15 Things To Look Forward To On Season 8 Of Shameless

Few shows on television are able to capture the dysfunctional America family as well or as interestingly as the series Shameless has during its impressive run on Showtime. After debuting in 2011, Shameless quickly grew in popularity, and the series has had no issues in roping in viewers each week. So far, there have been 7 seasons of Shameless, each one taking their turn in bringing us the latest and greatest from the Gallagher clan. They are the family that everyone loves to hate, and we can't get enough of them.

After wrapping up their seventh season last year, fans were left wondering if the hit series would make its triumphant return to Showtime. Rest easy, fans. Showtime announced a while back that Shameless would in fact have an eighth season, and the newest season is set to debut in November, leaving us with nothing do for months after Game of Thrones is over. The eighth season will fall in line with its predecessors, and it will have a total of 12 episodes.

Assuming that you have rewatched every episode several times like we have, you know as well as we do that the seventh season of Shameless opened the door for some exciting pieces of entertainment in the upcoming season. The show has always done a great job of bringing fresh stories for the characters, and surprise returns are always in play. So much was left unfinished, and we cannot wait for these 15 things to unfold during the show's eighth season.

15 Mickey Coming Back For Ian

Do you really think that Mickey won't come back? Sure, the troubled Milkovich kid was able to make his way into Mexico, but his love for Ian just won't let him live his life free from prison. Mickey is an emotional character, and we cannot imagine a season in which he doesn't make a triumphant return to reclaim his man back home in Chicago. Ian was caught up in a love triangle (which we will talk about a little later) before dropping Mickey off at the border, but make no mistake about it, Ian will always love Mickey. The two lovers have an interesting dynamic on the series, and Mickey's loneliness in Mexico will eventually get the better of him.

Assuming that he does come back, it will be an episode that is sure to please fans of the series. Love him or hate him, Mickey Milkovich is a fantastic character, and the show is always better when he is around.

14 Fiona's New Job 

How does Fiona constantly find a new, interesting way to make a living? We have seen her perform a variety of jobs on the show, and her ill-fated turn in trying to run a laundromat nearly blew up in her face. She was fortunate to find a way out of the situation, but, in typical Fiona fashion, she found a new uphill battle to face. After selling her laundromat, Fiona used the money to purchase an apartment building. This, in our opinion, is going to be huge in the upcoming season, assuming that something hasn't happened in between. She has shown some savvy in making things work, but this is an entirely new animal for the eldest Gallagher child.

Could this new job as a landlord be the perfect fit for Fiona? She is used to managing a ton of different people in her household, after all. Just a few more months until we finally find out.

13 Lip Getting His Life Together

Oh, Lip, when will you get it together? The insanely intelligent Gallagher sibling has a self-destructive nature, and he has squandered some golden opportunities on the show. Despite receiving second chances, Lip just can't seem to figure things out, and his battle with alcoholism has done him no favors. When we last saw him, Lip was staying true to attending AA meetings in hopes to find sobriety. Much like his father Frank, Lip has a hard time staying away from the bottle, and it has cost him dearly. After his affair with a professor, he found himself in hot water with his university, and many wonder what his next move will be.

There is no denying that Lip has a brilliant mind, but his alcoholism and selfish antics prevent him from reaching his full potential. This upcoming season could be the most important for this character to find his way in life.

12 Lip's Love Life

Much like his father Frank, Lip Gallagher has never had an issue with getting women into his bed, but being part of a healthy relationship is something that eludes him. His relationships with Karen, Mandy, and Sierra have all yielded mixed results, and Lip's self-destructive behavior is a huge reason why. Considering that Karen has permanent brain damage and went out to Arizona with Jody, we can't imagine her making a comeback during this upcoming season. Mandy always has a chance to make her way back onto the show, and Sierra was Lip's most recent relationship. With his sobriety appearing to be in check, we are dying to see who Lip decides to hook up with this season.

After his failed relationship with Amanda and with his professor, we can't imagine Lip looking for anyone in college, instead choosing to find a local girl to date. He is unpredictable when it comes to choosing women, so this should be fun to watch.

11 Frank Turning A New Leaf

Monica dying at the end of the seventh season of Shameless was a moment that completely shocked fans of the show. Her and Frank appeared to have patched things up, and they were renewing their vows when the tragedy struck. Frank is never one to not be an awful human being, but maybe this will be the time that he finally turns things around for good. After all, the love of his life is gone, his children, aside from Liam, have all grown up, and he isn't a spring chicken anymore. He has dedicated his life to himself, and he has achieved very little. To be fair, Frank has tried to do the right thing throughout the series, but he never ceases to revert back to the awful man that he truly is.

If we were placing bets on this, we would have to think that Frank will just continue being Frank. We will give him a few episodes of redemption before he collapses back into his old ways.

10 Ian And Trevor Rekindling Their Romance

Ian has had such an intense run on the show that we really can't decide if he is going to play things cool or go completely mental. His mental health has been well-documented in the latter part of the series, and he is not immune from the occasional breakdown. As we mentioned earlier, Ian took off with Mickey, but ultimately chose to remain in the United States and head back to Chicago. Before Mickey had busted out of prison, however, Ian was in a passionate relationship with Trevor, and his betrayal could ruin any future for the duo. This is easily going to be one of the more dramatic elements of the show's eighth season, especially if Mickey makes his way to Chicago.

Ian and Trevor were dynamite together, but forgiveness is easier said than done. Throw a Milkovich into the mix, and all hell is bound to break loose between the tree.

9 Liam's Health

The youngest Gallagher sibling Liam has been a child on the show who isn't exactly a primary player. But, as the show continues to move forward, we suspect that he may have a little more to do this season. After the notorious cocaine incident, a while back, Liam has never really been the same. It seems as though he may have sustained some brain damage from the traumatic event, and his character needs air time on the show to further develop. Hopefully, the show will spend some time focusing on his character as opposed to keeping him in the background for most episodes.

This may be easier said than done, however, thanks to Debbie having her daughter, and a few other little ones who are on the series. The show does a good job of developing characters, but Liam is grossly underused. We will keep our fingers crossed that this finally changes in the show's eighth season.

8 Fiona Getting A New Love Interest

Fiona's love interests throughout the series have been a mixed bag of awful, and it is high time that she hops into another relationship. She mainly used Tinder for hook-ups during the last season, but we cannot imagine her staying single for much longer. Fiona has had several failed relationships, a failed marriage, and a failed engagement, but hey, we're rooting for her to finally land a good guy that won't turn out to be a total loser or drug addict. Unfortunately, we have very little faith that Fiona will actually pull this off. She is a magnet for dirt bags, and this trend will more than likely continue in the show's eighth season.

Not only do we think that Fiona will find herself in another terrible relationship, but we also believe that a familiar face will return to wreak havoc in her life once again. And no, we aren't talking about the hated Robbie Pratt.

7 The Return Of Jimmy/Steve/Jack

Whether you refer to him as Jimmy, Steve, or Jack, you better believe that this dirt bag will find his way back into Fiona's life. He was a huge component to the show's earlier seasons, but his crazy life has kept him away for extended periods of time in the latter part of the show. One way or another, Jimmy finds himself heading back to try and be with the love of his life, and we couldn't think of anyone worse for Fiona to become close to again (aside from Robbie). Deep down, the pair actually love each other, despite the fact that they are toxic when they are together. Jimmy has been away for quite some time now, and Fiona just happens to be single.

We think that Mickey has a better chance of returning for Ian than Jimmy does returning for Fiona, but we won't rule it out. The guy is a total disease, but he makes for some compelling episodes.

6 Deb's Relationship With Neil

Once upon a time, Debbie was the most normal Gallagher in the family, and somewhere along the way, she went off of the deep end. Whether it was being a creepy stalker, intentionally getting pregnant, or beating up other females, Deb's character development on Shameless has been absolutely crazy to watch. Once she started taking care of Neil in an attempt to get her life together, Debbie seemed to be doing much better. She had found some stability in her life for her and her daughter, though this comes with taking care of Neil who is handicapped. Whether you agree with her decision or not, Debbie seems to be finding her place in life.

This season is going to be huge for her character, and we cannot wait to see how she continues to develop as a person and a mother. A young man caught her eye while she was learning her new trade, and this could land her in a world of trouble if her history repeats itself.

5 Kev And Vee Getting The Alibi Back

Everyone's favorite couple on the series has had some rough moments in the latter part of the show, but they were able to work things out as they always do. Kev and Vee, as you recall, were recently swindled out of owning the beloved Alibi by their partner Svetlana, forcing Kev to go back to working at Ian's old bar. The duo has a set of twin girls that they love very much, and their newfound unemployment will no doubt put a strain on things in their life. Svetlana was incredibly sneaky in having the duo sign over the bar, and we cannot wait to watch them try and get it back.

Svetlana has been an interesting character to watch on the series, and she has transformed from a prostitute to a legitimate business owner. Kev and Vee may have been duped, but rest assured that they will push to get the bar back.

4 Carl Returning From Military School

As the one Gallagher who seemed destined to be a failure, we have to give some props to Carl. He saw an opportunity to leave home and change his life (much like Lip), and he seems to have made the most of the opportunity. Carl headed off to military school in season 7, and he appeared to be reformed when he made his way back to Chicago for his mother's funeral. Now that he is on the straight and narrow, we can't wait to see his full-time return to Chicago. After getting caught up with his family, we have a feeling that it is only a matter of time until he reverts back to being good old Carl.

Now, do we think that he will go full on psycho child again? Absolutely not. But, we can't help but think that Carl will be up to no good in a short amount of time. Hopefully he keeps Luther around as a mentor during this season.

3 Svetlana Making Moves

Call it what you want, but the dastardly move that Svetlana made to get Kev and Vee to sign over The Alibi was absolutely brilliant. As we mentioned before, Svetlana was nothing more than a prostitute that was impregnated by Mickey Milkovich (which is hard to believe now) earlier on in the series, and she has slowly chased down the American dream by any means necessary. She legally married Vee to gain her citizenship, and then tricked the couple into signing over the bar, making her a business owner. It has been an impressive run for Svetlana, and we cannot wait to see what she has in store for this season.

Given her accomplishments so far, you have to wonder what else she has left to do on the series. Aside from an impending conflict with Kev and Vee, we expect Svetlana to continue making big moves while she is still in Chicago.

2 Monica's Inheritance

Watching Monica pass away was a huge dose of reality for the Gallagher family and for viewers alike. But, she did not go out without making sure that her family was taken care of. This, of course, was odd considering that Monica is known for being one of the more selfish characters on the series. While her efforts were noble, the inheritance that she left her family wasn't what anyone was expecting. After discovering a key to a storage unit, Frank and the kids head over to see where Monica had been living, and they discover a huge amount of meth that she left for the family to sell. In total, there was about $70,000 worth of meth, around $10,000 for each Gallagher. Fiona stashed a bunch in Monica's casket, but we are not told what happened to the rest of it.

The opportunity to come up on $10,000 is too tempting for a Gallagher to resist, and we are interested in seeing what each member did with it. Ignore that fact that Fiona hid a ton of it, because you better believe that Frank will dig up her grave if it means getting drugs and money.

1 The Inevitable Gallagher Blow Up

We have tried to be as positive as possible about the fate of the Gallagher clan during this list, but let's face it, this family is doomed. They have an incredible durability that few families could ever muster, but they continue to find new and exciting ways to destroy themselves every season. Health problems, awful relationships, and self-destructive behavior are the Gallagher way, and this group of awful human beings are somehow still alive after all this time. There is an excitement that comes with every new season of Shameless that stems from the gang getting a fresh start. Season 7 ended in a way that would make you believe that they are finally going to get it together.

Experienced viewers of the show know that this will not be the case, and each member of the family is in for a world of trouble once the show debuts in November. The Gallaghers are rotten to the core, and we can't get enough of them.

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