15 Things That Happen When Your GF Is Out Of Your League

Most guys would love to be in a situation where they're dating a girl out of their league. It's the ultimate fantasy. Somehow, for whatever reason, a girl who is drop-dead-gorgeous picks you out of all her available options. Well, for a lot of guys out there this is more than just a fantasy– it's real life. But are they really living the dream, or does the girl of their dreams become a nightmare? The truth is that it totally depends on the relationship, the girl, and the guy. It can be the best thing in the world, or it can be one of the worst relationships ever. Guys around the world have had both experiences, and they've learned a lot of valuable lessons.

But is there even such a thing as a girl being "out of your league?" Just telling yourself that she's too good for you is seriously damaging for your self-confidence, and it's pretty much the exact opposite of the way you should be approaching the relationship. Tell yourself that you're good enough for her! That's the only way you will succeed. She picked you for a reason, therefore you are in her league. If you tell yourself that you're not good enough for her, then it will quickly become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That being said, there are a few things you should be aware of before you dive headfirst into a relationship with a girl who is way hotter than you ever thought possible. Some things are going to be hard to accept. Others will make you happy. So take a deep breath, and see what the future has in store for you.

15 Guys Will Hit On Her

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When you start dating a girl that is way out of your league, you better prepare yourself and grow some seriously thick skin because guys are going to be hitting on your girl and trying to pick her up nonstop. It's not just a meme. Some guys who have dated girls that were way better looking than them tell some pretty crazy stories. One guy said he was with his wife and kids, and he went to the washroom. When he came back, there was already a guy trying to pick up his wife (in front of their kids). Keep in mind he had only been gone for a few seconds. There's no easy way around this problem, as it will never really stop happening.

But some guys actually like the feeling that guys are after their girl. Don't ask me why. I think it might have something to do with the feeling that you have something other people want. Maybe it's a status thing– the feeling that you have it better than everyone else might make some guys feel proud. I can understand that, but feeling proud when other guys hit on her? That's just strange...

14 You’ll Be Paranoid 24/7

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And this brings us to our next point. After the tenth guy has hit on your girl in front of you, you'll start to get a little uneasy. And who could blame you? Seeing so many guys trying to take your hot girlfriend away from you would be enough to make any guy break out in cold sweats. Even though this reaction is a little more sane than feeling good about so many guys hitting on your girlfriend, it can go too far. You can become so paranoid that having a hot girlfriend who is way out of your league becomes more trouble than it's worth. It can drive you insane, to the point where you end up even more screwed up than the guy who gets off on other guys hitting on your dime piece.

Paranoia can become so intense that you might become delusional. You might become that guy who constantly suspects your girl of cheating on you. Every passing word she says to a guy, no matter how innocent, will seem like she's flirting to you. You'll go crazy, reading all her texts, and you definitely won't be comfortable with her hanging out with other guys without you being there. Beware.

13 She Might Be More Likely To Cheat/Flirt

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Studies have shown that girls who date guys who are less attractive than themselves can potentially be more likely to cheat. While not every hot girl is like this, it does happen, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why. If she's with a guy who's way below her league, and something goes wrong and you have an argument, she's going to feel like she can do way better than you. So maybe all that suspicion of her cheating isn't even misplaced. Actually, it's kind of a catch-22, because you getting suspicious of her cheating will drive her away, making her more likely to cheat.

And unless she's got the best personality ever and is totally loyal (which is extremely rare), she's always going to have that nagging feeling at the bottom of her mind that tells her she can do better than you. And unless you're being the perfect boyfriend, treating her right and not getting jealous, she's right... She can do better than you!

12 Your Friends Will Be Really Annoying

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Remember what I said before about the importance of having thick skin? Well, when it comes to dating girls that are way out of your league, guys hitting on your girl isn't going to be the only source of annoyance in your life. All of your closest friends are constantly going to be teasing you about how badly they want to hook up with your girl. And the more angry you get, the funnier it gets to them. Unless you have some seriously nice friends, they're probably going to tease you about her, reminding you of what you already know (that she's way out of your league), and making you even more insecure about your relationship.

And I haven't even mentioned how they're going to react when they first find out. There's going to be a ton of people yelling "No way!" at you, as well as accusing you of lying, and that's going to make you feel even less worthy of your newfound girlfriend. But if you don't really care about what your friends think (and why would you), then you don't really need to worry about this.

11 People Will Mistake You For Her Brother/Friend/Cousin

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Something else that will happen pretty regularly is just as embarrassing and demeaning. It's not just your friends that will have trouble believing that you're actually dating such a hot girl. Random people on the street will be so amazed that you're with such a hot girl that they will invent reasons in their heads as to why you two are even within a couple feet of each other. They will immediately assume that you're her brother or cousin or even friend. To them, the fact that you two are in a romantic relationship is just plain inconceivable.

This can lead to some embarrassing situations. If you two go to a restaurant together, the waiter might remark how nice it is that a brother and sister are getting dinner together. Or the bouncer at a club might tell your girlfriend "You can come in, but your brother is going to have to wait outside." However, you can easily fix this embarrassment by making it obvious that you two are actually together. Give her a kiss!

10 She Will Give You More Self-Confidence

Okay, so we've mentioned a few bad things that are part and parcel of dating a girl who is way out of your league. But what about the good things? Surely there are at least some things that are awesome about dating a girl who is way out of your league, right? It's true! While many guys fall victims to jealousy, cheating, or just being driven insane by their friends' crude comments, many men have found a way to hang on to their hot girlfriends, and their lives have improved drastically as a result. There are many examples of this in Hollywood and around the world.

One thing's for sure, dating a girl who is way out of your league can give guys a major confidence boost. How could it not? Having a perfect ten on your arm is the ultimate status symbol that has existed since before cars, clothing, or even stone tools. You really feel like you've made it in life when you've settled down with a girl who is way out of your league, and you're reminded of how awesome your life is every time you wake up and look into those beautiful eyes of hers.

9 She Will Inspire You To Improve Yourself

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While getting a boost in self-confidence is important, there are many other ways dating a girl who is out of your league can really make your life a living dream. Part of what makes guys insecure about dating a girl that is so incredibly hot is the fact that they don't stack up in terms of looks. But while some guys will let this become a source of depression and jealousy in their lives, real men stand up and do something about it. Sure, there's no way you can fix that crooked nose or your short height (at least without a ton of surgery), but there are plenty of ways you can improve your physical looks.

Take working out for example. If you're not happy about those guys approaching your girl and hitting on her, they might think twice about it if you're ripped. Okay, there will always be those idiots who will do it anyway, but working out and getting fit has plenty of other benefits too, and will make you feel more deserving of her. And it's not just about working out– having a hot girlfriend will inspire you to improve pretty much all aspects of your life as well.

8 People Will Respect You

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While it's true that some guys might have friends who tease them because they're dating someone who's out of their league, it's not always the case. Some of your more genuine friends might see you in a whole new light, and start treating you with a new brand of respect, or even a sense of awe. Any guy can see that in order to start dating a girl who is out of your league, you have to make a serious effort. Whether that's being a master of conversation, doing something amazing for her, or just having an awesome personality, other guys and girls will look at you and realize that there's more than meets the eye if a girl that hot wants to date you.

It can also be a massive advantage in your career as well, believe it or not. When your boss sees how hot your girlfriend his, he might just start seeing you in a new light. You might even get that promotion you always wanted. People in general have a tendency to be somewhat mesmerized by extreme beauty, so they'll be more likely to treat you well.

7 You Won’t Ever Get Tempted To Cheat

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While she might have thoughts about cheating on you, the same is definitely not true in reverse. Why would you ever cheat on a girl who is way out of your league? Why would you risk losing the best thing that ever happened to you because some other girl starting flirting with you? Guys who have hot girlfriends can pretty much settle down and stop letting their eyes wander to other women, because they are set for life. You won't ever have to worry about being tempted to cheat again, as long as you're with a girl who is way out of your league.

Now that's not to say that men haven't cheated on girls way out of their league. There are some idiots out there who have thrown it all away because of a moment of vulnerability and temptation. But you're not going to make that mistake if a girl that hot comes along, right?

6 She Might Not Be That Good Between The Sheets

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Let's take another look at the negative side of things when it comes to dating a girl that's way out of your league. You didn't think we were finished, did you? The first thing guys think about when it comes to pretty much any woman is s*x. And when they look at a girl who is way out of their league, the fantasies start to stir in their heads. But you might be disappointed when you finally get to do the deed with a girl who is way out of your league. A lot of guys have admitted that the hottest girls on Earth are often the worst in bed. Why? They don't feel like they have to do anything. They know they're hot and they feel like that's enough. A lot of guys say they just tend to lay there while they guys do all the work.

That might not always be the case, but it does make sense when you think about it. When you think about girls who are more on the average end of the spectrum, it seems more likely that they would be more willing to make an effort in bed. Girls who are out of your league would consider themselves too good to do the more dirty things, whereas average girls would be more adventurous because they know that they can't rely only on their attractiveness to keep their man interested.

5 She Might Try To Walk All Over You

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This is yet another negative aspect of dating a girl who's out of your league, I'm afraid. We've already touched on the fact that many girls consider themselves to be "too good" for being naughtier in the sack. But sometimes they can get way too comfortable in a relationship, to the point where they just start walking all over you. These girls are both intelligent and cruel. They know that deep down, you would never leave them. They know that they can do pretty much anything they want to you and you would still forgive them, simply because they're the best thing that has ever happened to you.

While some guys will stand up for themselves and ditch girls who start treating them like that, other guys will meekly accept worse and worse treatment from their hot girlfriends until their relationship becomes a complete nightmare. Hot girls might even openly cheat on their average-looking boyfriends, knowing that their boyfriend will accept it without so much as a comment.

4 You’ll Get Special Treatment From People

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Having a hot girl by your side can be the ticket to all kinds of amazing things. First of all, people are going to give you special treatment because you're with her. That much is guaranteed. Try going to a restaurant alone and then with a hot girl by your side and take note of how much better you're treated by the servers. The waiter or waitress will make a much better effort to please both of you, even giving you drinks or meals on the house and giving you the best tables. While your girlfriend might be used to this treatment, you'll be entering into a whole new world of luxury.

You might also get other types of special treatment. Nightclubs often want the hottest girls to be seen inside, to make their establishment seem more chic and high class. So you might find yourself skipping the line with her or even finding your way to the VIP area of clubs and other establishments. In short, the world is your oyster when you've got a girl who's out of your league.

3 You’ll Get To Meet Her Hot Friends


Hot girls usually have a ton of hot friends. And while any sane man would resist cheating on their girlfriend with their friends, that's not to say you can't enjoy their company. You'll get to know them well, and they might even share intimate details of their lives with you after years of getting to know you. They'll often join you on nights out, and guys will be even more envious of you when they see you surrounded by a gaggle of girls who look they could be supermodels. The only thing you have to remember is do not hit on them. They will report back to your girlfriend, and some of them might even hit on you to "test" how loyal you are to their friend. Be warned.

But at the end of the day, there's nothing better than hanging out with a group of hot, sexy women– even if you are only romantically involved with one of them. There's nothing wrong with admiring someone's beauty, as long as you don't act on it. And who knows? You might be able to score favors for setting up your friends with some of them.

2 You Will Start To Ask Yourself Why She’s Dating You

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This is something that is neither good or bad when it comes to dating a girl who is out of your league. Most of the time, when a guy finds himself in this situation, he has a really hard time figuring out just what the hell he's done to deserve this treatment. He might pinch himself several times a day to make sure he's not dreaming. Or he might start wondering whether he's died and gone to heaven. But at the end of the day, sometimes there's no real reason for why a girl chose you over other guys, and you just have to accept it and get on with your life.

But there is something beneficial about the kind of introspection this kind of relationship triggers. You might find yourself looking deep into your own soul, trying to figure out just what it was that drew her to you. And who knows– you might find something deep inside that you didn't even know you had.

1 She Might Be Happier Than If She Was With A Hot Guy

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We mentioned at the beginning of this article that girls who are way out of your league might be more inclined to cheat. But before you start freaking out, there is another statistic that might interest you... Similar studies also found that girls in a relationship with a less attractive partner are actually happier and more comfortable. Can you guess why? It's because they're not worried about their partner cheating on them. They know that their partner is totally devoted to them, and the likelihood of them feeling like they can get something better elsewhere is incredibly slim.

It may seem a little confusing that girls in this situation can be more likely to cheat and be more happy in their relationship, but it does make sense. They are likely to exhibit both behaviors, because the relationship can pretty much go one of two ways. It can either leave the girl feeling like she deserves more, or it can leave her feeling totally comfortable and happy knowing she's with a guy who's never going to cheat on her. Yes, I know, women are confusing as hell...

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