15 Things The World Needs To Know About Khloe Kardashian’s Pregnancy Workout

In past years, Khloe Kardashian was always seen as the lesser attractive sister with plenty of trolls putting her down. Times have changed as she has not only enhanced her appearance, but she got into the best shape of her life. Khloe had problems with people referring to her as the "ugly" sibling and wanted to shed that label, which she successfully did with her transformation to become as relevant as her sisters. Over the years, fans had gotten to know her through her appearances on different reality shows, and her personality always stood out due to her outspoken nature, landing her in some trouble every now and then.

More recently, Khloe has completely changed her lifestyle, opting to become healthier than ever by following a strict diet and an impressive workout. Once she got pregnant with Tristan Thompson's baby, many thought that she may stop being active for the time being. But as it turned out, Khloe did the exact opposite by making some switches to her routine to adjust. With the help of her doctor and personal trainers, Khloe crafted a program that was most suitable for her goals.

Being a Kardashian, it was expected for so many people to be curious about her routine, and Khloe hasn't shied away from the public eye during her pregnancy (unlike her sister), as she kept sharing videos and photos of herself in the gym. Here are 15 things the world needs to know about Khloe Kardashian's pregnancy workout:

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15 She Kicks It Off With 30 Minutes Of Cardio

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It's a common practice among some people to completely ignore cardio which, more often than not, tends to be a mistake. You have to get your body going before you hit the weights, and it serves as a great warm-up. Additionally, depending on your goals, cardio will play a major part in assisting you to reach them. While we often see people who are trying to lose weight doing some cardio,

it is also important for those who are attempting to gain pounds.

Khloe Kardashian appears to understand the importance of cardio as she always sets up a session of 30 minutes prior to her workout, with the stair climber being her machine of choice to do so. She never dropped cardio from her routine even after getting pregnant, although she reduced the time as the months went on, but Khloe specifically spoke about the importance of cardio to her workout.

14 10 Minutes Of Stretching

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Fitness experts always make sure to note the importance of stretching prior to any workout, yet so many people continue to ignore these calls. There are some who take it lightly or only do it from time to time. In fact, plenty of injuries occur for that very same reason as some underestimate the importance of warming up before using your body's muscles. Thankfully, Khloe Kardashian doesn't fall in that category as she always follows up her cardio with 10 minutes of stretching. There are some people who consider cardio to be enough to replace any form of stretching, while others argue against it. But, it's always safer to do a bit of both to prepare for a workout. According to Kardashian,

her warm-up consists of basic stretch routines to get her ready to lift,

as she tries to work out all parts of her body in preparation.

13 Khloe Does Two To Five Reps

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The number of reps varies from one routine to another as some prefer to do low reps while lifting heavier weights, while others opt to go with high reps. At the end of the day, each person is different, and what works for someone may not always work for you.

At the time of her pregnancy, Khloe chose to lower the weights she is using while increasing the number of reps. It varied from two to five depending on the workout as some required more exercise.

During the earlier months of her pregnancy, she mostly went for two reps. But once she made adjustments, she mostly switched to five. She did note that it wasn't necessarily the standard for the exercises and each person could maybe make their own adjustments to see what works for them best. Khloe has stuck through the very same routine until some time before giving birth.

12 She Switches Her Routine Quite Often

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Some people will stick to the very same routine for years until they are no longer seeing the desired result or they have changed their goals. Khloe Kardashian has a different mindset, preferring to often switch her routine for various reasons. The top factor seems to be motivation, and

Khloe claims that she gets bored doing the same exercises all the time which is why she loves to mix it up. It keeps her invested while trying different things.

Many may argue that it's not beneficial and one should stick to one routine at least during the same cycle, but it has clearly worked out for Khloe, so who are we to judge? Khloe takes advice from experts who help her adjust her routine while also making sure that she remains on track with all her progress until it's time to mix it up once again.

11 A Big Believer In Push-ups

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Push-ups are a standard exercise that have probably been done by every single person to ever hit the gym. Depending on who you ask, the reaction may be different as to how much they value them. It must be said that any routine that only consists of push-ups, such as the infamous push-up challenge, is not that great since you aren't exercising your entire body. But when they are added to other exercises, then you will surely feel the effects.

Khloe Kardashian believes that doing push-ups is a must for any routine, especially the one that is tailored for her.

She also likes to mix it up by executing various forms of the exercise, some of which are much more challenging than the standard push-up. But of course, it takes time and practice to get to the level where you are comfortable enough to be performing those on a regular basis.

10 Squatting Is A Must

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Over the years, squatting has gone from being one of the most important workouts to an internet meme. While everyone acknowledges the effects of squatting, some people can't help but make some jokes especially when it comes to women. It is even worse when you're a Kardashian who is known for her remarkable "asset." If you happen to be on the fence about squatting, then you should know that even during her pregnancy, Khloe Kardashian was still putting in work at the gym.

She never stops squatting as it's one of her favorite exercises as well as one of the most effective, according to her.

It is evident that she is right in that regard, especially if you have seen her body transformation in recent years. She is now truly a Kardashian, and while many like to credit it to genetics, squatting has also played a vital role in Khloe's new image.

9 She Went Dairy-Free For Weeks

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There are plenty of people who still believe that simply working out is enough to get their desired results. It's the myth that won't die as many ignore the diet aspect, leaving them to wonder as to why they haven't seen any results. For Khloe Kardashian's workout, she opted to go dairy-free for some period during her pregnancy. While many may question her decision, what works out for someone doesn't necessarily always apply to everyone else. And since Khloe indicates that she saw results, then we are inclined to believe her.

She did note that it was quite difficult for her to do so as she found it hard to give up some dairy products. But of course, she pushed through as one should. Depending on the person, some people are much more in need of including dairy products in their diet while others have no problem going through without it.

8 She Doesn't Eat Carbs Past 3 P.M.

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Khloe Kardashian has emphasized that she doesn't eat carbs after 3 p.m. Many found it to be a strange cut-off, especially since it's pretty early for the day. In fact, she attempts to stop by the time it hits 2 p.m. and never goes over 3.

Kardashian defended her decision by claiming that it has been working out for her for several years and has tested her theory which only justified her decision.

She had consulted her doctor who is very involved with her overall routine and diet, and Khloe claims that he was supportive of the suggestion. This goes to prove that different things work for different folks, and it's sometimes best that we adjust to the way our body responds. In the case of Khloe Kardashian, she found it to be efficient to reduce the amount of carbs in her diet while also limiting it to a specific time.

7 No Days Off

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We always hear that off days are just as important as workout days, if not even more so. It makes sense since the muscles need to rest in order to grow so you are better off following a strict routine that allows you to properly rest. Khloe Kardashian doesn't seem to be on the same page as everyone else, claiming to take no days off.

She claims that it was her doctor's instructions to continue exercising every day, which she went on to verify with her personal trainers.

Once she received the green light, Khloe stuck with the same routine by making sure to never take a day off. Although, some days are lighter than the rest, which means that they may only have low exercise and cardio. That wouldn't usually be encouraged for most people, but considering Khloe's situation, it has clearly worked out for the best.

6 She Dropped All Intensive Exercises

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Working out while pregnant is greatly beneficial when done right, but you also have to make sure to make the appropriate adjustments. With your body constantly changing, it's only normal to also switch the workouts. In previous times, while Khloe was attempting to reach her "revenge body," her routine consisted of many intensive exercises that helped her in reaching her goals. But

as she advanced through the pregnancy, she took a couple of steps back by dropping these exercises and substituting them with suitable alternatives.

You would think that it's common sense, but most women either stick to what they already know or completely stop working out once they get pregnant. As always, there is a middle ground, and Khloe seems to have found the perfect routine. While she is still lifting weights, they are now lighter than previous months, although she did increase the reps.

5 Her Go-To Drink Is A Mix Of Bananas, Berries, And Almond Butter

via The Superficial

Protein shakes are extremely popular in today's world and may be taken for various reasons. Regardless of your goal, there is likely a drink that will meet your demands to assist you in achieving your long-term vision. Some prefer to buy brands due to their reputation of ingredients, but there are plenty of people who would rather create their own natural drink.

Khloe Kardashian is among the latter, opting to mix her own with bananas, berries, and almond butter. It's not exactly an innovative shake by any means as it's a fairly popular one and seems to be very effective as well. Khloe swears by this shake and refuses to drink anything else and has indicated that she never feels the urge to switch. She stuck through with the mix throughout her pregnancy and shared many photos of her favorite drink to the millions of followers on social media.

4 Variations Of Planking

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The plank has become an underrated exercise that many people tend to overlook. It serves as a great workout for the entire body core and certainly isn't as easy as it looks. Khloe Kardashian is a believer in planking and does variations of the exercise in her routine. Since she likes to switch her exercises every now and then, she experiments with different forms of plank.

But her favorite and go-to exercise is known as the Bird Dog Plank, in which you basically lift one of your legs and arms while keeping the other two on the ground for balance.

As usual, form is extremely important when planking so it is important to not gloss over any details that you may perceive as simple. Khloe seems like the expert when it comes to planking, so perhaps it's best that we all follow her advice to get in similar shape.

3 She Eats Several Small Meals

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For so long, there has been a debate about which diet routine is better to following—a standard three big meals per day or numerous small meals that are spread apart. What works for others isn't always a true reflection, as many prefer to eat larger portions at a time and feel that they benefit from it. But some will argue to death that splitting your meals apart throughout the day will guarantee you better results, as you will never feel full.

Another advantage is that since you have multiple meals per day, it means that you won't get hungry between each one as opposed to the standard plan. As of the past two years, Khloe Kardashian has switched her diet plan to consume several meals per day and continues doing so today during her pregnancy, which she highly recommends to everyone regardless of your goal.

2 She Works Out With Other People

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Most people prefer having a gym buddy to help them out with their exercises as well as keep them motivated. It makes sense in many ways because that extra effort could be very rewarding, and we tend to slack when we aren't being watched, which is especially true for inconsistent gym visitors.

Khloe Kardashian isn't a fan of working out by herself and prefers to have someone to get her going whether it's one of her sisters, a friend, or a personal trainer.

From time to time, her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, joins her workout sessions which is probably the best case scenario for her seeing as he is an NBA player who is very familiar with what it takes. In all the photos and videos that she has shared across social media, you can always spot at least one person–but usually more than just one–in attendance to exercise with Khloe.

1 Many Of Her Exercises Are Targeted To Her Stomach

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This was the case even before Khloe Kardashian got pregnant in the first place, as so many of her exercises target her stomach. The reasons are obvious but she takes great pride in keeping her tummy tight at all times. That is practically impossible once you are pregnant, but of course, she has worked her hardest to keep it looking as good as possible. Although she did have an issue with the baby bump over the first two months, she eventually got used to it and adjusted appropriately.

With hopes of staying fit and maintaining most of her progress, she switched some of her exercises but made sure to always target her stomach whenever possible.

But as previously mentioned, she does exercise all her body muscles which is crucial so you don't stand out for all the wrong reasons, which we assume Khloe is already aware of by now.

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