15 Things We Already Know About Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham is a product of two of MTV's television series. The shows, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, put Abraham on the map. She was simply a kid who got pregnant until MTV got their hands on her. She was arguably the most attractive of all the young high school mother's featured on the show. Thus, when you mix poor, low-income teenagers, pregnancy and instant fame, the mixture can create chaos the likes that could fill an entire other reality series. When someone wins the lottery, they get financial advisors to aid them in their decision-making. In professional sports, they have an entire safety net of personnel and player reps to advise the newly enriched athletes on how to live and spend their money. This education is huge when it comes to handling sudden influxes of money and attention. But MTV, as they are always prone to do, is more interested in hype over substance. It's a catch and release system of success. They catch them, pump them up, make a bundle of cash, and then release them to the wild when they are done.

Of course, it's difficult to get on MTV alone. They are giving these people a platform, an opportunity unlike any other. So there is a two-way street here. But Farrah Abraham is indicative of how the street operates. On one hand, she has more money and attention now than she ever would have gotten in her life and it all came because she got knocked up in high school. On the other hand, the success and subsequent series of questionable decisions, chaos and uncertainty, led her a dark path of drug abuse and the adult industry. She was a beautiful girl who got physical enhancements to garner even more attention. There are a ton of gorgeous photos of this sad story.


15 16 and Pregnant

Farrah Abraham appeared on MTV's 16 and Pregnant just before and during the time of her boyfriend's untimely death. The opportunity to chronicle her pregnancy and be on television was a situation that Abraham gravitated toward. The idea of the show was to capture a variety of young pregnant teens and their first few months of motherhood. The show turned out to be a success and Abraham's rocky relationship with her mother was a key component of the show's drama. In addition to trouble with her mother, Abraham's parents, and their marriage, was headed down the toilet. The show may have provided Abraham a platform and exposure to do more in the entertainment field, but it also exposed and amplified the worst of her family, prompting major issues to arise.

14 Teen Mom


Being on one successful show showed MTV the power of young teens connecting with its young audience. 16 and Pregnant was a success but MTV and its producers knew all-too-well that the success was greatly in-part due to the young teen moms themselves and the drama surrounding their situations. Once you remove them from the equation, you would ask audiences to learn and reinvest in new cast members. That can be a dicey game so MTV came up with a little spin-off called Teen Mom. The new show was an incredible platform for Abraham to grow and evolve her image. She remained on the show for all four seasons until its last shoot in 2012.

13 Farrah the Singer?...and Writer?

There are many who have used their slice of fame and tried to expand upon that sliver. Farrah Abraham wasn't enjoying a mere 15 minutes of fame, either. Remember, she had appeared on two different MTV shows that spanned 5 years. To say that her life in the public eye was not fruitful would be to diminish her appeal to her audience. And certainly, as the "hot one" on the MTV series, she gobbled up at the spoils of her success that she could. So once the show was about to end, the young reality television star branched out into a passion of hers, singing. In addition to the release of her debut album My Teenage Dream Ended, Abraham also released her memoir by the same name. That's right, a memoir. She had just turned 21-years-old, her television series was coming to a close, she released her debut music album (to mixed reviews) and she released a memoir. Okay, then.

12 The Beginning


No, this isn't the hottest of Farrah Abraham's photos, but it is the first time we met her on MTV. This beautiful teenager was born in the Midwest. Her humble beginnings began back in Omaha, Nebraska, back in 1991. Farrah Abraham was just a girl going to school. At home, there were issues that no one knew about. Farrah had a rough time at home. Her mother and father had issues of abuse that came to light later on. Issues of abuse were occurring inside the Abraham's home. But it would be an unexpected pregnancy with her boyfriend that changed Farrah's life forever. She became another high school statistic. Things would get worse before they got better.

11 Heartbreak

Farrah and her boyfriend, Derek Underwood, were expecting a baby back in 2006. The two were high school sweethearts. Abraham was a beautiful cheerleader and the young couple were completely shocked by the news. At first, Abraham was considering an abortion but her mother was adamantly against it. So Abraham and Underwood were going to become teenage parents despite being estranged at the time. Then tragedy struck when Underwood got into a fatal car accident on December 28, 2008. At that point, Abraham was already 8 months pregnant and the news of his death was devastating to her. Abraham, despite being separated from Underwood, called him the "love of my life." If Abraham didn't feel scared and alone before, she did now. The thought of going forward with the birth of her child on her own was a terrifying reality.

10 Exotic Blend


Farrah Abraham has an extremely exotic look. Prior to the plastic surgery, Abraham was a very interesting blend of various cultures that have contributed to her incredibly interesting look. Abraham's beautiful olive skin comes from a blend of her mother, Debra Danielson, who is Danish and Sicilian and her father, Michael Abraham, who has Syrian and Italian descent. If you are thinking that Abraham has a kind of "Kardashian" flare to her, you wouldn't be wrong. It is the Middle Eastern and Italian mixes that gives her an interesting look. Her appeal didn't go unnoticed. She was a cheerleader because of her beauty and growing up in a predominately white town, Abraham's beautiful skin tone and dark features made her stand out just a little more than other girls at her school.

9 Abuse and Issues

To truly understand the directional path and choices Farrah Abraham took in her life, it would only be fair to examine some of the hurdles she faced. Although success was dumped into her lap due to getting chosen to be on a reality television series, Abraham was still a single mom who had to drop out of high school and finish her schoolwork at the community college. 2010 was a rough year for her family. Her mother was charged with assaulting Abraham after an argument became physical. Abraham was left with cuts to her face and mouth. Her mother got a wake-up call and Abraham would speak about the abuses in her home, reflecting on a rough childhood. In addition to all this realization, Abraham's parents divorced in 2010, calling it quits after a rough time.


8 Cooking Up Recovery


Her television series was just a year away from ending in 2011 when Farrah Abraham sought to recover from the stresses of abuse at the hands from her mother and the embarrassment that accompanied it. Although Abraham has mostly gained benefit in the public domain due to her boyfriend's untimely death, her struggles as a single teen mom and the realization of physical and verbal abuse at the hands of her parents. The empathetic figure went to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida to work on her cooking skills. She got her associates degree for culinary arts and management. The experience would lead her to reconnect with her mother and release a new pasta sauce line titled: Mom & Me.

7 Trouble Brewing

Abraham found 2013 a rough time. It seemed as if she was lost without her bread and butter MTV shows to lean on. She was officially a "normal person" again attempting to find a career and a voice. Her debut music album was a bust and her memoir was barely noticed (I mean, geez, you're 21! A memoir?! Seriously?). With not a lot going for her, Abraham had a bit too much fun and was arrested for driving under the influence. The DUI was a black eye for a girl with a lot going for her, but it also appeared that Abraham had hit the reality television wall with nowhere left to go. She wasn't a talented actress who could get another part. She wasn't able to branch out into other industries and find a use for her brief bout with stardom. Abraham was sentenced to 6 months of probation and paid a $500 fine. Abraham committed herself to numerous plastic surgeries to enhance her figure and face but no one was knocking down her door with offers. With limited opportunities remaining, Farrah Abraham went to a place that always welcomes washouts with some name recognition: adult entertainment.

6 The Tape


Okay, let's get this out of the way first, this was no "accidental" sex tape leaking. This was more planned and calculated than Kim Kardashian's released tape. At least in Kardashian's instance, she didn't know at first that it was going to be leaked. She jumped right on board afterward, though, and took a big pay day (she is no fool...if it was gonna be out there, might as well get hers). In this instance, Farrah Abraham committed to adult entertainment. She was paid upfront to have sex on camera and knew of its distribution. They wanted to create a publicity swell over the tape as it could have been leaked. But this was sex for hire and Abraham had officially graduated from teen mom to having sex on camera for money. The title of the tape was Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. The slide was nearly complete.

5 The Tape Fallout

A whole book can probably be written about this sex tape. First off, Farrah Abraham attempted to play "innocent" with this release. It was an incredibly strange situation. It was reported that Abraham took home a cool $1.5 million to participate in having sex on camera once the tape was sold to Vivid Entertainment. They marketed the film with the title Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom which obviously cut into Abraham's commercial viability for the future. She tried to state she was drugged and raped (which no one has confirmed) during this period of time. Her co-star cleared up the sex tape being "accidentally" leaked by confirming he and Abraham were both paid. The whole incident was a personal disaster for Abraham as she looks back on these troubled times. She blames the adult industry for many of her personal shortcomings. She stated that her family was only interested in getting money from her and her friends abandoned her. Abraham was possibly a bit of a drama queen.

4 Therapy Time


If you think things were getting weird with Farrah Abraham, then you hadn't seen anything yet. She entered therapy...on TV that is. That's right, Abraham joined the show Couple's Therapy in 2014 to take her sideshow back onto reality television. Fresh off her appearance in her adult film role in which she was nominated for the award, (and we have to alter the title slightly for content here), "Best 'Backdoor' Sex Scene," Abraham hit the small screen once again. Incredibly, the man, Brian Dawe, who was her "boyfriend" for the show Couple's Therapy later admitted he was paid to pretend to be her boyfriend just for the show. He bolted midseason and left her on the show by herself. She continued on the show and the producers spun it as an opportunity to bring her mom and their issues in. Just strange.

3 Wheels Coming off the Wagon 

Vivid Entertainment was none-too-amused that Abraham accused them indirectly of contributing to her being drugged and raped. So, to return fire, they released a Part II to the original "Sex Tape." It was entitled Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. They publicized it as "it's no 'fake' 'leak'--it's the real, raw, ridiculous deal, and it suits Farrah's underhanded personality herself." Sure, that's not going to fit on a poster and it does seem as though Vivid Entertainment was a bit pissed, but they succeeded in drawing attention to the film. MTV craved more Abraham drama and brought her back out for Being Farrah, another spin-off from the original teen pregnancy series and also brought back the other former MTV teen creations. However, the other mothers did not like Abraham's influence on their children and news that she was also high-maintenance prompted MTV to move on without Abraham, only featuring the other former teen moms.

2 Stripper Pole


You have to give it to Abraham, at least she is consistent. When someone has waived large wads of money before her, she has shown herself to be anything but shy and she cashes the check. She is one of those young women who will literally do anything for money. The Palazio's Gentleman's Club in Austin, Texas, had the foresight to bring in the newly minted adult film star as a feature in their club. For $544,000, Abraham would have "residency" there from August 2014 until the end of the year capping off her stay on New Year's Eve. Singing sensations have "residency" at big Vegas casinos, performing there for months on end for a lot of money. Abraham landed a half-mill to take off her clothes at a strip club for 5 months. Considering she was having intercourse on camera, this wasn't a big leap and maybe not too bad of a deal for a girl that grew up poor.

1 The Finale

It's crazy to think that Farrah Abraham is going to be turning 25 this year. She has had numerous failed appearances on reality television during the past few years and continues to search for a career beyond MTV. Her surgeries are starting to take hold of her youthful beauty and the once gorgeous young woman is quickly aging. Drugs, alcohol and life are wearing down this former teen mom. She has been able to capture quite a bit of small financial wins, more than most, but it has come at great cost to her character and values. Just this past year in March of 2016, Abraham accused an Uber driver of sexually assaulting her. She is now banned from the services. Sometimes bad things do follow people, but if you cry abuse and rape, make sure it's real. There are many who have seemed to cast quite a bit of doubt on her intentions when it comes to reality and truth. We always hope for a good ending, but with Abraham, all we see is darkness down the tunnel. Hey, we judge quite often, but in this case, we truly are hoping for the best for a single mom gone terribly awry.

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