15 Things The Hogan Family Wants Us To Forget

Long gone are the days of Hulk Hogan being a major wrestling draw and making waves into mainstream pop culture. He is the figurehead credited with bringing the WWF (now WWE) to an international audience, instead of just the northeastern United States.

Hogan even made a name for himself in New Japan Pro Wrestling and then later in World Championship Wrestling. However, his career has taken a really unfortunate downturn since that point. He had another WWE run, which was simply a nostalgia trip without any substance.

He then followed up with a wasted run in Total Nonstop Action/Impact Wrestling/Global Force Wrestling... okay... maybe the GFW label isn't fair since that was before his time, but it shows the unfortunate path of that company.

Sadly, the rest of his family has made headlines for the wrong reasons since that time as well. If the past decade had been better managed, the Hogan family could have bank accounts mirroring the Kardashian's. Instead, they are often looked at due to their controversy and how far Hulk has fallen.

Long gone are the days of Hogan starring in movies, TV series, and headlining wrestling Pay-Per-View events - now he's lucky to even get credit for being a B-list celebrity.

This list highlights 15 events the Hogan family would like you to forget about.


15 Brooke's Stern Moment

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With the lack of fame that followed Brooke Hogan's interview on the Howard Stern show in 2009, she would probably like to take back a great deal of what she had to say on that day.

She spoke about losing her v-card to a guy named Jerry Reid - who actually appeared on Hogan Knows Best. Then she spoke about certain surgeries she had to alter her appearance, followed by more personal conversations about Brooke's body, and ending with her speaking about her parent's divorce.

Probably sounded like a good idea at the time, definitely didn't end up being the best of choices.

14 Racism Never Works

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Without giving the exact quotes from Hulk Hogan's infamous leaked audio... Let's just say he had some problems with his beloved daughter Brooke dating black males. Yeah, that's being kind, he had some major problems and he expressed them in the worst way possible.

Hogan made his career out of being a man that everyone could like and respect, no matter their race, sex, or background. He did numerous interviews where he showed remorse over the situation, but where was this remorse before the audio leaked?

Hogan has yet to recover from this incident and may never in the eyes of the public. Those wounds hurt deep, let's get over viewing each other as what shade of skin we have, shall we?

13 The Weird Poem

via Rolling Stone

This poem came from Brooke Hogan (Bollea, if you believe in legal names) after a video was leaked of the Hulkster using extremely racial language to explain his displeasure with Brooke dating an African American guy.

You would think he wouldn't have had a problem with the numerous African American males he has been friends with other the years. But anyway... Brooke defended him... a bit... take a read.:

If you knew my father,

you would know how hard he fought...

and the way it brought a smile to people light, medium and dark.

We always fight a battle

that people never see,

and sometimes when you're hurting, you don't think logically.

Human isn't perfect,

and perfect is not he,

but I can tell you one thing, it's just not what it seems.

Cause If you knew the dad I knew,

you'd know he raised me well.

Yeah, that still doesn't explain why he was so upset that Brooke was doing the nasty with a black guy. Shame on Hulk.

12 Linda's DUI

via Inside Edition

Back in 2012, Linda Hogan decided to get her name in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Seriously, has nobody in this family ever decided to donate money to a really charitable cause, for positive press?

This time Linda decided to get a DUI while driving in Malibu, California, got charged with two misdemeanors, but only ended up getting charged with one. Long story short, Linda gave a number of excuses and made the incident a lot worse than it needed to be.

See? Not even Linda is innocent in the Hogan family debauchery of embarrassment.

11 This Is A Bit Odd

via Hogan Knows Best

Sure, there's the possibility that Hulk isn't checking out the booty of his daughter Brooke in this picture, however, what has he done in order to get the benefit of the doubt? This isn't the only picture of an incident which makes one believe that the Hulkster admires the lovely lady lumps of his daughter just a bit too much...

Yes, it's fair to find Brooke Hogan attractive, but that's her dad. He shouldn't be mesmerized that much by her. Come on brother, we thought you were a bit better than that!

10 The Gawker Fuelled Nightmare

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The Gawker scandal may be the only part of this list that may make you feel bad for Hulk Hogan and his family at large. As proven by the unprecedented award granted Hogan after legal proceedings, he was the victim in this case. I'm not sure what his good friend Bubba The Love Sponge (what type of name is that, anyway?) nor his wife Heather Clem were hoping to gain out of this ugly situation.

Yes, Bubba watched as Hulk gave his own with the "Real" Legdrop of Doom, but this incident should have never been shared with the public without the consent of all parties.

9 Come On, Hogan

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Yeah... so... This is filed into the category of, "What exactly did you expect to happen?" We need to start coming to the realization that celebrities aren't intelligent just because of to the size of their bank accounts.

Hulk thought it was a great idea to post this picture on his Twitter and comment on his daughter's legs as being sexy. Yes, I get it, Brooke Hogan has a nice body and she is attractive. Also, all wrestling fans are aware of how much Hulk likes his Legdrops... but... come on.

Don't sexualize your daughter; doing so on social media only opens you up to much-needed criticism.


8 The Weird Testimony

via CNN

There's really only so much that can be said concerning Hulk Hogan's testimony during the Gawker case. For one, he made the argument that Terry Bollea's privacy and not his own was invaded by the careless actions of Gawker.

He also made the argument that the size of a certain body part was in reference to Hulk Hogan and not Terry Bollea. Does this sound like Sybil to anyone else?

Well, evidently it all ended up paying off for Hogan in the end as he won a major settlement and put Gawker out of business.

7 Brooke's Low Budget Films

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Brooke has done a list of low budget movies... no, not that kind. Also, there wouldn't be anything wrong if she did that kind of acting. However, after not making it as a pop star, she hasn't had any success as an actress either.

She probably doesn't want you to remember some of the movies she has done to no acclaim; maybe one day she will have her big break that may end up with her having an entertainment career of some sort.

Perhaps she won't, she'll always have the Impact days to fall back on.

6 The Lotion

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While this picture could be completely innocent in nature, it definitely doesn't look good considering Hulk's other comments about the physical attractiveness of his daughter. Yes, applying lotion to someone can be completely asexual, but with Hulk's track record plus the controversy surrounding the family, it's definitely something they probably wish everyone would forget about.

Was there nobody else there who could have done this for Brooke? Did the Hogan's not understand how this could look publicly? Did they simply not care?

So many questions and we have so few answers.

5 This Is Quite The Ignorant Argument

via TMZ

While talking to TMZ (because that's always a great idea) Brooke decided to make the argument that women shouldn't run for political office, because PMS.

That was literally every premise of her argument and the conclusion as well. While that isn't valid nor sound, it also shows that she simply isn't that informed about politics nor should be sought for political advice.

This was definitely one of the worst moments for Brooke; perhaps she should take some time to study before making a mind-numbing comment like that.

4 Nick's Supra Crash

via Autoblog

Hulk's son Nick Hogan is the gift that simply won't accept being returned to the store. This shameful picture is from when he totaled an amazing Toyota Supra. However, that wasn't the worst part of the situation.

Nick had four speeding tickets at this point, all accumulated within a year and the unlucky passenger was John Graziano who sustained horrific injuries, and was forced into life-long intensive care.

This abhorrent incident is definitely one that the Hogan family wishes everyone would just forget about as it caused them a lot of problems over the years. Yet, John is the real victim of Nick's careless behavior.

3 Brooke Bashes Linda

The divorce between Hulk and Linda Hogan was understandably bitter, with neither really willing to give any ground during the entire process. Linda eventually came out on top, with Hulk only keeping around 30% of the couple's liquid assets and only 60% of the business ownership.

However, Brooke was quick to attack her mother publicly, going as far to state that Linda was "...preying on her own babies." Which has to be the most tragic part of the entire situation. One has to wonder if the relationship between Brooke and Linda has been salvaged.

2 The Phone Conversations

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Here's Nick showing that he is the gift that won't stop giving. After Nick was thrown behind bars after his incident which left John Graziano in terrible shape - his phone conversations with his dad became public after his sentence was over.

Of course, there was overtly racist language being used and Nick never really seemed to be sad about what happened to John. Nick Hogan single-handly led to the downfall of the Hogan empire which could have probably been going strong today.

Instead of worrying about becoming a better person behind bars, he was worried about his next reality TV show.


1 Brooke Hogan Defamation

via Heightline

Even as her star began to fade from a failed pop music and wrestling career, she managed to get herself in trouble. Much like many vegans and those who refuse to research before making claims, she decided to accuse Army Veteran Alexis Williams of promoting dog fighting in 2015.

Brooke is a huge supporter of PETA (despite the organization doing a lot to harm their own cause), of course, Alexis Williams ended up suing Brooke for some sort of cyber defamation, and while there hasn't been a publicly announced resolution - it's safe to assume that Brooke had to pay up some cash for her misguided Instagram accusation.


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