15She Was The Only Girl On Her Baseball Team

Bell is a self-professed tomboy and she can actually back it up. She’s quite athletic, insisting on doing stunts if she can and staying in major shape. As a kid, Bell broke both wrists playing street hockey but was back at it as soon as the casts came off and

still can hold her own on a pair of skates. More impressive still, Bell was the one girl on her school baseball team and proved herself a pretty decent player. She eventually drifted to acting but keeps up with her baseball love. Bell also cracks jokes about a photo from that period which included what she calls “the rare female mullet” from her mother. Bell is also a hockey fan, passionate for the Detroit Red Wings (having grown up in Michigan) and keeps up with other sports. The woman is strong, vibrant and funny yet also showcases a good athletic style – another reason why she’s so loved.

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