15 Things To Know About Ed Sheeran's New Music Video Girl Zoey Deutch

The world has finally been introduced to Zoey Deutch, even though the 23-year-old has been around the business now for almost a decade. Her recent appearance in Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" video has gained her attention all over the world. Zoey plays Ed's love interest in the video, but this isn't her first outing as an actress. Even though many fans of the ginger-haired singer were unaware of Zoey's work before she appeared in the video, the actress has been part of a number of films and TV series over the past few years.

While many women are currently in awe of Zoey because she's been able to be that close to Sheeran, it seems that there isn't a lot that these women actually know about the former child star since she has had quite a low-key career over the past eight years. The beautiful American star burst onto the scene back in 2010 and it seems that she has been turning heads ever since.

The following list looks at 15 things every fan should know about Zoey Deutch and even if you aren't a fan of Zoey right now, it's quite obvious that you probably will be in the near future. Even though the former dancer could be considered to be new to the business right now, she is someone who has been able to make a huge impact in a small amount of time, which is always seen as a good thing in the world of acting.

15 She Made Her Screen Debut On The Disney Channel

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Zoey has been around the business her whole life, but she didn't make her acting debut until she was 15 years old and like many child stars, this was on The Disney Channel. Zoey was seen as Maya on The Suite Life on Deck, a show that starred Cole and Dylan Sprouse and even though she was only on the show for seven episodes and her stint lasted less than a year, it seems that Zoey left quite the impression.

Since her debut on-screen the 23-year-old has since been part of a number of films and TV shows, even though she didn't work for Disney Channel again. It seems that nowadays Disney gives a number of stars a platform and they are then able to adapt from there. Her next job following her Disney Channel stint was a recurring role in Ringer, a show where she played Sarah Michelle Gellar's character's daughter.

14 She's A Trained Dancer

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Even though Zoey has never been cast in a dance movie, it seems that the star was fully prepared to adapt to any role she needed when she was growing up, because she is a trained dancer.

The former child star is trained in ballet, jazz and tap and was able to learn all different styles of dance alongside her school work when she was much younger. The dance background has perhaps helped her a number of times throughout her career to be able to get into shape or when it comes to learning action sequences if she decides to perform them herself instead of being forced to rely on her stunt double. It is a shock that she hasn't been cast in a full dance film yet, especially considering that she does have an extensive dance background. Maybe that's something on her bucket list for the future since she is still really very young.

13 She's An Animal Lover

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Zoey has a love of all kinds of animals, something that she has had from a young age. She currently owns horses, chickens, koi fish, an African grey parrot, a Maine Coon cat, a number of rescue dogs, a desert tortoise, and a giant rabbit that Zoey has claimed is one of her favourite animals.

She claimed that the rabbit is also one of her animals that is the highest maintenance because he's the most difficult. His name is Samson and Zoey found him while she was working on a music video shoot, which must have been her music video debut in Opium by The New Division, which was released back in 2014. Zoey stated that he was there and she decided to sort of rescue him and just took him home when the shoot was over. Zoey regularly updated images of her growing number of animals on her Instagram page.

12 She Actually Had Her Scene Cut From The Amazing Spiderman

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Zoey made her film debut back in 2011 but she didn't appear in a blockbuster movie until the following year when she was cast as sort of an extra in The Amazing Spiderman. Zoey was seen in the movie gossiping in the toilet before The Lizard climbs up through the drain and then destroys the bathroom.

Zoey and her friend run out of the cubicle but realize that they have nowhere left to run, so they stand and scream as the Lizard looks them up and down and then walks past. This wasn't a huge role and it was a scene that the director decided to cut from the movie when it was first released. The scene was however added to the deleted scenes when the DVD was released so Zoey maintains the credit of appearing in the movie but wasn't able to see herself on the big screen until a year later.

11 She Has Impeccable Fashion Sense

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Fashion is something that is always changing and as a society, we are constantly being dictated to when it comes to the right clothes to wear. Despite all of the magazines out there telling stars how to dress, it seems that Zoey is one of very few people who are able to dress herself in a way where everyone takes note but that could be because she has an extensive modelling background as well.

Over the past few years, Zoey has been featured in and on the cover of a number of magazines starting back in 2013 when she was on the cover of Justine's February issue. She has also appeared on Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Rogue Magazine and Vanity Fair. She is a person who is frequently on the best-dressed list and seen in front rows of fashions shows at Milan and Paris Fashion Week. Fashion is something that has always been important to Zoey.

10 The Acting Business Is In Her Blood

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As already mentioned, Zoey has been around the business her entire life and it seems to go back further than the current generation as well.  Her grandfather Murray Deutch was a music industry executive, while her grandmother Babah Hanson was a musician and an artist. Her mother Lea Thompson is also an actress and her father Howard Deutch is a director, even her younger sister Madelyn Deutch is an actress too.

Zoey's uncle Robert Walden is also an actor and it seems that her family pushed her into the business from a young age because she was sent to schools like Oakwood School, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts as well as Young Actors Space. Acting is in her blood so it seems only right that she is currently taking the world by storm since she was given the perfect education to prepare her for this career path.

9 She Landed Her First Main Role In 2014

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Zoey may have begun her acting career back in 2010 but she didn't land her first major movie role until 2014 when she was cast as Rose Hathaway, the main star in the movie adaptation of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy.

The movie was supposed to be the beginning of a six-part series that followed the international best-selling series, but it seems that the movie didn't gain the attention that the maker of the film through it would so the second instalment of the movie was cancelled. It seems that Zoey is a fan of book adaptations though since the year before she was part of Beautiful Creatures, which was based on the book of the same name by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Even though Zoey wasn't one of the main stars of the film, she was still a noticeable addition to the cast which obviously pushed her on too much bigger roles.

8 She's Pescatarian

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Ever wondered how Zoey is able to stay in such great shape despite always being on film sets and part of night shoots where she's forced to eat at strange hours which can then confuse your body? Well, Zoey doesn't eat meat. She hasn't eaten meat for a very long time but she does eat fish because sushi is one of her favourite foods.

She is in a job where the days can be up to 15 hours and she is in a position where she can't get the nutrients she needs to be able to up her energy all day from meat, so she must have been able to figure it out another way. As a former dancer, to be able to survive without meat throughout the training is quite impressive too. It seems that whilst she already does a lot of activist work, one of the main things she will always think about is her animals, which could be why she can't bring herself to eat meat.

7 She's Super Smart

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There was once a saying about actors and many major sports stars when it comes to their intelligence, with many coming to the conclusion that they went into a career in acting because education didn't quite work out. It seems that Zoey is something of an exception to this rule then because she's super smart.

Zoey managed to skip the ninth grade at school which allowed her to graduate a year earlier and move on to begin acting when she was just 15. After being sent to acting schools while she was growing up, she later moved on to study at L.A. County High School for the Arts. She double-majored in theatre and visual arts. Zoey has since become part of a number of activist roles alongside her mother and sister where they have supported causes to help orphanages in Mexico as well as Planned Parenthood and The Alzheimer's Association.

6 Deutch Was Raised Jewish By Her Father

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Deutch is a person who has always been seen in the right kind of light. She has never been part of any scandals like many other stars who were pushed into the business as children and have since had meltdowns that have left them in rehab or have been part of relationships that have been made very public.

Zoey has always been around the right kind of people who have allowed her to remain grounded. Her family has been supportive of her and she has been able to work with them a number of times as well. She was raised in her father's Jewish religion and even had a bat mitzvah ceremony when she was 12 years old. It is probably the way she was raised and her support network throughout this that have allowed Zoey to become a role model of sorts to her fanbase all over the world.

5 She Dated Fellow Actor Avan Jogia

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Zoey is one of so very few actresses whose personal life isn't harrowing reading. It seems that the actress has only had one public relationship in the eight years that she has been in the public eye and that was with Nickelodeon star Avan Jogia. The couple were together for five years after meeting back in 2011 and breaking up in 2016 in what was said to have been an amicable split which has allowed them to remain friends.

Avan is best known for his appearances in Victorious alongside Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice or as part of TV series Twisted where he played the main role until the show was cancelled back in 2014. Since the breakup Avan has gone on to date Cleopatra Coleman while Zoey has remained single and concentrated on her budding acting career, which could be why she recently landed the role in Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" video.

4 She Has Appeared Alongside Her Mother On-Screen Before

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As already mentioned, Zoey's mother Lea Thompson is also a well-known actress, so much so that she has been able to share the screen and the set with her daughter a number of times. Zoey's big screen debut back in 2011 as part of Mayor Cupcake allowed her to perform alongside her mother and sister Madelyn since her mother was also the executive producer for the film as well.

Lea is perhaps best-known for her role as Kathryn Kennish in Switched at Birth, a show that she was part of until it was cancelled back in 2016, but Zoey was also able to share the screen with her mother as part of the show in a much smaller role. Zoey appeared as Elisa Sawyer in the show back in 2013 for just two episodes, but it marked the second time that Zoey and her mother had been able to work together.

3 She Has Won A Number Of Acting Awards

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Like many stars in the business, Zoey has been part of a number of TV shows and worked her way up to being the star of films and along the way she has been nominated for a number of awards and actually been able to win a number of these.

Zoey was nominated for a Teen Choice award back in 2014 for her role in Vampire Academy for the choice movie actress in a comedy, which is the only one that she failed to win. She later won the Napa Film Festival Award for the Chandon Rising Star, The Face Of The Future award from The Women in Film Crystal and Lucy Awards. Zoey has recently been nominated for her second Teen Choice Award this year as The Choice Movie Actress in a Drama for her role in Before I Fall, but was sadly beaten by Emma Watson for her role in The Circle.

2 She Can't Operate Without Coffee

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Earlier in this list, it was mentioned that Zoey is able to operate through 15-hour day and night shoots despite not eating any kind of meat to help her maintain energy. It seems that Zoey has been able to get all of the energy she needs to operate from coffee and has confessed a number of times that she isn't a very nice person before she's had it.

Zoey is rarely ever pictured without a cup of coffee and has even tweeted before stating that she has had 34 coffees in one day. Like many coffee enthusiasts, she has her own favourite brand too, which is Medaglia D'oro Instant Coffee. She has also talked about how one of her favourite things to do is to have a cup of coffee and head down to spend some time with her chickens, which is kind of cute. There are much worse things to be obsessed with.

1 She Has Quite The Acting CV Already

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Zoey may have only been part of the business for the past eight years, but she already has quite an envious CV when it comes to her career. Zoey has acted alongside the likes of Zac Efron in Dirty Grandpa, Emma Thompson in Bad Creatures, James Franco in The Disaster Artist and Lucy Liu in Set It Up.

As well as the movies that she has landed roles in over the past few years, Zoey has also appeared in a number of TV series' including Criminal Minds, NCIS, Ringer and Switched At Birth. The 23-year-old has also had roles in two music videos, which include her recent appearance alongside Ed Sheeran in "Perfect" something that has propelled her into the public eye. She's still only young, though, so it's obvious that Zoey still has a lot more to come in what should be a lengthy career for the popular star.

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