15 Things To Know About Black Panther's Michael B. Jordan And His Killmonger Suit

A new trailer for the upcoming Black Panther movie just dropped, and people all over the world can't stop talking about it. There's no doubt that the first few appearances of the Black Panther have been very well-received by fans, and now the road is paved for plenty more Black Panther movies in the series. But if you were worried about this franchise getting stale, your doubts were probably completely put to rest after seeing the latest trailer, because in this newest movie, we're going to be introduced to a brand new character – Killmonger. Fans are now incredibly excited to see what this villain will be like, as the trailer seems to suggest a fascinating character.

For those of you who are fans of the series and know a lot about the comic books and lore, Killmonger is hardly a new character. He's been the arch enemy of the Black Panther for countless years, and we know him all too well. It's about time he made an appearance, and his character looks seriously awesome. Rumor has it that his character will follow a similar dynamic as the Joker from Batman – a complete opposite in philosophy and personality. As we all know, this relationship makes for great entertainment. But looking at the trailer, these two characters actually seem pretty similar. The most obvious similarity is their suits, which seem to follow the same basic design and look quite similar. However, they are quite different in several ways. What exactly do we know about Killmonger and his golden suit?

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15 It's Called The "Golden Jaguar Habit"

via: comicbook.com

Let's start with the name of Michael B. Jordan's new suit. Fortunately, the widespread availability of the comics means that we don't have to guess what the suit is actually called, as this is explored in detail within the pages of the comics. It's called the "Golden Jaguar Habit." This is obviously similar to the name of T'Challa's suit, which is called the "Panther Habit."

And it's clear that the two suits are pretty similar, and not just in name. Both suits share very similar designs and look as if they were made by the same person (more on that later). The similarities between the two suits are reflective of the similarities between the two characters who wear them – but they are also totally different as well. In many ways, they are mirror reflections of each other.

14 It's Still Made Of Vibranium

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Although some might say that the Golden Jaguar is just a cheap knock-off compared to the original Panther Habit, the truth is that both suits share one vital similarity – they are both made from a specialized weave of Vibranium. This means that both suits are going to be able to take a lot of punishment before they suffer any kind of punctures or gashes. If both suits share this vital component, it's clear that both characters will be very hard to take down.

Anyone who knows anything about the Black Panther universe knows that Vibranium actually plays a very important and central role in the story. You could even argue that the metal is more important to the Black Panther than it is to Captain America, who of course has a shield made out of solid Vibranium. This is because the people of Wakanda have a strong connection to the metal, as it is an abundant resource in their country.

13 Silver And Gold Reflect The Fact That He's A Very Different Character

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If you've seen the newest trailer for the new Black Panther movie, you probably got pretty hyped when you first saw Killmonger. That's because his suit looks awesome. It's definitely a little more elaborate than the Black Panther's suit, and the gold and silver markings especially set this character apart from the Black Panther. But these markings are there for a greater purpose, rather than just decoration and making him look cool.

The gold and silver markings also show us that we are dealing with a very different kind of villain, one that is basically T'Challa's opposite. The suit shows us that this is what T'Challa could have been if he had gone down a different road. Above all else, the gold and silver markings highlight the fact that Killmonger has a very different kind of personality.

12 His Mask Is Fanged

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If you've been able to take a close look at Killmonger's suit, you will notice that his mask is also very different. When we look at the Black Panther's mask, we see one that is fairly modern looking, with a distinct futuristic and military feel. It's clearly an advanced piece of hardware, and there are very few embellishments or decorations when it comes to the Black Panther's mask. This just isn't the case with Killmonger's mask.

From what we've seen from Killmonger's mask, it's clear that he wants to create a very different effect when people see his face. This mask seems almost more tribal in nature. There are many embellishments such as silver and gold detailing, but perhaps the most striking detail is the addition of fangs. This is clearly intended to intimidate his enemies, and we have to admit that it serves its purpose well.

11 Instead Of Clawed Feet, His Suit Has Boots

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Another detail that we might see in Killmonger's suit is the addition of boots rather than the clawed feet we see in the Black Panther's suit. A lot of people thought the clawed feet were one of the coolest features in the Black Panther Habit, but that might not be Killmonger's style. The addition of boots rather than clawed feet suggests that Killmonger's fighting style will be different. Perhaps he will be more of a "stand-up" fighter, with fewer kicks and more strikes coming from his upper body, with his legs primarily used to stabilize himself. We also know that Killmonger has an affinity for bladed weapons, so the clawed feet might be a little overkill in the "sharp things" department.

Of course, many of these assumptions are based on Killmonger's character design from the comics, and we all know that a lot can change when a character is taken from the comics and put into a movie.

10 His Powers Come From A Synthetic Version Of The Herb, Not The Suit

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Although having a Vibranium-enhanced suit definitely can't hurt, that's not where T'Challa gets his powers, and his powers are what give him his true fighting ability. Without his powers, he would basically be Batman – a rich guy in an advanced, futuristic superhero suit. And anyone who knows anything about the Black Panther knows that he gets all of his powers from a special herb known only to the people of Wakanda. This herb gives T'Challa all kinds of powers.

Killmonger is the same in that he doesn't get his powers from his suit either. But he's also different from T'Challa, because he doesn't get his powers from the same herb as the Black Panther. He actually tried to take the herb, but it nearly destroyed his body. So he actually created a synthetic version of the herb, which is pretty much exactly the same thing. This allows Killmonger to go toe to toe with T'Challa.

9 His Suit Has Spikes That Can Inject Poison Into Enemies

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Some of the detailing on the Black Panther's suit is really quite marvellous. Although it mostly follows a matte black style with very little embellishment, there are a few notable details that really stand out. For example, around his neck and around his forearms, there a few hints of spikes, which look almost like animal teeth (especially around his neck, which look almost like part of a necklace). But these details are just for show and don't have any real purpose.

If you saw Killmonger in the newest trailer, you might have noticed that he also has spikes on certain places of his suit. But could it be that these spikes actually have a function, unlike the Black Panther? In the comic, Killmonger is equipped with spikes on his suit that can inject poison into enemies. Could we see this in the movie? Or is this just something from the comic book that will never see the light of day?

8 His Wrists May Have Energy Blasters

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There is no doubt that Killmonger will be an extremely powerful and destructive force in the next Black Panther movie. From the glimpses we've seen of this character so far, it looks as if Killmonger is going to cause some serious mayhem. There are plenty of snippets of this character surrounded by destroyed, burning buildings, or cutting his way through his enemies mercilessly.

But how is Killmonger going to cause this level of destruction? Could it be that Killmonger will be equipped with some sophisticated weaponry that we've never seen before? Well, we have seen it in the comics, where Killmonger is equipped with energy blaster in the wrists of his suit. And we've also seen Shuri use energy blaster before. But could this make an appearance in the movie? We'll have to wait and see.

7 The Suit May Be Altered To Contain Killmonger's Larger Form

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There is no doubt that Killmonger is an extremely capable fighter. And what we've seen so far from the snippets of the trailer, this villain is also very physically fit and muscular. This even leads us to doubt whether or not Black Panther would stand a chance against Killmonger if their suits were laid aside, even with T'Challa's powers. It's clear that Killmonger poses a very real and dangerous threat to the likes of the Black Panther.

In the comic books, Killmonger is actually physically larger than the Black Panther. As anyone will tell you, if you're bigger than your opponent, you can definitely use this to your advantage. If Killmonger really is bigger than the Black Panther, you can expect that his suit will be altered to complement and augment Killmonger's larger and more powerful frame. But will this actually happen? Or will both characters be a similar size?

6 The Suit May Have Stealth Capabilities

via: gamespot.com

One thing that is clear about the Black Panther is that he relies heavily on stealth tactics. Just like a panther stalking his prey in the jungle, the Black Panther knows when to keep quiet and lurk in the shadows before pouncing on his prey when they least expect it. If you've ever seen the movies, you know that stealth plays a big role. While the suit from the movies has never been given invisibility powers, the suit in the comics has this ability.

But what about Killmonger? According to the lore from the comic books, Killmonger relies even more heavily on stealth than the Black Panther. He's basically a ninja assassin, more so than Black Panther. This presents the possibility that Killmonger's suit will actually have real stealth technology, such as invisibility or other devices. The movies don't always stay true to the comics, but you have to admit that this would be cool.

5 He Is Equipped With Kimoyo Beads

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If you look really closely at some of the scenes of the Black Panther trailers, you will see some seemingly innocuous beads on the wrist of Killmonger's arms. Now, for the uninitiated, these beads will look like nothing more than just a decorative piece of Wakandan jewelry. But for those of us who know the comics and lore of Black Panther, we know that these are actually Kimoyo beads.

Kimoyo beads are some of the finest examples of Wakandan ingenuity and technological advancement. They work by tapping into the Vibranium around Wakanda, and they can prove to be very useful in tons of different situations. The beads can allow people of Wakanda to communicate with each other, access a database similar to the internet, and access a lifetime of knowledge on almost all subjects. We might see these beads playing a major role in the next movie.

4 The Suit Can Manifest Around Him

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One of the coolest things about the Black Panther's suit is that it can manifest around his body whenever he desires. This proves to be incredibly useful in almost all situations. Unlike Clark Kent, T'Challa doesn't have to run into a phone booth in order to rip off his clothes, revealing his suit underneath. He can simply use a single thought, and his suit basically builds itself around his body. In this way, T'Challa can have the appearance of a normal dude one second and then turn into the Black Panther the next. This has proven to be incredibly advantageous.

Seeing as the same person built and designed Killmonger's suit, it seems only logical that he would have the exact same ability. This would provide all of the same benefits, and it would also prove that his suit is just as technologically advanced.

3 T'Challa's Sister Shuri Made The Suit

via: comicbook.com

Throughout this article, we've touched on the fact that the same person built and designed both T'Challa's and Killmonger's suits, or "Habits." This is actually a really significant fact, because it means that both suits were designed by a woman who is a technological genius. Shuri appears to play a pretty big role in the Black Panther movie, and her technological innovations always prove to be very impressive.

But why would Shuri design a suit for Killmonger, who is obviously going to be presented as T'Challa's biggest enemy yet? Was she tricked into doing it? Does she have feelings for Killmonger? All of these questions have yet to be answered, but it's clear that if she designed both of the suits, then Killmonger's suit is not going to be any worse than Black Panther's. In fact, seeing as Killmonger's suit was built after Black Panther's, it might actually be more advanced.

2 The Markings On His Chest Match Real Tribal Symbols

via: thereelcritic.com

If you've seen glimpses of Killmonger's bare chest, you immediately see that Michael B. Jordan has some very interesting markings all over his chest. These markings really set him apart from T'Challa, and they also make it quite clear that this villain is very different. His personality seems to be much more in tune with traditional African culture, and so he is a welcome addition to the Black Panther franchise.

The markings on his chest are actually scarification marks, and they match the same ones used by real African tribes to this day. It's a really interesting detail, and it once again highlights the fact that Killmonger is much more in tune with traditional African tribal elements. And because of these details, some (including Killmonger himself) would say that he is more worthy of recognition in Wakanda than T'Challa, which leads us nicely into our final point...

1 The Gold Markings Represent His Aspirations For The Throne

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The biggest thing to realize about Michael B. Jordan is that he's a direct challenge to T'Challa. He wants everything T'Challa has, including his throne. Looking at the comics, it's no secret that Killmonger sees himself as a more worthy king than T'Challa, and this has been the basis for their conflict from the very beginning. Obviously, T'Challa is not going to take this sitting down, and that's when things are going to get really interesting in this upcoming movie.

And when you consider Killmonger's royal aspirations, suddenly those gold and silver markings on this suit become clear. Gold is the color of kings and royalty. It's obvious that Killmonger sees himself as royalty, and wants the throne for himself. The gold details on his suit mark him as the rightful king.

Sources: comicbook.com

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