15 Things That Happen In All Trailer Parks

With shows like Trailer Park Boys that are so popular, many often wonder what life in a trailer park is really like. Is it dirty, cold, and dangerous? Or is it just like life anywhere else? We’ve scoured the world of trailer parks and found out some truths as to exactly how people in trailer parks live. Turns out, there are some things that only happen in trailer parks – things that you couldn’t imagine happening in the suburbs or even in your little house in the big woods. You’ve seen tons of movies about trailer parks but you’ve never known how much of what happens is a false stereotype and how much is what actually occurs in real life. We’re getting down to the things that happen in every trailer park.

As most of you know, fans of Trailer Park Boys have created a way of life guided by "Rickyisms." Rickyisms are a series of quotes to live by wrongly quoted by Ricky. Some of the best include, “A link is only as long as your longest strong chain,” and, “Beauty is in the eye when you hold her.” These might give you an idea of what trailer park life is really like. As stupid as it sounds, trailers parks aren’t all bad, however. They may get a bad rep, but there are certainly some great things about trailer park life. The sense of community is strong and everyone knows each other. That being said, there are definitely some messed-up and strange things that go down in trailer parks.

15 They Smell Awful

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Remember that scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where Cousin Eddie empties out his septic tank into the sewer through the pit in the sidewalk? Can you imagine how that smelled? Obviously, everyone could smell it before they even saw him. What about the time in RV when Robin Williams makes a volcano out of the septic system… there went his clean face. These may be over-dramatized, but the truth is that these tanks need emptied, because they do get full. Whenever this happens, the entire park really can smell what’s going on. They go inside, shut their windows, and light a few candles.

For those who don’t live there, you’re not used to the smell and therefore, you seem to smell it everywhere, no matter how long it’s been since someone has emptied. Most people even have a hard time using an RV bathroom because they know exactly where it’s going, and they are going to have to take care of it later.

14 People Think You’re Stupid

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After everything we’ve said, there’s something you should know. Not all trailer park residents are stupid and not all of them are rednecks. Many of them are just normal people like you and me. But get into the trailer park gangs, and people will 100% stereotype you this way. They will think you’re a no good, wild redneck that doesn’t know basic math or who the Queen of England is at the time. Just because they wear American flags doesn’t mean they have no knowledge or respect for other countries.

Not all trailer park residents are republicans, Christians, or conservatives either. Everyone is different. But mark the word, if you live at a trailer park, the image of you is boxed in for all eternity. You no longer get to choose how the world perceives you, leaving dating and job options limited. Think about this before picking out a trailer.

13 Catching Babies With A Baseball Glove

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All that said, there is something that we call “trailer trash” and it really does exist. These people live at every affordable park and are the epitome of rednecks – the worst kind. They will steal, drink and drive, tip over cows, and maybe even worse. It’s hard to get away from this living in the parks, but if you choose your spot wisely, you may not have a lot of it to deal with directly. But you will have to see it. They may not always be partiers, they may not always be drinkers, but they will always be your typical redneck. It will be scary, but they will likely be harmless.

Everything we’ve said about rednecks and trailer park men so far is true with these men – at least all of the trashier things. It seems offensive, but anyone who takes offence can just assume that they don’t fit the bill.

12 Trailer Park Girls That Get Paid To "Date"

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Yes, this is a thing, and yes, they are cheap. Though the prices vary as does the frequency, they are forever present if you know where to look. Every park usually has a few, and they quickly get a reputation throughout the place. There are tons of forums online that suggest ones in your selected park. For example, someone in Florida says, “If you can find the one named Thelma she is the BEST." They become common knowledge for those that live in each park, and outsiders usually have no idea.

It sounds really shady and too bad to be true, but it really is. For these women, it is often the only thing they think they can do to get some extra cash. Luckily, they are sneakier than you think as long as you stay away from the park parties. So no worrying about a proposition for your son.

11 Everyone’s On Welfare

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Maybe not “everyone,” but statistically, of course, people that earn a lower income tend to be on welfare. This is a simple formula used to gather this little conclusion. Since most of the people in trailer parks belong to low income households, you can put two and two together and figure this one out. At first, you may think, “Wow, a bunch of free loading dads with phantom back problems.”

Then, you start looking closely and realize how sad the lives of many of these people are – single moms working three jobs, grandparents too ill to care for their dependents, teens who are secretly on their own. The reality is sad, yet political distractions seem to lessen the pain of those who would normally watch in horror. Everyone will judge the reason why the whole park seems to be on welfare and food stamps, but only those closest to the ones involved know the whole story. Instead of relying on harmful stereotypes, it is best to consider the complex situations that lead people to make these decisions.

10 You Can’t Leave Anything Unlocked

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This is in general, but when you’re dealing with people with very little money people, the reason is obvious. People who make half a million a year could care less about your old truck or iPad sitting on the table outside. But the people from lower income families really wants to buy their girl a nice engagement ring. They may think that they really do need it more than you and justify it with themselves morally. Or they’re just horrible people who wouldn’t care how you felt about their crimes. Either way, it’s wrong, we know that. But it’s life, and in life we don’t hold onto dreams. We lock our cars and don’t leave anything outside. That’s the way the world works and it really isn’t that bad after you get used to it. Just remember that trailer park residents seem to have sneaky and intuitive way of breaking and entering. They’re smarter than you think.

9 You Always Have Unwanted Neighbors

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While some neighbors are awful kind and respectful, there’s always going to be “those people.” The ones who will party hard into the wee hours of the night. Their music will be blasting and their drinks will burn your nostrils from miles away. There will be dancing, hootin’ and hollerin’, and most definitely some rocking RVs. Pray that yours isn’t one of those to be the victim of some trailer tipping.

If you step out to try to get them to quiet down, then, of course, you know there will be guns to meet. They probably won’t shoot you but they sure will threaten to. It will be your word against theirs. This isn’t a nightly occurrence, but one thing is for certain. You will have neighbors that you do not like. Some may even move in after you! But will that give you the right of way to do things your way?

8 There Is No Respect For Pets

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This happens in two ways. Sometimes kids will tease dogs to no end. They will catch them when they are tied up, put food just out of reach, and drive them as crazy as possible. Then comes the worst of the two. When they finally get loose, the dogs will have a vendetta to protect themselves. In “self-defence” the kids have a “right” to protect themselves and end up injuring the dog… or worse.

These are mean and bored children, but it happens with adults too. There are evil adults who have nothing better to do, but because they like to do terrible things. This type of person is not as rare as you may think. In trailer parks, you just might find some bored people who choose to treat animals poorly. Sadly, there are also some “nice” guys that love people but think animals are meant for nothing but entertainment.

7 Normal Things Become Creepy

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It’s really sad, but if you live in an RV park, everything that happens is much creepier than if you live on a million-dollar estate. A wise person once said, “50 Shades of Grey is only romantic because he’s a millionaire. If he lived in a trailer park, it would be an episode of Criminal Minds.

This is very true. But why is it that we can’t trust men at trailer parks? It could be either the lack of money or the willingness to go as far as it takes to get what they want. After all, do you think that Raising Arizona where Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter steal a rich family’s baby is that off? They live in a mobile home rather than an RV park, but many say the stigma is the same.

6 There Is Always That Rich Family

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While many residents are there for good, or at least a while, there’s always going to be that one family that has the nicest RV in the neighborhood. They are the vacationing upper class family. They are often a family with one kid or perhaps an elderly couple who just want to get away. Even if it is a retired couple who are on their first kid free trip, that doesn’t mean that they’ll be left alone. Everyone will know that they are no threat, but that won’t stop them from judging ever so harshly.

Some are led by jealousy, others contempt – contempt that is brought on by feeling that the other party holds them in contempt. They assume they will be judged for living where they do and not having a fraction of the money the new family has. They assume that the only thing the new folks are thinking is, “What a bunch of pigs. We’re so much better than them!”

5 Watch Your Dirty Mail

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This is much like living at an apartment or having a PO box. Mail often gets put in the wrong place in trailer parks. The trouble is, what if you have something coming in the mail that you’d rather the greasy teenage neighbors not see? If you have bills, they’ll probably be safe unless they have personal info on them. However, get subscriptions, and they’ll start going missing.

This is normal and is not threatening. However, it’s very annoying because no one wants their mail stolen, especially something you look forward to every month. Loot boxes are not something that you should get when you live at a trailer park. If you get one, I’d suggest getting a PO box instead. At least those always lock. Trailer park boxes hardly ever lock and if they do, there’s an easy way around it for those who know what they’re doing.

4 There Are So Many Bugs

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It’s disgusting, but where there is neglect, there’s bugs. Infestations are far too common in these trailer parks. The reason for them is rather ambiguous. One possible reason is that the people really don’t care and would rather spend their time partying than cleaning. Another is that they can’t afford cleaning products, which is not likely. The last reason is the most likely. They don’t see a reason to clean up if they don’t have a nice place. In a way, they see leaving things dirty as a coverup. They want to sulk into the stereotype they are given. They “don’t deserve” to have a cleaned-up place free of bugs.

It’s heartbreaking to hear, but this is a common mindset. There will be those who are lazy of course and those that can’t afford what they need. So they buy used, neglected trailers complete with built-in nests of who knows what. But there are also those who live thinking they just “don’t deserve” it any other way.

3 Kids From The Park Mess With Your Stuff

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No matter where you live, there are going to be annoying kids that will do their best to torment you. The thing is that in trailer parks, there’s nowhere for you to go. All the neighboring kids have full access to your yard no matter what you do. When asked the ugliest thing about trailer parks, someone said, “The tough trailer park kids. Their parents never felt the need to watch them and they normally ended up in my yard playing in my fire pit.”

Guess that makes it true. Telling the kids to get out won’t do any good. Telling their parents will only build walls. You can put your stuff up but there’s always grass, fire pits, and the sides of your RV for them to destroy. This is something you can’t fix if you live in a trailer park, so you better enjoy the kids and feed them every once in while.

2 You Get So Many Questions

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If you’re planning on moving into a trailer park for an extended period of time, take note. You will be hounded. Not by their big scary hounds as expected… that comes later. At first, they’ll just watch you with one eye as they drink in their lawn chairs. Soon enough, after you get all set up and it's confirmed that you’re staying, they will start asking questions: “Where you from?” “How many kids you have?” “How long will you be staying?” “Are you a churchgoing fella?” “Are you God-fearing?”

The questions will hardly ever cease so it’s best to make friends rather than enemies. They may not have bad intentions, but they sure don’t want anyone joining their circle unless they know exactly who they are. Protecting their families comes first, so expect to be interrogated until they know that you will fit in and that you’re no threat.

1 There Is A Constant Fear Of Natural Disasters

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I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore! We all know that a trailer park is nowhere you want to be in a tornado, but oftentimes, you’re left with little choice. One Redditor actually admitted, “We don't have any family or shelter to go to so we just sit in the living room and wait for it to hit. When we were little, mom would wake us up and make us get dressed so they wouldn't find us in our pyjamas if we passed away.”

That’s a sad upbringing but it’s also a very real one. There will be times where there’s nowhere to go. They’ll be times when you lose everything you’ve ever worked for in an instant due to nature’s course. It’s ugly, but it’s natural. Even so, disaster will always cause tears, no matter what is lost.

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