15 Things That Don't Make Sense In Harry Potter

Humans have been telling each other stories for thousands of years, and for a long time, all sorts of tales involving heroism and villainy could only be passed down through the generations through oration alone. That all changed though when humanity started to learn to use the written word, with some of the earliest great stories coming from Ancient Greece and Rome, stories which involved war and the presence of mythological creatures and powerful deities. We now live in the 21st century, and there are currently thousands of books available for people to read, books which contain stories from every kind of genre imaginable, and one of the most popular genres in all of storytelling is fantasy, primarily because this genre almost always includes stories with complex and interesting plots, great characters, and immersive and vibrant worlds.

There are a number of great fantasy book series out there, like Song of Ice and Fire, the Wheel of Time series, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the Harry Potter series is definitely a part of that list as well. The story, which spans a total of seven books and eight feature length movies, was written by J.K. Rowling, and deals with a young male wizard named Harry who, together with his friends Ron and Hermione, try to defeat an evil wizard bent on ruling the world. The series has sold millions of books worldwide, and contains a fanbase which is incredibly loyal and knowledgeable, but even the most hardcore Potter fans can agree that some things within the series just do not make much sense, and the purpose of this list, is to point out 15 of these nonsensical things.


15 Every House In Hogwarts Somehow Has The Same Number Of Students

In each and every school, students tend to split off into smaller social groups, which is completely normal as people tend to want to spend their time with individuals who they have a lot in common with, which is why jocks usually hang out with other athletes, and why "nerds" can usually be seen with other intellectuals. Hogwarts may be a school of witchcraft and wizardry, but it is just like every other school in terms of its students splitting off, but in Hogwarts' case, the school is responsible for placing the students into specific groups thanks to its house system. Each year, new students come to Hogwarts, and these kids get placed into either Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Gryffindor by the Sorting Hat, and what is interesting is the fact that all of these houses somehow have the exact same number of students in them. When the Sorting Hat sorts someone into a house, it takes into account that person's personality and preference, and seeing as everyone is not smart enough to get into Ravenclaw, and more kids would rather be in Gryffindor than Slytherin, then each house should not be equally filled to the brim.

14 Why Did The Triwizard Tournament Have Spectators


Many of us love to either play or watch sports, mainly because sports serve as a great way to pass the time, but more importantly, sports provide people with something we all secretly crave: competition. J.K. Rowling understood how much people enjoy watching sporting events, which is why in Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire, she introduced the competition known as the Triwizard Tournament, which was a magical contest involving the three largest wizarding schools in Europe. Like all major events, the Triwizard Tournament had areas designated to seat spectators, which would make sense if the onlookers could see every single moment of the competition, but most of the events did not require any spectators. It is true that the first event involved students having to defeat a dragon, which is something that merits the presence of an audience, but the second event involved the competitors going underwater to rescue someone who had been submerged, so no one could see anything of note there; and the third and final event involved the competitors journeying through a maze, and none of the spectators could see over the maze's walls.

13 The Point Of The Remembrall

Aside from Death Eaters, Demontors, curses and giant carnivorous spiders, it would be great to live within the wizarding world of Harry Potter, especially since being a wizard means that you not only get to use magic, but special magical items as well. In Harry Potter, there are things like maps that let you track people, candies that can make you sick so you can get out of an exam or work, and brooms that can be used for transportation; but not all magical items are useful. We all forget things from time to time, it is only natural considering all the information that our brains have to process every single day, which is why the remembrall exists within the wizarding world, as this little glass sphere would turn red whenever its owner forgot something. In principle this is a great invention, but you soon realize that there is no point for it existing because the remembrall does not actually tell the person what it is they have forgotten, which completely defeats the purpose of even reminding someone they forgot something in the first place.

12 Value Of Wizard Currency


Whether you believe it or not, money is what makes the world operate, which is why every single country on Earth possesses its own form of currency, and it appeared as though J.K. Rowling understood this seeing as she created her own currency in the books. This wizard currency is of course used by adults, but it is mostly seen being used by every student at Hogwarts to pay for their school supplies, which is where an issue arises regarding the currency's value. For anyone who does not know, wizard currency consists primarily of a knut which is the equivalent of $0.50, a sickle which is about $1.50 and a galleon which is worth approximately $25. A regular textbook costs about 3 galleons which amounts to $75, which is perfectly reasonable, but a wand which everyone needs in order to cast spells and which possesses things like unicorn hairs and phoenix feathers costs 7 galleons, which amounts to under $200. Also, when you consider that an owl in this universe costs between 6 and 8 galleons, it means that a bird is just as (or even more) expensive than a wand, meaning that wizards do not really know how to evaluate their own currency.

11 Hogwarts Does Not Teach Its Students Any Real Life Skills

No matter what anybody says, it is actually very important for people to go to school so that they can receive a good education, because people generally need to be educated if they hope to be successful and function properly later in life. As important as school is though, students often find it to be a boring nuisance, but in the Harry Potter books, students are actually excited about going to school, and who would not be excited to go to Hogwarts to learn how to use magic. While at Hogwarts, students learn about magical creatures and how to take care of them, they learn to use spells, to create potions, magical self-defense, and to fly on broomsticks, and that is pretty much all that Hogwarts offers. Learning magic is all well and good, but seeing as Hogwarts is supposed to be a school, you would think that the school would also teach students skills that they would actually need to know in everyday life when many of them go back to living in the real world surrounded by ordinary people. Sure these students know how to read and write prior to going to Hogwarts, but while at the school, they learn nothing in regards to math, economics, history, science, or fabrication, which are things most students need to learn going into adulthood.

10 Why Harry Gets To Keep The Invisibility Cloak After Sirius Black's Escape


At one point, many of us have thought about having the power of invisibility, for either honorable or lecherous purposes, which makes sense because who would not want to be able to walk around and do things while being completely unseen and unnoticed. In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Dumbledore gives Harry the invisibility cloak which had previously belonged to his father, and with it he could walk around Hogwarts virtually undetected at night whenever he wanted. In Prisoner of Azkaban, the entire wizarding world is thrown into a worried frenzy when Sirius Black escapes from prison, and everyone becomes fearful for Harry as it is believed that Sirius, who is his godfather, and an alleged ally of Voldemort, is out to kill him. At Hogwarts, every single precaution is taken to ensure Harry's safety, except for one which involved him being allowed to keep the invisibility cloak. This does not make sense because if Dumbledore wanted to keep him absolutely safe, you would think that he would temporarily confiscate the one thing Harry has that would allow him to walk around freely.

9 Why Do Wizards Need Glasses?

Having natural 20/20 vision essentially means that a person can see things perfectly, which is very beneficial when you take into account that those of us who can see use our eyes in every single aspect of our lives. Many people though, do not possess 20/20 vision and either have trouble seeing things that are close, or far, or a combination of both, which is why so many people can be seen walking around wearing a pair of glasses. Even in the wizarding world, it would appear as though people need the help of glasses to see, which is a bit strange because you would think that a witch or wizard capable of using magic, could just use a spell to correct their eyesight. Sure, giving glasses to individuals like Harry and Dumbledore adds an aesthetic component to their character, but in a world filled with spells and magical devices, you would think that they would want to correct their vision to see everything around them more clearly; and if wizards and witches are prohibited from performing such biological spells, than you would think that someone would have invented some permanent magical contact lenses.


8 Harry Should Have Been Able To See The Thestrals Earlier


The Harry Potter series is a part of the fantasy genre, and a common thread within fantasy is the introduction and inclusion of strange and sometimes even mythical creatures, and J.K. Rowling made sure to include plenty of creatures in her books. During his story, Harry has come into contact with dragons, a three-headed dog, a basilisk, house-elves, unicorns and centaurs; but he has also seen and interacted with thestrals. A thestral is a type of winged horse with a skeletal body and bat-like wings, and they can only be seen by people who have witnessed death and accepted its reality, and in Order of the Phoenix, Harry first notices these beasts pulling the carriages which bring the students to Hogwarts from the train station. This would be fine, but this should not have been the first time he saw the Thestrals, seeing as he heard his mother die as an infant; but an argument can be made that he did not actually see his mother die. A more concrete example of this comes from the fact that he saw Cedric die in Goblet of Fire, which takes place before Order of the Phoenix, so he should have seen them pulling the carriages back to the train station in the fourth book after the school year was done. 

7 How Bellatrix Got Her Wand Back

As evidenced by both Wizarding Wars, Voldemort had a lot of followers who had no problem wreaking havoc, torturing people, and killing in his name, and Bellatrix Lestrange was undeniably one of his most loyal and devout Death Eaters. After Voldemort's first defeat, Bellatrix was amongst the Death Eaters that were captured and imprisoned within Azkaban, and when she was broken out of the prison in Order of the Phoenix, she quickly returned to her evil and deranged ways, which she was able to carry out masterfully with the use of her wand. What does not make sense though, is how exactly she came into possession of her wand, because you would think that the Ministry of Magic would have taken and destroyed her wand in the same manner that they did to Hagrid when he was expelled from Hogwarts. It was later confirmed in The Deathly Hallows that the wand in question was indeed Bellatrix's, which begs the question, why did the Ministry not dispose of such a dangerous wand, or at the very least just make it almost impossible to find?

6 Fred & George Should Have Seen Pettigrew On The Mauraders Map


Hogwarts may be a school, but it is also a castle, and like many castles, it possesses a large amount of secret passages and rooms, and it was the goal of both Fred and George Weasley to explore all of these secret locations. In order to do this though, you need to know where you are going, which is where the Marauders Map comes in, as it is a magical item that shows every classroom, hallway, as well as nearly every single secret passage and room in the school. What really makes this map great though is the fact that it can also identify the location of every individual located on the school's grounds, and it can even track their movements, and no one can hide from it, no matter if they use concealing spells, animal morphing, or an invisibility cloak; which is why it does not make sense that Fred and George were unable to see Peter Pettigrew on the map. Pettigrew was once a friend of Harry's parents, but betrayed them when he switch allegiances to Voldemort, and after the First Wizarding War, he faked his own death and turned himself into a rat, a rat that went on to become Ron Weasley's pet Scabbers, and seeing as turning into an animal does not counter the map's abilities, Fred and George should have noticed that Peter Pettigrew was always near their brother at night.

5 Voldemort Should Have Used The Unbreakable Bond With His Death Eaters

Many of us can attest to the fact that trust and loyalty are amongst the most important parts of a relationship, no matter if that relationship is social, familial, or intimate in nature. In the Harry Potter series, Voldemort held the complete loyalty of all of his Death Eaters due to his anti-establishment, anti-muggle ideology, and through the fear he instilled in almost all of them, but fear and ideological views do not always ensure undying loyalty. As we now know, Severus Snape pretended to be aligned with Voldemort in order to help protect Harry, and Voldemort was essentially oblivious to having a spy/traitor in his midst, which should not have been the case because there exists a spell that literally prevents any kind of treachery from happening. The Unbreakable Vow is a spell in which a witch or wizard makes an oath to another, and if either party breaks the oath than both individuals would die, so Voldemort should have just made one of these vows with each of his high-profile Death Eaters, a vow which specifically dealt with not betraying him. Besides, if this vow was broken, Voldemort did not even have to worry about dying because of his soul being spread across all of his Horcruxes.

4 Where Were The Other Countries During The Second Wizarding War?


Our world may be filled with terrible things like poverty, disease, famine and terrorism, but the most terrible thing of all is without a doubt war, as these military conflicts not only cause the deaths of far too many combatants and civilians, but they can also cause the displacement and persecution of possibly thousands, even millions of people. War is a major plot point in literature, and most fantasy series contain at least one major armed conflict, with the Harry Potter series being no different, as that world has seen two Wizarding Wars. Following Voldemort's second rise to power after the events of Goblet of Fire, he and his Death Eaters launched a deadly campaign against magical and human communities, a campaign which would have ended in Voldemort subjugating humans and ruling over the entire world. Luckily though, The Dark Lord and his minions were defeated at the Battle of Hogwarts by a bunch of the school's students, teachers and alumni, but what does not make sense, is why these individuals were the only ones fighting these dark wizards. Think about it, if the entire world is being threatened by these dark wizards, then why did none of the other members of the wizarding world help out their British counterparts in their greatest hour of need? It just makes no sense unless they wanted Voldemort to rule over everything.

3 Voldemort's Plan To Get Harry's Blood

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, book readers and movie goers witnessed the return of Voldemort who had been reduced to a near-death state for over a decade after his attempt at killing little baby Harry failed. In the fourth book/movie, we learn that Harry and The Dark Lord are more connected than previously thought, as Voldemort makes it quite clear that he requires some of Harry's blood in order to fully regain his former body so that he can continue his quest for world domination. Seeing as Harry's blood was so vital to him, you would think that Voldemort would make use of the Death Eaters still loyal to him, and place one of them near Harry as one of Hogwarts' students, teachers or medical staff, someone who can get a blood sample much easier. Instead, Voldemort concocts a needlessly long plan which spanned months, and which relied far too heavily on Harry actually winning the Triwizard Tournament, which he was not even supposed to participate in.

2 Lilly And James Not Being Each Others' Secret Keeper


We all have secrets, certain things that we know or that we have done, which we do not want other people to find out about, usually because we either feel embarrassed or ashamed by whatever it is. There are also some secrets that need to be kept extremely tight lipped, because it could literally mean the difference between life and death, which is why it does not make sense that Lilly and James Potter chose to not make themselves each others' secret keeper. In the series, a secret keeper is a witch or wizard who is chosen to keep the secret of another person, and thanks to the Fidelius Charm, only the keeper will be able to pass on the secret again, but only if they do so willingly because no form of magic or torture will be able to make them talk. When it became known that Voldemort was going to kill the Potters, the family went into hiding in Godric's Hollow, and James made the treacherous Peter Pettigrew the secret keeper of their location. Seeing as only a secret keeper can pass on such an important secret voluntarily, it would have made more sense for Lilly and James to make each other their secret keeper, to ensure their exact location remained perfectly hidden.

1 Parents Just Kept Sending Their Kids To Hogwarts

It was mentioned earlier on this list that going to school and getting an education is incredibly important, which is why parents send their children to these institutions of learning, but when they send them, they assume that their children are going to a safe environment. In regards to Hogwarts itself, the school does not have a good track record when it comes to safety, as throughout the series, students have had to deal with man-eating spiders, a giant evil basilisk, a violent tree, several teachers who put students in danger both inadvertently and intentionally; and let us not forget that the school was used as the final battlefield for the Second Wizarding War which caused the death of many students. The case can be made that Hogwarts saw at least one student die, or get severely injured each and every year while Harry was a student, which should have raised a lot of red flags with parents, but instead, they just kept sending their children to Hogwarts during this time period, which is something that no sane parent should have done.

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