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15 Things We Did As Kids That Kids Can’t Do Now

15 Things We Did As Kids That Kids Can’t Do Now

As kids, we all did things that we look back on as adults and think, “Why on earth did they let us do that?! It was so dangerous!” In this sense, times have changed and kids today are not able to do a lot of the things that we were able to do as children. Parents have become overly paranoid and crimes such as kidnapping have been happening much more than they were before. Thanks to things like this happening, kids have not had the opportunity to really truly be kids and explore or be alone with their friends. Kids today also seem to be glued to their electronics, social media has taken over the lives, and they do not really get outside much anymore because of this.

Times certainly have changed, and they seem to have changed for the worst. Being a child is just not like it was back when we were children. Children have become entitled mini adults who are glued to their phones and are not getting enough social interaction outside of social media. With overly opinionated parents who can do no wrong, to people looking to cause harm to small children, to parents not wanting their kids to even get dirty, there were so many things that we did as kids that the kids of today’s world would never be seen doing and in this article we will go over fifteen of those things. So, here is a look at 15 things that we did as children, that today’s children would not be able to do.

15. Roaming The Neighborhood Unsupervised


Looking back, you probably remember the summer days of your childhood when you would wake up, eat breakfast, and then go outside until the sun went down and you heard your mom yelling your name to come home for dinner. Those were definitely the good days: being able to go out and play as much as we wanted, never having to worry about a thing. Unfortunately, though, times have changed and parents can no longer allow their children to do this without their supervision. There a couple of reasons for this; one being that these days when parents let their children outside without watching them, typically the police are called and the parents are told they are being negligent. The other reason being that kidnappings have become much more of a concern to us now than they were back when we were kids, so we keep our kids close by at all times. This is a cruel world that we live in.

14. Drinking Water From A Garden Hose


Anyone who has ever played outside during a hot summer’s day knows how refreshing it would be when that hose would turn on, and we would run the water over our mouths to drink and cool down. This is not something that kids necessarily can’t do now, but it is something that is now frowned upon and parents everywhere tend to forbid their children to do it. This is because the inside of a garden hose is a very dark and moist area, making it the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and who knows what crawls up inside of them when they are not being used. Of course, we did it as kids, and we are still here, so how dangerous could it have been? This leaves us thinking that maybe we are just too overly protective of our kids today and maybe we need to just let them experience things the way that we did when we were growing up.

13. Riding On The Back  Of A Pickup Truck


Okay, so maybe not everyone can relate to this one, but a lot of us can. Think back to those days when you were a child riding in the bed of your parents’ pickup truck, with the wind in your hair, going 50 down some back roads. It was always a fun and freeing thing to do and no one ever had a problem with it back then. However, in today’s society, riding in the bed of a pickup truck, especially if you are a child, is illegal. Not only are there no seat belts, but if there were to be an accident, the likelihood of you coming out unharmed is very slim. It makes us wonder why they ever let us do it in the first place. If we were to attempt this today, we would be pulled over in a heartbeat and given a very hefty fine. Perhaps it is a good thing that kids are no longer allowed to do this, though, because now that we think about it, this could end very badly.

12. Going To A Friend’s House Unannounced


When we were kids, back before cell phones and Facebook, we would ride our bikes down to our friends house to ask if they could come out and play whenever we felt like it. Now it seems like kids who want to go over to their friends house have to plan it out at least a week in advance, and they also need to make sure to either text or Facebook message them when they get there before ringing the doorbell. It is sad when you think about the fact that kids cannot just go out and play with their friends whenever they want to anymore, but thanks to the internet, kids just are not playing as much as they used to and adults seem to have become much more anti-social and seem to be projecting those same anti-social behaviors onto their children. Times have changed, and it seems as though children do not really get the opportunity to truly be kids anymore.

11. Riding Shotgun


Remember being a kid and getting ready to go away and running out the door with your siblings calling out, “I’ve got shotgun?” Well those days appear to have ended a long time ago. Kids can longer ride in the front passenger seat of the car anymore without their parents getting into some sort of trouble for it. Back then, car seats were only for babies and as long as we had a seat belt on, we were considered safe. Now children must stay in booster seats until they are eleven years old! Sounds crazy, right? Well, some people seem to think that this is just a gimmick to get people to buy more car seats and booster seats, but it turns out that it is actually just safer for them in the case of an accident occurring. I would much rather be safe than sorry, but I too rode shotgun as a small child and wound up to be just fine.

10. Playing In The Dirt


Playing in the dirt is a part of everyone’s childhood; children are very curious beings, and they like the texture and getting a little dirty. As children, most of us played in mud puddles after a rainstorm or dug around in the dirt looking for bugs or even buried treasure. This is all a very natural part of being a child, but surprisingly, fewer kids are playing in the dirt these days. This is not a choice of their own, though, but more so the parents who do not want their children getting dirty. Heaven forbid they need to do an extra load of wash or actually give their kids a bath, right? Most parents today look at playing in the dirt as gross and unsanitary, but they should know that it is totally fine and all a part of being a kid, and they should allow their children the chance to explore and play even if it means getting a little dirty.

9. Ding Dong Ditch


Who didn’t play ding-dong ditch as a child? It always seemed like such innocent and harmless fun, so why is it that most of today’s kids are not playing this silly game anymore? Today not only are kids not getting out of the house as much to play things like this, but they also could end up getting into a lot of trouble for trespassing and with cameras being everywhere, there is always someone nearby ready to snap a picture. The odds of a child getting caught playing the game is a lot more likely now. This is sad because it is such an innocent game and no real harm has ever come of it. Today’s kids will never really know the rush that they can get after ringing a doorbell and running away like their lives depend on it. At least prank calls have not lost their popularity yet.

8. Being Left Home Alone


A lot of us can remember times when our parents left us at home by ourselves when we were about 12 years old, but doing that today could lead to a lot of problems for the parent who does it. This is one of the things that really just depend on the maturity level of your child and, as a parent, you should be able to judge that for yourself. Today, however, if the wrong person catches wind that you are leaving a child under the age of 16 years old home alone, even if just for an hour, they will most likely have child protective services showing up at your door. It is sad that everyone feels the need to stick their noses where they do not belong, but if the authorities find out that you left a child unattended then you are considered to be a negligent parent and could get into a lot of trouble.

7. Trick Or Treating Without A Parent


This one kind of goes hand in hand with roaming around your neighborhood unattended, but as children a lot of us went trick or treating with a small group of friends while our parents stayed at home to hand out candy to the rest of the neighborhood kids. These days, parents must always supervise their children going trick or treating because the risk of kidnapping, getting lost, or getting hurt is higher than it ever was. We also need to be there to make sure that our children do not eat any candy that we do not first inspect, because there are a lot of cases now where people put dangerous things into the candy. A child’s instincts may not always be the best, so in this case it is definitely a good idea that we either stay by their side or at least teach them self defence and provide them with a good can of pepper spray in case of an emergency.

6. Riding A Bike With No Helmet


Back in our day, wearing a helmet while riding a bike was embarrassing and a surefire way for us to be made fun of. It also gave us girls helmet hair, and nobody wanted that. Today, however, helmets seem to be a must. Maybe it is because of so many parents being overly paranoid, but it is a safety precaution in case a child falls off of their bike and hits their head. Today, letting your child ride a bike without a helmet on could turn a few heads and get you some not-so-nice glares from people who are most definitely judging you. Well, I say let them glare because whether you choose to let your child wear a helmet is completely up to you and no one else, and it most certainly does not make you any less of a parent than them. That being said, helmets can be a good thing to have if your child is more prone to accidents than most.

5. Playing Chicken


Chicken was originally the name of a game where two cars would drive head on toward one another and whoever swerved first was the loser, and if neither swerved then they would most likely end up crashing. Children, since they are unable to drive, had made a slight adjustment to this game, making it child versus car. The child would start to walk toward an oncoming car and whichever one of them got out of the way first lost. This is so incredibly dangerous for obvious reasons. If the driver isn’t paying attention, this could turn deadly very quickly. Thankfully, kids are no longer playing this dangerous game and that is a good thing, because it should have never been started in the first place. Hopefully this game never makes a comeback because I would lose my mind if my child tried to walk into oncoming traffic as a senseless game.

4. Halloween Costumes At School


Growing up, we all looked forward to being able to go to school on Halloween in our costumes for all of our friends to see. We used to be able to wear whatever costume we wanted and the rules were not very strict about it. For instance a lot of people would dress up as Chucky, the guy from Scream, or an army man, carrying fake knives or guns. Today, this is not allowed in schools at all. This may be a result from all the violence that has occurred with mass shootings and stabbings taking place in schools all over the country, so we can understand why children would not be allowed to bring those certain items. The dress code, however, has gotten so strict in regard to Halloween costumes that many parents have had to go out and buy two outfits just so that their children could partake in the Halloween activities at school.

3. Questionable Candy


Who remembers Candy Cigarettes, or that bubble gum that resembled chewing tobacco? Those were a big deal back in our childhood, but you probably noticed that they aren’t exactly around anymore. If a candy like those two were to hit the markets today then parents would likely be outraged and protest the companies that produced it, claiming that it will cause their children to become smokers and that it idealizes the use of tobacco products. However, I ate candy cigarettes all the time when I was a child, and I am not a smoker today. Whether these candies are harmful to our children’s life choices really is a matter of opinion, but it is something that most certainly would not be okay in today’s society. Maybe the parents of today’s children just need to relax a little and not be so easily angered by things. Often what they think might cause mental or physical harm to their children ends up being totally fine.

2. Eating A Lot Of Processed Foods


When TV dinners first came around, they were all the craze. Parents everywhere loved the conveniency of them, and they were super easy to give to our kids after school. Today, however, parents are doing away with TV dinners and most other processed foods and refusing to let their children eat them at all. This is because we have recently learned just how dangerous these foods can be. They can lead to our children becoming obese, they can cause cancer, and they can lead to so many other health problems that the conveniency of them just simply is not worth it. So why are these things still so popular? Well, apparently some families still do not see a problem in consuming overly processed foods and sometimes they are actually much more affordable than something that would be more healthy for us to buy. People are much more likely to buy food that is cheaper than spend more money in order to eat in a more healthy way.

1. Mowing The Neighborhood Yards


As children, most of us had to work for the money that we used to get the toys that we wanted. We did this by completing various chores, such as taking out the trash, doing the dishes, and even mowing the grass. Sometimes we would want more money than we were getting as allowance so that we could afford a new toy, so we would go door to door asking if anyone in the neighborhood needed their leaves raked and lawns mowed. Usually we would not get more than ten dollars for doing this, but if we saved up, it would be just enough to get what we wanted. Kids today do not seem to really have the luxury of doing this, mainly because they do not have to do chores to get what they want since their parents just buy them what they want anyways. People are also now unwilling to pay children to mow their grass, which is a little sad. Most of today’s kids will never know what it was like to have to work so hard for something that they wanted.

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