15 Things We Didn't Know About Paul Walker's Daughter

Paul Walker was one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood. But his life was tragically cut short on November 30th, 2013 when he was involved in a terrible car crash.

He left behind not only a legacy of films and contributions to the world but more importantly also a daughter named Meadow. Now 18 years old, Meadow has recently made the news after it was announced she had received a wrongful death settlement from Porsche.

But that's far from the only interesting thing about the life of Meadow Walker, who is now an aspiring model and has also helped make the world a better place in ways that would surely make Paul proud.

Below you'll read 15 things we're sure you didn't know about Meadow, including some quotes from Paul Walker about their relationship that was recorded shortly before his death, the details of her settlements and what the future may hold for her.

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14 She Was Awarded $10.1 Million From Roger Rodas' Family

Paul Walker's death could have perhaps been prevented if the driver, Roger Rodas, had exercised better judgment. It was reported that the car was traveling between 80-93 miles per hour, despite the area they were in requiring a speed limit of 45 miles per hour. If there is any consolation, it was reported that neither drugs nor alcohol was said to be linked to the crash.

It was reported by TMZ in 2016 that the court ruled in Meadow's favor after she filed a lawsuit against Rodas. The courts awarded her $10.1 million; $3 million of which went to her attorney.

13 She Was Awarded A Settlement From Porsche

There were several factors that went into Paul Walker's unfortunate passing. One of the biggest was the fact that he and Rodas were driving around in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT.

It came out that Walker had actually survived the initial impact of the crash, but the faulty seatbelt design had caused him to become trapped in a burning car. This is in contrast to Rodas who allegedly died immediately from the impact.

Meadow settled her wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche in October, but terms of her settlement were not disclosed. We hope that finally getting this lawsuit done and behind her will be monumental in helping her grow as a person and heal.

12 She Has Aspirations To Be A Professional Model

Meadow Walker is currently 18 years old and as you can tell from the above photo we've included, is incredibly beautiful. It's almost like she has the genes of one of the best-looking actors of all-time. Which means you may not be too stunned to hear that one of her potential career paths could see her enter into the modelling world.

It was reported by EOnline back in July that she had signed with Women Management modelling agency. While her career is just getting started, we're sure you're excited to see where it may lead! Though we wouldn't blame you if you also wanted to see if she had any talent in the world of acting.

11 She Started The Paul Walker Foundation

There were many things that Paul Walker was passionate about in this life. One of the biggest was his aspirations to help improve the oceans and wildlife in the world.

Meadow followed in her father's footsteps, starting the Paul Walker Foundation back in 2015. When talking about the foundation, Meadow stated

"I wanted to start this foundation because I want to share that piece of him with others. I want to share that piece of him with the world."

As a nice tribute, she started the foundation on what would have been Paul's 42nd birthday. While there are many things that Meadow has done with her life that Paul would be proud of, this incredible undertaking may very well be the biggest.

10 She Promotes Helping Homelessness

One of our entries on our list focuses on Meadow Walker's success at starting the Paul Walker Foundation, but that isn't the only way that she has used her platform in this world to help make a difference.

Taking to her Instagram account back in September, Meadow shared the above photo along with the caption

"Donating a bunch of food to a local homeless shelter today!! I love seeing all of your random acts of kindness and can't wait to do more."

We hope her efforts helped inspire others to also make a difference. Especially as we move closer towards the Holiday season and there are many people who are going to feel the ramifications of the weather getting colder and may need our help more than ever.

9 Her Instagram Account Has Over 1 Million Followers

Paul Walker was one of the most popular celebrities when he was still alive. And if Meadow Walker's Instagram following of 1.5 million followers means anything, it's clear that there are plenty of people out there who would love to keep checking in on her.

Despite the large following, Meadow actually only has 7 photos uploaded to her account. Which means that at the very least the people who are interested in her life are probably pretty passionate about it!

Perhaps the fact that several of the photos include her as a young girl with Paul, including the one we selected for you above, may help with people's overall level of interest.

8 She Moved From Hawaii To Live With Him

Meadow Walker had several aspects of her life growing up that would have been difficult to deal with. One of the hardest may have been the fact that she lived with her mother in Hawaii, whereas Paul was living in California.

The two were able to close the gap in 2013 when she was 14 years old,

"My heart was desperate for so many years with the situation with my daughter. She’s living in Hawaii and she’s there and I’m running here. My daughter lives with me full time now and she’s the best partner I’ve ever had. It’s so nuts," said Walker in an interview.

We're sure it was incredibly hard for Paul to be a long-distance father while still managing the responsibilities that come with being a movie star.

7 Paul Walker Made Sure She Loved Nature

Paul Walker was interviewed by CosmoGirl in 2003 about his relationship with Meadow, who at the time was only 5 years old.

“I have a daughter and she’s been going on camping trips with me recently. It’s important to me that she experiences those things and grows while doing all that. I think sometimes it may be overwhelming for her because of who her daddy is and what he does,"

He went on to say,

"I hope it never gets to a [bad] level, but there’s a chance it will, and I just know that the only way to offset that would be to make the outdoors a key part of her life.”

She Faced Harassment Over Her Porsche Lawsuit

It's sad to think that in a situation surrounding the death of her father, that Meadow Walker would have to deal with any type of negativity. But it doesn't take long when looking at her online presence before you start seeing some haters throwing their vile opinion at her in regards to her lawsuit with Porsche.

This includes multiple comments calling her several abusive names, such as "You're a b*tch and you know what asssh*le Karma is a b*tch."

Well, commenter, based on most of the entries on our list Meadow seems like a wonderful human being so we don't think Karma is something she needs to be worried about!

6 How She Was Coping One Year After Paul's Death In 2014

Paul Walker passed away in November 2013, which means the holiday season may be particularly hard for Meadow and her family. It was roughly one year later, in December 2014, when EOnline tracked down Paul's father and received an update on how Meadow was doing,

"She's doing - I hear from the grapevine - very good in school. She's keeping busy. I think she's just a little bit shy around me, grandpa. I think time is on my side and things will get better."

Let's just hope he learned with his son's passing that time is precious and he is doing everything he can to create a strong relationship with Meadow.

5 He Thought His Life With Meadow Was Perfect

One of the toughest things to read once a celebrity passes away is past interviews where they talk about how their life was going. Especially if you're someone like Paul Walker who was finally starting to gain a sense of happiness in his life.

When talking to US Weekly for their December 2013 issue, Walker stated

"I'm glad I had her at 25 because at 40 and 15, we're matching up sweet. It's just working. It's perfect."

You also didn't read that date wrong, the interview was released in December 2013 - roughly one month after he had passed away. Which also makes this one of the last interviews he had recorded.

4 Paul Was Ready To Step Away From Hollywood For Her

Paul Walker was one of the most recognizable stars in Hollywood at the time of his unfortunate passing. What may make his passing all the more devastating for his family is the interview given by Paul's father where he talks about how Paul was going to step away from Hollywood

“Paul was planning on taking a break from starring in movies, and stepping away from Hollywood, to spend more time with Meadow.

He was so proud of her, she is incredibly intelligent and beautiful, and Paul wanted to be there for her as she grew up. In fact, he would’ve swapped his Hollywood fame for the quiet life with Meadow."

3 What Paul's Last Conversation With His Dad Was

This thread is centered around Meadow, but for our next entry we're going to tell you the last conversation that Paul Walker had with his father,

"I looked at him and I said, 'You know, I love you very much. I love all of you. And we're all very, very close. If anything was to happen to anybody in this family, it would be a rough deal,'

I said, 'Promise me, no more daredevil stuff.' I said, 'If in your heart, you say, I can do this, then by all means, do it. If your mind says, maybe not. Then don't.' I looked at him, I said, 'Will you promise me that?'"

Walker Sr. did say that Paul agreed. The fact that Paul Sr. used Paul's family as a sticking point for settling down speaks volumes about how important Meadow was to Paul.

2 What She Said After He Passed

Meadow has paid tribute to the amazing legacy of Paul Walker in many ways that we know he would be proud of. But you may be interested in her thoughts following his tragic passing.

When talking about his impact on her, Meadow said

"When I was little he taught me to walk, taught me to smile, and taught me to never give up. I loved him even before I knew what love was. He was my hero. Me REAL life hero! He will always be in my heart! It brings tears to my eyes as I write this. You’re gone, but not forgotten. R.I.P, Dad!"

1 She Was 15 Years Old When He Passed Away

It can be hard to think about the fact that Paul Walker died when he was only 40 years old. There were so many things in his life that he was not able to experience. Many of those experiences were moments that he was going to be able to share with his daughter. And while this list will spend time talking about how impressive Meadow is, you may be amazed to think about how young she was when he died.

15 years old is an incredibly impressionable age, and we commend Meadow for having the strength to grow up with the proper values instilled in her.

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