15 Things We Hope To See In Harley Quinn's Spin-Off

If the only reason people went to see Suicide Squad was because Harley Quinn was in it, why not give Harley Quinn her own movie?

At first, no one believed the Internet when they said there was going to be a movie solely about Harley Quinn. "It's just another Internet rumor," people said, "don't be fooled," they assured us. But as the months passed, it became more and more of a possibility. Stars such as Margot Robbie started to hint at the possibility of Harley getting her own movie, posting little hints on social media. All the rumors were confirmed when finally Warner Brothers and DC came out and said that the beloved DC character Harley Quinn was going to get her own movie. They even gave us the title: Gotham City Sirens.

Pretty much everyone who watched the movie Suicide Squad said that Margot Robbie's portrayal of Harley Quinn was the best part of the film. Critics were raving about how she "stole the show." Some people would even say she was the only thing that made that movie good. And they would be pretty justified in saying so, as Suicide Squad was a little bit of a disappointment for many people. Learning from their failures, Warner Brothers seems to have come up with a brilliant idea. If the only reason people went to see Suicide Squad was because Harley Quinn was in it, why not give Harley Quinn her own movie? Now that is what I like to call supreme logic.

It turns out Margot Robbie herself was actually instrumental in pitching this movie to producers. Rumor has it that she approached Warner Brothers with the help of a mysterious secret writer who had made a script for her, and she was the one who got the ball rolling. So we basically have Margot Robbie to thank for this movie. It's coming out relatively soon, and people can't stop talking about it. People are already arguing about what they would like to see in the movie, and here are 15 things that I think need to be a part of Gotham City Sirens.

15 Black Canary

This might be a stretch to hope for, but we're praying Black Canary makes an appearance in the new Harley Quinn movie. She's one of the ultimate heroines of the DC Universe, and she's a hugely popular character. She's already made multiple appearances on the TV show Arrow. This superhero has been linked romantically to the Arrow, and often appears in Gotham City. She's a skilled fighter and she has her own superpower: the canary cry. Using her vocal cords she can unleash a powerful sonic scream, capable of shattering objects and incapacitating her enemies. Whether she makes an appearance in the upcoming Harley Quinn spin-off as an enemy or a friend of Harley, we don't really care. As long she's in it, this movie will be awesome. And it won't be too hard to find an actress for the part, considering Katie Cassidy is already doing an amazing job with the part on Arrow.

14 Poison Ivy

Now one character who has a much higher chance of appearing in the Harley Quinn spin-off is Poison Ivy. To be honest, she's pretty much guaranteed to be in the movie. She better make it into the film! This is because the title of the Harley Quinn movie is reported to be Gotham City Sirens. This is important because that is the same title of a comic book series released by DC a few years back. The main characters were Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy, working together as a team. More on that later. Poison Ivy has already appeared in a few films, most notably played by Uma Thurman a few decades back. Thurman already proved that Poison Ivy can be an awesome addition to a DC film, and we really need to see that feat repeated. Uma Thurman is undoubtedly too old to play the part now, but there's tons of actresses out there who could play the character. Considering she's a red head, I can think of a few actresses right off the top of my head who would be perfect for the part. Sophie Turner? Yes, please.

13 Catwoman

The third character who's part of the Gotham City Sirens team is Catwoman. She's already been portrayed by tons of different actresses, and she's pretty much always a hit. Well maybe not the Halle Berry version... But that wasn't really her fault, it was just a terrible movie. We really hope that Catwoman makes it in as part of the team alongside Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. The last person to play Catwoman was Anne Hathaway, but somehow we don't really think that she would fit in with this kind of movie. She's a little too refined to be seen teaming up with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. I would personally like to see more of Catwoman's wild side when it comes to this movie. Let an actress who is really crazy play Catwoman this time. Like, hmmm... I don't know... Kate Beckinsale? You have to admit, that would be pretty awesome. In any case, we hope Catwoman makes an appearance in this film.

12 Cheetah

This is one of those DC characters that really needs to make an appearance in a movie at some point. Will the newest Harley Quinn spin-off be the movie where she finally breaks out? We certainly hope so. She would definitely fit in with the "wild women" vibe that's already going to be strong with Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and of course Harley, who, like Cheetah pretty much sums up what it means to be a crazy, wild female superhero. Although she's usually seen fighting Wonder Woman, she's made appearances in other comic books from time to time, and we hope that trend continues with the release of this movie. Her character background is pretty straightforward: Basically she was given the powers of a cheetah by a god, and so she's capable of incredible superhuman speeds, as well as super strength. As far as which actress could play Cheetah, I think Jennifer Lawrence could do a great job.

11 Killer Frost

Another superhero that would be awesome to see in the upcoming Harley Quinn movie is Killer Frost. She's another female superhero that would fit in perfectly with the vibe of this film, as she's yet another strong female superhero that has a wild and naughty side. She's mostly seen as evil (the name is a dead giveaway), but who knows whether she would align herself with Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman. She may very well be one of the heroes the trio has to take down. And that fight would be no easy feat. She has the ability to absorb heat and turn it into chilling waves of frost. She can cover her entire skin with rock hard ice. Anyone she touches turns to ice, and she can also shoot ice shards with her mind. Lastly, she can also create huge, ice cold blizzards. And like the Black Canary, it wouldn't be hard to find an actress perfect for the part. Danielle Panabaker plays Killer Frost in the hit show The Flash, and she's doing an amazing job.

10 Giganta

Giganta is another amazing superhero we would love to see make an appearance in the Harley Quinn spin-off, entitled Gotham City Sirens. I don't think there's been a superhero quite like Giganta in any film, so her addition would make this new movie totally unique. I think I'm pretty accurate when I say that this film is supposed to center around strong women. Well, if you want a woman who totally embodies that theme, look no further than Giganta. She has the ability to transform herself into a giantess, with all the incredible strength and power that comes with it. Even without transforming, she is often portrayed as a brutish strongwoman. It's hard to know whether she would be portrayed as a villain or as an ally to Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn. She's already established as an enemy of Wonder Woman, but if she turns against the so-called "Gotham City Sirens," they better watch out. This is one superhero that's hard to take down. But she may very well make an appearance as an ally, considering she has fought alongside Catwoman in the past.

9 No Joker

Okay, this one might get a lot of people mad at me. But I'm gonna say right now that I don't think the Joker should make an appearance in the upcoming Harley Quinn spin-off. I don't care what excuse you have to make - say he's off golfing for all I care, just don't include him in the film. I don't want him to make an appearance for a number of reasons. First of all, whenever the Joker appears in a film, especially in the last few decades, it's a massive deal. The Joker basically takes the spotlight and this movie is really supposed to be about the women. Secondly, there is way too much drama about who plays the Joker these days. Actors who take on that role feel like they have so much to live up to, considering the amazing performances by actors who have played the Joker in the past. Let's move away from the classic DC villain for once, please. Third, I don't think there's an actor right now who could do the part justice. Sorry, Jared Leto...

8 A Killer Soundtrack

One of the few saving graces for Suicide Squad was its killer soundtrack. The music was so good in this movie that in many ways, it was more popular than the film itself. It perfectly captured the grungy, gritty feel of these villains all working together, and it really stirred the emotions. Many people in the film industry will tell you that a good soundtrack is everything. It can make or break a movie. So let's make sure that the soundtrack in the upcoming Harley Quinn spin-off movie is just as good as it was in Suicide Squad, or even better! The best way to do this would be to hire the same people who were responsible for the soundtrack of Suicide Squad, because they really did a good job last time. And maybe even include a new song by Twenty One Pilots, the band that was behind the hit song "Heathens," which continues to be played on the radio even today. We need another anthem like that, guys!

7 Staying True To The Comics

Too many movies based on comic books are guilty of not staying true to the comics these days. While this is true, we should make it clear that Harley Quinn wasn't actually created in the comic books. She was actually first depicted on a television cartoon, not a comic. People loved her so much that she became a comic book staple after that. Even so, this movie will be based on a real comic book series called Gotham City Sirens, and the movie will share the same title, as rumored, so we really hope that the movie stays as true to the original comic book as possible, because let me tell you, the original comic book series was awesome. As previously mentioned, the original series features both Catwoman and Poison Ivy, so it would be great to see the same thing replicated in the film. But that's just one thing of many that we want to remain the same. As we know from past experience, changing too many details can really anger the die hard comic book fans. So it would be in everyone's best interests to keep things the same.

6 Not Too Much Reliance On Sexuality

While there is obviously a huge temptation to make this movie a really dumbed down film that simply relies on a bunch of sexy superheroes wearing basically nothing, we really hope the film is a little deeper than that. We're not saying there should be no sexuality, just that the film shouldn't revolve around that and rely too heavily on Margot Robbie's incredibly hot acting. To be honest, that's probably why a lot of people went to see Suicide Squad in the first place. But the thing about that movie was that people might have gone to see Margot Robbie doing her sexy little act, only to discover that she was an amazing, interesting actress who was capable of turning Harley Quinn into a deep, multi-dimensional character. The same thing must go for the other female superheroes that appear in the film. Sure, they can have sexy outfits and personas, but they must bring something more to the table, or this film will be quickly forgotten.

5 A Release Date That's Not Miles Away

What needs to be stressed right now is this film is still very much in "rumor" status. Don't get me wrong, it's probably going to happen... It's just uncertain when exactly that will be. As of right now, DC has a lot of projects on its plate. There's a long list of movies that are approved and ready to be made, and it looks like the Harley Quinn spin-off is pretty far back in the line-up. This year in 2017, we're going to get Wonder Woman and Justice League Part One. Next year in 2018, we have The Flash and Aquaman to look forward to, plus one "Untitled DC Film." Could this be the Harley Quinn spin-off? A lot of Harley Quinn fans would certainly hope so. Looking forward to 2019, we can expect ShazamJustice League Part Two, and another untitled film. As much as we would like to see the Harley Quinn spin-off in a year's time in 2018, rumor has it that we're going to have to wait till 2019. That's two years away! On top of that, we all know movies are constantly getting delayed and postponed, so it might even be in 2020. If there's one thing we could control about this movie, we would make it come sooner rather than later.

4 More Backstory On Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is still a pretty mysterious character. Not too much light has been shed on her backstory. I would personally love to see some flashbacks in this story that show a younger Harley Quinn, from before she became our favorite DC supervillain. If anyone doesn't already know, she actually started out as a psychiatrist who was tasked with examining the Joker, but the process of talking to the Joker messed with her head and drove her insane. I'm not saying the whole movie should just be one long flashback, but a few little easter eggs here and there would be nice. Obviously we don't want to take away from the main plot of the movie, and the other superheroes in the movie deserve their time in the spotlight, but we have to remember, this is Harley Quinn's movie, so a little bit of a look into her past would be nice.

3 The Riddler

Of all the things I want to see in this movie, the inclusion of The Riddler ranks pretty high up on that list. This is what I was saying before, let's move past the Joker, people. There are so many other awesome DC villains out there that haven't been seen in any movies during the last few decades. And if they have, they were given one-dimensional characters with very little screen time, being outshone by the Joker every time. It's time to give another villain a chance. And unlike the Joker, there isn't the problem of trying to live up to amazing past performances by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger (although Jim Carrey was pretty awesome as the Riddler). There won't be that kind of crushing pressure to perform. It will be something new and fresh, and the DC universe is in dire need of something like that. Oh, and The Riddler also played a pretty major part in the original comic book series of Gotham City Sirens, so it would fit in perfectly with the story.

2 Alien Plants

Yes, you heard me. I want alien plants in the new Harley Quinn movies. Why? Because alien plants are awesome, that's why. Does it really need any further explanation? In all seriousness, the original comic book series Gotham City Sirens did feature some alien plants as part of the comic's story arcs, and it was pretty awesome. So this is another way that the film can stay true to the comics in an awesome way. In the issue called "Forbidden Fruit," Ivy infiltrates a top secret science facility to find an intelligent, alien life form that is in the form of a plant. The tables are turned when she finds it, as Poison Ivy gets mind-controlled by the plant, when she's usually the one doing the mind-controlling. She gets controlled by this plant, forcing Ivy to fight her friends, and promising that Ivy will become the plant's queen. She eventually breaks free of this mind control, and destroys the plant's hopes of world domination. Does that sound awesome or what? How could you not put that in the film, am I right?

1 Black Mask

We've already touched on the Riddler as a potential villain, and as much as I want him to be in this movie, there's someone else who I want in the movie even more: Black Mask. And it actually has a pretty good chance of happening, considering the director of Gotham City Sirens just tweeted a picture of Black Mask. Tons of people on the internet have interpreted this as a not-so-subtle hint that Black Mask will be the next main villain for Gotham City Sirens. And what a villain he would be! Let's be honest, the Riddler is more of a jokey character, he's not really on the same level as the more sinister DC supervillains. so I'm thinking the Riddler might make an appearance, or maybe have a supporting role, but it will probably be Black Mask who will be the number one "Bad Hombre." We've been waiting for a villain that can fill the shoes of the Joker for quite some time, and the Black Mask might just do it. He's never been seen before, and he's just as evil and as dark as the Joker. Please make this happen.


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15 Things We Hope To See In Harley Quinn's Spin-Off