15 Things That Were Totally Fake On Wife Swap

The show Wife Swap is an American TV show that first aired in September of 2004. In this show two families who are from totally different social classes and lifestyles swap wives for two weeks at a time. The first week the wives have to live by the rules of their “new families” and do the work that the opposite wife would usually do. During the second week, however, the wives are able to integrate their own rules into the household and make their “new families” do what they please, although there usually is some resistance during that phase. It is a program that housewives everywhere fell in love with because they just loved seeing how different other families were from theirs and not to mention how much drama there was in every single episode.

In TV today it is hard to know what to believe and what not to believe, as everything seems scripted, and we never seem to know who is there for the reality of things or who is just doing it for the money. Wife Swap seems to be one of those shows that appeared to be as real as it gets and it was very believable. The reason that I say that it “was believable” is because things have surfaced recently that lead us to look at this show in a completely different way. It turns out that there are a lot of lies that the producers of this show are hiding. This is why we went ahead and compiled a list of 15 of the biggest secrets that Wife Swap has been hiding.

15 The Families Are Forced To Act A Certain Way

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In the show, the two different families that swap wives are always complete opposites. For instance, one family could be health nuts who only eat organic food and believe in preserving planet earth, while the other family could be fast food junkies driving big diesel trucks and littering at every chance that they get. When you watch this you might find yourself wondering how in the world they find such completely different people for every episode. Well, apparently they don't. That's right, it has come out that the producers tell the families how they are supposed to act on camera and if they do not follow that “role” that they are given then they face the threat of not getting paid at all. They do occasionally find families that are opposites. However, in hopes of getting better ratings the producers still tell the families to step it up a bit and make themselves appear to be more "out there."

14 Producers Manipulate The Kids

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If you have ever watched Wife Swap then I am sure that you are familiar with at least a few children who appeared on the show that were total brats. For instance, remember the kid thought that bacon and chicken nuggets were good for him and that he made his parents refer to him as “King Curtis?” Well apparently the producers manipulated the majority of what this kid, and many other kids said while filming. It has been said that the producers tend to ask kids the questions over and over again in different ways until they get the answer that they want for the camera and then when that doesn't work they tell the kids what to say and then edit out themselves talking before the final cut airs. They do this not only for the ratings that they get when the kids act up or say something ridiculous, but also to make the kids look bad on purpose.

13 A Kid Sued The Show

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There was one person in particular who felt that being on the show had completely destroyed her life. In fact, she was so shaken up about how they portrayed her that she even sued them for $100 million dollars. Alicia appeared on the show when she was only 15 years old; it was not up to her, and she did not receive a single penny for it, but her parents did. She said that before the show was very popular in school, a straight A student, and had never been in any real trouble a day in her life. After the show aired however, Alicia began getting bullied at school and it got to the point where things were so bad that she needed to leave school. Apparently the show made her look like a spoiled rotten brat and her life spiralled downwards and in her lawsuit she says that the entire show was scripted. If she had a choice back then she never would have done the show in the first place.

12 The Manuals Are Completely Fake

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When the wives get to their new homes for the week they are all seen sitting down at a kitchen table reading off a manual that the other wife made describing their family and how things are done in their home. The only problem with this is that the wives did not actually write the manuals; the producers did. By this point in this article it probably doesn't come as that much of a shocker, but it all plays into how the producers want each family to be viewed. It is a great example of just how far the producers are willing to go in order to manipulate the way that the opinion that viewers have of each family. The manuals are everything in this show. They are what give each wife their first impression of the families that they will be staying with and how things operate in their “new home,” so the fact that it is all faked is just mind-blowing.

11 The Show Purposely Leaves Out Important Information

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By now, you are fully aware that the producers like to make each family seem to act and live a certain way, so it probably would not surprise you to learn that they leave out information regarding the families. A good example of this would be when one family who appeared on the show was made out to be a secluded family that lived in a treehouse in the woods and only the husband was allowed to leave the house. It later came out from the wife that this was not true and that she in fact did have a full time job outside of the home and two out of her four children were attending a public school at the time. The reason that the wife later came out with this information was because she did not like the way that they were portrayed on the show, so after the show paid her and her husband she made sure she got the chance to tell everyone the truth.

10 The Final Cut Is Not What The Families Are Shown

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Something that you probably didn't know about the show is that before it airs the producers have to show a final cut to both of the families to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the show. So you might be wondering then why all of these people are winding up upset about how they were portrayed. Well, apparently the producers of this show are notorious for creating a fake final cut to show the families, but then airing something totally different from what they showed to them first. This even led to a lawsuit from one of the wives who was outraged after watching the episode of her family only to see that they made them out to look like entitled jerks when in fact the cut that they showed her was totally different. Nothing came of the lawsuit, however, since she was unable to prove that they showed her something different.

9 The Editing Makes The Families Seem Completely Different Than How They Really Are

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It is no secret that all shows seen on TV are edited. They would have to be in order to make them watchable, but a secret that this show seems to be harboring is just how heavily they tend to edit the show. It turns out that the producers edit this show so heavily that they will chop up people's sentences when speaking to make it sound like they are saying something totally absurd when in fact they were talking totally normally. They tend to do this the most when they are not getting the answers and drama that they want on camera and knowing this makes us realize that we can't really trust anything that we see on this show. Doing a wife swap sounded like a pretty cool idea at first, but now it is unclear if the money that these families received was even worth it in the end.

8 Some Of The Wives Are Actually Paid Actresses

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There have been times on the show, specifically during the casting phase of things, where they can not find families to be on the show or where the wives just aren't what they are looking for. This is when the producers have been known to find fake waves, or in other words, actresses to fulfill the role of the wife or wives. It is starting to seem like nothing about this show is real and it shouldn't be that shocking considering the fact that you can't really believe anything that you see on TV these days. However, with all the lawsuits that this show has faced due to the producers sneaky ways, it is a wonder how the show is still running in the first place. The only thing that we can think of is that the ratings must have been amazing, but maybe after hearing all of their dirty little secrets, the ratings will drop and no more families will be ruined.

7 They Forced A Man To Film While They Kept His Wife From Him

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One family found themselves scared and unsure of what to do when filming began for them, and they were forced to go through with something that they never would have agreed to in the first place. For the episode in particular, the wives flew out to the destinations that they were given, where they were supposed to arrive at their new families home. For one wife however, her destination was not what she expected it to be. At first she thought the producers were just putting her up in a hotel until they were ready to begin filming, but she quickly realized that was far from the truth. Her husband became outraged when he learned that his wife had been replaced with a gay man on the show to play the part of his husband, and that they were keeping his wife in a hotel in an undisclosed location. When the husband refused to film until his wife was returned home the producers told him that they would not tell him where his wife was or pay for her return unless he finished filming. Sounds a little like kidnapping to me.

6 The Show Allegedly Caused A Terrible Tragedy To Occur

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Do any of you remember the episode with the Stockdale family, who performed in the Stockdale Family Band? In the show this family was portrayed as devoutly religious and that they banned all TV and video games from their home. After this show aired, however, things started to spiral downward for the family as they began to face a lot of ridicule and the boys started to be bullied pretty intensely. This ultimately lead to the mental breakdown of one of the sons, Jacob Stockdale, who ended up taking the lives of his parents before trying to take his own life. People who knew the boy personally said that he always seemed so happy and that he had a sparkle in his eyes, so they were shocked when they heard the news of what had happened with the boy.

5 The Rule Changes Are Also Completely Fake

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During the show, after about a week of following the other families' rules, the wives are given the opportunity to implement some rules of their own and do away with the rules that the family had been following. Usually the rules that are implemented during the show end up being the exact opposite of the ones that were already in place, and there is always resistance from the family when it comes to following them. As it turns out (no surprise here, though), the producers are actually the ones who create the new rules and put them into place. They always make sure to make the new rules something that they know the families will not go for in order to create some added drama. It is starting to look like these producers will do just about anything for some ratings. While they don't get paid that well if the ratings aren't great, there are always lines that should not be crossed.

4 Their Occupations Are Made-Up

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At this point in the article, you have learned a lot of secrets that the show Wife Swap has been hiding and it is probably starting to look like there isn't anything real about this show anymore. Well, this next entry definitely won't do anything to help ease your mind. In the beginning of the show we learn about the families, like, for instance, what their ages and occupations are. Would it really be that surprising though to find out that a lot of that information is faked as well? Well, it is true, the producers sometimes make the families lie about what type of work that they do in order to make them either seem crazier, or more professional and involved. They tend to make the families say that they do whatever they think will get the attention of their viewers. At this point in the article, that it is safe to say that nothing about this show is real anymore.

3 Celebrity Wife Swap

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Celebrity Wife Swap is exactly what it sounds like: two celebrity females switch families for a few weeks, instead of the normal families that you see in the normal Wife Swap. It probably will not come as much of a surprise that this entire show is scripted, since it is celebrity families who are used to that sort of thing. This kind of works out better in the producers favor since they don't have to convince or offer to pay celebrities more like they would a normal family, but that doesn't make it any less wrong. Many viewers liked seeing how celebrities manage their households but it has since become clear that nothing about that show is real. So who knows how they actually raise their kids or live their lives in the real world.

2 They Often Employ Fake Children And Tear The Real Kids Away From Their Families

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Earlier on in the article you learned about how the producers will sometimes switch out the wives for actresses in order to make the show seem to be more interesting. Well, apparently they do the exact same thing with the children. If the children from the families that they choose refuse to cooperate or aren't rebellious enough to stir up drama then they will bring in an actor or actress to play the part of one or all of the children. When this happens, the parents' paycheck goes down slightly, but they also do not get a choice in whether their children can or cannot appear in the show. While it is unfair to switch out the wives for actresses, at least they are adults. The children however have no say and are torn away from their family for a couple of weeks, which is totally wrong and a completely low thing to do.

1 Are The Families Really Complete Opposites?

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Another secret that the producers of this show probably would not want to get out is that they always make sure that the families they select are complete opposites no matter what the cost of that is. To some of you this may have seemed obvious since the families in the show are always so incredibly different, but you probably would not have guessed the lengths that they are willing to go to make this happen. These lengths are some things that we already discussed in this article such as, fake wives, fake kids, lying about their occupations, and manipulating the things that they say. It has become obvious that nothing about this show can be trusted and you never know when you are being lied to. The producers in this show clearly lie about everything from what the people say all the way to whom the people really are.

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