15 Things We Already Know About Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Disney just announced that this upcoming holiday season we will see another Star Wars film, this time called The Last Jedi. This is a big move from the company and one that has a lot of people talking. Due to the movie coming out in December, it seems that they do not have a trailer ready to go just yet. This was why we were only blessed with the official poster for the movie.

A lot can be made out of the name, as well as what could happen next in the series. When Disney basically restarted the brand, it went downhill a bit due to George Lucas ruining things with the three prequels. Many were actually against the idea of bringing Star Wars back as fans did not want to ruin the legacy anymore. Still, though, we had hopes that Disney would not ruin things and oh boy, did they live up to what we wanted.

The Force Awakens became a huge success and it made many believe that Star Wars was not only back, but it was possibly a movie series that could be just as profitable as any comic book movie studios put out. While there was a bit of an issue with reviews regarding Rogue One, the theory is that Disney will not be able to disappoint with The Last Jedi.

There are still a lot of questions left unanswered about the upcoming movie, however, we doubt that has stifled your excitement. What will happen in this movie? What do we truly know about it? We at TheRichest felt the same way, which led us to comb everywhere we could do find what we needed to know. This led us to fifteen things we think you should know. Enjoy.


15 Yes, This is Episode 8


A lot of people have been confused on the order of things ever since Rogue One hit theaters. Rogue One was a random movie crammed between an original then prequel. Very confusing stuff for the uninitiated for sure. However, The Force Awakens was the 7th installment. This is a continuation of the current series. Therefore, it will be Episode 8 in the Star Wars saga.

Theoretically, Disney will continue to go back and forth. There are other Star Wars films coming out about Obi-Wan Kenobi among others, so it will get confusing along the way but those films will be also crammed in between time-frames of other films. For example, the Kenobi film will take place in between Episode III and A New Hope. That said, we're going to get some of those movies too. But this is the next installment in as current day as Star Wars gets. Rey and others will be part of this one.

14 Luke Skywalker Will Have A Big Role


In the upcoming Last Jedi film, Luke Skywalker is of course expected to be part of the film. We were left with a fun ending with Rey trying to hand Luke his lightsaber back after she recovered it earlier in the movie. Luke looks on in an ominous way as if to say something is up or he may pull a Matt Hardy and say he knew she was coming.

Regardless of what happens next, Luke Skywalker will be part of the series. The thought is that Disney may want to kill him off to make sure the focus stays on Rey. However, many fans believe he may take on a Yoda role for a while and not pass until much later on in the series. So while we could see a death in the film, it is unlikely as of now. Either way, he is expected to be a crucial part of Last Jedi and we could see some of the old Skywalker magic come back. We hope you're ready to feel nostalgic.

13 Finn Will Be Making His Return

Via starwars.wikia

In The Force Awakens, we all saw how Finn went down to Kylo-Ren and Rey had to save the day instead of a man doing it this time. #Equality right ladies? Anyway, Rey saving the day was cool and all but our random former stormtrooper friend became a fan favorite and a guy we did not want to lose for the rest of the series. Thankfully he is set to reprise his role and return.

It was widely assumed that he may not work this movie due to his injuries from the last film, especially since we were going to have a special focus on the Jedi this time around and Rey fit in there more than Finn. Like Han Solo before him, Finn does not have to have force powers, but we know he can still have an impact. As a result, we expect (or at least hope!) he will have as large of a role as he had previously.

12 Rey Will Develop Into Something Huge


We all know that the major focus from The Force Awakens was that a woman would be the lead in Star Wars over a man. It is pretty common for Disney to do this as they love using female protagonists. See literally everything they have had full creative control on barring Mickey Mouse. That said, this was not a shock and the fact that Rey is a cool character really worked out.

The plan with Last Jedi is to truly build upon the success of Rey from the last film. This is basically what happened with Luke Skywalker and even Obi-Wan Kenobi from the previous films. That said, we may be seeing Rey develop her force powers into an even bigger deal. This is huge for her, and of course for the series. The plan is to do a lot with her, so if they can really make her as powerful as Luke by learning from him, it really would be better long-term. This is especially true if they want the Star Wars fans to care about her and put her in the same sentence as Skywalker.

11 The Film Happens Exactly Where The First Left Off


Of course, there are no prequels here. Star Wars: Last Jedi WILL take place right when The Force Awakens ends. There is a good chance we could move up in time through the film by skipping a few weeks or months. However, due to the time not massively shifting, some characters may not be seen for a bit and other characters may be in recovery from the previous film. We mentioned Finn will be back for the next film, and he will, of course, be in recovery for instance.

Due to what happened in the last film, clearly, the Republic took down the super weapon that The Order wanted to use to destroy the places that were threatening to them. This will be key to the film going forward as what happened in episode 7 will surely have a major effect on the following movie. As we move on up the list, you'll see why that is the case.

10 Kylo-Ren Will Return Obsessed With Rey


We saw from The Force Awakens that Kylo-Ren was astonished at his loss to Rey. He had no idea what to make of her from the first time he met her, and their story together will, of course, be pushed throughout the series. The question will be, will he take his loss to her personally? Some assume he died in the last film, but of course we know he is set to return to be the Darth Vader of the series basically.

A lot has to go down with Rey and Ren throughout, so he cannot die off this quick. We, of course, know by the casting that Adam Driver is returning for the 8th movie. But what makes his return so special is that he will want to go after Rey immensely now. He was simply puzzled by her before, and of course wanted to know what she knew. Now there is much more to it. She is a threat to his rise, as well as Snoke's. Plus, she is a threat to his manhood in a way. He cannot let this rest and Rey will be a major target for him.

9 Kylo-Ren And Luke Skywalker's Relationship Will Be Explained


Speaking of Kylo-Ren, it seems to be pretty obvious by now, but his relationship with Luke Skywalker will be spoken about in this film. We saw small references to it in The Force Awakens when Rey touched Luke's lightsaber. She saw random death occurring around her as was as seeing Ren himself. Ben Solo was originally trained to become a Jedi by Skywalker, his uncle. So this goes back to that time period.

Now, most of the people already initiated with Star Wars will know this entire story is almost a repeat from the original storyline involving Jacen Solo from the books. Of course in that series, we know Jacen had force knowledge and got invested in the world of the dark side and was basically brainwashed to join the bad guys. This may not be what happens with Ben Solo exactly, but it will go follow a similar premise. We're probably going to see some flashbacks to watching Ren and Skywalker train together and then watch the full fallout.


8 John Williams Will Do The Score


This may not be about the plot or characters of the film, but it is a pretty big deal to discuss. John Williams has been brought back. A while back it was said he would be doing the music score for all the upcoming Star Wars films, but Lucasfilm made sure to correct this saying it was only for Episode VII.

It has been reported that he will be working on the score from December of 2016 to April of 2017. So as of now, the music for the movie is not complete but it does look like the movie is good to go. So that dang John Williams will get a good copy to work with so he can write a proper music score for Episode VIII. Most Star Wars fans know that the 84-year-old Academy Award Winner did the original epic Star Wars scores. So having him back for these is absolutely amazing. Why even consider any other composer?

7 The New Bad Guy

Via has been a great place for spoilers or news on the upcoming film. MSW claimed that a new villain was coming in the series, describing him as a "classic man in black." They would go on to say he is clean shaven with hair similar to Poe Dameron in length. Benicio del Toro will be playing the role in the film. Benicio did reveal he was playing a bad guy already but no one knew much about his role past that.

MSW went on to say that he at first does not seem like a bad guy to the characters but ends up becoming one. The outlet described him as being similar to Lando Calrissian in The Empire Strikes Back. Obviously, if he is a similar character, fans would probably dig what he does at the end of the day.

6 Force Ghosts May Return To The Series


In The Force Awakens, the force ghosts we knew of from the previous series did not show up. This was odd, but understandable due to characters not being present in the series for this to occur. Popular characters were already set to be in the film from Han Solo to Luke Skywalker at the end of the film. So this made the use of the ghost feature obsolete.

However, it does appear that they could make an appearance simply because the need for them would be higher. Think about this, due to Luke being back, Obi-Wan, as well as Yoda are essentially part of his journey even in death. Would it not be smart for Disney to use these characters or at least Yoda? Of course, one more force ghost is likely considering the circumstances make sense for him to make a small return in the series.

5 Hayden Christensen Could Return


Remember the force ghosts? Darth Vader was kind of caught between good and evil at the end of the original series but ultimately did good by helping Luke defeat Darth Sidious before also dying himself. George Lucas would then do the prequels to the lead-up to Darth Vader using Hayden Christensen in the role of Anakin Skywalker, who would go on to become Darth Vader. They also ended up bringing Vader back to the big screen in Rogue One in 2016. This means that with Vader on the brain, Hayden returning makes total sense.

However, he may not come back to say hi and be buddy-buddy with his son Luke. Instead, he very well could return to help Kylo-Ren. Whether he is there to talk sense into him or there to help him further his evil run is unknown. There have been rumors in the past that Lucasfilm could bring Hayden back for this role considering it is small and a nice nod to the past. Lucas even added Hayden in the force ghost spot in place of the previous actor so that he could connect the prequels to the original.

So Hayden is connected and now that he is older, they could use that to their advantage and use his good form to sell his skill as a force ghost. Hayden returning is weird to some, but it very well could make up for his bad performance in the prequels and a second shot is something we're sure he would take it if was offered to him.

4 Snoke's Real Identity


Emperor Snoke is clearly our Darth Sidious of the Star Wars series and is still quite mysterious. We don't know much about him even after Rogue One and fans are desperate to find any clues that could lead them to the true identity or at least the origin of Snoke. Many believe Snoke is Darth Plagueis who has risen from the ashes as a force ghost to try and rule the world.

Regardless of WHO he truly he, we should know a lot more about him in The Last Jedi simply because we must in order to truly care about him in the end. If Lucasfilm continues to wait to give us the answer, then fans will eventually tire of such things and thus prequels will yet again become a thing. We all assumed more would be known in Rogue One, but nothing was truly definitive here. That said, Episode VIII needs to give us a background and thankfully it looks like that is the plan.

3 We Should Know About Rey's Parents


In The Force Awakens, we were upset to find out that Rey had pretty much grown up an orphan after her parents left her at a young age and told her they would return. She stayed on her planet hoping they would do just that only to grow up and never see them. Thankfully she eventually does leave her planet in hopes to save the universe. However, we obviously still want to know what happened to her parents and who they could be.

We knew Rogue One was not going to deliver this due to the fact that everyone from that film would be too old. However, some believe that she could be Obi-Wan Kenobi's granddaughter, which was why her parents were taken away. Possibly the order saw them as a threat and they had to go? She very well could be a Skywalker and none of us know it yet. However, Luke never actually married off in the previous films. Therefore something had to have happened. Even that theory has holes. Regardless of who they are, we should know a lot more about them in Episode VIII.

2 Princess Leia Won't Be Around Much Longer


We all know of the sad death of actress Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in both the original films and of course the recent ones. Lucky for Lucasfilm, she was done with her work in Star Wars at the time of her passing, which means they were good to go for Episode VIII. However, with Carrie passing, she needed to be killed off in the universe because she could not appear going forward clearly. Despite this, Lucasfilm claims they will not make any alterations to The Last Jedi.

This means a couple things. Either they are already planning to kill her off in Episode 8 or she will be killed off soon into Episode 9. Some speculate this may be what finally turns Kylo-Ren back to the good side, as the death of his mother may not be caused by him but he never wanted to see her go. If she dies in front of him, it could break the dark force over him. Then in E9, they could use him as a good guy over bad. Since the plan is already in play to make another bad guy, Kylo's turn makes sense.

The passing of Carrie Fisher was terrible, but it may have already been planned to kill her off in Star Wars anyway. So no alterations really need to happen when she is already dead in the series in the first place. It looks like Leia will meet her end sooner rather than later.

1 Jedi Is the Plural Of Jedi


The title "The Last Jedi" sounds ominous. Is Disney planning to kill off the Jedi name? Will it end soon? Will only force heroes be the marker for good? Do not fret. Clearly, the last known Jedi is Luke Skywalker. After Kylo-Ren took everyone out, Luke survived all of this in fleeing to an unknown location. However, that does not mean he truly is the last to ever be in the series. Luke may know the location of others, but since this movie will be about Luke a lot more than not, the title is clearly there for him.

This does not mean he is going to be the only Jedi that makes it out of the film. We very well could see Rey among others become one and the New Jedi Council could officially be established in the movie universe. As of now, it is uncertain if Luke makes it out of the film. However, he very well could last another film and die off later. Yoda was a clear need for a few films, but he also died and was used as a force ghost later on. So Mark Hamill is not going to be done with this series even when Luke dies, as the beauty of these ghosts helps continue the use of a character.

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