have every confidence the rest of the soundtrack will be equally as amazing. The soundtrack of the first movie was one of the very few albums in which I liked every song. I think we can also expect Miguel’s version of “Crazy in Love” to be a part of the official album as well. That was a spot-on choice for a theme song involving Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Hopefully, there will be some more collaborations and classical music to accompany the film. The last soundtrack I enjoyed this much was Suicide Squad (2016). Kehlani slays. However, that's a different story.

How many others have enjoyed the music picked for this film series?

2 Duplicate Shots Were Used for Marketing Purposes

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Sam Taylor-Johnson (director of the first movie) declined to return for any subsequent films, as such, James Foley, director of Confidence (2003) came aboard to finish out the series. Let’s pause here and talk about the movie Confidence for a minute, shall we? I worked at a movie theater once upon a time (an excellent job for a teenager, seriously), and when this film came out it didn’t have a lot of marketing attached to it. From my understanding, it didn’t over-perform at the box office, either. However, this freaking movie you guys. It. Was. Awesome. It has great actors and a good storyline. If you haven’t seen it, just give it a try.

Okay, so Foley is the new director. He stated that some scenes were duplicate shots using virtual reality technology for marketing purposes. I can see that. It’s also an ingenious marketing move. 9 ½ Weeks didn’t have this technology, but if they had…

1 The Second Installment Is Slated To Be Different

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As Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) was billed as a romance film, Fifty Shades Darker is slated to be billed as a thriller per Universal Pictures chairman, Donna Langley. The second novel has more of an action theme to it, with helicopter crashes, ex-girlfriends breaking into apartments, and creepy coworkers who hold you hostage in an office. All of that does seem more thriller-esque to me. However, there is still a lot of the Christian and Ana “romance” scenes, and from what I remember of the novel, there's a lot more of those scenes. It seems the tagline “Slip into something a shade darker” is entirely appropriate to fit this theme.

Sources:  www.mtv.co.uk, IMDb.com

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