15 Things We Didn't Know About Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann is a bit of a strange force in Hollywood. She's been in the industry for over 20 years now, consistently getting roles. Her husband, comedy king Judd Apatow, has cast her in many of his projects, and she's often said to have a bit of influence on the projects he's working on, to give her 'woman's perspective'. However, despite her long history in Hollywood, it's really only in the past few years that she's started to become a huge sensation. Suddenly everyone wants to know about Leslie Mann, and it's not surprising — she's fantastic.

Unlike many female celebrities who seem so perfect they're not even human, Mann tries to keep it real. She laughs in interviews, she sips glasses of wine while spilling to reporters, she talks about her hubby and her kids and basically just doesn't take herself too seriously. She's absolutely stunning, and could easily stick to leading lady roles, but roles that allow her to show off her comedic chops are where she really shines — she's absolutely hilarious!

We predict that Leslie Mann will continue to get even bigger over the next few years, and will eventually surpass her hubby in popularity. Here are 15 things you may not have known about comedy queen Leslie Mann.

15 She's Been Married To Comedy King Judd Apatow For 20 Years

Hollywood is a bit of a weird place when it comes to relationships. There are relationships designed to drum up publicity, whirlwind romances where a celeb is dating, married, and divorced within a year, and just short-term romances that don't last for longer than it takes to film a movie. There are a rare, rare few couples who have managed to make their love last for over a decade — and Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow are one of them! The duo met when Leslie was a gorgeous aspiring actress in her early 20s, married soon after, and have been happily together ever since. They tied the knot in 1997, which means they've officially reached 20 years of marriage — in Hollywood, that may as well be a century! We'd love to know their secrets — we have a feeling keeping one another laughing is probably one of them.

14 Her Husband Pronounced Her Name Wrong For 18 Years

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Okay, this one is pretty hilarious. Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow have been one of Hollywood's comedic power couples for 20 years — they got married way back in 1997, and are still happily together. However, recently, as they were both making the talk show circuits promoting their various projects, a little secret came out — it turns out, Judd had been producing his wife's name wrong for about 18 years before she finally corrected him. Uh... talk about being polite! Leslie Mann, as most fans will know, prefers to have her name pronounced with a soft 's' — Lessss-lie, not Lez-lie. Well, hopefully Apatow knows his wife's preferred pronunciation now! It seems to have been one of those situations where she just didn't correct him for long enough that it became weird to suddenly say 'hey, you've been saying my name wrong for 10 years.'

13 She's A Born And Bred California Girl

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While a ton of celebrities come from random small towns throughout the U.S., or even Canada, Leslie Mann is one of the few who is a born and bred Californian. Mann was born in San Francisco and ended up relocating to sunny Southern California with her family when she was young. So, when it came time to try her hand at pursuing an acting career, she didn't exactly have to pack her things into a car and make a cross-country move like so many other celebrities did — it was all in her backyard! Honestly though, with her blonde locks and sunny attitude, she's the best kind of California girl — just positive and cheerful and a ray of sunshine. Her interviews are always the best to watch because she's just endlessly delightful with any host she's speaking with.

12 She Met Her Hubby On The Set Of Her First Movie — But She Was Crushing On Someone Else

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When Leslie Mann first met Judd Apatow, she wasn't an established actress — she was just getting her start in Hollywood, and though she had some television roles and commercials under her belt, it was her first ever big movie experience. However, it certainly wasn't love at first sight, as Leslie has explained with a laugh in many interviews. It turns out, while Judd told his co-workers that Leslie was "the future Mrs. Apatow," Leslie was majorly crushing on movie star Ben Stiller, who was also involved with the project. Luckily, Judd managed to charm her somehow and convince her to go out on a date with him — and the rest is history. We can't really imagine Leslie and Ben Stiller together, so we're glad everything worked out and she really did become Mrs. Apatow.

11 She Was The 'Pain Advisor' For Knocked Up

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Everyone remembers Leslie Mann as the hilarious older sister, Debbie, in Knocked Up — I mean, the character was so fantastic that she and Paul Rudd got a spin-off movie, This Is 40, focused solely on their lives. However, Mann did more than just play the role of Debbie — she also served as the 'pain advisor' for the film. The title sounds a lot weirder than it is, trust us. Basically, since Mann had gone through the whole giving birth process twice already with her two daughters, she was a seasoned pro. So, she helped steer Heigl in the right direction so that her on-screen reactions would be hilarious, but still realistic. Now, the question is, did hubby Judd Apatow give her anything extra for her expertise? Those scenes definitely helped make the movie memorable!

10 She Loves To Be A Couch Potato

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When you think of what celebrities do in their downtime, chances are you assume they're hitting the hottest restaurants, going on luxe vacations, and basically just living the high life. While they definitely do that from time to time, for the most part, they're a lot more normal than you might think. It turns out one of Leslie Mann's absolute favorite things in the world to do is just be a couch potato and relax at home with her children and reruns of the comedy classic I Love Lucy. I mean, with shows like that on their screen at home, no wonder everyone in that family is absolutely hilarious! We have to admit, we'd absolutely love to just chill with Leslie Mann in pajamas with a glass of wine and some classic comedy on the screen. Heaven.

9 She Supports Several Non-Profits

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Leslie Mann is a legit celebrity now, and that means she has a pretty sizeable platform, and a comfortable enough fortune that she can afford to give back — and she makes sure she does. She and Judd both support several charities together, including 826LA, a non-profit that helps disadvantaged youth develop writing skills (who knows, maybe one of them will become the next Judd Apatow!) as well as the UCLA Rape Treatment Centre's Stuart House. It's always so wonderful to see celebrities who actually acknowledge their privilege and position in the world and use it to help raise awareness and funds for worthy causes. We wouldn't be surprised if someday this power couple decided to start up their own non-profit if they ever want to take a step back from their busy Hollywood careers.

8 She Went Skinnydipping With Co-Stars Cameron Diaz And Kate Upton

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If you ever wondered how Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton managed to portray such a realistically friendly relationship on screen in The Other Woman, it's because they legitimately became friends in real life. The women had a fantastic experience filming the movie together, and apparently, things got a little scandalous one night — they allegedly went skinny dipping at some point during the process of filming the movie. Hey, sometimes you just need to cut loose and have some fun with your girlfriends. Luckily the paparazzi never managed to catch wind of that particular adventure — that would make for a very different kind of film with a totally different rating! The three ladies continue to be friends to this day, which is super sweet — sometimes filming a movie together just builds a bond.

7 She Had Her Daughter Maude At Just 25 Year Old

There are certain celebrities who were teen parents where it becomes a huge part of their identity, and there are many other celebrities who meet their partner later in life, once they're already famous and become older parents. Leslie Mann is somewhere in between. She met Judd Apatow when she was fairly young, they tied the knot, and along came baby Maude. It's tough to imagine that Mann has two daughters who are basically full grown adults, given how young and gorgeous she looks, but it's because she had Maude when she was just 25 years old. That may not seem that young to some, but in Hollywood, it's almost unheard of. She's been able to have her daughter by her side as her star power grew, and she and Judd have even cast her in some of his movies.

6 Her Favourite Movie Is Harold & Maude

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Okay, we can't help but wonder if this movie is where she got her daughter's name from — and if so, what a lovely tribute to her favorite movie! Leslie Mann has been in all types of comedies, from girl power flicks to films where she just plays the hilarious girlfriend or love interest, but when it comes to her own favorite movie, it's Harold & Maude. For those who don't know much about the cult classic, it's an incredibly dark comedy about a quirky young man and his relationship with a much, much older woman. The fact that Leslie Mann's favorite flick of all time is such an indie cult classic just makes us love her even more — and wonder if she'll ever leave behind the blockbuster comedies and try her hand at some darker roles.

5 She Refined Her Comedic Chops With The Groundlings

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When it comes to the comedy scene in Los Angeles, The Groundlings are legendary. The comedy school has nurtured the comedic chops of talents such as Will Ferrell, Melissa McCarthy, and Maya Rudolph, just to name a few — so aspiring starlet Leslie Mann decided she'd try to learn from the best as well. Unfortunately, it wasn't the best experience — Mann dished about her time there, saying that "I did the first class and I passed. I did the second class and I was held back. I did the second class again. And I didn't like the teacher." Well, we're pretty sure that even if she didn't get too far in The Groundlings' system, everyone would agree that she's one funny lady — in fact, we'd love to see her in roles with some other Groundlings alumni.

4 This Is 40 Is One Of Her Favourite Movies That She's Done

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When you've had a successful career that spans two decades, it must be nearly impossible to decide which projects you've loved the most. Some projects get you plenty of critical acclaim, while others are enjoyable because the cast and crew were fantastic. Sometimes, it's just a role that you personally loved. Leslie Mann has been in quite a few major films, and it turns out that one of her favourite movies she's acted in has been This Is 40. Apparently, she absolutely loved working with Paul Rudd, and since her hubby was at the helm, she likely got a fair bit of input on her character. While Debbie and Pete may not return to the silver screen, we'd love to see Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd join forces again — they're fantastic together.

3 She Landed A Coca-Cola Commercial When She Was Starting Out

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Many actresses get their start with small roles in commercials — the smiling girl waxing poetic about toilet paper, or opening a can of pop, etc. Forgettable roles that tide them over until they manage to get their big break, basically. However, early in her career, Leslie Mann actually managed to snag a pretty major commercial — Coca-Cola! She was the sole star in the commercial alongside King Kong where she was all dolled up to look like an old Hollywood starlet. You can really only find grainy footage of the old commercial, but it just goes to prove that someone saw star potential in Mann, even way back then. And, it just shows how fantastic she looks in basically any style, from California chic to vintage vixen. I mean, the woman is a superstar.

2 She's Not A Gym Bunny

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Given that she looks absolutely incredible, and has a body in her mid-40s that countless 20-somethings would kill for, you might assume that Leslie Mann works out for hours and hours every day. For many celebrities, that's their reality — but not for Mann. Apparently, while she does go through spurts of exercising, she's not really that bothered about it all. She dished to People that "I'm so inconsistent about exercise. I have periods where I'll work out four times a week, then I'll quit for months. I probably lean more towards those down periods... you read about actors who wake up at 4 a.m. so they can get in a workout — that's definitely not me." #relatable. No wonder we love her so much — who wants to get up at 4 am?!

1 Elle Named Her Hollywood's Queen Of Comedy In 2012

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Leslie Mann's popularity has just been increasing in the past few years, but it seems that a certain fashion magazine had the foresight to recognize her comedic genius back when she was just starting to get major leading movie roles. Back in 2012, Elle dubbed her the Queen of Comedy — and given that her hubby Judd Apatow has been named the King of Comedy countless times, it's a pretty cute honor. They're absolutely hilarious, both together and separately, and we can't help but wonder what it feels like to essentially be the royal couple of comedy. I mean, seriously — talk about a power couple! They continue to work together all the time because they just enjoy working together, but they definitely make comedic magic on screen when they're working together on a project.

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