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15 Things That Happened To The Sister Wives After The TLC Show

15 Things That Happened To The Sister Wives After The TLC Show

When the TLC show The Sister Wives first came on the air, it received a ton of mixed reviews. Most people didn’t know what to think about it since the likes of a polygamist family hadn’t been shown on cable television until then. Even though it initially shocked the crowds, people were able to quickly sort themselves into two majority categories. One half of the group loved that people were so open with their unconventional situation, plus they had something new and exciting to watch after dinner. The other half of the group hated the show, the people in it, and everything that it represented. Regardless of which side you may have found yourself on, the show has been on the air for several years.

As with most families whose dirty laundry gets spread over TV and then combed through by the many gossipers and tabloids that follow, the Brown family has dealt with a bunch of different issues. Since being on the show and in the public’s eye, some of the sister’s have lost their jobs, their homes, and many of their so-called “friends.” The entire family has had to uproot and relocate to another state which, unfortunately, didn’t change most of their other issues. Some of these things happened after The Sister Wives first aired whereas some of the other happened long after they became a household name across the country. They certainly aren’t all good memories, but these are the things that happened to the sister wives after the TLC show.

15. Meri Got Fired After The Show Aired


For some companies, having an employee who is featured on TV is a blessing since it can potentially lead to a ton of free advertising. For other companies, the publicity just isn’t the type that reflects well on them so they frown upon the situation and in some cases, like with Meri, they decide to take action. It’s pretty obvious that the TLC show The Sister Wives has a substantial backing as far as a fanbase goes, if it didn’t the show wouldn’t have aired for so many years like it has. Even so, the company that one of the sister wives worked at didn’t like all of the drama that surrounded the show and they let poor Meri go after it began airing. It sucks that you would have to lose your job over something like that, even if it only was an office job, but her former employer felt like the kind of attention Meri was receiving was not the kind they wanted amongst their company.

14. Kody Has Strayed Away From The Other Wives


Let’s start off by saying that being involved with more than one person is a chore. Just think about it: being with two people. You have two birthdays and anniversaries to remember, and two people to shower with gifts during the Christmas season. You have two people to entertain, to make laugh, to keep happy, and to take out on dates that meet their satisfaction. That’s not to mention the separate families you have to meet and impress and double pretty much everything else in your life too. Now, just imagine doing all of those things with four different women, all of whom you call your “wives.” That’s the sort of mayhem that Kody Brown has signed up for when he decided to take not just one or two, but FOUR women to be his “wives” or spiritual partners. Since having that many relationships takes a toll on any normal person, it’s pretty easy to see why Kody has reportedly maintained an intimate relationship with only his legal wife, Robyn.

13. They Have Received A Lot Of Hate


Although people enjoy watching strange and weird people, stereotypes, and awkward situations, they still have plenty of negative things to say about the subject. The general public may have liked watching a show as dramatic as Sister Wives, but that’s only because it was a show where the man had four women who were in love with him and OK with being grouped along together. It was unusual, intriguing, and taboo to the ordinary nuclear family shows we were used to. This new show, of course, came with more than a fair share of hatred, which was honestly just to be expected. Especially when the family first started the show back when they lived in Utah, which as we all know is a predominantly Mormon state. They took issue with the Brown family’s beliefs, along with a good portion of the country and part of the world as well.

12. The Family Tried Suing The State Of Utah


This really ties back in with the general hatred of the family and their religious beliefs. Back when the big family lived in Utah, they received a lot of backlash from locals, communities, pretty much everyone everywhere they went. They actually got so much hate for the way they lived their lives that the entire Brown family had to move to a different state completely. Due to Nevada’s more lax laws in pretty much every category, they decided that this would be the best move for them. They moved, the entire endeavor was filmed and put on the show and the Browns started a new life in a new state. We won’t ever know the extent of the damage inflicted by other people in the state of Utah, but you can be assured that each member of the family was grieved in one way or another because of the decisions of the patriarch and his many wives. Since they felt prosecuted by the state of Utah, they tried to sue the state and actually took the case to Supreme Court but it was later thrown out on no real grounds.

11. One Of The Daughters Came Out


With having as many kids collectively as this group does it only makes sense that one or two of them would end up being gay. Even though the odds were ever in their favor, Kody and Meri were still shocked to hear that their daughter together, Mariah, identified as gay. The moment wasn’t a lavish event, but it was still big in every way. You can catch the scene in the series which probably didn’t help the parents cope as quickly as they might have otherwise. It was later said that Robyn and Kody quickly jumped on the Mariah bandwagon by saying that while they weren’t happy that she was gay, they were happy that she found herself. Meri definitely needed more time to let things settle and get used to the idea of having a daughter who likes other woman but the news couldn’t have been much better accepted than that.

10. Meri Got Catfished By A Woman


Cheating is never the way to go. If you don’t feel like you can be fully committed to a person any longer, it’s time for you to leave the relationship. However, being in a polygamous relationship, things are quite a bit different than your run of the mill relationships between two individuals. Since that’s the case, Meri should get the tiniest bit of slack in this department. Let us explain. Meri apparently wasn’t getting enough attention from Kody so she started up a conversation and an online relationship with a person who she thought was a man with a Southern accent. As it turns out, the person Meri was talking to, the person she was pouring her thoughts, heart, and feelings to, was actually a woman who was catfishing the sister wife. She shouldn’t have begun another relationship with another person at all but now she also has to deal with a woman who threatens to sell her every secret.

9. Separating Their Households Started More Issues


Having a family that is the size of the Brown family, it completely makes sense that they split up the households into separate homes. Any normal person would believe that doing this would circumvent around a bunch of different issues but it seems like the move outs caused the opposite effect. Instead of allowing Kody to spend time with each section of his family individually, it appears that this decision has left him scrambling to keep everyone pleased. The separate housing didn’t become an issue until they moved out to Nevada but once they did, the wives almost started complaining instantaneously. With so many children to care for and wives to listen to, we get why Kody would fall short of pleasing everybody all the time. There simply isn’t enough of him to go around, which speaks a lot in terms of their relationship in the first place.

8. Robyn And Meri’s Relationship Has Gone Sour


Being made to share things like your husband just can’t come easy. You have to live life knowing that the man you love loves you and someone else too. That has to be a hard thing to deal with. It seems an even more impossible situation when the relationship stretches beyond just another person to vying for attention between three other women. The jealousy has to run rampant through each of these women but it seems to affect Robyn and Meri more than the others, and honestly, it’s with good reason. See, Kody was legally married to Meri first, before he was with Robyn. However, he divorced from Meri in order to adopt Robyn’s kids from her previous marriage. He is still currently married to Robyn and he seems to treat her a great deal better than the rest of the wives. It is even said that when it is his time to spend with another wife, he’ll go to her house around midnight yet be back in bed with Robyn just a mere six hours later. That has to make the other wives envious, for sure.

7. Their Kids Are Open To The Idea Of Polygamy


Even though the relationship between the four wives and Kody isn’t always a match made in heaven, there has still been a lot of good that has come from the group seeing as their children are rather open to the idea of being in a polygamous relationship as well. Honestly, it seems like it would be way too much to even begin to think about handling but clearly, there are people out there who would rather it be that way. When the kids were asked what they thought about being in a relationship like the one their parents share and these were some of their answers. Aurora was quoted saying that while she doesn’t know if it’s the choice for her, she thinks “it’s cool.” Gwendlyn says that she’s open to the idea whereas Savanah says she is going to take things “as they come.” Most of them are OK with the thought of it and none of them have truly given a firm “no” in their decision.

6. Robyn Wants To Divorce Kody


Rumors always seem to follow these two love birds around but the rumor of them possibly breaking up and filing for divorce in the very near future is actually true. It became apparent to Robyn once she was pregnant with their third child that she wasn’t able to continue to keep the attention of Kody solely on her like she once did. His eyes started wandering towards Robyn’s step-niece as well as one of her friends, both of which we’ll get in just a second. Of course, it is an incredible feat to compete with three other women but it’s really just asking for too much when it comes to adding yet another woman into the mix. Robyn didn’t like the thought of no longer being the queen bee so she is currently looking into other options that don’t include Kody and his lustful nature. Surprise, surprise.

5. Mykelti Married Young To A Stranger


Daughter of sister wife Christine and the darling Kody, Mykelti became the second kid of the massive Brown family to walk down the aisle to get married. The reason this made news was because a child from a plural family decided to have a singular marriage. That coupled with the newlyweds’ young age and the fact that they had only been dating a few months made for a juicy bit of gossip. His name is Tony Padron and some claim that he made his way into the family just for the sake of being famous. If that turns out to be true, then time will quickly reveal his true intentions. It is sad to think that someone would only want to be with someone else for the fame, or because their face will be shown on TV but that sort of thing happens all the time, especially once someone has been on their own TV show.

4. Meri Wants To Divorce Kody


OK, to be fair, Meri had technically already divorced Kody so that he could legally marry Robyn and adopt the kids she brought with her from a previous marriage. However, it appears as though she wants to take things a step further and separate herself from the family entirely, as in giving up the polygamous relationship she shares with the Browns. It must have been one of the hardest things to deal with being asked to step down and sign for a divorce so that your husband can marry and move in a new woman. On top of that, she had to watch as the time Kody once spent with her was spent in Robyn’s house instead, leaving her left by the wayside like leftovers from last night’s dinner. Seeing that her time as number one had drawn to a close, she decided to look to the online world for companionship instead. We all know how that turned out.

3. Kody Sets His Eyes On Another Woman


If we were given the chance to ask one thing of Kody Brown, it would be, “When is enough, enough?” We all know that he has more than one wife – he has four. What is surprising, however, is that he has that many women in his life already but he keeps looking to add even more. We don’t know if he is planning on ending up living like a sultan with more wives and women than he could possibly keep track of but that doesn’t seem like the best way to keep the women you do have around happy. Regardless, Kody has set his sights on a fifth wife, a relative of Robyn herself. The woman is Mindy Jessop and she’s Robyn’s step-niece. If you didn’t think it was weird to share a husband before, you have to think that it’s weird to set your eyes on another member of your married family.

2. Kody’s Yearning For Wife Number Five, Again


It was pretty crazy to add wife number five to the mix, at least in a sense, but Kody really took things up a notch when he tried vying for the attention of Robyn’s friend, Kendra Pollard-Parra too. She has told sources that she has been approached by Kody in the past and was asked what she thought of the idea of becoming one of the clan. Apparently, she’s not into it and even commented “eww” as her response. Robyn may not end up with the man that she wanted to have in her life but it seems that, at least for now, she’s got herself a pretty solid friend in Kendra. If we could give any advice to Kody it would be to keep your eyes on your current wives since it’s clear that most, if not all of them, are fed up and unsatisfied with the way their relationship with him is going.

1. The Brown Family Meets Its End


Due to the amount of hate, scandals, and number of wives involved, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before the great Brown family ceased to grow and started to shrink. No, the family hasn’t disbanded at this exact point in time but they are all headed fairly quickly in that direction. A lot of people who watched the show were surprised that a family of that size could make it through life on TV as long as they have but it just wasn’t something that was meant to last in the long run. Most relationships between just two people have serious problems when trying to last throughout a person’s life but trying to juggle that many wives and kids between just a single man? The math just doesn’t add up when you start counting the numbers. There just isn’t enough time in the day to entertain that many people.

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