15 Things We Know About The New Power Rangers Movie

The Power Rangers franchise dominated the 90s with various hit shows on television, a couple of movies and a great deal of merchandise being sold. Every kid in the era absolutely loved the concept of the superhero teenagers fighting against forces of evil while wearing colorful costumes. The various color coded outfits became synonymous with viewers all picking the Power Ranger they most related to and enjoyed. After many years of irrelevance, movie studios have decided to make it into a huge movie franchise. The Power Rangers movie is scheduled to be released on March 24, 2017 with expectations of huge success.

All audiences are being targeted from 90s kids looking for nostalgia done in a big box office production to the younger fans taking in the Power Rangers experience for the first time. A trailer was released to get the world talking and has just fewer than 20 million views on YouTube as of this writing. The trailer revealed a lot of new information we’ve been waiting on. Various interviews involving the cast, writers and production team also gave some insight into what to expect. We’ll go through the most noteworthy tidbits by sharing fifteen things we know about the Power Rangers film.

15 The Power Rangers Are Angsty High School Teens

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The timeline will start with the Power Rangers being teenagers in high school. All five of them are shown together in high school. The majority of the trailer takes place inside of the school with an in-depth look at the lives of each student before getting super powers. Each character has a different perspective from nerd to rebel to outcasts. We will likely get to see the dynamic of their lives changing in every aspect.

Each character has a completely different personality making their place in the school all varying. The character arcs all begin with their younger lives and that’s the best way to start off the franchise. All of the Power Rangers dealing with their powers while trying to get by as normal teens also provides an interesting journey to their unity in becoming the heroes. The Power Rangers will begin as confused teens having to grow into the team that saves the world.

14 They're Brought Together Like The Breakfast Club

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The kids to become the Power Rangers are originally brought together as a group of misfits having to attend school on Saturdays to graduate. One of their parents refers to the rest of the group as “weirdos and criminals.” The early portion of the trailer paints the five students in a similar light to the legendary movie The Breakfast Club.

In The Breakfast Club, the polar opposite personalities start to become friends after being forced to spend time together in detention. The same can be applied here but with super powers being the common bond that unites them. All of the Power Rangers have a checkered past that makes them have to attend school on Saturday for various reasons. We’ll get an insight into that but the trailer definitely shows an influence similar to The Breakfast Club. Hopefully the characters are as well defined as they were in that classic film.

13 The First Film Focuses On Early Character Development

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If you’re looking for all of the big storylines or reveals in this film, you’ll be in for a disappointment. The studios have made it clear from reports and the trailer that the first movie will be all about establishing the characters and the early process of learning how to use their newfound powers. This isn’t a typical superhero movie about one character’s journey but rather five completely different heroes.

Power Rangers is going to mostly focus on creating an attachment to each specific character and progress into viewing them as the team we all know and love. This film is meant to be an introduction for everyone to get into the story arc of the series. Anyone can watch this with no knowledge of the prior television series or films. You have to respect the team trying to make it a well-rounded series rather than just rushing into the peak of Power Rangers stories.

12 All Rangers Are Played By Relatively Unknown Actors

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For such a big movie, the casting of the Power Rangers did not go for name value. Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin and Becky G are the five actors to play the Power Rangers. Don’t feel bad if none of those names stand out to you. This will be the first huge role for all five actors and actresses. The studio wanted booked big names for other roles but the young talents will make their name with this movie.

Many fans fantasy cast the names of established stars they wanted to see get the Power Rangers roles. The auditions likely also helped the casting team find the right people for the roles. It is way more valuable to have the characters played by people who do the best job instead of big names from past roles. We will have a fun time a decade later seeing which stars are still forces in Hollywood and which flopped.

11 The Writers Helped Write Prior Superhero Films

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Two of the major writers for Power Rangers have experience writing for superhero characters. Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz joined the staff in 2014. Their resume includes Marvel hit film Thor and the highly acclaimed X-Men: First Class. Both movies are regarded as very entertaining superhero films that satisfied the die hard audiences of each story. Given how popular the Power Rangers brand is, they likely know what they are doing here as well.

The tone of the movie appears to be different but stays true to the overall story. A writer needs to always evolve with the times but remain loyal to the original vision. It appears Miller and Stentz are doing just that with Power Rangers. Many fans are worried about their childhood taking a hit with a potential bad movie here but the writers’ track record should give you faith for a compelling and fun reboot of the Power Rangers world.

10 There's A Jason And Kimberly Love Story

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Most movies have a love story involved and that will be the same for Power Rangers. The romantic story confirmed for the film will feature Jason (Red Power Ranger) and Kimberly (Pink Ranger) at least developing sparks. They will at least kiss at some point in the movie but don’t expect them to get official. Remember the main goal of the writers is developing the five characters as individuals.

This is likely a tease of a scene that will not be resolved in the first film. Still, it adds another aspect to the film and another variable for the newfound friends coming together with their powers uniting them. Romance won’t be a major factor but seeds are expected to be planted for the rest of films the franchise hopes to make. We probably won’t see any hints of love between the other characters aside from friendship but anything is possible in this new Power Rangers story.

9 Two Big Stars Have Unique Roles

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The five Power Rangers may be unknown young actors but there will be some star power in other roles. Bryan Cranston will play the important Zordon as the mentor of the Power Rangers. Zordon is the nemesis of villain Rita Repulsa and is trapped in the etherworld thanks to her. Without a body, the mind and soul of Zordon is still there to help train the superheroes to battle Rita and other enemies threatening Earth.

Comedic star Bill Hader is another top name that has been cast to play Zordon’s robot assistant Alpha-5. The voice of Hader will be used in the role. This isn’t the first time he will provide voice acting world as he was the star voice of the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs franchise. The bold move of using two huge stars in unique roles and unknown actors in the starring roles is a risk but it appears to be for the best.

8 It's More Mature Than The TV Show

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Part of the reason the Power Rangers television series was so popular among kids in the 90s was due to how campy the show was. It was specifically aimed towards children and young teens with a corny tone that added charm to those that loved it. The trailer shows the emotional pain they are in before becoming superheroes, including bullying. Rumors indicate the fighting scenes will be more violent than we’re used to.

Basically, this is not the same tone of the television series you grew to love as a kid. There is still the humor and fun associated with it but there will be a better-rounded story. The character depth is needed for Power Rangers to thrive in 2017. If they tried to mimic the same style from the 90s show, the movie would bomb. The minds in charge are adapting to the times but still trying to respect the legacy of the series to meet the perfect middle ground.

7 They're Hoping To Sell Lots Of Toys

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One of the major contributors to Lionsgate putting this much money into the movie franchise of Power Rangers is the merchandising opportunities to come along with it. The Power Rangers television series sold quite a bit of toys in the 90s and the market is wide open today with new opportunities. Young fans watching Power Rangers for the first time will want to get some of the many toys that come along with the movie.

The business of adult collectables has grown in recent years with things like Funko Pop figures blowing up. Old school Power Rangers fans will want to get in the action as well. Keep in mind they have five completely unique characters they can sell each item with. The exclusive action figures of the movie were shown off at Comic Con in San Diego earlier this year and they are most likely going to be hot sellers.

6 The Zords Are Confirmed And HUGE

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A major question from old school Power Rangers fans was wondering about how the use of the Zords will go down in the movie. The Zords are giant robots used by the Power Rangers to combat the larger monsters too big to battle in their current size. All five Zords would combine into the massive Megazord in the television series. It has been confirmed that this tradition will continue in the movie.

Teaser images were released showing each Ranger standing or sitting on their respective giant Zords. The visual should be incredible given the size of the Zords and the use of technology providing a more unique vision today than the 90s. Any die hard Power Rangers fan has strong nostalgia for the Zords and you don’t have to worry about it any longer. The Zords are here to play a huge role in the movie.

5 Rita Repulsa Has A Completely Different Look

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The main villain of the Power Rangers in the television series was Rita Repulsa. As an evil humanoid alien witch (yes, really), Rita tried to conquer Earth to add to her collection of universes she’s conquered. Repulsa looked rather silly and often served as comedic in her failures to succeed against the Power Rangers. The changes to Rita in the movie are among the major differences from the television series.

Hollywood star Elizabeth Banks has the role and is rocking a different look than we associated with Rita. She has green hair and wears a reptilian-like green outfit. Banks revealed in an interview that they were going for a modern and edgy change to the character. The character is pivotal to the future of the movie franchise. Everyone loves the Power Rangers but you need a compelling villain for the superhero formula to work these days.

4 Rita Is Also More Dangerous

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The campy nature of the Power Rangers television series in the 90s featured Rita Repulsa losing to the superheroes every episode and looking silly in the process. Rita became a humorous villain associated with always losing and it worked for the time. The movie is going for something completely different. You can see Rita grabbing one of the Power Rangers by the throat in the trailer. Rita is clearly more vicious and dangerous this time around.

3 The Suits Are Not What You Remember

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An obvious thing you need to know about the movie is the visual difference in the new suits of the Power Rangers. The modern update from the prior costumes we were familiar with was much needed. As fun as nostalgia is, it was time for them to ditch the spandex for a cooler look. The Power Rangers will all still wear the color coded suits for fighting but they are extraterrestrial armor that crystalizes around their bodies.

If the movie becomes a hit, this could very well be the next big Halloween costume in 2017. They look rather cool and somewhat similar to Iron-Man’s suit for the big Marvel Cinematic Universe fans out there. The update will help establish the new franchise and many viewers watching for the first time will associate these suits with the Power Rangers. This is the perfect mix of staying true to the die hard fans with a similar design but updating it with a modern approach.

2 They Have Power Outside The Suits

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The television series saw the Power Rangers only have their super powers when wearing the suits in battle for most of its run. That’s not the same in the movie. The trailer showed the teenagers realizing their powers in everyday life. Billy accidentally knocks out a bully that tried to head-butt him due to the new strength. Jason accidentally breaks his sink punching it out of frustration.

We will see the Power Rangers struggle to adapt to life without their powers seeming like a hindrance to everything they try to do. That will be the early hardships before realizing the good that can come from their new gifts. It will be interesting to see how their civilian powers are used as they start to become the superhero group. This is a welcomed change as it fits the superhero mould we’re used to and is a better overall story.

1 The Studio Wants Many Movies From The Franchise

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It is very clear that this is not the only movie Lionsgate wants out of the Power Rangers franchise. We’ve hit on how this first movie is meant to be an introduction to the characters with many things being saved for future films. Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer stated the studio hope is to be able to make five to seven movies in the Power Rangers franchise. That’s a huge goal but the potential is there.

The fan interest in the movie has been significant online with the trailer getting massive attention the day it was released. It will be one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2017 and coming out in March means there won’t be much competition in the box office. We can almost guarantee the movie will be a blockbuster hit that earns another sequel or two. The future is the interesting thing to think about. If the writers can execute ideas well enough, we may be in for a long run of Power Rangers dominating the box office for the next decade.

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