18 Things That Happen In All Sororities

Even though you’ve seen Greek, Sorority Wars, and Legally Blonde, it doesn’t mean you know that much about sororities. For example, did you know that there is usually about a $1000 entry fee? Each semester you must pay this fee or else you’re banned from the house for lack of funds. That’s pretty sad considering so many use their entire life savings as well as their parents’ to get into school. To have to pay so much to get into a sorority house is ridiculous. But that’s just the way it is. Girls who have never pledged themselves to a sorority house have no clue what it’s like on the inside. And boys of any kind can only dream (literally) of what goes on in these houses. Frat houses are nothing like sorority houses, we can tell you that.

Where frat houses run on pain tolerance, partying, and women, life in sorority houses are extremely different. It isn’t all pink heels and fake smiles; it gets real and it gets dirty. And yeah, some houses like tattoos and the color black. Most of them don’t. After all, “whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed,” but don’t count that house out!

To clear up a few misunderstandings, here are a few secret things that happen in all sorority houses that the sisters would be furious about if they knew you knew, and it won’t always be pretty. Nevermind, it will look gorgeous!

18 Terrible Hazings

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This is the number one worst thing about sorority houses. All houses have hazings. This is an initiation process that happens early on. Sometimes you’ll just have to go buy a bunch of sugar cubes and build a silly house, and everyone is in a good mood. But it’s not always that easy. One girl claimed she was forced to clean up juice from the floor using her back and act as a trash can for the other girls, taking whatever garbage they had and carrying it in her pockets.

Another claims that girls had to crawl through a freezing river as part of their intiation process, which is absolutely absurd and dangerous. But that’s just one of the stories that got out. Who knows which ones remain secret to this day.

17 Fake Girls Will Betray You

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People assume that sorority girls are sweet on the outside and bitterly cold on the inside. This isn’t always true, but what is true is that there are some in every house. And oftentimes, the entire house is full of wolves in pink sheep’s clothing.

One former member had to get the truth off her chest: “Before actually joining, the girls will act really nice and seem interested in you. They'll go out of their way to invite you to things, and it'll seem genuine and exciting. As soon as you join, though, things can quickly change. Like many of my other sisters, I was one who was pushed to the side, who nobody wanted to get to know because I didn't party and I had a steady boyfriend. It can be really confusing because you think you're making the right decision by joining, but then it all seems so fake.”

16 You Share Closets

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This may seem like an obvious, innocent thing, but it’s far from it. When we say “share closets,” we do mean that each girl who has one hundred outfits now has access to over 10,000. But that doesn’t mean everyone likes it. The whole idea of sharing closets is just a way for the house to control you. It’s a way of saying, “what’s yours is ours!”

You do everything together in the sisterhood and there’s no way out of it. If you buy a new TV, everyone gets a new TV. I’m surprised they even have locks on the bathroom doors because privacy is not a thing. There are no secrets withheld from the unofficial housemasters. You follow the house rules and you become one with the sisters. It’s as simple as that. You deal with it or you get out! Someone loses your favorite blouse at a frat party? Deal with it.

15 House Rules Trump Individuality

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Speaking of those house rules, every house has them. Sometimes they outlaw black, silver jewelry, or even video games. This forces certain “types” of girls out of the house, and away from ever having the chance to apply on Bid Day. The truth is, even though the door is seemingly open, each house has a certain mould to fit and if you don’t fit it, you’re out.

Even if you do fit and join the house, if the house finds out you read Harry Potter when they think witchcraft should be banned, then they will find a reason to kick you out or they will make you wish you never chose the house in the first place. Because they will make your life a living hell if they don’t like you. As we said, you become one of them, lump it or leave it. Sorry, there is no "U" in “sorority.”

14 The Hand Signs Are Paramount

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What’s creepier than a bunch of muscular men in tank tops doing hand signs with a glare? A bunch of petite sorority girls doing hand signs with a smile. You better be glad you don’t know the hand signs in sorority houses because it’s a lot to keep up with and a good way to get in trouble. Have you ever heard of Dirty Delta? If not, it’s similar to Delta Delta Delta, which is totally innocent. Only Dirty Delta is something that you might accidentally do to warrant unwanted attention.

Others include the omnipresent Phi Mu that no one actually knows how to do right. And you don’t even want to know what Kappa Alpha Theta means. Geez! And we thought criminal groups were out of hand. These girls are slaying it with their jokes and salutes. Please be careful with these signs, new recruits!

13 Sorority Sisters Tend To Party More

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They part more, and boy, does it show! The percentage of non-sorority college girls that party regularly is about 40%. The percent of sorority girls that party is about 64%. Guys party a lot more at 80%, which makes those frat parties really crazy. The reason that girls party more when they are in sororities is because it’s “allowed.” As Selena Gomez says in Neighbors 2, “In the United States, sororities are not allowed to throw parties in their own houses. Only frats can.”

It’s true that excessive partying isn’t allowed on campus in sorority houses, but somehow every frat house manages it. So, the only way for the girls to party is to go to a frat house where parties are happening. As you know, sorority girls always know when the parties go down and who will be there. It's sad that the houses don’t have the same rules as it’s very misogynistic, but that’s just the way it is. Frats can throw parties; sororities can’t.

12 You Will Get Accused Of Buying Your Friends

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Ask any sorority girl if they’ve ever been asked about buying friends and they will tell you yes. For some reason, everyone thinks that girls join houses in order to gain friends for their college days. It’s true for some because when you join a house, you have a hundred potential friends handed to you on a silver platter.

It’s like you already reached that first level of friendship with someone on the Sims just by joining. Now all you have to do is pick which ones you want to go to the next level with. That doesn’t mean that as soon as you join, everyone likes you. But it is a good way to get a head start if you struggle in the friend department. Don’t worry, we won’t tell if you really do spend thousands just for someone to be your friend. College can get lonely and stressful when you’re alone.

11 Girls Are Often Dropped On Bid Day

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Many people are not familiar with the concept of Bid Day. This is the day where you finally get to officially join your house after they decide you’re worthy to join. If you get chosen by more than one house, you get to choose. If not, well, you’re stuck with the one. Oftentimes, the houses will decide they don’t like you after you join. They think you’re a good fit and out you go that first day when they don’t like how you chew or they get jealous of your hair. Sometimes even days later, you’ll get the news broken to you that you “can’t sit with us,” and you’re dropped on the street.

You’ll have to go stay in the dorms with very other normal girl. That can be a hassle in itself if it’s not the first day. Everyone’s already settled, and you’re uprooted!

10 You Need To Maintain A 4.0 GPA

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Another thing that the sorority girls hold on high esteem is their GPA. Just about 100% of houses have a requirement of a specific GPA. If you drop below the line, you’re not dropped; you’re automatically kicked from the house. People think that sorority girls are dumb blondes, but in reality, they have to be smart. It’s one of the requirements to join a sorority and one of the requirements to stay in.

As Elle in Legally Blonde said when referring to her getting into Harvard Law School, “What, like it’s hard?” Funny, since everyone will think the pretty sorority girl bought her way into the Ivy League school, but she’s actually the smartest there. How the tables have turned. She looks good and has a higher GPA than you. Plus, you never know what she means by those hand signs she’s always shooting you. Well, you know the one.

9 Sorority Wars Are Real

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There are thousands of reasons why a sorority would have a problem with another house. It could be because they won the last house competition or because they crash every frat party you have with your favorite frat boys. The possibilities are endless. What isn’t endless is how much you can take from that house you despise.

Think about those '90s movies about summer camp and how the rival camps really hated one another. So they pulled pranks on each other, stole things (boys), and tried to ruin the lives of each and every camper. That’s kind of what this is like, only with blonde hair and pink nails. Remember in Sorority Wars where Lucy Hale’s character is told, “It doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends,” and Lucy replies, “after you [betrayed me], yeah, that’s exactly what it means?” Put two and two together and you’ll figure it out.

8 Girls Collect T-Shirts

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At least one in every ten sorority girls have (or at least would have) done this. You see, in sorority houses, you’re encouraged to rack up points in the form of t-shirts. The t-shirts are proof of how many guys you can kisa as it “shows your attractiveness” when you get a guy to like you. This may seem impossible since you think the guys will kiss anyone, but with so many sorority girls throwing themselves around, they become a lot pickier.

The reason for this whole game is because aside from schooling, the most important thing is to be the “it” girl. While the game might not occur at every house, the silent competition as to who is the most attractive sister does. There’s probably even under the table conversations amongst friends as to which new recruit is the best looking and which one they don’t need to look out for.

7 Frat Boys Are Not For Dating

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It’s a golden rule: you can date them casually, but you don’t want to go steady with them. Mostly because you get so tired of them at frat parties that you just want a normal boy focused on his career and his schooling. So most sorority girls won’t date frat boys. But that’s not the only reason. Related to the whole “stealing frat houses” thing we have stealing someone’s frat boy. Girls can kiss the same guy but they can’t date the same guy.

When you’re going to the same house every Thursday night, there’s bound to be some love triangle going on. To prevent this, you pretty much never date a frat boy. But you sure can party with them! Everyone just assumes all frat and sorority houses date, but the truth is they usually just don’t.

6 People Go Greek To Party

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Although it doesn’t happen to everyone, this accusation is often true. There is a rumor that people only join the houses for free party invites. After all, girls aren’t allowed to party, yet officials ignore the men doing so. Why not join to party? However, no one will admit to this and take offence when you call them on it. But it makes sense. If you can afford it and don’t mind drama, there’s hardly anything to lose. Just remember that you’re not allowed to care what anyone says about you and you can’t care if you get kicked out if you don’t do things their way.

If you can handle all that, then go ahead and “go Greek to party.” However if anyone ever finds out, they will ridicule you for being the bane of their existence. Because of you, people everywhere accuse them of the thing they despise.

5 The Sisterhood Is Everywhere

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You can’t get away! You can never get away. There was a story of this one girl who moved to France from the United States. She had graduated from a college back here not too long ago. Well, while in France, she met an older lady who pledged the same house she did back in the '70s! This is proof that no matter how far you travel, if your college is old enough, you could have sisters you’ve never met mere yards from you!

This can be frightening if you’re ever on bad terms, because word gets around and you can bet there is a secret chat online that you know nothing about that will be used against you. This encourages you to stay on good terms and won’t ever let you forget your crazy college days. A reminder will always be staring you down with wide, judging eyes.

4 Rumors Spread Really Quickly

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Rumor has it that sororities force girls to gossip and cause drama as often as they can. Need proof? Laura, a former Sorority Sister claims it is so: “Every week at chapter there was a cup that was passed around where you put in ‘anonymous’ stories you knew about crazy things other girls had done over the week. That was a little weird because they would read them out loud at the end and everyone sort of knew who had done what.”

Things like this happen all the time! Girls love to gossip and sorority girls love it more than anyone! Not only is it fun for them, but it keeps people distracted from their bad reputation. Pay attention. If someone really likes this game, it’s because they have something to hide about themselves.

3 Cat Fights Are Plentiful

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As you expected, not all sisters in the sisterhood are so sisterly. There will always be those two girls that you keep as far apart as possible. If they get together, they will wreak havoc through the entire house. How? For starters, you will be 100% forced to choose a side and whosever side you choose will cost you the friendship of the other sister and everyone who chose her side.

Most of the time, simple words are exchanged, but that doesn’t mean eyes haven’t been glaring, hair hasn’t been pulled, and words haven't been exchanged.. It’s a sorority girl fight. No one’s going to get injured, but people will get hurt. They know how to cause pain in other ways. That’s a skill that frat boys never learn. Boys always end up injuring each other, but girls know what’s up.

2 Rules Are Broken And It Is Expensive

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Let’s just say that sorority houses do have rules. But what happens when you break the rule is just a fine. You won’t get kicked out, but you will pay. It seems like paying $20 for being two minutes late isn’t too bad, but those add up. Late for two months straight, and that’s $1,200 you’re never getting back. Fines for other things can be through the roof. Never even think about bringing a boy home or else you’ll drain your bank account!

You better study the rules because there could be hidden ones used to steal money from unsuspecting victims. For example, it’s quite possible that borrowing clothes without returning them for more than twelve hours could fine you the cost that the owner said the clothes were worth. Silly, but you have to pay the house bills somehow. There could be a better way, but this one is much more fun.

1 Sororities Tend To Be Exclusionary

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Discrimination is everywhere, even in sorority houses. It’s often covered up but sometimes when you’re “not a good fit” they really just want someone that looks different than you (someone with a different skin color). It isn’t always white, as sometimes sororities are targeted towards different groups. This is just another sad but true fact about life in sorority houses. You don’t even want to be in a discriminatory sorority house so don’t even try reporting it because your life will be ten times worse than if you ignore it in the first place. Don’t worry, everyone knows which houses are discriminatory, so the best thing you can do is ignore it and find a house that actually wants you. It might be 2017, but prejudice will never end, no matter how hard we try.

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