15 Things To Know About Chadwick Boseman And The Black Panther Suit

One thing Marvel is really good at is marketing its films since we can hardly talk about any other film when we're waiting for one of its own films to hit the big screens. Since the first Avengers film back in 2012, where a number of superheroes came together to battle a common enemy, Marvel has won many fans across the world, because the quality they produce is in a league of its own.

In addition to introducing us to a new Spiderman and giving us a chance to meet Deadpool and the Ant-Man in their own solo films, audiences have been impatiently waiting for the release of the first Black Panther film. This upcoming film is a big deal for everyone including Marvel because it will be the first solo film starring a black superhero, and judging by its trailers, it will be amazing.

Unlike many other superheroes who have appeared in many films before, we got to see what Black Panther was capable of doing for the first time in a film in Captain America: Civil War. However, we still have so many unanswered questions about Black Panther and his homeland called Wakanda, that we hope the film will address.

Here's a bit of what we know about Chadwick Boseman, the actor who will reprise the role of Black Panther in this year's film and the suit he will be wearing. He is truly the right man for the job, and his suit is something to write home about.

15 Chadwick Boseman Was Born In South Carolina

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Have you ever watched actors like Robert Downey Jr. or Mark Ruffalo play characters other than Tony Stark/Iron Man or Bruce Banner/ The Hulk respectively on other films? Although they're great actors, most of us can't see past the fact that they're their respective superhero characters, because they've convinced us that they're the superheroes in real life. Likewise, it's now possible to think the same about Boseman; because he's such a good Black Panther, you can't imagine anyone else playing the role.

His convincing performance, appearance, and accent are what make it so hard to believe he's not actually from Africa because he was born in South Carolina and was raised in the City of Anderson. Although some people complain about using American actors to depict people from other parts of the world, as there are so many actors in those parts of the world, but he has done a great job depicting this character. However, isn't acting all about acting?

14 He Currently Has The Best Suit In All Comic Book And Cinematic Universes

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Although everyone is always inclined towards claiming their favorite superhero has the best costume of all, a sober and objective analysis will undoubtedly reveal that Black Panther's costume in the most recent films is the best. When you think about the purpose of wearing a suit and the advantages it offers the wearer, we can rule out numerous suits.

A suit should at least protect you from an enemy's attacks, it should conceal your identity (if it's important to the wearer), it should be comfortable, and not have loose parts as is the case with most capes. Ugly suits where the underwear is on the outside don’t even deserve to be ranked and the same applies to suits which come in weird colors.

Black Panther's suit makes the wearer virtually indestructible, it doesn't expose any flesh, it's tight, comfortable to fight in, and it's sleek. Any soldier out there who understands the demands of combat, the need for speed, and the need to look great in the process would pick this suit any day.

13 The Original Red And Yellow Black Panther Suit

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If you're an artist or are close to someone who is, then you probably know how complicated coming up with the finished product is. The people who look at the final product hardly ever get a glimpse of what happened behind the scenes, which is the reason most critics are harsh and aren't always correct in their criticism.

Since we know that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby came up with this character, their original idea of the character looked nothing like what we see today. The image above was the original concept for the Black Panther. Of course, the biggest differences we can tell are the red and black cape, all the yellow on the suit, his amazing chain is missing, and his face is fully exposed.

However, we can clearly see they held on to their intention of making him the first superhero from Africa in American comic books. The creators' original intention was to call him Coal Tiger, but we are grateful they settled on his current name.

12 He Spent 5 Years As A Drama Instructor

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After Boseman graduated from T. L. Hanna High School back in 1995, he enrolled at Howard University in Washington DC and graduated in 2000 with a bachelor's degree in fine arts in directing. Thereafter, he went to Oxford, England and enrolled in the British American Drama Academy, where he learned a lot about drama. He later graduated from the Digital Film Academy in New York City, and at this point, he had acquired enough education to pursue his dream of becoming a writer and director someday.

With regard to his education and training, he became a drama instructor for five years in the Schomburg Junior Scholars Program, which was in the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, New York. Although this line of work is also great, can you imagine how it would have been for him had he not ventured into acting? We'd have a different Black Panther, a line of thought we don’t want to entertain in our minds even for a second.

11 The Suit's Resemblance To Batman's Suit

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The original creators of the superheroes and villains we have today did a great job when you think about how creative they had to be to think and come up with all the powers that these fictional beings have. Today, we have hundreds of superheroes and villains in both Marvel and DC, and although we can claim each is unique, many of them share some qualities or even look the same.

In the case of Black Panther, just by looking at him you can immediately see his resemblance to DC's Batman, a character who preceded him and has always been more popular than he is. Some of the things these superheroes have in common include their black suits, their almost identical eyes and ears, they're outstanding fighters, and they're not the best team players.

In their present-day depictions in film, both their suits appear to have been made out of the same material. Some fans even consider Black Panther to be Marvel's version of the Batman.

10 Its Ability To Change Shape And Form And Still Have Its Strength

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Arguably, one of the first things creators of comic book superheroes and villains do before coming up with their specific storylines is to establish as early as possible is the powers and weaknesses their characters will have. These amazing abilities make these characters interesting and exciting to follow since there's nothing like them in the real world.

One of Black Panther's most powerful assets is his suit. It's such an important part of who he is and his ability to beat the bad guys because it's almost impossible for anyone to defeat him when he's wearing it. One of the suit's fancy tricks is its ability to change its shape and form and still have its almost indestructible strength intact.

Although we love it when superheroes are more powerful than the villains are, the heroes usually come together to fight dangerous villains who would otherwise defeat an individual hero. This suit makes Black Panther a vital member of any team he's associated with.

9 He Almost Quit Acting

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming something but on the other hand, you were made for a greater purpose? If you ever get an opportunity to become someone greater than you are today, take it and run with it.

In the case of Boseman, it's safe to assume that he wasn't so much into acting as he was into directing and making films, but all his hard work and talent propelled him into the star we know today. Apparently, he studied acting just to know how to relate to actors in a better way, but at the time, his end goal wasn't to become an actor.

After taking part in a few small acting roles, he had decided to hang his acting boots and take up directing full time. However, he changed his mind when he received an offer to play Jackie Robinson in 42 back in 2013, at the time he was directing East Village, an off-Broadway play.

8 The Suit Can Absorb Energy

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Unlike any other suit in the Marvel Universe, Black Panther's suit is infused with vibranium, one of the most powerful substances on the planet owing to its durability and capabilities. The fictional nation of Wakanda in Africa is the only place on the planet you can find vibranium; this material's durability is beyond anything else known to man.

Although one of the most useful abilities most powerful superheroes have is durability in battle, when T'Challa wears the suit, he can absorb some of the mightiest blows known in the comic book universes. Some even claim his suit can easily absorb a blow from the Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, or even the impact of the Hulk's punches.

Now, imagine just how powerful the Black Panther is, considering he has such a powerful suit whenever he goes to battle, in addition to his expertise in martial arts, enhanced senses, and the use of high-tech weapons.

7 It Can Absorb The Attacks And Repel Or Respond To Them

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If you've ever stepped inside a physics classroom, you've heard of a brilliant man who once lived called Isaac Newton. Among his many contributions to science are his laws of motion, and of great importance to our discussion is his third law. This law states that for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.

Although most of the great things about the Black Panther, as well as other comic book characters, are his ability to break the laws of physics, his suit seems to be exaggerating and even improving Newton's third law. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly back in 2015, Chadwick Boseman went into detail about the suit he would be wearing and claimed it would have the ability to absorb an attack and then respond or repel the same.

Therefore, we can conclude that a powerful attack on the wearer of the suit won't hurt the wearer in any way because the suit will respond by absorbing the impact or repelling the attack to the attacker's dismay.

6 Captain America's Shield And Black Panther's Suit Have A Lot In Common

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Regardless of whether you love comics or not, it's highly likely you've heard of Captain America, and you've probably watched one or two films he's in. This superhero is unique for being the ultimate American soldier. This superhero is Steve Rogers' alter ego, an originally frail man who transformed into a super soldier with the help of an experimental serum.

In addition to his enhanced physical attributes, Captain America wouldn't have been the great superhero he is today was it not for his virtually indestructible shield. His shield is so useful he uses it to deflect bullets and other powerful attacks, it cushions his falls, it absorbs powerful blows, and he uses it as an offensive projectile.

Since its clear his shield is one of his most powerful assets, you will be pleased to learn it's made from vibranium, the same material that's infused in Black Panther's suit. Can you imagine how powerful Captain America would be if he was clothed in his shield? That’s how powerful Black Panther is.

5 The First Black Panther

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Ask any fan of superhero movies out there and he or she will tell you Chadwick Boseman is the first man to portray the Black Panther, a response that might not be 100% accurate. Boseman was the first actor to bring the character to life on the big screen but since Djimon Hounsou voiced this superhero in an animated series back in 2010, he is not really the first Black Panther.

Furthermore, many people will be shocked to learn that Black Panther would have hit the big screen sooner than it did in last year's Captain America: Civil War. There have been two previous attempts to make the Black Panther film, which would have starred Wesley Snipes, the first one failed to materialize back in the 90s and the second almost took off back in 2004.

Although Wesley Snipes is a great actor, we're glad the first man we can associate with Black Panther is Boseman, because he's the perfect embodiment of the character.

4 Playing The Role Of Black Panther Was A Fulfillment Of Prophesy

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When people hear about prophesy, most start thinking about the Old Testament times, when God used to speak to His people using prophets, and they'd do amazing things and speak with confidence concerning future events. Although many believe there are genuine prophets today, they believe the fake ones we see on TV have really given prophesy a bad name, and many people have come to think everything about prophecy is mythical.

However, if you ask Boseman what he thinks about prophecy he will tell you it's real, and how he got the part was a fulfillment of prophecy. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2016, Boseman narrated an interesting event that happened a year before he even got the part.

According to his story, a man called Charles Carter placed an original 1977 first comic book issue of Black Panther in his trailer and wrote a note stating he believed he would play the role of Black Panther. This role wasn't even on his radar. However, Carter's prophecy came true.

3 He's Amazing At Telling Real Life Stories

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When it comes to Hollywood, the people who end up choosing which characters play what role often appear to prefer characters who've previously played similar roles or are involved in a particular genre. This might be the result of an actor being so good he or she always emerges as the best during auditions.

If you look into Boseman's film history, you will discover he has played the lead in biopics more than in any other type of film – of course, after you consolidate all his appearances as Black Panther into one. He played the role of Jackie Robinson in 42, James Brown in Get On Up, and just last year played Thurgood Marshall in Marshall.

Some critics claim Hollywood is lazy about finding good actors to play the many films based on black characters it's producing. Could it be that no one is really trying to discover new talent among black actors, so they simply settle on the familiar ones? Regardless, Boseman is a great actor and he portrayed those characters in the best possible way.

2 He Played Roles In CSI And ER

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It's quite rare for actors to begin their careers with leading roles or to even have speaking roles in their first films because there are so many other experienced actors in Hollywood who deserve a shot. People who're not familiar with Boseman's past might think he was an exception to this rule, because he started starring in the second film he was involved in, and the rest is history.

However, in the years preceding his appearance in a film, he played numerous roles on TV shows many of us love. However, apart from his role in Lincoln Heights and Persons Unknown, where he appeared in nine and 13 episodes respectively, he didn't play any recurring role in any series.

Some of the one-time appearances were in shows such as Law & Order, CSI: NY, ER, Cold Case, Castle, and even on Justified among other series. This goes to show there's no shame in humble beginnings, regardless of which profession you're in.

1 He's A Great Basketball Player

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If you've ever watched a basketball game in the NBA, then you'd know why the United States Men's National Basketball Team is the best in the world. Actually, this is the most successful team in the Olympics and other international competitions, since it has won a medal in all 18 Olympic tournaments it has been part of, out of which 15 are gold medals.

Since the people who make up the team are Americans, it goes without saying that most Americans are great basketball players, which includes Boseman. Interestingly, being an average player in America would make you a superstar in other parts of the world, but Boseman is a great player because he's been in love with the game since high school and was even part of the Anderson's 16-and-under AAU basketball team.

Although he has played roles which required him to play baseball and football, he's never gotten a chance to play his favorite sport on the big screen.

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