15 Things We Didn't Know About Jason Voorhees

It's October now. And since we've already had a beautiful Friday 13th this month, I figured it would only be appropriate to do an article about the mongoloid man-child who has made that day frightening to moviegoers for over three decades! The one and only Jason Voorhees!

You may very well know that Jason has been haunting Camp Crystal Lake since his mother died in the 70's (or perhaps even earlier than that after he allegedly died in the 50's). But there are a number of things you might not know about Mr. Tall Dark and Scary. For instance, did you know that there was supposed to be a new Friday 13th film coming out this month on Friday the 13th?

There are some interesting tidbits of info for those of you who have only played the game or seen the new film, as well. Like Jason didn't actually have his legendary hockey mask until part 3 of the series. And did you know that Jason had taken on Leatherface well before he ever got into a fight with Freddy? And considering that Jason was never meant to be a movie icon, I think that's a pretty awesome accomplishment.

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15 The Game Has Been Hit And Miss

Anyone who has played the new Friday 13th game will likely know three things. First, it's far better than the original Friday 13th game that came out on the NES, where you had to fight off both zombies and Jason while rescuing the camp staff. Second, it's just awesome to be able to play as Jason for a change. And finally, the game has way too many bugs and needs to have a single player campaign. When the game launched, everyone knew that it would be full of issues. The dynamics of the game made it pretty obvious. Of course, that won't stop hardcore fans from swinging that axe and chopping into the delightful kill cutscenes that are available. That being said, it definitely needs some updates. And not having the option of a solo story mode makes for an eventually boring and repetitive game.

14 Someone Tried To Steal The Mask From Kane Hodder

Those of you who know the Friday 13th franchise well will know all about the longest running Jason in history, Kane Hodder. You'll also know that he is not a small man by any means. That still didn't stop someone from trying to steal the Jason mask from right in front of his eyes. “I was outside alone getting ready for the shot, sitting on a bench, with the mask off. Just then, this stranger comes by and tries to steal it! I don’t know if he knew the value of it, but he tried to make a getaway with my prized possession. I grabbed him, and he took a swing at me! So I punched him on the side of the head, and he went down so hard he hit his head on the curb.” This was during the shoot of Jason Takes Manhattan, and Hodder was already in costume. I wouldn't mess with him on a normal day, never mind when he's in his Jason outfit!

13 The Paintball Scene Was Meant To Be Like Rambo...

Even though having a very small Jason stunt double jumping out of a tree was probably a huge mistake in this scene, the original plan for the paintball scene of Friday 13th: Jason Lives was way worse. Instead of paintballers, the scene called for a group of hunters that Jason would go around laying waste to. That sounds fine enough. But it's the aftermath of that scene that would have killed the film. Originally, Jason was to leave that scene with bullet belts and guns strapped all over him. Basically, he was going to be an undead Rambo. He was even going to have an uzi (why people would be hunting with an uzi, I have no idea). People have screwed up Jason before, but making him a heavily armed tank when all he needs is a machete, pitchfork, corkscrew or just his bare hands, is a huge mistake.

12 Jason Was Originally Named Josh

The writer of the very first Friday 13th, Victor Miller, had originally planned to call the creepy mongo kid who jumps out of the lake at the end Josh. I think, thankfully, at the last minute, the name was changed to Jason. You have to be aware here that Jason was never meant to be a significant character, so if the one film was simply stand-alone it wouldn't have really mattered if he had been called Josh. But there have been some theories that the name was changed last minute because Josh just didn't sound badass enough... which is true enough. And it's a good thing that it was changed. Imagine if people were running away from Josh Voorhees all these decades. He just sounds like a guy everyone at camp would hang around with, and smoke up with (since he has a grow-op at the camp).

11 Jason Was Never Meant To Be An Icon

Friday 13th was never expected to take off as a huge franchise. And even when the potential seemed to be there for it to be a series, Jason was never meant to be the big name in horror that he has become. He was simply meant to be the dead son of the actual villain. Remember that the killer in the first film was actually Jason's mother, Pamela Voorhees. And she was the killer because camp counselors who should have been watching Jason when he went swimming at night for some reason were instead having a romp elsewhere. After killing those teens, she decided that she would kill any counselors who would try and open the camp again. The only time you see Jason in the first film is the flashback of him drowning in the lake, and then him jumping out of the water to attack Alice in her fever dream.

10 The Film Remake Was Just Awful And Ruins Jason

If any of you reading this article only know about Jason because you watched the 2009 remake... just hang your head in shame. It's a garbage movie. It completely destroys the sense of terror that Jason might have had in previous films. It opens with teens stumbling on a grow-op that Jason, for some reason, has at Camp Crystal Lake. And no one can tell me that someone else planted it since Jason kills everyone who steps on his property. The film then shows us how it is that Jason managed to get around the camp so fast all the time. Apparently, he dug out a series of tunnels that have openings all over the place and that's how he managed to always appear in front of everyone running in the woods. It has nothing to do with him being a scary undead tank that can appear wherever he wants because he's supernatural.

9 Jason Let His Mom Die And Maybe Saw It Happen

This is something I've always found interesting about Jason. In the second film, it seems that Jason doesn't really understand that his mother has died since he keeps her head and sweater in a cabin at Camp Crystal Lake. And it seems that she is ordering him to kill from beyond the grave. But if he was actually this crazy undead creature all this time, that means he is responsible for driving his mother to kill all of the counselors leading up to and in the first film. And even more than that, this means that Jason was around and probably saw mommy getting her head chopped off. Which raises a whole bunch of other questions. Why didn't he step in and kill Alice before she could kill mommy? Why would he just sit back and watch mom get killed?

8 Jason Fought Leatherface Before Freddy

Freddy VS Jason was a big deal for nearly two decades before the film finally came out and disappointed a lot of horror fans. But that's beside the point. Did you know that Jason actually got into a fight with Leatherface well before he ever ended up fighting with Freddy? That's right. And no, it wasn't in a video game as the above photo from Mortal Kombat X might make you think. It was in the form of a comic book. Crystal Lake is polluted with toxic waste and for some reason that matters to Jason (even though it was also said to be polluted in the first film). So Jason takes a train to Texas and meets up with Leatherface who introduces Jason to his family. Of course, everything goes downhill eventually ,so we can see the epic battle between the two.

7 Jason's Father Shows Up In The Comics

No one ever really thinks about Jason's daddy. But one must assume that he had one, right? It turns out that his father's name is Elias Voorhees. Which means that Pamela must have still been married to the man when she went nuts and killed everyone. That or she just decided to keep the last name for no good reason. Either way and with no surprise, Jason's dad turns out to be an abusive, overweight alcoholic. He used to beat Pamela while she was pregnant, apparently. Which could be why Jason had so many birth defects. According to the comics, it turns out that the camp counselors weren't the first people Pamela killed. She chopped Elias to bits and burned the evidence... and then had Jason. Elias was meant to appear in Friday 13th Part 6, to ensure that Jason and Pamela stay buried... but that would make no sense unless he came back like Freddy (since he'd been burned to ash).

6 Alice Was Meant To Be A Recurring Heroine

That's right. It turns out that the main protagonist of Friday 13th was meant to continue her way through the film series like Neve Campbell in Scream. However, Adrienne King took a leave of absence from acting after the first film because she had been having issues with an obsessed stalker. It's too bad that happened to her. She could have had a pretty decent career if she was a recurring heroine in that franchise. That being said, and awful as it is for her to be stalked, it's kind of a good thing that they didn't end up going with the recurring protagonist angle. It happened a couple of times, but it was never all the way through the films series. I think it gave far more freedom for the franchise to expand with a new group of fresh targets each time, making it easier to put Jason in certain situations.

5 Freddy May Have Touched Jason In A Naughty Way


Alright, so to be fair this was just a proposed storyline that never actually came to life. In the nearly 20 years of development trying to get a Freddy VS Jason film out, New Line Cinema spent over $6 million on 18 different scripts. One of those scripts had Freddy as a camp counselor at Crystal Lake before he went back to Springwood to kill all of the kids there. Apparently, Freddy might have diddled Jason just before Jason drowned. Now, Freddy was always known as a child murderer. And I'm sure a lot of people assumed that he touched the kids too, but I don't think that's ever been an official part of Freddy's story. So, I guess Jason was just an extra special little boy. Ultimately, this script was discarded and the disappointment that was the final version of Freddy VS Jason came out instead.

4 There Was Supposed To Be A Friday 13th This Year

At the beginning of this year, there was a big deal made about a new Friday 13th film that was to be coming out. I'm not sure if it was to be a direct sequel to the 2009 remake, but if it was then it's a good thing that it didn't come out. Either way, this Friday the 13th was to be the premiere date for the new Friday 13th. But plans were quashed pretty quickly into the year. Not even two whole months had gone by in 2017 before reports came in that the film was officially shut down. This film would have ended up debuting mommy and daddy Voorhees, so that could have been a pretty exciting story, but... it also could have been a real disaster. I can't imagine a Friday 13th prequel being successful. And besides, with the release of the new game, we definitely don't need to worry about a new film coming out. We can recreate favorite film moments and create totally new ones as well!

3 Jason Didn't Get His Mask Until Part 3

Most of you should probably know this by now. If you didn't then you probably haven't watched the series the whole way through. But for those of you who might be a bit behind, Jason didn't get his infamously terrifying hockey mask until Friday 13 Part 3. This was the film that was done with 3D. Up until that point, Jason either had no mask at all or a bag on his head with only one eye hole (which must have made it a real pain when hunting those teens down in the woods). In part 3, there was a teen named Shelly who had a suitcase of random practical joke props, toys, and costumes. One of those props was the goalie mask that Jason decides to take. He also takes Shelly's harpoon gun (which is never explained just why he has the thing) and uses it to kill Shelly's crush, Vera.

2 Pamela Voorhees Was Supposed To Be In Jason X

There is a hologram scene when Jason and company are running around the spaceship (yeah, for those who didn't know or tried to forget, Jason X mostly takes place in space). In the final version of the film, the hologram features two naked teens who offer drugs and premarital relations to Jason. He then grabs the holograms and beats them against a tree while they're in a sleeping bag. This pays great homage to a famous "Jason kill" from an earlier film, but I still don't know how he got hold of the holograms. Either way, Pamela Voorhees was meant to be the hologram that is used to distract Jason. However, the studio couldn't work out a deal with Betsy Palmer, who probably asked for way too much money because she was tired of only being known for doing a horror movie once back in 1980.

1 Freddy And Jason Took On Ash From Evil Dead!

This is probably one of the most laughable horror crossover ideas ever, but it's also kind of awesome... and sort of in line with the hilarity that is Evil Dead. I know the original Evil Dead film was meant to be scary... but it just wasn't. I mean it had moments, but it still was more hilarious than anything else. Originally, this comic was going to be a film. After the success of the ridiculous Freddy VS Jason film, talks started right away to get these three characters into a film together. But an agreement couldn't be made with regards to character rights (which is one of the reasons why Freddy VS Jason took so long to be made in the first place). The comic has an interesting storyline where Jason tries to use the Necronomicon to resurrect himself as the little boy he was before he drowned. The arc being that Jason was actually a deadite all this time.

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