15 Things That Prove Kate Upton Is A Nasty Witch

Kate Upton, that gorgeous all-American s*x symbol. She of the smoldering eyes, legs that go on forever, and (not to forget) those double D-cup wonders. She is every guy's dream girl, right? Well, maybe. And maybe not. WTF? You are shouting. How dare you say our Kate is not nice, a witch, or whatever? Well, we're sorry to say, but rumors of diva behavior, selfishness, off-the-wall opinions, and a lot more regularly make the rounds. It is said that she has gone from innocent to diva and is in danger of sabotaging her own career because, quite frankly, many people in the modeling and film world are close to having enough. She had a lot of success–like really fast–and some say it has immediately gone to her head. There are just too many stories out there for there not to be something in it. Here come 15 things that prove that Kate Upton is a nasty witch in real life. It's not pretty. But it's very real.

15 Shut Up And Give Me The Money

There's a word for a chick who sells her body. And that's exactly what Kate Upton does again and again (and again). Some call her trashy, an F-word girl who is willing to strip off and get sexy for money... lots and lots of money. Many question her taste level and say that she is shamelessly exploiting herself for the sake of fame and fortune. Take the raunchy Carl's Jr. burger Super Bowl ad that was banned. Or her signing on to play a bikini-nun in the reboot of The Three Stooges. The Catholic League was up in arms and the scene was–like the Carl's Jr. ad–banned. Sure, she's gorgeous and has a hot bod. Another ad she did for the New York Zoo got banned. Something about profanity and erect nipples. But her taste level? Trashy, trashy, and trashy. Next up: Let's talk selfish, selfish, and selfish.

14 Kate To High School Fan: Shove Off

Back in 2013, Kate was gracing the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition. A besotted California teenage fan by the name of Jake Davidson got his 15 minutes of fame when his invitation to Kate Upton to be his date at his high school prom went viral... fast. Kate made short work of the poor kid by turning him down flat. It was all very vague and not very gracious. Something about "other commitments" or some other bullsh*t. It's the kind of embarrassing moment that can wreck a teenager's world (and reputation). The day was saved by none other than the gorgeous model Nina Agdal. She showed up looking hot and posed for pictures with Jake, her hand on his shoulder. After that night, our Jake was probably saying "Kate Who?" Now, let's talk diva.

13 More Demands Than The President

Kate first hit the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition in 2011 when she was only 18 years old. Then, she made the cover in both 2012 and 2013. Then came a pretty bad "performance" in 2014's The Other Woman. Actually, it was Kate in a bikini saying a few lines. So, it was really no performance at all. Fast-forward to 2016 and the photoshoot for the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition, and we have diva Kate telling the magazine which photographers and makeup artists she was willing to work with. Said one "insider," she was a "f*cking diva" who thought she was better than everyone else because she said she was an actress. That just proves another negative point: She's also a liar...and vulgar.

12 F Word Tweets

Back last November, Kate pitched one big Twitter diva fit. Why? Well, her fiance/ boyfriend/whatever, Justin Verlander, came in second in the Major League Baseball Oscar for pitchers—the Cy Young Award. It was complicated, not because Verlander got more votes than the pitcher who won it. But because Kate does not, not, not like losing. She doesn't like her intended losing. And so she did a Twitter rant, saying Justin had been screwed over and ending with "I thought I was the only one allowed to f*** Justin Verlander." Well, we never said she was subtle, did we? And how does she treat her exes?

11 Mark Sanchez "You're A Loser" Tweets

Our Kate has run through quite a few men since she made it big. First came that much- traded quarterback, Mark Sanchez. Now, the guy has been pushed around five teams since 2009 and has had his problems performance-wise. We, of course, mean on the football field. He and Kate dated for a time when he was with the New York Jets. After they broke up, Mark had even more trouble on the field and so Kate (always one to kick a man when he is down) took to Twitter to sarcastically comment on his performance, saying everybody knew that the Jets were going to lose every week. Guess who is to blame? It seems like when uber-Christian Tim Tebow joined the Jets in 2012, he refused to be photographed with Kate when she visited the stadium, saying it would be bad for his image. Hmmmm.

10 No, No, No To Posing With Other Models

Back in 2015, The New York Post ran a sensational story under the headline "Why Kate Upton's ego 'is ruining her career.'" They predicted a downward spiral for the hot model- turned-actress. Why? Plain and simple. Her ego and diva fits and behavior were pissing people off. Part of the problem was her ridiculous demands on photoshoots—"Give me this photographer or I'll walk" or "It's that makeup artist or else." According to the newspaper, part of it was her selfish queen-bee model attitude, because she refused point blank to be shot with young up-and-coming models. The paper rightfully pointed out that models such as Heidi Klum and Kate Moss had been very helpful to young models, willingly posing with them. But reportedly, not our Kate. And, considering what went on with Sports Illustrated recently, she's only getting worse.

9 If I Do The Shoot, I Get All Three Covers

Sports Illustrated had great plans for the 2017 Swimsuit Edition, that included bringing 60-something Christie Brinkley back, some 40 years after her first appearance in the bikini-fest magazine. They were also going to shoot tennis ace Serena Williams as well. So the guys at the magazine decided that they would do three covers—one with Kate, one with Christie, and one with Serena. If they thought the diva fit she pitched over which photographer would shoot her was a big deal, they were not ready for World War Kate. "If I do the shoot," she reportedly said, "I get all three covers." End of story. So, did she care if she pushed out Christie and Serena? Obviously not. Oh, she got the covers. But some say that diva fit may be the nail in her professional coffin.

8 Use 'Em And Lose 'Em Kate

Kate B.F. (Before Fame). First, she signed with Elite Modeling Agency. Then, she gave them the heave-ho when she went over to IMG Models. Then, "Hollywood here I come." Bye, bye IMG and hello William Morris Agency. Somewhere along the way, Next Models came and went and (this could change any moment) she signed with Lions Model Management. Now, Kate calls herself "rigid" and says that she is determined to be successful. She has also admitted to "fighting" with agencies when she thought they were not pushing her hard enough, getting her in front of the people she wanted to work for. Apparently, Lions prides itself in helping their clients "find their voice." With Kate, that probably translates into giving her exactly what she wants when she wants it.

7 Intolerant And Half-Baked Opinions

Some say Kate is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. The word "stupid" and "dumb" are often used. Like Tim Tebow, she considers herself an uber-Christian and, also like Tebow, she's got some pretty "black and white" ideas about what is right and wrong. When Miami Dolphin football players protested racial inequality and refused to stand up for the "National Anthem," Kate took to Twitter with a series of Tweets that had some people seeing red. They were wrong to do that and she was right to say so. They were unpatriotic and disrespectful to this great nation we live in. What about inequality, they asked. What about this great country we live in, she replied. They gave up.

6 Hate Is Good For Me

Kate seems to realize that more and more people are going off her. But it's like she has shut her eyes to reality and is saying, "It's not my problem; it's their problem." She says being hated is "good" for her. No explanation as to why. And the "hate" is coming from all over the place—from fellow models, agents, publicists, and fans who feel she has projected a squeaky clean, oh-such-a-nice girl face to the world, while regularly going in for one-upmanship, selfish behavior, diva demands, and an arrogant disregard for what anybody else thinks in general and about her in particular. It's like she's forgotten everything and everybody who helped her get to where she is today. She, in two words, has "no gratitude" and (in a few words) an arrogant sense of entitlement. "It totally went to her head," said one publicist who wished to remain anonymous.

5 Battle Of The Witch Divas

1980's swimwear model Carol Alt, has said she doesn't understand what all the fuss over Kate Upton is about and that she is overrated. That couldn't have pleased our Kate. Apparently, her friend, Chrissy Teigen's husband John Legend, doesn't want to be around Upton and Verlander, leading to a feud which everybody denies way too loudly. Then, when Upton's TV ads for Game of War: Fire Age–complete with battle gear, horses, and bouncing boobs–fell... well... flat, another ample chest by the name of Mariah Carey was called in to replace her. More bad feeling and resentment was said to have filled the air. Plus, while Christie Brinkley appeared with Upton to promote the 2017 Swimwear Edition, rumor has it that the 60-something resented being bumped off the cover by upstart Upton. She won't get another chance. And everybody knows it.

4 From The Beginning: Anything For Fame And Fortune

As a Florida school girl, Kate claims that she was bullied by mean girls. It seems like they made fun of her eyebrows. WTF! Anyway, as a teenager, she took to horseback riding in a big way and won some national equestrian championships. Kate Upton has drive, determination, and work ethic all right. That's all good stuff. The bad? Some say it's her obsession with fame and success at any cost. Just look at the disagreements with agents and fellow models. Just look at how she behaved over the cover of the 2017 SI Swimwear Edition. It is me, me, and more me as far as Kate is concerned. Throw in vulgar Tweets, off-the-wall opinions, and a tendency to forget the people who took a chance on her before she found fame and fortune; and what have you got? Some say a flash in the pan that will soon crash and burn.

3 Biting The Hand: Social Media Is Bull...

Now, had social media not been around, the world probably wouldn't have Kate Upton as we know her. It was way back in 2011 that the video of her doing her Dougie dance at a Los Angeles Clippers game went viral and put her on the fast track for fame and fortune. Before that, she was just another pretty model face in the crowd. These days, tired of fans who disagree with what she says and does and who (can you believe it?) criticize her, she now says social media is "bullsh*t." Potty mouth to the end, our Kate. Alas, poor Kate wants to close her social media accounts but can't. It's more "I'm on top of the world now and I don't need you anymore", and so typical of a woman who uses people and then moves on.

2 Diva Fit Over The Cat Daddy Video

So, welcome to the universe, according to Kate. Back in 2012, she rolled to the studio of creepy photographer Terry Richardson, put on a tiny red bikini, and danced for his rolling cameras. She was doing something called "The Cat Daddy" dance. Think paws in the air and gyrating hips. So, Terry posts the video on his channel, and it goes viral. See, Terry always posts his videos. But what was a surprise is that Kate, having second thoughts about hanging with creepy Terry and the taste level of the thing, tells Vogue UK that she had no idea that he was going to post it. She stomped her foot and said she was mad. But wait. She went to his studio and danced in front of his cameras and then is surprised when he posted it? Come on Kate, said just about everybody. No said Kate, stomping her foot again. It was "disrespectful."

1 Emperor's New Clothes: The Final Verdict On Miss Upton

You know the story of the emperor's new clothes where the ruler is conned and is walking around naked thinking he is clothed in beautiful robes? Nobody, but nobody, had the guts to tell him, "You're naked." Some feel the same way about Kate Upton. Many people don't get how she got to where she is. But nobody is saying it, at least in public. Well, one modeling professional who isn't afraid to say what she thinks is Victoria's Secret's Sophia Neophitou who, like Carol Alt, is unimpressed with our Kate. She has said, "We would never use Upton. She's like a Page 3 girl. She's like a footballer's wife, with too-blonde hair and that kind of face anyone with enough money can go out and buy." Hang on. We could buy a Kate Upton face? What about the rest of her?

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